Obama’s Cuba Move: FOX News Channel Goes Wild With Hate

Folks, don’t forget to watch FOX Non-News this evening to gawk at “Billo the Klown” O’Reilly and blonde shriekette Megyn Kelly telling 6o-year-old stories and lies about how horrible Cuba and Fidel Castro was, and is. They will lie and tell you that Cuba was cool until Fidel kicked out the scum that owned notContinue reading “Obama’s Cuba Move: FOX News Channel Goes Wild With Hate”

Building a Network of Progressive Entrepreneurs on Facebook

I want to build a network of business people including those who are part-time self-employed who support pro-Democratic, union-friendly and/or progressive ideas and values. You can join or invite people you know who might be interested by clicking here to join this Facebook group .

Justice Department should go after bank fraud, not pot smokers

Attorney General Eric Holder has his priorities wrong what he says that he is going to "vigorously enforce" federal marijuana laws, calling it a "core priority". Statement like that makes me wonder, "What's this guy smoking?" Maybe the justice department should make catching the criminals that ripped off the banking system a core priority? OrContinue reading “Justice Department should go after bank fraud, not pot smokers”

Sure…Blame the Media!

Now let's see if I've got this right: Sarah Palin is not going to do any more interviews with the network anchors because they are ''filters'.' The videos show her reactions — which she now finds offensive — to questions from the interviewers. The reality seems to be that Mrs. Palin is in desperate needContinue reading “Sure…Blame the Media!”

McCain’s Transformation

To: The editorsFrom" Stephen L. LoveRe: McCain's Transformation The freight of the message Thursday night was that the torch was being passed from the Bush Republican Party to the McCain Republican Party.  There would be no change in the policies, but the leadership would transfer from Bush, who was as welcome a figure as UsamaContinue reading “McCain’s Transformation”

A Starr Dissembler

Last week I sent many of Salon's staff a copy of an Atlanta Journal Constitution front page, above-the-fold story from their Sept. 9th edition.  It concerned the fact that Kenneth Starr and his infamous Chicago law firm, Kirkland and Ellis, were cited for "obstructing justice and defrauding the court" in Georgia with respect to theContinue reading “A Starr Dissembler”

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