American Politics Art – Now and 30 years back


We offer any of our covers, art we did, and anything else on our site for sale. Always printed on highest quality paper, framed in ash museum style and in almost any size from small to huge.

Just email us at or with hour wish. We make very little on these – but they will be – for your heirs and their’s – very valuable making a great period of change in the United States – Our United States.

Here’s a suggestion below – putting Waffle Houses in the dunes of Arabia!



Jeff Koopersmith



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  1. Believe it or not, our Editor, Jeff Koopersmith wants to put Waffle Houses in the Arabian Peninsula. You can purchase this on canvas or fine art papers. We have many readers in the UAE and Saudi and hope for more. We are moderate writers with good contacts in Congress and the White House as well as past Presidents Secretaries and Top Aides. We never divulge sources and base our opinions on our own with help from our Editors. We do not accept advertisements or donations from any corporate entity but to allow reasonable donations which we show as income – because that’s what it is, right or left?

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