American Leaders, Intel Hooligans, and the Mainstream Media aka “The Trump Lynch Mob”

American Leaders, Intel Hooligans, and the Mainstream Media aka “The Trump Lynch Mob”

ON KRAUTHAMMER: More idiocy from the Pundit Psychiatrist

  By Jeff Koopersmith, for American Politics Journal WASHINGTON DC – 20 January 2015 – It is terrifying how many times Charles Krauthammer turns up like a bad penny on Fox News.  One never knows when that mean-spirited grump will show his face, care of Roger Ailes et al and his usual team of bleachedContinue reading “ON KRAUTHAMMER: More idiocy from the Pundit Psychiatrist”

Jerome “Li’l Hitler” Corsi Arrested and Deported!

xClick on image for enlarged version. In his newest stinging commentary on Jerome Corsi, Jeff Koopersmith sits back and savors the schadenfreude as the fascist king of "Smearboat NAFTA Hershey Highway" fabulism gets his corpulent butt booted from Kenya.

On David Brooks: Bashing Hillary With Hacktacular Blog Sources!

Using his "kung-fu grip," David Brooks demonstrates for the TV audience how he slices facts into misleading, deceptive pieces. Jeff Koopersmith explains the function of David Brooks – and – in the current presidential race and today's poltical discourse.

An Encounter with William F. Buckley, Jr. — With Some Reflections on His Legacy

Some forty years ago, I interviewed the late William F. Buckley, Jr. although I had to bribe him to agree. But it wasn’t so bad. I bribed him for a song – or more precisely, for a couple of Bach lute pieces. Here are some impressions of Buckley, and an assessment of the impact ofContinue reading “An Encounter with William F. Buckley, Jr. — With Some Reflections on His Legacy”

Media, Novakula Lose New Hampshire Primary

I have to laugh at the overpaid pundits on the broadcast networks and CNN. They should be terminated on the spot, not only for being so wide of the mark (as usual) but for trashing, humiliating and mischaracterizing Senator Clinton in a bad-mouthing campaign intended to run her into the dirt for no good reasonContinue reading “Media, Novakula Lose New Hampshire Primary”

On Coulter: She hates Pakistan’s “Islamic savages? but loves their dictator

Ann Coulter hearts "Perv" Musharraf (and lies over and over again in his support) while saying Pakistan needs an Attaturk to "impose military rule and drag a country of Islamic savages into the 19th century."

Molly Ivins, I Miss You …

I woke in Switzerland around ten at night Texas time to the terrible news that Molly Ivins had died, losing in the end her seven years-long battle with breast cancer and paused her confrontation against meanness, arrogance, foolishness, and just plain stupidity in government and politics — in life.

It’s Time to Go After Michael Isikoff

Jan. 22, 2007 — Geneva ( — I've just finished reading Joan Didion's latest tome, a republished version of her best work, and was reminded of my disgust with so-called media stars — the likes of Bob Woodward, Mike Isikoff, and others who seem to have escaped retribution from their publishers not only for the damageContinue reading “It’s Time to Go After Michael Isikoff”

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