American Leaders, Intel Hooligans, and the Mainstream Media aka “The Trump Lynch Mob”

American Leaders, Intel Hooligans, and the Mainstream Media aka “The Trump Lynch Mob”

Harry Markopolos: A True American Hero

Harry Markopolos describing the size of the average brain employed by the Securities & Exchange Commission. Click here for enlarged version. Jeff Koopersmith on Harry Markopolos, the man who dared blow the whistle on an SEC that is at best incompetent, at worst corrupt beyond redemption.

Health Care in America: It?s Big Business Vs. Joe the Plumber

Businesses go into a high dudgeon anytime politicians attempt a serious discussion about America's dysfunctional health care "system." Jeff Koopersmith says it's time for pet store owner Dave Ratner and media hog Joe the Plumber to learn the basics – including the fact moving to Ireland is not an option.

Jerome “Li’l Hitler” Corsi Arrested and Deported!

xClick on image for enlarged version. In his newest stinging commentary on Jerome Corsi, Jeff Koopersmith sits back and savors the schadenfreude as the fascist king of "Smearboat NAFTA Hershey Highway" fabulism gets his corpulent butt booted from Kenya.

The Idiot Congress, Impressing Us with a Tranche

September 25, 2008 – Geneva ( – I noticed that over the past few days Secretary Hank Paulson and Chairman Ben Bernanke have been using the word "tranche" (from the French "traunche") to explain how they are going to go about deceiving us and the potential buyers of the worth paper they want to purchaseContinue reading “The Idiot Congress, Impressing Us with a Tranche”

BushCo: Indictable Criminals

"This was a purposeful crime.  There was conspiracy to commit criminal acts and these felonies were carried out – over many years– while the people we elected to represent and protect us were busy eating caviar and drinking French Champagne in their mansions in Washington, Maryland, Virginia, and New York." Jeff Koopersmith speaks out aboutContinue reading “BushCo: Indictable Criminals”

Sarah Palin, Out-and-out Liar

Jeff Koopersmith on Sarah Palin – and John McCain, who has proved to the world that he's off his rocker while CNN pretends Palin was a "sly move." (Click on the cover for an enlargement.)UPDATED: APJ publisher Gene Gaudette weighs in on an explosive development that further suggests Palin was never vetted by McCain.

Anna Nicole Smith: What Does She Have to Do with Politics?

Anna Nicole Smith has died at thirty nine. I am struck by how truly poignant I believe her death is — and how accurate was my gut feeling, upon hearing of the death, that the cruel media would go after this sad story big time if given only a toehold.

More Advice for Ann Coulter

For the third time… I'll say it again: find the Satan within yourself… and kill it! Now that Ms. Coulter has catterwalled the name John Edwards by calling him a faggot at a neocon super-meeting, we thought you might want to read this stunning revelation about Coulter once more.

C[h]rist Says No to Touch Screen Voting

Charlie Crist, the Republican governor of Florida, announced yesterday that he desires that his state trash its very expensive touch-screen voting machines so that the election process will yield a paper trail of votes by the time the 2008 presidential election rolls around.

Molly Ivins, I Miss You …

I woke in Switzerland around ten at night Texas time to the terrible news that Molly Ivins had died, losing in the end her seven years-long battle with breast cancer and paused her confrontation against meanness, arrogance, foolishness, and just plain stupidity in government and politics — in life.

Jeff Koopersmith’s ?Genuine? State of the Union Address

If Bush told the truth, here's what he would've said…The REAL State of the Union Address As Prepared For Delivery to American Politics Journal Jan. 23, 2007 TO THE CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES: Thank you very much. Tonight, I have a high privilege and distinct honor of my own — as the first PresidentContinue reading “Jeff Koopersmith’s ?Genuine? State of the Union Address”

It’s Time to Go After Michael Isikoff

Jan. 22, 2007 — Geneva ( — I've just finished reading Joan Didion's latest tome, a republished version of her best work, and was reminded of my disgust with so-called media stars — the likes of Bob Woodward, Mike Isikoff, and others who seem to have escaped retribution from their publishers not only for the damageContinue reading “It’s Time to Go After Michael Isikoff”

The Speech George W. Bush Should Have Given the American People on Iraq

NOTE FROM THE EDITORS: It's no wonder the President's speech on his latest shift in Iraq tactics was a bigger bomb than Ishtar. It wasn't Bush's nervous, stiff demeanor. It wasn't the fact that he preempted prime couch potato fare. What it came down to is that most people have no faith in Bush's IraqContinue reading “The Speech George W. Bush Should Have Given the American People on Iraq”

Here’s Your State of the Union

Sept. 13, 2006 – Lugano ( – I am such a lucky guy. All my life I worked hard for my advocacy clients, my candidates — on both sides of the aisle — and my son. Sure, I've had my ups and downs, and many of you have shared them with me. Today, as IContinue reading “Here’s Your State of the Union”

Cro-Magnon Mail! Wikipedia Sockpuppet Theatre

“Hey! I thought this would give me all of Gene Gaudette’s juicy personal info!” See Update 2, directly below. A “crack” legal genius claiming to represent Free Republic sends us a threatening e-mail. We respond. You get to laugh! Update 2, March 10: “Hey! I thought this would give me all of Gene Gaudette’s juicyContinue reading “Cro-Magnon Mail! Wikipedia Sockpuppet Theatre”

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