American Politics Art – Now and 30 years back

[woocommerce_my_account] We offer any of our covers, art we did, and anything else on our site for sale. Always printed on highest quality paper, framed in ash museum style and in almost any size from small to huge.

Just email us at or with hour wish. We make very little on these – but they will be – for your heirs and their’s – very valuable making a great period of change in the United States – Our United States.

Here’s a suggestion below – putting Waffle Houses in the dunes of Arabia!



Jeff Koopersmith



One thought on “American Politics Art – Now and 30 years back

  1. Believe it or not, our Editor, Jeff Koopersmith wants to put Waffle Houses in the Arabian Peninsula. You can purchase this on canvas or fine art papers. We have many readers in the UAE and Saudi and hope for more. We are moderate writers with good contacts in Congress and the White House as well as past Presidents Secretaries and Top Aides. He first worked for Reagan during the first gubernatorial, and the first White House campaign. His office consulted with other Reagan’s on election issues impacting their runs. In Washington he lobbied on Indoor Radon Gas that was killing Americans and including children and successfully fought banks and residential PACS and orgs to make radon testing mandatory in homes and later in most buildings in the USA and abroad. Radon Week was edited and published by Koopersmith for the real estate and fuel blending industry. T his publication was managed by Gene Gaudette in New York City after 1988 startups at DARPA and later ARPA. He moved on with several clients in the fuel blending business with heavy stress ethanol bleeding in the USA and abroad to be able to replace dangerous poisons then blended with motor fuel. f for 6 years and continues to representative certain farm interests, farm tax incentives, and blender tax incentives as well as expanding ethanol imports from other nations to fill the need for this safe fuel additive that maintained horsepower additives, ECO projects and feedstuff. on the farms- he represented American and foreign corporations in this arena and later owned interests in ethanol production in Central American and ethanol blending hard sites in the United States in Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and the Midwest closer to farmers and their families. By 1998 Koopersmith lobbied and built policy in the USA and abroad, first for children’s health, girl power, and later pharmaceuticals used primarily by women worldwide including Organon Pharma, Akzo Nobel, and Organon USA. He represented Akzo in the EU and especially in London, Ireland and elsewhere. His offices started in Philadelphia and Los Angeles with Partner Elliott Curson in 1978 and continues today in Virginia and Philadelphia as well as a small office near Milano in the lower Alps. His education began in Plainview New York and Los Angeles where he was chosen to attend UCLA studying Chemistry, Critical Thinking and Logic with soon to be Senator Hayakawa years later. HE lived at prep school at The Brentwood School, then the Brentwood Academy He studied music and keyboard with Rocco Perone in New York, went to Law School at Southwestern University at night and ended his graduate work at USC. He worked at odd jobs from the time he was nine with a New York Times paper route, bagging and checking at numerous food stores and became a Vice President of CT Engineering on the California space coast in Manhattan Beach through all his schooling until he was appointed VP of Trails Trucking just before joining the Chief Legislative Analysts office in Los Angeles until opening his own offices representing politicians and major police departments through 1978 when he moved to Manhattan to open his New York Offices, there and in Philadelphia close to Mr. Curson. Koopersmith, Penn, and Siegal was a three-way investment with Koopersmith, Mark Penn, and a wonderful travel agent with decades of experience, Franette “Frannie” Siegel. Koopersmith also owned two companies in Hong Kong, Teddy Ben Toys which made toys and had and had Olympic License shared with a US mapmaker of note producing licensed globes of the world for the Los Angeles Olympic games and later for small schools around the world.. This factory and other smaller ones manufactured Ranger Jim and Ranger Nancy for the American National Park Service, and interior fabric and plastics for Pan Am and later TWA. Jeff also spent time for NGOs in Central America, including Guatemala and El Salvador providing medical treatment and surgery to native populations and in the Caribe for the high-level fisherman hotels and accoutrements. Today, Koopersmith controls to own American Politics Journal that concentrates only on the Congress and White House with private members and academics, where at 70 years old he continues writing opinion and analysis to this date. His hobbies are and were sailing on the coasts of the United States, Skiing black trails around the world, and long distance ocean swimming and racing around the world – but as a golden-ager!

    American Politics Journal does not take advertising and rarely divulge sources. We base our opinions on our own connections with help from our Editors. We do not accept advertisements or donations from any corporate entity or source including PACS, but do allow reasonable donations which we show as income – because that’s what it right, moderate, or left? Most other such dailies and weeklies do take large amount of funds from business and find themselves shackled by such relationships, as to most news and analysis providers. We support AMPOL and take on small donations from donar indvidiuals.

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