Joke Line, Choking on Sausage

Via Athenae comes this delightful tale of Alpha Villager Joe Klein, a.k.a. Joke Line, choking on his sausage while ranting about Wikipedia and Salon's Glenn Greenwald. The entire tale made my Sunday morning — and if you can't stand the quality of political coverage in the "traditional" American press or the sycophantic antics of BeltwayContinue reading “Joke Line, Choking on Sausage”

Glenn Greenwald explains the Beltway Press Rules on Torture

April 24, 2009 – New York ( – Salon's Glenn Greenwald gets it. In an early morning blog post, the legal analyst and press critic spells out three rules of the Beltway elite that are shaping the so-called media "coverage" of torture:

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