TGIF: Trump Threatens Mexico With a Surprise Tariff and Mexico Replies, “La statua de la libertad con una venda en los ojos”

“The Statue of Liberty has no eyes”

JOHN BOLTON still pushing for negative attention to Iran, NOrth Korea and nine other nations we are shooting up
John Bolton – Has he morphed into settling down the hawks?

WASHINGTON DC Friday, May 31st, 2019: Today, the only thing working on the business mind is whether the President’s tariff wars are destroying the stability of the planet. The morning news is reporting the Dow industrials would open at least a few hundred points lower – a guess of course, but the temperature is rising on Wall Street. both literally and figuratively.

President Trump’s nemesis, Senator Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren is rising into higher double digits as a result of her nonstop hard-hitting attacks on

The Donald’s character, humanity, intelligence, and more than hinting at his criminality.

U.S Forces and hired guns continue to battle in at least nine nations, most of which Americans know nothing about. Most are small but gruesome wars as we, in addition, also continue to supply weapons to Saudi Arabia in strengthening its effort to extinguish the nation of Yemen on its border.

The President yet believes that Kim, UN of North Korea loves Donald Trump, and that Chinese leader, President Chi, really isn’t angry at the United States for all the continuing and proposed tariffs which the poorest Americans will be paying the largest percentage of to this nation’s Treasury(ies).  China, by the way, is yet building new islands to act as rocket launching profiles in the South China Sea, which they believe are their islands and within Chinese waters? The appearance of our “stalking” ships of war seems to make them guffaw, yet this is no laughing matter.“National Public Radio tells us that According to author-journalist Colin Woodard [@Woodardcolin on Twitter],  the United States is neither united nor made up of 50 states. 

Colin Woodard, author and journalist
Colin Woodard no relation to Bob Woodward. According
to “” who will test his DNA for only $59 this month.

Instead, he devises 12 internal Nations, found within the United States, including “Yankeedom” in the Northeast and industrial Midwest founded by Puritans and residents there, have always been comfortable with a government that regulates and moderates. The communities of the Deep South in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and other states were founded by former West Indian plantation owners who wanted to recreate the society they were used to: government based on the sacrosanct rights of a few wealthy elites. “Greater Appalachia,” extending from West Virginia in a wide band toward the northern half of Texas, settled by people from Northern Ireland, England, and Scotland. Those people were openly antagonistic to the so-called “ruling oligarchies” and upper classes, so they opposed the slave plantation economy, but they also distrust government – NPR. . . FOR MORE – Attorney General Bob Barr sat British-like doing an interview the other day claiming that Presidents cannot be indicted in his continuing public relations tour regarding President Trump’s waning popularity with a majority of the world.  Now Robert Mueller the Robin Hood of Washington for people with a mind may speak to House Committees about the true meaning of the near 500-page Mueller report, which seems to say the President is, at least, guilty of Obstruction of Justice.  No one in our honorable and hallowed press has asked AG Barr whether the President could be indicted if he murdered Joe Biden on camera for “only political reasons that put the security of the nation in great danger.”  I might ask, well maybe. the Attorney General of that.

Speaking of Donald Trump and Bob Barr it is obvious to this writer that the mainstream media is terrified of the Administration, which someone last week pointed out contained not a single Peer of the President, but only young and sometimes arrogant, men and women who are unprepared for their responsibilities at the White House?

While I agree that the president has few peers in our universe, I do think that at least a few at the White House aides serving their master or quite capable and even close to his age, if not his post-military-high graduate education.  I have often said, and publicly, that our President is a “breath of fresh air in China and North Korea” in that his uniqueness is unquestioned.

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