The Trump Campaign Continuing with slivered and honey-tongued campaign ruses

Don Trump obese

By Jeffrey Koopersmith


December 19th 2020, Washington DC:  Will Wilkinson, in the New York Times, last month makes a rich and sound sequence of arguments with regard to Trump’s not-near-enough victory for a second term inaugural at which, he might claim were 20 million Trumpians in the crowd screaming Third Term Third Term!

Trump lost that chance next January to gloat and harangue on that day telling us how he would get Americans free of the huge and expensive loss of life, suffering, and anguish of the Covid-19 epidemic which in two months may see 350 thousand men, women and children deceased from a virus Donald Trump could have slammed the brakes on much earlier than he didn’t.

I believe this was his, and the sadly-trusted White House staff’s greatest blunder ending up sealing Donald Trump’s false-fated legacy as an immense and unsuccessful, incompetent on – a failure, no doubt – as always.

This was a president that the world saw as a neocon fool favoring the wannabee super-rich, not the working man, as well as corrupt failing corporations, not small businesses with tax cuts and questionably payable mega-loans that would choke even a felon with regret during a international bank robbery.

Democrats were not, as Mr. Wilkinson tells us – “either too recklessly progressive for swing voters or too “socialist” and aggressive with recognition that something like the Green New Deal was not a choice but a command from the Lord if nothing else to clean up our filthy planet.

I see nothing socialist or aggressive about either. Yet I am yet uncertain how Trump compelled the 80 million voters he seems to have wheedled from middle and deep southern American states who take Democracy with not much more than a grain of salt to check his box.

In fact, reliable experts I know are certain that the

as well as out and out aberrant actions – some which I believe may be uncovered several months from now.

One need only watch Mr. Trump yet stressing to goad or demand state leaders to join his “Fake Voting Bloc” – of a few guys he knows to get it.

This is the reason the President now calls the Georgia vote tally counted thrice “Fake” or worse. Trump’s tales of waywardness against his opposition, Joe Biden, are a signal of definite spasmodic sickness as Trump, in his furiousness, advertises, stumbles, and shouts that he is far more liable for most every breed of fraud – and, as always more guilty than his targets.

I do not wonder that the mobs of Republican “watchers” crowding vote-counting centers in November and again in January at Georgia were or are going to be more interested in creating havoc in those pressured offices, never revealing the millions of daft ‘fake votes” somehow snuck in by-the- millions from Biden elves and not Trump’s – of course.

I may be in error – but a close examination of the capabilities of the Trump Campaign staff (in 2016 and 2020) would put anyone in doubt that he earned the trust of 80 million people who were imprudent enough to vote for him.

In 2016 and 2020 where and when almost every promise he made to them has been broken or never considered during his still going four year circus of torment at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue where Trump enriched himself and his weaselly family as well as gleeful CEO friends and mega-donors far more than the few of his billionaire support PACS laid out stealing him into the White House log ago.

While Wilkinson makes salient points, he forgets the most important reasons that Biden trounced, Trump, the most reputed thief-without-grief in presidential history.

The answers, are two:
1. Joe Biden and the people near and planning for him knew he could never run on fantastic – even paroxysmal lies as many righter that moderate politicians always use to get elected, and which Trump was stricken with like hard case of Polio.

Biden could not lie to the Trumpians mostly alive in the already scorched and rusted portions of the nation due to their true and abnormal suffering under magnified changes in the American lifestyle brought on by tech companies which ruined and untangled all our lives with both glee and sledge hammers simultaneously. Many did not support Mr. Trump in 2016 and even more bailed on him this past November.

2. Biden also knew, because of his own expertise born of more than four decades serving America, what would be waiting if he did win the 2020 election. Biden would face the detritus sprung by Trump-like outrageous and habitually publicized deceits as well as the stenchy evasions accompanied by the President’s phantastic but loudly whispered or inaudibly shrieked declarations of empathy which most voters in the USA knew were staged as a a living puppet show, not like Biden’s whose life, filled with neurogenics and fineness.  Biden is real and known to be sympathetic, vicarious, gaffey but giften  always.

And no, Trump did not “wisely” suggest that Americans of all ages, races, and creeds should run around beaches and national parks wearing nothing but sun cream instead of masks to keep the Corona Virus in check.  He ordered them by demonstration only marred by his own smashing rush to the hospital with Covid-19 already cruising around his selfish mind. He did so to allow the death of as many older and minority Americans as possible to complete his adoration of chaos. In fact, the existence of the SARS-COVID-19 virus was known – in China as early as November of 2019 – something our intelligence heads would not have missed and certainly must have briefed Trump about before the end of 2019.

We all know that scientists are often like thrilled young boys and girls when something massive or threatening raises its head in laboratories and academia – Always chatting to each other worldwide and especially to and with America.

I have no doubt that more than a few in the White House knew about the COVID-19 virus earlier in December 2019 and did nothing about it except to use it as a semantic differential between over-caring “Commies” and hate-filled “Patriots” sadly spread throughout the weakest states in our union.

The shrewdest and most malevolent-thinking men and women in the White House knew that the Covid virus could be inventoried and sold to enrich the “Trump as a He-Man” hoax by allowing the President to roam around the nation without a face mask to protect him in some sort of misdirected psychotic cartoon of Donald Trump starring in the A-Team.

Such emotive acting could have cost Trump his life but the same people pretending to love him, could not have cared less – and far too ill-educated to comprehend that COVID-19 could kill and infect hundreds of thousands and then millions of Americans who may never recover from the damage such a flesh-eating virus can do, even if they lived through it.

Mr. Wilkinson seems to believe that Joe Biden should have lied to make certain he looked as much like a wannabee slaveholder as did Mr. Trump.

Yes, Biden could have done so. He could have accused Trump of the most outlandish, and probably manifest act of defecating on America with foolish, deceitful, boastful and felonious language used to defile almost every American-held-dear quality.

These reasons, along with the rejected Trump-like actions used by the Trump PACs and sadly called Campaign “strategists” to hoodwink the least educated most unwell, and poorest population of voters in the United States that it was more American to do whatever they liked when they wanted, and “screw the rest”.

Those voters who did, in fact, vote for Trump were nothing but victims of rarely read, but staff-gobbled neo-Nazi propaganda that taught Trump staffers how to gain at the loss of a tiny bit more than half the U.S. voting population while labeling the most successful and well-educated in public schools now gone as “commies” –the older generations who saw through Trump and voted for Hillary Clinton, even though a shaky choice.

Yes, all of us – politicians in no way excluded – can be the worst and most vicious men and women on this earth. Those conceited, ostentatious, and mindless traits in the genes of human beings as we are, after all, the apex predators of earth.
So many of earth’s population has learned through terrible war, epidemics, horror and untruth that we must sit on that hunter-killer side of ourselves like we might on a stick of dynamite threatening our children.

Trump was never raised at all, nor has he taught his family how to be gentle, honest and compassionate  – not really. He was raised as a fringed New York City businessman – many of whom were “slayers” in the business decisions that we see even in the newest most successful companies.

That was how Trump was bred. His father knew my grandfather as both were in similar businesses focusing on real estate in the more questionable boroughs and neighborhoods in western Long Island.

I was trained, at a young age, to spot “Trumps” – and there are many. Commercial business in the western world is practiced, usually, as a bloodless but terrible war. It would be far more honest to bloody business competitors in a boxing cage than to “Trump” them with another so-called “art of the deal”.

Remember, Trump told us early on – He could shoot someone dead on Fifth Avenue and nothing would happen to him. That was an early and ominous alarm bell that 50+1 percent of America never understood – not enough to hand the White House to Secretary Clinton – but instead storing plenty to offer the other majority predators yet filling almost all elective offices around the nation today.
Believe me.

You will hear and fell the worst of the Trump Era very soon. My heart goes out to you who blindly followed a halfwitted buffoon at the cost of the truly shoved around Americans who marched our streets every time the police realized too much the nightmare they too are living.

rrdy giuliani
(Thank you A.P.)

Wuhan China Deaths Have Reached 4.9%


covid virus in yello

The Coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is seen in yellow, emerging from cells (in blue and pink) cultured in the lab. This image is from a scanning electron microscope. Thank you NPR and NIAID-RML


BY: Jeffrey Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus, American Politics Journal 

WASHINGTON, DC – TUESDAY, 3 MARCH 2020: The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is disseminating across the globe, with at least                  74 nations on six continents certifying such cases as of today.

     The months-old virus has infected more than 87,000 people and killed about 3,248 or nearly 4% of those infected since it was first detected in  Wuhan, China in late December.

     The disease spreads from person to person through exhaled droplets when an infected person coughs or exhales. It can also be transmitted via contaminated surfaces and can persist, alive, for hours or even several days.  This is the community spreading that seems not to come from any person infected but from touching a surface which could include a the coats of pets such as a dog or cat, although some experts say not.  While there are laboratory test mechanisms, like swabs, or spittle cups, available only recently – some of these have proved, especially in the USA, as being ineffective and have been returned to the few producers who make such tests which are sent to laboratories for reading.  Some test manufacturing sites around the world have proven to be infested by the virus in situ as well. 

     Already two states in America have found true cases of Covid-19 in people who did not travel from another country nor contacted any person with or without the virus.  Because the virus was first discovered in China, the spread across Asia may result in fewer deaths because testing is now ongoing and can reveal the presence of the virus which allows for earlier treatment. Although no medications, thus far, prove to cure the Covid-19 virus, many physicians are still treating the virus with other older flu-fighting medications in hope that something already available can stem the virus somewhat or altogether.  Two pharmaceutical companies claim to an injection ready for a test and submitted to American health officials, yet these tests on the injections could take several months or over a year. 

     This writer, a father, and grandfather began checking what the schools in Washington, DC were doing about testing children as they arrive in school with fevers. coughs. or other signs of infection – but have no plans thus far to test all children when good-working test applications are working.   In Washington State schools are closing for some time, perhaps days or more, until tests are available since people including children can carry the virus with NO symptoms.  The White House is being attacked in the media for almost no attention paid to preparation as the Virus spread across Aisa for weeks now.  This publication suggests that schools be closed until such tests are available for children – and then adults – who mighhave the virus or should be checked nonetheless.









Mitch McConnell – A Vampire Sucking the Blood of Our Constitution and While Taking Orders from the White House

mitch connnel as seen by the ny times a vampire hiding fr sun
Mitch McConnell Has always been on my watch list for many years. And no, he is not a genius as Senate Majority Leader – he is instead a schemer with bad intention.

BY JEFF KOOPERSMITH, Editor Emeritus, American Politics Journal

WASHINGTON DC TUESDAY, JANUARY 28TH 2020 – Vampires, we are taught, are those undead who continue their evil re-emergence decade by decade sucking the blood from The People to resurrect themselves, each sunset, to provoke and engage in harsh schemes that do not simply feed on the a carotid arteries of the otherwise innocent, but also take orders from other demons ad litem such as Satan.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a not too bright man, may be a type mob boss who somehow convinces those unconvinced but fearful of him senators to freezes his majority through dread, not good, to do as he says and not what is right, legal, or benefitting those he supposedly serves. Even the founding fathers had trouble allowing the Unites States Senate to exist, and McConnell proves this almost daily.

He made certain that the Senate would not allow President Obama to choose a member of the Supreme Court by trickery and immorality because he sees the legislature of the United States as some kind of a crapshoot where he is the croupier available to the highest bidder, even as he accuses others of actions similar. He must keep an office filled with public and press relations staff acting as twisters of the truth to have the rottenness he poses turned positive into Kudo-like side mentions of his manipulativeness, even by some of his worst journalistic and professorial critics.

Today, be believes all this can pass off Donald Trump as a victor for the American people, when in fact he is only rewarding to a small group of citizens who ‘who have more money than God” and Corporate mammoths who, “for our stockholders” (the richer than God) who need our help by stripping the laws of climate-related regulations while selling the state of Alaska to his buddies.

I know several of the one-percenters and goliaths in business who, at least, give substantial, sometimes unbelievable amounts of money toward good goals that benefit all Americans and the world. Yet too many do that to assuage their guilt, or to hide their self-distaste of the American Way – or what it once was so that questionables began to take more and more power from deserving elected and appointed officials at all levels from the small town mayors to the Governors of our great states.

The Trump Impeachment “Trial” is a symbol of the strength, not the weakness of the Democrats who see this President as a devastating national and international cancer who locks immigrant children in cages for months – even years – while he pretends this could never be his first stop in putting them all in concentration camps as was done to Japanese Americans just before I was born. OR perhaps President Trump might be kinder and only put Immigrant Hispanics who have been with us for well over 200 years into “Reservations” where they can sink into drug or alcohol abuse from their anger and hopelessness against the Whiteman’s nasty strategies. Some might even be able to open casinos which will enrich the leaders but ignore the many.

Mitch McConnell – the leader of our hallowed senate, as referenced just last weak by me, quoting another as certainly not has done little to counsel the White House on values, and ethics as he pretends to practice them, while he paves the way for what seemed an angry and irrational pervert who now sits on the Supreme Court and calls his gang-rape accuser things I won’t repeat here. Sure Justice Kavanaugh may be a good man in most every way, but that did not stop him from admitting terrible mistakes that were, as he did not point out – a reflection of the times we older boys today were living and growing as our parents outlandishly bragged to friends and family of the ladies love, as were we, with our conquests compared in the locker rooms and private and privileged clubs across the nation.

I was just such a boy – eager to make a name for myself as a “conqueror of the fair sex” if only to please my family when such was fashionable and not despicable. Did Americans believe that now-Justice Kavanaugh was telling truth against a targeted woman supposedly one who came in front of the world to uncover her own horror on television for what – our amusement – or at the request of Democrats? Yes, there may have been no fully “guilty” parties in that mess – only guilty political Leaders who allowed such to go on, instead of looking further for another less awkward choice.

Again the shadows of Donald Trump were in the hearing rooms all across Capitol Hill as one after another dirty scheme was passed into law – some by both Democrats and Republicans – for nasty, and greed-filled reasons – grasping for power and money and causing great harm to the world’s condition.

I could go on and on about that which has destroyed the Republican Party and sadly infected too many Democrats as well.

I came to write this opinion after avidly reading columns by Jamelle Bouie, a brilliant columnist at the New York Times and author who wrote, very early this morning, a rousing opinion part of which I quote here.:

jamelle-bouieJamelle Bouie, Opinion Columnist

“The Senate has not been a cabal in most of the ways antifederalists feared. Senators have not conspired to make themselves a permanent aristocracy or make seditious treaties with foreign powers. But the advent of political parties, the rise of strong partisanship and the growth of hyperpolarization have created something of a “conspiratorial den” among co-partisans in ostensibly rival branches of government. Republican lawmakers have an interest in the political survival of the Republican president, just as Democratic lawmakers have an equivalent interest in the survival of a Democratic president. And for Republicans under Trump specifically, their political survival depends on, in Luther Martin’s words, “the favour of the President.” Just ask Jeff Flake.” Jan. 28, 2020, 5:00 a.m. ET

  Luther Martin was a politician and one of the United States’ Founding Fathers, who left the Constitutional Convention early because he felt the Constitution violated states’ rights. He was a leading Anti-Federalist, along with Patrick Henry and George Mason, whose actions helped passage of the Bill of Rights – Wikipedia. He was also against the forming of the senate in that it could have, maybe this year, the Senate has succeeded in becoming The House of Lords.

The Senate is controlled by Republicans, and this morning we know of just enough Senators who will open their minds to what Ambassador Bolton has to say about Ukraine and the longer-lasting mis-or-malfeasance going on there and in other world capitals at the pleasure of his highness, our president, who told us years ago –
Trump: “I Could Stand in the Middle of Fifth Avenue and Shoot Somebody, and I Wouldn’t Lose Any Voters” January 2016, just weeks before sworn in.


This is the man you are wondering about? – A President who would say this, and would lie to the entire world thousands of times, as we all have witnessed wonders why some people elected, as was he, to defend the Constitution of the United States. Donald Trump sees himself as above the law and has for many years, he is, in his own mind The Emperor of the United States.



Can you imagine what must go on in the KellyAnn Kitchen when her husband through the Lincoln Center begins GOPer on GOPer battles between what must the LEFT and Right RepubliTrumps – this featuring a slam against my almost favorite GOPer Susan Collins!  Check it out!



Trump Acts Like an Unscrupulous Politician. That may be an Impeachable Offense

AnSTRETCH TRUMP answer to Professor Josh Blackmon’s New York Times Opinion.

BY: Jeffrey Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus – American Politics Journal

Jeffrey Koopersmith is a Lobbyist, Past Member 0f the Republican Eagles and the Democratic National Business Council, Publisher, and Editor Emeritus of American Politics Journal (1988 – 2020)

President Trump may not be removed from office, but nothing in Josh Blackmon’s arguments will be the cause.  Blackmon is a Professor of Constitutional Law at South Texas School of Law. He claims that what Trump et al. did to Ukraine is not an impeachable offense.

It is true that Trump and his myriad staffers, lawyers, and high officials, flaunted out-of-reach-by illegal-scheming aid, by freezing hundreds of millions of dollars in assistance to Ukraine in a failed effort to force Ukraine’s President(s) and higher ups to muddy up the Biden’s reputations.

It is too bad that former, now deceased Senator and Professor Hayakawa did not teach “Logic and Semantics” to Mr. Blackmon in that his opinion here is illogical and, in truth, a set of convenient but fallacious legalize.

The House of Representatives does not attempt to expel President Trump because “elected officials almost always consider that their conduct might have on the next election as the “Trump Crew” also implies.

The House and its several committees seek to push Trump out of office because he acted criminally by using near half a billion dollars in already contracted aide between Congress and Ukraine to fight against the United States’ enemy – Russia – who seeks even today to retrieve all the old Soviet Socialist Republics like Ukraine that fled Russian “ownership” as a cure for a long-lasting tragedy that harmed them after two great wars forcing them to live under an unfortunate dictatorship seated far from home and which caused great economic, health, and educational collapse for many.

Almost every action in life is political. The idea that “if it’s political it isn’t a crime,” as Mr. Blackmon posits, is ridiculous.  All crimes are also political in some manner.  People do not burn, steal, scheme, lie, or threaten without both a political reason and a criminal one. Political moves can assuredly be considered crimes, malfeasance, and punishable.

What if Mr. Trump had worked out a deal with the former President of Ukraine known to be corrupt in almost every sense.  What if that deal was that Trump would not freeze half a billion dollars if the former President moved 25% of those funds to a private account in the Cayman Islands?  Would that be impeachable?  And, of course, that could have been the actual deal being made secretly behind everyone’s back including Trump’s own staff and even his loving attorney Rudy Giuliani.  We may never know, but we do know that Trump’s reputation before and also after his election was one of cunning scheming without conscience which cost other people in business and their families to lose tens of millions of dollars because of lies within their agreements with Trump. We know Trump also had to repay millions in tuitions to a phony “university,” which he trumped up but was seemingly nothing more than a scam as so many pop-up colleges and universities are these days.

Trump using others and his own words not only blackmailed Ukraine President Zelinsky and the previous Ukraine president, but he also sought not only an investigation of Senator and Vice President Joe Biden but his son, Hunter, as well.  Zelinsky and his people also must have assumed that such a study had better come up with enough dirt to cripple Biden in his race against Trump for the U.S. Presidency in 2020, this year.

Meanwhile the Ukraine military – aided by our own- was in the middle of battling against Russia’s invasionary move into Ukraine where men and women on both sides were being maimed and killed, with Ukraine under-supplies and without weapons in any way able to defend against Russia’s more sophisticated arms larder.

This was not merely a “short delay” of the half-billion dollars in much-needed aid – it was a delay of several months from the Spring of 2019 until just before those funds would have disappeared under U.S. laws or, as did happen, the Congress had to make additional arrangements on this very money before it could go through to Ukraine AND at the very last possible moment.

Blackmon not only misstates the truth but tells us the House was wise “to not charge Mr. Trump with bribery” – But of course, that is precisely what the House is doing. It does not, because of the Constitution, have to meet all the elements of the crime of bribery or other fitting crimes as it would under State or Federal law – but Bribery it was and is, as well as an assault on two Ukraine Administrations causing great harm and fear for them – no matter Trump’s unique, made-up and untrue problems with corruption.  Mr. Zilensky won the Presidency from one of the most corrupt leaders in Ukraine’s history by basing his candidacy on ridding Ukraine of corruption at all levels.

Because of this, dozens of people in the U.S. and Ukraine government knew that mischief was going down, which would only benefit Trump personally and never the United States as well as some claim today in the Senate.

The stories of Lincoln and Sherman that Blackmon offers have no resemblance to the actions taken by Trump and his handymen.  Lincoln gained nothing but guarantee United States soldiers the right to vote.  The Johnson and Thurgood Marshall incident did not involve another nation nor people at risk for the lives – their very lives.

But, Trump saw how Russia and Whoever helped him to win over Clinton in 2015 and must have felt that trickery abroad was also an ideal fit for some similar action and secrets – involving Ukraine.  That set up occurred because no one bothered to go on with the Mueller Report findings and charge the crimes so mentioned in that report.  A mistake by the Democrats that I willingly admit.

Mr. Blackmon ends his fairy tale this way;  There was no pursuit of “legal policies” by Trump after he decided to withhold the funds to Ukraine – (Yes, but withheld after his decision – that’s when the crime, blackmail, malfeasance, bribery, or high crimes and misdemeanors occurred.)

Yet Blackmon claims there was no crime or impeachable activity – only normal politics.  Nothing Trump did or caused to be. was free from actual criminal conduct but his aide, Attorney General Barr, told us that Trump could not be criminally indicted while President for the same actions which Blackmon mistakenly writes might be judged correctly by voters at some time in the future.

Well argued baloney – even in West Texas.





Sally Ryan for The New York Times  THE TYPICAL IOWAN “WORKER”
By Rojer Ails

NEW YORK – 15 JANUARY 2020  What on earth do the majority of Americans have in common with Iowans who generally make their living killing pigs and cutting them up, growing corn to make ethanol, not food, and selling insurance on television?

Most Iowans are not the people that make the nation win or lose on the world stage.  They are nice, slightly uneducated people, a population that also contains a huge amount of evangelist voters, which is what that idiot Ted Cruz once counting on this upcoming caucus.

Hey – Americans are not exactly evangelists – but Cruz’ father is one and Cruz thinks he is one. This is biblical bullshit.  I don’t care what Corinthians chapter, paragraph or line you choose – the Bible was written by politicians, not by God.

That said – Iowans hardly ever get it right – especially after the start of the 20th Century when people – profoundly after WWII realized that “education” was a very important element to consider when electing a president – not a religious education, not a musical education, but a good general education complete with world travel and few other things that any woman or man who wants to be president should have – and in spades.

Lets face it – if you actually CHOOSE to live in Iowa you are either a loser, or one the people that control all the other Iowans.  So why in heck do we seek Iowan counsel when electing the most powerful leader on earth – if just militarily?

People with smarts. sense, impeccable taste, graciousness, intellect, adventurism, and logic don’t often live anywhere but on either the Atlantic or Pacific Coast. The rest of the nation is known as “flyover” territory  which used to be Texas but now includes most or all of the Midwest and the South.

New Hampshire is even worse.  What the heck do people in New Hampshire do anyway – make passports?  I think that’s their biggest export is ammunition along with The top five ‘commodities’ made in the Granite State like electric machines, industrial machines, a few computers; television equipment, and parts; optic, plastics; and arms to use that ammunition. That alone should keep them out of any First in the Nation status.

Now I am joking of course – but my point is that no state should begin some f-ed up WAVE of popularity for some idiot like Ted Cruz or that moron Huckabee or Huckleberry who only runs for office  to make money for himself and sired a kid who tortures and hangs dogs in the forest for fun and erotic pleasure.

Nonetheless, the crazies who run our media are camped out in those two unimportant states hoping that something exciting will actually happen in either Iowa or New Hampshire.  See CNN’s Wolf Blintza , or some slippery showgirl from Fox, or a really old man from CBS – Yes they are all in Iowa and they will all join the conga line to New Hampshire a few days later and on to the “Blow Me” state – South Carolina?


All nominating elections should be held in all states on the same day – or better on the same two days – to give people a chance to vote instead of picking muck out of their toenails.

And Caucuses – the dumbest idea of all measures nothing much more than how much you can pay people to stand around in a stinking gymnasium and do a kind of mental Rope Pull to see who is the best candidate to ruin or destroy the Earth.

Grow up America!  Stop making presidential candidates pretend to cross the entire nation and shake hands with all 340 million Americans and 50 million others here on tourist visas for the past thirty years.

We have computers now. We can vote from home or from our cell phones.

Cut the crap.  If nothing else – Donald Trump already proved you don’t need to spend a dime of your billions to sucker in the population.




Mr. President, Can’t you do something righteous, anything at all? We beg you.

BY JEFFREY KOOPERSMITH, Editor Emeritus – American Politics Journal

WASHINGTON DC, 10 JANUARY 2020: I am astonished that Paul Krugman, one of America’s top opinion writers, encapsulated the myriad evils of avarice, ignorance, and stupidity of doing nothing about the health of our Earth being”the right” when it comes to the misery awaiting us all as the planet succumbs to climate and related horrors that have warped the globe so heavily during these past several years.  There are many business and political leaders on the left, right and moderate who are extremely angry about our non-battles with climate-aggravated nonstop tragedy which just this month fire-burned Australians, their homes along that nation’s East Coast in a devilish fiery tsunami destroying forests and killing as many as a half-billion animals panicked, crying out, and stumbling into early and excruciating incineration while alive and weeping – desperate for help in vivid and quick-ending confusion.  Photographs of little Koala Bears running never getting away from death, not only of themselves and the babies many were carrying who died in their mother’s dying paws.   500,000,000!  And today and innocent creatures we fawn over when amusing yet forget about as we deny that much of anything has happened to our climate – to us, even though unheard of power and brutality. Storms, hurricanes, millions of acres of forest fires, and twisters seem to be on a relentless razing of homes and hearts in towns of the Pacific to the Atlantic oceans – putting millions out of homes, jobs, and savings in mere seconds of terror.  All of us have sat, calmly in front of our seventy- inch HD televisions taking all this in almost daily yet shrugging at the words of Greta Thunberg as the teenager from Sweden screams at lawmakers and business leaders to get on the ball NOW – or rot away in a dead planet far more closer to death than predicted by thousands of scientists who know the truth as they too sit on top of glaciers near the North and South poles watching massive ice formations the size of some countries break off into the seas and are carried off to warmer waters where the melting of them alone might cost coastal families, animals and fish twenty feet river and ocean tides that will sweep us off our land along with our children, pets, photographs and memories. 

Homelessness – now at frightfully high levels are more than contributing to our fears -suffocated by advertising agencies who, as we, near slumber in our five thousand dollar mattresses, stare at the “box” which hypnotizes into splitting in pieces – one against the other – like a rotting grapefruit floating on the rivers and oceans now intermittently flooding Manhattan, Miami, and nearly drowning the incomparable Venice, Italy where hundreds of millions have spent so many brilliant hours.  Worse, America strains against worship and hatred of our President, Donald Trump, who in just the last several months has stricken more than 110 regulations on businesses – many of which have helped guarantee a strong reduction in the pollution now choking us all over this planet.  Americans argue with each other – is Trump correct – there is no climate change, or are almost all scientists save the bought-off give us as little as 15 more years of do-nothing, or do-little.  President Trump, known for most of his life as a grandstanding clown, drunk -for-power and misogyny, who now claims he doesn’t read, tells us “look at the stock market” – “Look at the low unemployment in the United States!  Yet both are fraudulent in the fairy tales they tell.  Only the moderate to very wealthy are making high profits in the world’s equity markets; the jobless are working full time in slavelike recompense, while the rest of us worry, two very much, to wager precariously on markets so violently mimicking the late 1920s and the then and there- coming Great Depression.  President Trump – it’s time to put away your toys and your fuel-eating limousines, helicopters, and posh jetliners.  It’s time to turn off the fountains, solar-up the White House and other federal buildings, and stick and electric engine in your lush transport. The Donald! It’s time to stop assassinating-by-edict, those who may deserve to die but cannot result in salvaging our magnificent earth, so bright and clean for so few decades after industrialization. Can’t you do something righteous, anything at all?

We beg you.






American Politics Journal – Telling the hard truth, since 1988

A statement about the 480 million animals killed in NSW bushfires since September

3 January 2020

Australia has the highest rate of species lost of any area in the world https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/08/opinion/australia-fires.html

Share: https://sydney.edu.au/news-opinion/news/2019/11/11/nsw-queensland-bushfires-experts-available-for-comment.html

Professor Chris Dickman estimates that 480 million animals have been affected since bushfires in NSW started in September 2019. This statement explains how that figure was calculated.
Update 8 January 2020: Professor Christopher Dickman revised his estimate of the number of animals killed in bushfires in NSW to more than 800 million animals, and more than one billion animals impacted nationally.

This figure is based on a 2007 report for the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) on the impacts of land clearing on Australian wildlife in New South Wales (NSW).

To calculate the impacts of land clearing on the State’s wildlife, the authors obtained estimates of mammal population density in NSW and then multiplied the density estimates by the areas of vegetation approved to be cleared.

Estimates of density were obtained from published studies of mammals in NSW and from studies carried out in other parts of Australia in similar habitats to those present in NSW.

The authors deliberately employed highly conservative estimates in making their calculations. The true mortality is likely to be substantially higher than those estimated.

Using that formula, co-author of the original report Professor Chris Dickman estimates that 480 million animals have been affected since the bushfires in NSW started in September 2019. This figure only relates to the state of NSW. Many of the affected animals are likely to have been killed directly by the fires, with others succumbing later due to the depletion of food and shelter resources and predation from introduced feral cats and red foxes.

The true loss of animal life is likely to be much higher than 480 million.
Professor Chris Dickman
The figure includes mammals, birds and reptiles and does not include insects, bats or frogs. The true loss of animal life is likely to be much higher than 480 million. NSW’s wildlife is seriously threatened and under increasing pressure from a range of threats, including land clearing, exotic pests and climate change.

Australia supports a rich and impressive diversity of mammals, with over 300 native species. The continent is uniquely dominated by marsupials and is the only great land mass to contain three major groups of living mammals: marsupials, monotremes (egg-laying platypus and echidna) and placentals. About 244 species, or 81 percent of this distinctive fauna, are found only in Australia.

Some 34 species and subspecies of native mammals have become extinct in Australia over the last 200 years, the highest rate of loss for any region in the world.

Professor Chris Dickman works in the School of Life and Environmental Sciences and has over 30 years of experience working on the ecology, conservation and management of Australian mammals.

Professor Dickman is a past President of the Australian Mammal Society and of the Royal Zoological Society of NSW, past Chair of the NSW Scientific Committee, and Chair of the Australian Marsupial and Monotreme Specialist Group for the Species Survival Commission of the IUCN. He is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science.
019 after the evacuation of the campus due to fire risk. We are pleased to report all staff, students and visitors can return to campus with operations resuming as normal.


Has $35 Million That Never Reached Ukraine Still Missing?

WASHINGTON DC, THURSDAY, 12 DECEMBER 2019: Some are claiming that 14% or $35 Million are missing from the Ukraine aide to defend against Russia’s incisions.

We have no further information on this issue, but some are saying it will cause the end of President Trump’s presidency. I makes little sense – so we are doing more research on what this means as it was testified to Congress.

Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus



In this Jan. 5, 1956 file photo actress Grace Kelly sports a Hermes bag as she and Prince Rainier III of Monaco leave a luncheon party in Philadelphia.
The “slightly used Hermes Bags Sold to the Poor Rich for 50% New retail – $22,000

Under the Trump Administration, it is all about Hermes bags and reselling them to the poorer rich while most woman do with something far less than $45,000.



WASHINGTON DC – TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 26th, 2019: Ross begins a kind of love-peace about President Trump’s present condition as “heuristic” and therefore not too bad, ( https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/26/opinion/impeachment-trump.html )

Most Americans have no idea what heuristics means. It means a half-assed sloppy action that somewhat helps but may, in fact, not accomplish and essential goal.

I would add that Trump relies on the mystic by telling lies every day of any week. The President is also antagonistic, narcissistic, hedonistic, nihilistic, amoral, sociopathic, absurdist, fascistic, and sadistic.

The economy is anything, but okay, in three years Trump has added more than one trillion dollars or more in debt to this nation while pretending to be a Republican, not for American stability but for his chums and those he owes colossal remunerations for whatever wealth he has created for himself and “the family” in a relatively short time, that via avarice so despicable it is almost unimaginable.

Dick Nixon and especially Bill Clinton were tyros in several of these Trump “talents,” and if Clinton lied about Monica – wouldn’t you?

Ross Douthat should also take a look around the earth and realize that “the world is falling apart” in so many ways that Mr. Trump ignores or insults, or cannot understand nor has the staff or aides that can tutor him, should he allow it, which is improbable.

Mr. Trump also has a lock on shifty advisors, cohorts, and worse who are now in prison, and others are trending that route shortly. He padlocks “alien” babies in cages without parents whom he ships back to the Hell they fled in terror. He does not make certain those babies are tracked so their parents might easily find them at some point.

He grabs women “by the pussy” and then bleats about them allowing him to feast on “anything.”

I add that I believe Nixon left before his impeachment verdict on his own volition because he had the gall to think he was a “Don.” but brave enough to flee when he did to save the nation from more and to save his sanity.

Yes, we Americans put too much emphasis on how rich or poor we are while missing the point that life is not solely about money and biceps – evidenced worldwide by human beings living in dire situations with little or no hope, but continuing to love life, to work, and to smile through it. To not suggest that the almost total humiliation of our State Department and Security Services’ stability is wrong-headed and misfeasance from the New York Times.

Our most exceptional allies, only a couple of years gone by, now distrust us to the point of forming their own military and spending quite a large amount doing it.

We are known as unreliable to the world in almost every way, including the fact that this Administration has absolutely no shame and will do whatever seems outlandish merely to attract the worst among us, and deflect the truth standing or crawling before their eyes. And, to compare GOP cravenousness and reluctance to the  most apparent villain in this nations history with Democrat’s attempts to care of the neediest is adolescent and timorous at best.

Obama may not have been without fault, but he is almost angelic compared to what we see today under Trump:   Russian aggression, terrorism, the Islamic state – which is not defeated in any way – All were caused and founded by the vicious Dick Cheney and another unprepared President both lying even more dangerously to the world about almost everything they did since the World Trade Center toppled including setting the stage for the toughest recession, the latency of it continuing today.

The average American this year suffers far more than under any Democrat leadership, and the only winners on Wall Street are those, so wealthy they can bet on a false crap table that Trump and his people offer as outstanding, but is, in reality, the only place to put those billions to work in this country. It is the super-wealthy that gains from investing in the markets – and worse they are simply pushing up the values alone between themselves while most Americans with any resources have fled to bonds, risky bonds and other dangerous investments or just cash.

The richest push each other’s stocks  higher every time the White House needs it – but only the most competent slacker gains anything from what has become A Billionaire’s Picnic. And, what? This is, to Mr. Douthat “… .a solid economy…” based on false figures and planned ignorance of actual inflation and lack of production in the United States – the opposite of what Trump and his ninnies are selling.

A “solid economy” where automakers are near bankruptcy or in it, with stock prices in single digits and millions of vehicle wrapped up in parking lots all over the nation – now forced to give them away, and even under those imposed fire-sales cannot get rid of the load.

Soon we may see those vehicles in the desert next to the old jetliners that never made anyone very wealthy in or out of any airline.

So. what is this stable economy based on – Fracking oil dangerously with a who cares attitude? Relying on coal more and more instead of the prescribed science of shutting those super-polluters down and paying miners while they retool to become computer programmers or mechanics.

The we have our supe- luxury stores selling handbags for as much as $45,000 each, and after a little use selling it someone less wealthy for $12 or 25 thousand dollars – handbags from Italy and France which, in fact cost, less than a couple thousand to make – but much more to offer the super spenders some things that no one else can ever think of owning even second -hand where the rich now sell that ostentatious grab-bag to lesser mortals – still for ludicrous prices aimed at people with only 7 million dollar incomes instead of $70 million. It’s 1928 all over again, but no one sees it because they too busy playing children’s games on their $7,000 gold plated with diamonds cell phone or iPad.

Grow up people and care for each other, at least as much as you care for yourselves. By this time, really,  you must be bored rigid with even the lower middle class bored with what seems like plenty – Don’t you wonder why?


The United States Justice Department Teeters on The High Wire

Attorney General Barr Opens Criminal Investigation
of his DOJ Concerning its Russia Investigation
Remember, William Barr was not the Attorney General when the Russian Investigation ended. Does he have nothing to lose or everything?

BY Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

WASHINGTON DC – MONDAY 28 OCTOBER 2019 — The question about timing and goal is rampant in Washington today. Let be begin by adding that Attorney General William Barr had a most outstanding reputation from right to left and up and down throughout his career. In fact, most insiders under Capitol Dome wondered, at that time, why Barr not only took the job that Trump offered after barbecuing former Senator Jeff Sessions. Barr also engaged in erstwhile fertilization of his chance to be through nearly suppliant means, not only with his personal writing to the President but also through various other conduits sure to alert Trump that Bill Barr was eager and obtainable.

Nothing is criminally wrong with Barr’s keen and available posture just after the A.G. position came vacant. It is what occurred very early after he became the most powerful law enforcement official on Earth. He almost immediately began what seems a never-ending battle to questionably defend the President no matter what the issue, many respected lawyers whispered. I must agree in part, yet thought it was at least possible that Barr too eagerly accepted the Attorney Generalship so as to outrun Trump by playing Trump’s own game more quickly. This opinion seemed to be more acceptable, though just as devious a plan of action.

This week it seems that the General will begin investigating his own Department and its employees today and prior to seeing if any engaged in what he views as potential “spying” or a Witch Hunt even more shocking than that which Trump constantly drums up almost every time he speaks. I stand by my own extraordinary bordering opinion, but somehow, think the murmurers under the Dome – Democrat, and Republican were correct.

Barr is also going to make his investigation of himself and prior associates a Big Magilla by sanctifying a Grand Jury to listen to his version of the facts even if he is not, in person, giving them. This development leaves Trump crowing like a 65-pound cockerel. A Grand Jury does not suffer from allowing instant defenses to whatever abuses by whoever that the Department of Justice may attack. However, in ironic fairness, Barr’s unexplainable thinking is a clean appeal that more aggressive Republicans might make; That dejected President Trump does not have the ability to defend himself before what they believe are his accusers.

These include whistleblowers, or to defend himself during so-called “Secret Meetings” or “Star Chambers” touted by right-wing Congressmen now agape and frightened at Trumps’ more likely official charge that the President has bribed or extorted the President of Ukraine for more than $400 million the United States allocated to Ukraine to defend against Russian incursions into Ukraine.

First, the behind-closed-door meetings that are taking testimony from key people in the Ukraine Affair are not only Democrats. While the Chairman is a Democrat, the Republicans also have many seats in all these Committees. So, what is the purpose of following tween-like Rep. Gaetz in a colossally silly “Storming” the locked door meeting last week, only to make it look more idiotic later by eating pizza lunches in the Hall after being kicked out of the room?

If the President and his lawyer were permitted to sit in these meetings, how then would the Chairs of committees investigating other alleged misdeeds in addition to the Russian tomfoolery already well-presented by The Special Counsel earlier this year.

Would witnesses testify give nothing less than honest answers about what appears to be the Crime of All History committed by a President of the United States?

Should his alleged mischief testified to, under oath, by more than 30 witnesses present or involved during this hijinks be muffled?

After all, even the Special Counsel in the prior Russian Affair could not or would not suggest the President should be found guilty of anything at the close of his own investigative mission, save for a few hints at obstruction of justice which many Americans have already forgotten.

The New York Times reported last week that that Justice Department currently reviewing an ongoing investigation regarding the role that President Trump or his Campaign team was somehow involved in – now-called the “Russia Investigation” which was, up until today, an Administrative Review of interest to Attorney General Bill Barr after said Special Counsel review was closed.

The Attorney General now will open a Criminal Investigation regarding how the investigation re Russia providing help to the Trump campaign over the internet and elsewise during the Trump vs. Clinton race for the White House in 2016.

The original look at that situation did find that Russians or Russia herself, via her government, meddled with the American Presidential election, and many believe that other evidence may show that the Trump Campaign, in fact, may have asked for such help, or even paid for it by using funds from the Trump Campaign or provided by Mr. Trump himself — although there is little or no proof that t this time. Yet several people close to Trump Campaign and the President are now in prison for what are said to be unrelated crimes exposed upon the Special Counsel’s investigation, indictment, and trials.

Some 250 trips to Russia or close by, between Trump Campaign executives and Russians, have been at least reported between 2014 and 2016 to underscore this belief, according to sources. That such activity was definitely going on and approved by the campaign -with or without the President’s knowledge?

While the White House, and the President, personally, have challenged the findings of the original investigation conducted by the Special Counsel the contemporary activity by several House of Representatives Committees’ is now deeply involved in several other investigations surrounding a potential move by the House of Representatives to Impeach the President, which should fail a Senate vote to proceed, or magically pass with what would become a type of trial aimed at removing President Trump from office.

The President, during the past two weeks, has ferociously attacked Democrat-led work on such projects as a “Hoax,” and other negative labels since the investigations now ongoing are not yet voted upon by the Full House leading to would be an official Impeachment.

Right now wide focus is on a suspicion of Extortion or Blackmail of the President of Ukraine, and are being held largely in Committees that have subpoenaed several very highly placed members of the Trump Administration and others having knowledge of an alleged move by the President to withhold more than $400 million or more in military and other aid to Ukraine.

The proof would be that President Trump or his underlings, with his knowledge, forced the President of Ukraine to agree to launch investigations of the current leader for the Democrat nomination for President in 2020, former Vice President Joe Biden.

These investigations, to have been by Ukraine, would have included Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, who Trump alleges used the Vice Presidents’ powerful shadow to obtain illicit gains which have really only been sprinkle-described and involve supposed financial grabs by Hunter Biden as an officer or Director of a Ukraine Corporation with millions in investments as well as Hunter’s $600 thousand-dollar a year, or more, salary – again from the same Ukraine corporation. (President Trump has also indicated that the same may have occurred in China)

The evidence that such may be true lies in several contacts, some by President Trump himself, made to the leadership of the Ukraine government and other high Ukrainian officials.

It appears that it is true that the $400 million in Congressionally approved funds for military and other use mostly against Russian incursion, was withheld.

Thus, the question is whether this was done under promises made by President Trump, more than one Administration Official, and the President’s private attorney Mr. Rudy Giuliani, the former Mayor of New York City.

Giuliani was allegedly pushing a quid pro quo – that nearly a half-billion dollars would not appear in the Ukraine Treasury until the new Ukraine President (and professional comedian) would blatantly begin an investigation of Joe Biden and his Issue – for alleged crimes.

These Congressional hearings at which highly placed officials and others are heard. THe are closed to the public as they involve not only potential wrongdoing by the Trump White House, but also United States’ relations with Russia and its allies.

This closed-door practice is absolutely standard when such testimony by people of interest to Congress are heard and questioned in sometimes very long meetings, which could endanger national security.

Nevertheless, the Republicans – as word leaches from under the locked and guarded doors of the hearing rooms about some parts of the interviews and testimony from witnesses both written and oral.
The tapes and transcriptions of these hearings have only been released in part thus far, yet also accompanied by the printed introductory remarks made by the men and women of interest made as opening remarks at the start of each hearing interview.

However, the idea that such is unusual, sly, crafty, or “shitty,” as described by Trump supporters, is ridiculous. The formal Impeachment process has not even begun yet, and may never commence.

The Electoral College – under the Constitution – did have the legal right to name Donald Trump for a variety of reasons, none of which have been shared publicly.

The Electoral College was embedded in the Constitution and other federal laws to make sure that scallywags and incompetents could not become the U.S. President only by votes alone, and thus, the election is weighed in a variety of methods by the Electoral College.

This is known comically among Ivy League graduates as “The masses are asses rule.”

The White House had labeled the work as a waste of time and a method to deny President Trump his rightful Presidency, by election – which is guaranteed under the Constitution and although the President received millions fewer votes than former Secretary of State Clinton.

President George W. Bush, in 2000, was, perchance. seemingly behind in votes in his race against former Vice President Al Gore, yet Bush also won the Presidency then by a decision of the Supreme Court based on various issues involving votes counted in Florida which the Democrats and Al Gore sued about, but which the Supreme Court ruled disallowing a third vote count – thus throwing the Presidency to Mr. Bush. SEE BELOW (1)

(1) When the election returns were tallied on 7 November, Bush had won 29 states, including Florida. The closeness of the Florida outcome led to a recount.[52] The initial recount also went to Bush, but the outcome was tied up in lower courts for a month until eventually reaching the U.S. Supreme Court.[84] On 9 December, in the controversial Bush v. Gore ruling,[85] the Court reversed a Florida Supreme Court decision that had ordered a third count, and stopped an ordered statewide hand recount based on the argument that the use of different standards among Florida’s counties violated the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.[52] The machine recount showed that Bush had won the Florida vote by a margin of 537 votes out of six million cast.[86] Although he had received 543,895 fewer individual nationwide votes than Gore, Bush won the election, receiving 271 electoral votes to Gore’s 266 (Gore’s statewide victories had electoral votes tallying 267; however, one of Gore’s pledged electors abstained, rendering the official tally at 266). Bush was the first person to win an American presidential election with fewer popular votes than another candidate since Benjamin Harrison in 1888.

So, this is where matters stand as of today.
There are no conclusions to offer as yet.

However, I can say that circumstances are so absurd today that the President’s lawyers are now telling a Federal Appeals Court that the President “could not be indicted or arrested while in office” – even for shooting dead someone on New York City’s Fifth Avenue, in front of Trump Tower.

Where else?


See The Trump Violence Meme Here! And More!

TheGeekzTeam – Producing Hilarious Video Showing President Trump as your Favorite THE POTUS DON!

Thanks to all at the GeekzTeam for sharing these yuks with us – Looks like Botox Bye-Den better get on the the on the ball with riveting videos!


CNN and Mainstream Media – Losing the Voter Audience

Think Back to the Fraudulent Iraq Attack

WASHINGTON DC – THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3RD: Remember just several years ago when Dick Cheney and that nincompoop Bolton convinced our likeable President Bush to attack Iraq for good, thus turning the Middle East into a quagmire of death destruction, numerous civil wars, and millions killed, maimed, or yet living in horrible tent cities in the middle of nowhere? Of course you remember. But have you forgotten how Cheney and Bolton got away with it – dragging other theretofore respected pols and policy people with? Well, don’t forget – because without the most heinous participation en masses from television, radio, and internet sources of information, it could never have happened.

Today we see something similar.

I have no standing in the Impeach Donald Trump bloc. I have written about him many times, sometimes hopefully positive, and others less so. However I am uncertain how the Democrats are going to pull off the Trump Impeachment – even without a “guilty” vote from the Senate which is and will be controlled by the Republicans Trumplicans for at least another 14 months if not longer.

What is confusing me – someone who spent most of his working life in Washington and other capitols around the world convincing policy makers of this or that, most in the ECO and Women’s Health arenas, yet with some huge corporation clients nonetheless.

Even the New York Times went along with the raft of lies about Saddam’s nukes, and tons or weapons or mass destruction for a while. Well there were no secret nuke stashes, barrels of virus killing preparations, or even missiles that were generally reliable. The only weapon found was Saddam himself -hiding in some sewer-like hole in the backyard of a grisly area who was dragged out, beaten and worse, and then hung in full Television View for the Earth to witness. Yes, Saddam was a what someone that traces his ancestry to Chicago and Brooklyn like me would call “A Prick”. Yet in comparison to the world today – hooked on greed and 450 million dollar condos in Manhattan, private schools with at least a few black students, and nonstop trips to nowhere aboard multi-billion dollar ocean liners, and having complete meals delivered 4-7 nights a week at a cost of ten grand a month by the best restaurants in our Coastal cities. In order for children of the upper middle and billion dollar caste to know anything about reality, parents telephone Grub-Hub or some clone and have Chinese, Thai and Italian food delivered while they watch the latest gore from NetFlix or PBS cartoons on demand for the tykes.

This set-up, and it is set-up, was produced by guys like Steve Bannon and his gang including Stephen Miller who I saw, for the first time in a long while actually on television politicrap defending President Trump with the anger and meanness of your favorite ogre from storybook land before parents had electronic systems to lure their kids to bed.

Nancy Pelosi was mistakenly right when she urged her Democrats who now control the House of Representatives to carry on with “investigations and vetting” for much longer but then jumped at the chance to nail the POTUS with a conversation with some comedian who became the President of the Ukraine – a favorite buyer for Ike’s military-industrial brigades using U.S.A. megabucks that Uraine will choke down when it come time to pay for them. So this conversation – reported to Congressmen by whoever – seemed to decidedly look like President Trump dangled close to a half-billion in buy our weapons cash in front of the UKE pres/comedian if as part of his standup – would investigate former Vice President Biden, and his son “Hunter” for some jobberdash Trump claims they pulled off in, where? The Ukraine! The idea, had to come form Miller who seems to me tha only person left in the White House with a mind, that convince the President to lure President UKE to get at least a few tons of dirt and bile on the Bidens – a plot which continues today with the media getting more confused than the idiots watching the tube these days.

It seems the Democrats and the media have given up on the 500-600 page reports which old America we had a President and Cabinet who cared about one thing – the economy – not the for the lower middle, or busted castes – but for the almost and super rich Brahmans living on the same coasts I mentioned earlier.

I don’t know if Uncle Joe Biden or his kid Hunter did anything wrong except to follow the American Express Green Road to Ukraine. Trump says they walked away with billions in investments and that Hunter marched off with a $50 thousand a month salary – a little more than President Trump could earn – if he wasn’t working for “free”. Mayen the billions Hunter Biden got invested is atually making more money for Ukrainians – and frankly I don’t care. Most elected officials get fairly wealthy just by overhearing a stock tip in the crapper.

The difference here, says the Democrats, is that the President Trump at least appears – n print – specifically telling the Comedian President of the Ukraine that his half billion would be held up even longer if he didn’t get busy with his minions (which the new Ukrainian pres probably doesn’t have yet) to bring the criminal hammer down on Biden before “Sleep Joe” beats Trump in 2020.

What is odd here is that this “hoax” or “constitutional protection” is was aimed at Biden who now looks like he will trail Senator Liz Warren, by 25-40 percent if Mr. Socialist Bernie Sanders gets his stents too clogged too fast.

Watch CNN and see how bored the anchors and the no-name guests are discussing the same Ukraine story for the past weeks, which has now turned into BOTH the Trump and Democrat version which or course must be mentioned in tandem every half hour to keep the faith as America’s pride – Journalists and news producers who must be madmen from what I view or listen too as I too fall asleep with the TV blaring more nonsense all through the night!

Democrats! – If you want to win your battle against the White House you had better come up with 6 or 8 especially terrible misfeasance’s that Donald Trump has engaged in over these 2.7 years in office. And Hey – they don’t have to be crimes – remember that. The Founders were smart or dumb enough, depending on your perspective, to make certain that the Constitution doesn’t really mean Crimes – just sorta-crimes that go against the teachings of Christ I assume.

Get it together- or get lost. That’s what I think this morning.


Mad Men: Are Still alive in America and Japan, but ?….

If you owned an airline, would you want its logo – aimed at America and most well-developed destination countries it flies to read from afar or just in print as “ANAL”

By: Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus – American Politics Journal

WASHINGTON, DC – SUNDAY, 8 SEPTEMBER 2019: This is an essay about a logo. It is an introduction to the enormous complexity of advertising, public relations, strategy, and targeting for the election of a political candidate. Here I write about a Logo that we tested to see how people might pronounce it. It is the logo of All Nippon Airways, a Japanese company. Yet many thought the name of the company was Anal? Imagine what it means to develop a strategy and the “look” of a presidential campaign – that tells only the truth?

ANA, All Nippon Airways, serving about 50 cities in Japan did just that. Who designed the Logo above is yet a secret that I cannot seem to unravel, yet even the most normal subjet of an 1100 responder poll we did in the USA thought this logo could label the company as Anal.

ANA as tests as the finest Airline serving Japan internationally alongside oldster airline Japan Airlines Company, Ltd. JAL, who used to fly me to Tokyo’s Waseda University to talk about American Politics long ago has also, long ago, seemed, as naming companies and everything else by initials (which should have been JAC or Japan Airlines Company, Ltd. JACL which might pronounce as JACKAL. Thus JAL did the best thing choosing “J” for Japan, “A” for Air, and “L” for Lines? Not Bad, but not great.

ANA was smart in one way – it did not use its Japanese name part “Nippon” on its planes – most likely because of racists in the West and others who won WWII called Japanese peoples Nips during and far after that war. JAL, of course, did not use the English word “Japan” either for similar reasons and one other – Japan is not called Japan in Japan – it is called either Nippon-koku or Nihon-koku (日本国) and, both have the same spelling. That name came from The early Mandarin Chinese or perhaps the Wu Chinese word for Japan was recorded by Marco Polo as Cipangu China because Japan was not yet a nation just a part of the Chinese region with different types of people living there.

Yet it gets more interesting because Nippon and Nihon literally mean “the sun’s origin”, or where the sun originates, and are translated as the Land of the Rising Sun all the time. This nomenclature comes from Imperial correspondence with the Chinese Sui Dynasty and refers to Japan’s eastern position relative to China as is – again an ancient Chinese development. In fact, the foundation of the two words Japan and Nippon is even more complicated than this. For instance, Nippon and Nihon are spelled the same in Japanese writing.

So why didn’t JAL call itself Nippon Koku Lines or Nihon Koku Lines? We might never know. A part of the reason is that JAL’s logo, which I like far better was designed, of course, by an American.

Japan Airlines logo

The Japan Airlines Logo is an image of a Japanese red-crowned crane with its wings extended in full flight and was created in 1958 by Jerry Huff, the creative director at Botsford, Constantine & Gardner of San Francisco, also its ad agency for many years prior. It is an image of a Japanese red-crown crane with its wings extended in full flight. The Tsurumaru JAL logo by Huff makes it even more interesting – what was Tusrumaru? You check, I know it’s a character in a story or game, a baby or lore, and a boys name in Japanese, and also a Restaurant in California! I think it has something to do with a crane and also it means that someone named Tsurumaru never gives up on anything! I am probably wrong or my sources are.

Yet I digress.

Back to ANA Nippon, now the favored airline in Japan and worldwide from and to Japan. The real incentive for the ANA logo could be the first “A” meaning ALL – ANA serves so many cities in Japan – perhaps all of them worthy of an airport?

I yet believe that ANA should change its Logo and I experimented:

Thie above is the actual ANA logo on each of their aircraft

Here I changed the blue and blue flag to the same height as the ANA font – this makes it worse.

ANA is a client of the Young and Rubicam Agency PLUS now known as Y&R for something I call profession correctness”, nearly everyone knows the name Young and Rubicam -but if you told someone you worked for Y&R, 85% of the population who were not in the advertising biz, would have no idea who or what you were talking about – but they might ask. Y&R also owns a more “extreme” creative agency called VMLY&R. (quite a mouthful) However, Jason Xenopolous, North American chief creative officer, presided over a small but quite important change in the ANA image – although he allowed the original ANA logo above to remain, sorta. – watch this video – and you might want to see if your favorite Democrat or Republican Candidate should switch to VMLY&R for the 2020 presidential election which would be a small customer for this huge ad agency et alia. SEE THIS VIDEO ad produced by famed music video director Phillipa Price via Jason’s shop – The first one: https://adage.com/creativity/work/ana-japan-elevated/2146821 You will be impressed and see if you notice the small addition to the ANA logo – its terrific.


The New York Times went too far!

Publishing opinion of Trump’s Private Parts

POOLITOON of the New York Times’ Julia Baird description of the President’s private parts as told by Stormy Daniels

WASHINGTON DC, 6TH JANUARY 2019: Sometimes even a critic of the White House and the President must speak out against some of the barrage of nonsense that the best media in the nation uses to humiliate the President. Today is such a day. The above cartoon is self-explanatory. However, the constant blab coming from CNN about President Trumps voiced concern about Hurricane Dorion hitting a tiny part of Alabama is absurd. I checked back over the thousands of illustrations of the path of this terrible storm and saw at least three guestimates which appeared to show that if Darion cut across the state of Florida moving WEST instead of east, it might very well do some damage to Alabama. Again, this was the early talk from NOAA and other weather centers talking about a possible but no probable westward move over northern Florida that would have put the Hurricane in the Gulf – not drifting up the East Coast in the Atlantic. You will all recall that last week and prior all kinds of ludicrous charts and “cones” were spread around the media like so many leaves in the Fall. They were – quite a few – totally wrong and especially about the tragedy Dorian caused in the Bahamas where Dorian hovered without a move for three days and winds over 150 mph much of that time which, in fact, flattened much of Abaco and Marsh Harbour, and the one or more of the larger Bahamas islands.

Certainly the idea that Dorian would have to cross the entire Florida Panhandle to even get close to Alabama is almost impossible because the storm would have died, most likely quickly, if it was over the width of Northern Florida, but if it hit at Miami it most certainly might have jumper across to the Gulf and threatened Georgia and Alabama.

As I know many New Yorkers who spend the bulk of their time in Manhattan, as does President Trump since a youth – many know that East to West on the Southern USA border is Florida, then Georgia, and then Alabama. And it is almost certain that Georgia and Alabama might exchange mental locations if one was not well-traveled throughout life in the deep south. It is also true that we know that are many stupid people as staff in the White House as the smartest have departed for retirement or positions in the private sector. Thus, one of the President’s aides could have mentioned a southerly crossing and a hit not only on Alabama but tragically again on Louisiana.

Whichever the case, we know our President well. He hates to make what is a mistaken comment although he often does. The Alabama goof could have been from such an error o thought – or worse it could have been planned to gain traction for the upcoming election in the Southern States where Trump was strong in 2016.

Here’s my advice – stop laughing at the President’s privates and his lack of geographic certitude. If you don’t like him – speak to those ills which are important – not the crap that news media gloms onto when they have nothing better to use to berate Trump. This is why he could easily be re-elected for sure.

Let me also remind you that I have not political favorites and that I think most politicians are questionable at best. I did not vote for Donald Trump and I have written many words about his negatives and also explained some of them as a New Yorker myself in early days after he was elected. I think CNN and Time Warner owe him an apology, much as Fox News owes Barack Obama a mia culpa.

BY: Jeff Koopersmith, battling damage from Dorian by way of leaves and injured birds at my home on Virginia’s coast.



Why aren’t women calling them HIMMicanes?

And, What’s up with the coming elections?

Hurricane Damion - Giving the News Media something to do>
Federal Government Tracks What Seems Better
Excitement Than the 4th of July

By Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

American Politics Journal – “The Mort Sahl of policy opinion since 1988″

WASHINGTON, DC – FRIDAY, 30TH JULY 2019: Do any of you think, as I do, that August – as usual – was a month when nothing happened? It always is – and of course, September is greeted with a HurHimicane to give television news something to push them to orgasm. If I look at world news again and see a speedometer on the screen reading “AIRSPEED” 15 MPH GUSTS 140 MPH, I think I’ll puke. The only thing worse than trailing a slow-moving nightmare that never was is watching some weathermanwomen wet his her pants with glee when tens of thousands more people are put in danger. When I was a kid on Long Island – where the big Hurricanes happened then, we loved them. I used to sit by the huge glass windows in my parents living room and root for the huge willow tree that I loved would beat the 300 mph winds!

The political news hasn’t changed for months.

Joe Biden, now called Botox Biden, is still leading – but “sinking” into a morass of forgetfulness as he plays Aesop with one silly heartwrenching tale after another which makes little sense.

CNN has still not defined what Boris Johnson did to the Queen of England in any understandable manner. There have not been any further remarks from political candidates about saving people from being shot by freaks of nature, nor much about White Supremacists either, (or are they freaks as well?)

I am so bored that I suggested to President Trump this morning that he ask the Federal Reserve to lower interest rates BELOW ZERO. Why, because Germany is doing it (YEAH RIGHT NOW)- so why not? At worst he would get more coverage on his fight with people he is not supposed to fight with.

The worrisome thing for me today is that I have been thinking like Steve Bannon and Steve Miller want me to. “How will we stand any boring President after Trump?

Yes! that is exactly what I think now – day and night. One of my best friends and attorney is not on speaking terms with me because he thinks I am a Democrat Socialist and in reality, I have no party politics at all – I was a lobbyist and worse before becoming a writer. We know there is no such thing as democracy. Political Parties have always been a sham. They are sort of the draping theater stage-curtains protecting the super-rich so that “no one knows” it’s the wealthy running the country – and the world.

Pretense: That the GOP and the DNC do run the nation – yet they don’t – and never have. I think Mr. Fred Rodgers made a bigger blotch on American history than any politician.

And why is everyone so angry about a phony investigation of Jim Comey, our former FBI Director because he was worried about Donald Trump actually becoming the president of the United States? Wouldn’t you? Unless you were born in raised in New York City – you could never understand Don Trump. But I did. Read back a few years about what I thought about him.

A colleague asked me a great question. “If Donald Trump was the FBI Director and Madonna or Pocahontas was about to take over the White House and the military wouldn’t he have every G-Man looking for even more dirt on them than already widely and wildly known? Of course, he would; and he wouldn’t think he should be investigated by the new FBI Director or the new Attorney General either.

All this made up troubles are getting everyone on edge. Who cares how we stop people from buying 750 guns each and a million rounds of ammo to be stored in their SUV? We cannot.

Why bother with locking out nice people from rotten nations – let’s just tell the leaders of those nations that the game is over – and make Central America the new Texas?

And another thing -I don’t care if there are still 20 Democrats running for office. For one thing, they must all be insane even thinking about doing such. Second, no one cares about them either. I don’t see a single person in the present rack of presidential wannabees that will beat Donald Trump or each other in the primaries.

However, I do think that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez {AOC} should run – now that would be impressive for both of her terms. She’s the only politician I know that sees what’s coming – and either way, it’s not great. AOC knows we have to be prepared for a tough future without building two or three thousand new private prisons for “illegal” humans – and that grossing $300 bucks a week waxing toilets at the Plaza Hotel is not a real “job”. AOC is a family woman. She loves and dances broadly – (excuse the pun) and she isn’t stupid like some presidents.

Yet, tomorrow I am going to call Al Gore and urge him to announce his candidacy with AOC as his Veep pick. She will need eight years to understand fully the nonsense that truly goes on in the Federal, State, Regional, and Local governments that we should all be ashamed of.

And that’s it for today!


Climate Catastrophes Are Killing Us All.

There is no time left we must change the course now, or our children’s children will die.

By Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus – American Politics Journal

On the way to Palm Springs and Yucca Valley this week or not?

WASHINGTON DC – SUNDAY, 4th AUGUST 2019: This week The New York Times published a horror opinion of Christopher Caldwell former assistant managing editor of the now defunct American Spectator, with a tiny readership of those ill-informed neocons who actually believed there was a reason for a neoconservative intellectual review. A hilarious thought. Caldwell who just wrote a book about “Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam, and the West.” He warned activist Great Thunberg of Sweden, the first world-known climate activist who uses the sure death of all human populations if something is not done now to stop the severe climate exchange now punishing the earth and all living things with its brutality.

Ms. Thunberg is a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, on the autism spectrum, who attracts nuts like Caldwell and other right wing deniers of truth to attack her hard hitting fight for anti climate action now, rather then is decades which seems to grip the greedy world these days. Caldwell “explained that she would not defeat Democracy in her activism” – an off the world and particularly disgraceful assault on a young woman of obvious note with clear and thoughtful objectives.

Ms Thunberg was also attached by another screwball – Andres Bolt – (as in Frankenstein’s neck] of Australia who dismissed Thunberg’s work and her decision to travel from Europe to the USA for a climate change summit via sailing yacht rather than in an airplane to reduce aircraft gas emissions as part of her “mental disorders”.

I believe that both Caldwell and Bolt might be put in comfortable stocks for one morning to underscore what seems to be their bought and paid for inhumanity not only aimed at Thunberg, but at all the human population now suffering miserably from far too much ignorance and dooming technology now suffocating our planet. I would be happy to join each of them in those stocks because of my own guilt at not doing enough to the climate deniers long ago from any practical consideration.

While it is a scientifically and assured fact that climate change, now speeding up as pollution goes wild in almost all nations. Climate changes are already killing our children in most parts of the world. In Africa babies and the elderly are dying at five times the norm in many areas without water. In Europe and America, children’s lung diseases are rising on a grand and murderous scale. Our Oceans, depleted from over-fishing so to serve huge uncontrolled populations foam, while bits of refuse of all toxic classes poison whatever drinking water we have. Air travel spin-ups, spewing waste over our homes, approaches 55 million flights per year not counting military and private jet travel. Agribusiness is drowning or drying up the Earth while greed-filled mavens press to erase decades of laws passed to end this disgrace and our lives – increasing, not lowering, millions of tons of toxins killing us all right now.

This is more than a crisis, it is an ongoing and skyrocketing catastrophe that causes sub-crises, now so many that they are beyond ways to monitor. Every day the clock toward “No Way Out” ticks while people label each other rather than fight, as one, for all our lives. Are we so moronic that we believe we can cure anything we destroy? No, but those who control the very air we breathe, seem to be. Yes, business and finance are important, but choosing the cheapest ways to increase our chance for life must come to an end – now.


Cards & Cars

Americans buying just “stuff”, pickups, and SUVs

By Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

WASHINGTON DC – Friday, 2nd AUGUST 2019: Could it be Black Friday – Maybe, maybe not. The Dow is down more than 300 adding to the 600 it lost in the past couple of days.

It is wrong to use tried and true notions for way overbought markets and pressure on the Fed to see coming failure.

If you think tariff wars can cause this – you are silly. Tariffs really do not matter unless the tariff is huge. It’s what wholesalers and retailers do with tariffs. They often double or triple them as if they are paying those tariffs – thus driving prices even higher – but really not high enough to stop the middle class from buying “stuff” although they have put on the brakes by now.

The economy, in general, is flagging – lower that the “2% rise” in GDP. Trump will sign a [MINUS] 4.1 trillion dollar 2-year budget which will really shake Europe and America. I heard a prominent newscaster last evening calling it a 41 Trillion dollar addition to the debt – that’s how nutty finance drives us.

What’s next? I think the Fed will be forced into lowering rates to keep us from stopping our outrageous use of credit; “Cards & Cars” I call it.Really? Is it smart to by a loosely made Jeep super SUV for $75- 90 thousand dollars when a good Rover costs less. How about $45,000 handbag at Hermes that aren’t worth $450, thus keeping the rich looking richer- the rest of us buying their used clothes when once they gave them to the poor.

The world has gone mad. The Fed will soon turn to Gold- push it down and then pump it up higher and higher to balance their sheets. Then “recession begins” – phony data, robots smarter than traders, and lies aplenty. No one can hide from drivel.


Race does not exist, but Propaganda made from lies abounds in America today.

By Jeff Koopersmith

Washington DC-Thursday, 25th July 2019: Congresswoman Ilhan Omar reminds us, “It Is Not Enough to Condemn Trump’s Racism” She is more than correct.

First, Trump is not a simple racist, and he may not be a racist at all under its general meaning. President Trump has been tutored by Master Propagandists, men like Joseph Goebbels, the chief of Gestapo Propaganda in 1930s Germany, which mixed race with false ugliness of all kinds when neither was true.

Ilhan, there is, in fact, no such thing as “Race” except perhaps the human race which is more poetry than reality. Racism is using any element that makes you less of an American because you are dark-skinned, born abroad, wear non-Western clothing, or do not speak English well.

Bigotry and Racism are simply evils invented to prop up others failed egos, to cause false divisions from greed, stupidity, or poor education.

Thus, you are more American than most Americans. And Americans are permitted, with pleasure and by law, to write or say what each of us feels is a reality. Here in the USA, you are respected, even if in error, because you have the courage to say unpopular things that should be unpopular or disallowed. I may not agree with all you say, but I am glad you can say it – supposedly without fear.

Lying, that race exists is for trashy folk. Religion is not a race, its’ religion. Color is not a race -it is hue. Where you were born does not make you a race – it leaves you as an American born somewhere else – like Switzerland or Ireland.

So don’t be fooled by race – Ignore it. It’s a term only used by ignoramuses.



How very different are their countries than ours today? Time to take a look.


BY JEFF KOOPERSMITH, Editor Emeritus, American Politics Journal

WASHINGTON, DC – WEDNESDY 17th JULY 2019:  If one reads about El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, Trump’s frustration with immigrant asylum might just be well-considered.

Aside from trouble in this region, those three nations can teach us what went wrong there, and what could go wrong in America for similar reasons.

I have spent a great deal of time in Central America, for business and providing surgery to Mayans in Guatemala.  However, since my travels to the region stopped in 20012 I decided to look at other views on these nations and what I knew would be a terrible discourse inasmuch as everyone I know, of privilege, who once lived in these countries now lives in the United States – and mostly in Florida where they might keep at least a “long eye” on their properties and businesses still in place in any of these nations.

I am hoping to attach documentation from trusted sources with permission, but I wanted to write about these places because there are multiple sides to the issues surrounding asylum for citizens of any of the three mentioned and possibly from other countries surround them.  Let’s leave those attachments for later although I recommend them if you are interested because the nature of these countries is difficult to believe including why they are in such disrepair.

Let me start by telling you that I once sat at my hotel in El Salvador while visiting friends and clients at the capitol. It may amuse you to know that even in the early 1990s I watched, with laconic interest as darkness fell, because I, and everyone else with similar vantage points was able to watch as hundreds – sometimes thousands of people with crime on their minds walk down the mountains torch-lit as the groups moved like centipedes into the urban sprawls there are in any country in the region.

Many are poor. Many are gangsters – some bands invented and deported from the United States by American aliens, legal or not, who organized groups of criminals into organizations like MS 18 or MS 13 which can and so create major problems wherever they are and especially by violence, sexual attacks, and ransom from the poorest to the wealthiest wherever they take up the cause.

The question to ask is why?  Why are there at least 100 thousand gangsters in these three countries alone?  Why have they exported their logos as far away as Spain and Italy?  And, what can be done about it.

Those on the brighter side of policy and politics suggest that American and other finance directed at the governments and business of the nations we are looking at result in a change of atmosphere which also reflects on gang membership – especially if they felt ravaged by poverty enough to turn to crime.  Certainly, we know from what goes on in American cities how many people are nudged and even forced to take the criminal way rather than the legal methods of earning a living.  You might recall the musical West Side Story, which examined this problem, not very seriously. With young Puerto Rican migrants who controlled much of the northeast in the 1950s and beyond.

What I can tell you is that El Salvador has become almost a wasteland from petty and major criminal activities that mostly emanate through gang cultures. Some gang members simply make money like organized crime in the United States and abroad by insisting on hush-money to protect small and medium sized business from themselves or other rival gangs in the area,  This and drug distribution and sales are the main avenues toward money, and survival, by most migrant gangs – yet there are plenty of such gangs made up of any number of Americans who share either “a buzz” from criminal activity – or feel forced into it because of the real difficulty of surviving in a relatively wealthy nation where they sit at the bottom of the pork barrel.  This is what happened in America when some Italians migrated to the United States and brought with them “mafia” like morals which did, in fact, make these gangsters wealthy compared to where they would be in the normal pecking order of advanced societies.  And yes, men like Ap Capone and others did take care of the poorest non-criminal families by providing means to at least have food and clothing – even if it was stolen for the purpose. 

There are many “Robinhood” qualities in criminal organizations and individuals that stem from knowing how difficult life can be for a variety of reasons with which we are all familiar though not excusable in most circumstances in America.  I don’t excuse the crime, but I do understand how easy it might be to choose a robbery or burglary instead of starvation for oneself or family. It may be easy to tell the local liquor store the trouble you could cause for the owner if money was not paid to gangsters in small and even large amounts. Even our culture in the United States, which was once the benchmark for all nations, for one reason or another, pushes some int crime that might not be there otherwise. However, the attraction of petty crime against the chances of being caught are also a great lure amongst people who are not well educated, lazy, or not.  That discussion is relative to the problems now faced South of our borders and within at far lower instances.

Today, was once a local problem in certain nations around the world, the pool is moving because for whatever reasons the pickings, legal or illegal, in their own villages, states, or nations are insurmountable. Therefore moving to wealthier climes seems called for – along with the majority of legal and illegal immigrants who take great chances to find decent employment outside their own “neighborhoods”.

My own experience in Central America is what pushed me to write this essay.  If I did not, I would feel compromised by my own heartfelt worry about poverty in general – especially in countries with wealth and employment at least “seem” abundant. 

My closest friends, and clients, provide a good example of what could happen in any country – even the United States where examples of runaway crime of sorts are apparent in cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. Here that problem is a matter of history long passed but that which has impacted generations of “have=nots” in the midst of so many “haves” although that portion of society seems to be shrinking as the “rich get richer” – today from technology rather than oil, steel, copper and gold.

Donald Trump and his Administration came to power through the mismanagement of local and national governments over the decades.  There is no doubt that a nation as large and complex as is the United States has much trouble adjusting to unforeseen or ignored circumstances that push people toward small and then larger criminal activity.

Trumpeters however have taken advantage of the voters who suffer the most under their stewardship in many ways.

What doo is it to award business and millionaires with huge tax breaks when that money never flows adequately to take care of the great problems of poverty and homelessness, we now see gaining ground in America.

This does not mean, in any way, that the nation becomes socialist of Communist. This is a made up strategy from ignorance among the brightest. I call it “IAB” for short.

Republicans and Democrats alike both carry on by earning the trust, respect, or thankfulness of parts of society.

Republicans historically and today have served the top 50% of Americans while Democrats serve the bottom 50% to be general.

However, neither of those statements are true today.  Today while Democrats argue for the least able in society, they are still controlled by the most able.  The same is true from Republicans.  I can tell you, and you can look around you for the proof, but there are far more very wealthy Democrats than very wealthy Republicans who continue to be a slight voting minority even today.

But Republicans faced a future after the end of Ronald Reagan and the Bush family that some felt was crippling, even though it was not only politicians who discovered this – it was academics who are generally more well off than no-schooled individuals.  In the case of the Trump organization it was Steven Bannon, no genius, and others like Steve Miller who realized that the masses, from a political perspective, existed for the Right Wing and well as the Left, although the terms right and left are misnomers today.  There are little difference between any groups of Americans including political parties, independents, and just plain stupid people.

There is no Left or Right – there is caring and not caring as much – and those two types are present in all groups except that lengthy education or high intellect often results in lore caring and less greediness than most.

Steve Bannon or Steve Miller, or Donald Trum are not original in thought. They are however original in adopting the methods of propaganda so favored by tyrants – not the usual in the United States which causes far more disturbance among “sides” that we are used to.  The Trumpsters have become far more direct and loud spoken than any political action group we have seen for more than 100 years in the United States.  Yet Bannon, Miller, Trump et alia are not evil or even mean-spirited as politicians go. They are simply more afraid than the Democrats which is obvious from the chances they take to cement their base more fully which always throughout history becomes more difficult over time. It’s harder to be tough than to be “caring” – a simple fact of life.

So. The Re[publicans have become tough through belief but mostly via pretense.  Democrats are more caring in reality than Republicans who seem to believe that the Church or parents can teach morality, but some Democrats are also decent by pretense, but again, a caring pretense is more palatable to the human being that toughness.  In truth, this is why Democrats did so well in 2018 – they were perceived as caring about more than just the wealthy or big business – and that cost the Republicans and the President the House of Representatives.

After giving President Trump his do by titling this essay, in part that he may be truthful about a problem that he does not describe fully – And, that is – How can we tell who is fearful of poverty and crime for their families or themselves and who is, in fact, a gangster spreading to our America?

Sadly, I don’t have the answer, but I do know there are people on either extreme of our politics and policy that could become as dangerous and MS 18 and 13, and other gangsters and corruption in Central America.

Ask any socially conscious American if he is afraid of the constant attention to free-wheeling policing and build-up of our armed forces. Are you concerned about either, or both? 

Ask, any Trump supporter the same question about very little or almost no attention being paid to growing poverty in America or the lack of law enforcement protection in this fiery atmosphere, or both?

I think the answer would be the same on both sides of these issues – Yes and Yes.

So then, how do we choose? Or do you we have to choose?  I think the answer to that is no.

We needn’t choose. We can maintain whatever police protection is needed in our country and at the same time work to create an atmosphere and reality where there are no people living under the poverty line to be preyed upon, and plenty of careful and caring military and police forces to protect our families.

Harsh choices rarely need be made – especially by government and elected officials – honest or not. To them and for them issues are equal to the power they long for – to control things as they as individuals or a group think best.  If an issue is solved, they gain, if it is ignored, they lose – it does not matter what the party label is.  The most dishonest Republican will vote to provide a guaranteed income for every American if millions of people take to the streets before taking to arms.  The most dishonest Democrat will provide a stronger military and more police before other  millions take to the streets and then to arms.

Do not think this cannot happen – it can, and it has, more than once in the United States as everyone knows – or should. Remember, the the cities buying in the early 1960s?  Can you recall reading about labor rioting and killing during the roughest bouts between the wealthy and the laborers who were earning next to nothing in America as late as the 20th Century?

Honesty is important, but in policy it is fairness that is most important. We already know that less than half of Americans so any lasting changes in their federal and state income tax burdens because President Trump decided to give the wealthiest organizations and individuals unheard of tax chops. The first year a little more than 50% of the population could feel a change, but the size of that change in terms of lowering the Tax burden is far smaller to the norm or the poorest than to the rich.

More instructive, is to look at how these Central American nations, today in the worst condition, attempted to remedy the vast almost immeasurable difference in the lives of the wealthy as opposed to the small middle or lower classes financially?

One of the things done was to murder troublemakers  in all three of these countries.  Police were not enforcing the law on either side – they but they were executing the “troublemakers” for those who paid their salaries, which in fact became government and through it, the rich, not the poorest.  Of course ,this did not work. Instead the poor rose up in all three countries in way or another, and those in power and with necessary wealth took against them, but not in the number needed to defeat them.  The death tolls were fantastically high in all three cases here as they also are in landlocked middle-African nations and in South Africa itself.

South America is not far behind Central America and Mexico, in growing crime and corruption because of our untiring support of their businesses and exports survives as a lean democracy because of that.  However, some might say “just barely” as drug kingpins take over resorts in the South of Mexico like Acapulco.  The situation in Venezuela – and therefore in surrounding nations is desperate as accurately fearful people run from almost nothing to total collapse of any form of government there.  Millions now move over the borders to Brazil and other nations who welcome them – but now suffer under that stress as their host countries try to accommodate what are large and unmanageable populations living in tents on the borders.

These immigrants and asylum seekers  are living in tents on our border – just not as welcome as before – just not as welcome.

To my mind the answer about immigration to the United States is clear – it must be easier to accomplish – and those seeking asylum must have it – even if they are fibbing to escape a life with no future – because there is little of no way to find out the truth about those who live in unthinkable poverty and depression in the nations so close to us – but so far from us in other ways.

We must allow them in, and remain careful about how they react and perform as Americans.

As a closing example let me tell you about my close friends in El Salvador, who were first clients needing to improve their businesses and exports.  For purposes of this discussion I will not reveal their names, but I can tell you that this family was incredibly wealthy not only in Salvador but around the southern and Central parts of the both American continents. 

When we did business, it was like doing business anywhere from Hong Kong to Italy.  Yet as we became friends, I began to know them better and see the suffering they endured during the far less bad times than those that exist today in El Salvador.  In the past the routine between the rich and the bandits were a kind of game.  The bandits would frighten the wife or children of a wealthier family and that family would pay out money which was a lot to the gangsters but little to them. 

My best friend’s wife in El Salvador was trampled to the floor in her own kitchen by some gangsters before she could do anything to stop it – There she was, on the floor with knives and guns at the ready from the bad guys. Again, money played a key role and no more attacks came to that family then – but today they no longer live in their home country. Even as early as the 1980s this family was forced to travel in bullet proof SUVs and motorcades to avoid be hurt or killed – They cannot do just that now, because the gangsters have taken over and the government is said to be more than corrupt as well.  This is family that was always in the news and in the magazines of the past in El Salvador and other countries – but now lives in almost total hiding in their new home.

The head of that family and his brother ran things in great portions of the country. But every so often they would be kidnapped and held for ransom – without much fear –“You paid the price – you went free”, sometimes with a handshake and smile.  The rich in El Salvador could handle gangsters who rose from the poverty – but they never quite understood what poverty meant to the poor.

I recall once being on one of their large ranches to ride horses and have wonderful food and a small vacation in the near jungle.  I saw people working hard on that farm and happy they seemed, but the next day I was taken to a large, ominous factory where some of the farm products were packaged or otherwise processed and my mouth fell open as the doors opened and I saw what looked close to Hades looks like in the cheap films. It was entirely black, almost jet black in this bundling – with 30-40 foot high ceilings to accommodate the machines of factories.  The building must have been 15 – 20 thousand square feet and much was going on which I was not familiar.  The temperature was unbearably hot – You can imagine the rest.  However, my friend and his family smiled and welcomed me in to serve me some El Salvadoran Soul Food – which was delicious and served up with a smile by a few women who looked tired but smiled nonetheless. 

Of course, I was aghast, but I realized that I shouldn’t be – I knew this family, and I saw the wide good they did for their nation, the employment they created, and the gentleness with which they served their church and anyone who was in need. This was simply a way of life, with neither side knowing what could come of it.  I thought I could see that then, and that it wasn’t good for anyone rich or poor. I thought they would continue to open their hearts and their wallets – and they in fact did, but it, by then, was too late.

One day not long thereafter another friend from Honduras, who owned several retail stores in the region was stopped in a park near the building I lived at in Georgetown. He was robbed, but really of just a little cash and his wristwatch.  However, in the midst of his night fright he was told, in no uncertain terms, that he would be paying protection because of his wealth in Honduras – which he did for years after until he moved away.  Whoever stopped him that night knew who he was friends with, in Honduras and therefore he became and easy and cooperative mark. He was warned to never divulge this to anyone.  Later I heard the man who was holding my friend for this pittance of ransom – is dead – killed in El Salvador – for his wallet and an ankle chain he had purchased for his daughter before his flew home to Honduras.

I relate this story to magnify what can happen when government and governors become out of control to protect their power – which in America is the voter, at least for now.  Everything that occurred in Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala can happen here.  It’s only a test of time and how we handle that which we can anticipate with just some thought and education.

Perhaps President Trump should tell his tale about immigrants more fully and without the calling of names to people who are not criminals and rapists with their small children trying just to give them a leg up before it’s too late, or before those children join a gang themselves.  At least then, we would be more compassionate – or would we be?

Today, he backed away from the terrible shouting “send them back” referring to the four women in Congress who often remind the Administration and the President  of course – that things are not great in many parts of this nation.

It was a mistake for President Trump to get into with four women who have seen desperation up close because of their family’s abroad or the history they’ve been told – much as most of us and our forebearers fled similar hardship in tyrannical situations.

I am glad we walked back the “send ‘me back” message he put out only a day or two back.  I hope he remembers the lesson, and I hope that his party – which is no longer the Republican of Lincoln, but a maturing hybrid of some of the worst history to occur in any nation, at any time.  Be careful for us Mr. President – for we elected you to keep us great – and make us greater. Thus far you have failed the majority of us – but you have to time to help the middle and lower castes in America before Election Day 2020.

Don’t allow anyone close to you to suggest taking false courses are words of meanness to call up a base of people you normally would have little to do with.  Now you know more about the brittle and most radical sides of both political parties in the United States – but please pay attention the rest of us, who are the true majority and are playing close attention to you and you’re your actions. I am not a Democrat nor a Republican, but I served both parties all throughout my professional life. I saw little or no real difference between them – but today there are people in Congress and Governor’s mansions, and legislatures, and City Halls that have no use for anything that obstruct their way – or the highway.

A dangerous place to be.



Financial Times, Thank you

The Great Apes that Murdered All the Monkeys Having Inappropriately Colored Eyes



WASHINGTON DC – TUESDAY 16 JULY 2019: What Does One Say About an American President Whipping Up Racism and Worse?

Fifteen Months Out from the Presidential and Congressional Election of 2020, and already we are isolating the Nation from the world and isolating us from each other.

BY: Jeffrey Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus – American Politics Journal

WASHINGTON, DC MONDAY, 15 JULY 2019:  The miserable, but clear, objective for President Trump et al is that he and his minions have settled, somehow, on a plan that he must rely on questionable and certainly not ever mainstream ideals of American voters now, so many months before Election Day 2020.

One wonders what or who drove him, just this weekend after July 4th to attack four of the newest and every so often controversial members of the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives who are: (1) All women, (2)All with bronzed complexions, (3) All American citizens, and (4) All with non-British-sounding names.

I for one can only harken back to German master of disinformation, ridicule, and terror led by the likes of SS member Paul Joseph Goebbels in the spirit of Roman Conquerors centuries before.On 23 July 1944 the Reich Plenipotentiary for the War Effort position was created by Hitler for Joseph Goebbels had done such  good job moving the German population into the mindset of Hitler and his minions as Propaganda Minister that he was now a Minister with the full power of the Reich Government.  Today in the United States we must wonder whether one of two men close to the President would have the same power in the United States, or already does.

It was the men and women, mostly members of the old German Gestapo that imagined that race, creed, sexual, and educational “markers” would suffice to uplift a miserably planned ascension to some horrifying throne which the Fuhrer, Adolph Hitler, planned to at least hide behind – partially in order to drum up support from idiots for his true cause – to control Europe and the Earth one way or the other thus reviving the wilting and vanishing dynamism of the first two hundred year old German Reich’s which then threatened Germany and much of the world just before the Great Depression made it clear to uneducated, mindless, or power-mad leaders-to-be of the Third Reich that wasn’t, which was to crumble a short time later is such dismal distress.

The German word Reich means “Realm” in English which harkens the terms of a certain royalty which would kill to rule Germany et al with a single iron first.

America too, it could be argued, is also in the midst of its own Third Realm after dislodging the King of England in the Revolution begun in the mid-1700s and the abolition of Slavery to today, after two are half centuries gone by, we are starting to embrace ideals of government not heard of in advanced nations for nearly a century.

While the American Realm has expanded since birth, it did so largely on the backs of minorities and European intellects that founded the United States and certified that people of color were not more than animals to do the White man’s bidding.  Make no mistake, slavery was present both in the North and the South of our country, but the North was the seat of higher learning and thus later-established protestant and catholic morals with a bit of chutzpah tossed in.

Like the third Reich in Germany, the First Realm of America also made half-humans of women, native Americans, and many more sub-sectors of human form. To this day, 154 years after the Civil War, most of the damage done to “minorities” and “women” has not been repaired to the fullest extent directed by law in the Constitution and several of its Amendments, including during America’s Second Realm which ended with the first Gulf War aimed at Iraq.

I was born a few dozen months after the Second World War ended leaving Hitler dead by suicide and Germany reeling for decades later.  America, because it most certainly won the war, along with help from Russia entered the war mostly to aid Britain and France out of duty and agreements that could have been, tossed aside or not, depending on the will of Congress and the White House just after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor which arguably was deadly, although occurring 5,000 miles from Washington DC in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and not yet a state, but a territory America controlled.

Imagine the nightmares of the two almost back-to-back World Wars, after our participation in Word War I where we Americans would add  53,000 dead  and 700 thousand  wounded and maimed so closely to WW II only 2 decades later, following the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, which closed the first world War in 1918.  Total dead and wounded including post war boundary included were in excess of 12 million including civilians.

Only 19 years late, and most Americans don’t recall this – in July of 1937 the Second World War began, in fact, between China and Japan, and in 1939 continued when Germany marched on Poland.  Peace was declared in September of 1945.  That war, the last of its size caused the deaths of more than 3% of the world’s population – less than 2 billion souls, with military and civilians killed at 80 million along with related deaths from poverty, disease and starvation estimated at nearly 3o millions of that 80 million.  Russia alone had death of nearly 31 million, all inclusive, and The Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945) another 35 million. Our United States lost over a half million soldiers and related civilians in WW II. Germany and its few allies lost almost 7 million included in the above numbers.

So now, after Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, and the rest of the Middle East’s near destruction, we have a president reputed and verified who is indirectly telegraphing another thirty or forty million Americans – people of color, including any member of Congress, governors, state legislators and mayors who are not Pink Skinned, that they should go back to where they came from should they dare to voice opposition to Mr. Trumps Administrative autocracy.

After 1933 and through 1938 – only five years – Germany had excluded all Jews from public service and education. Six million Jews were murdered, joined by another 8 million Russians and Russian POWS in the same or similar “camps” in Germany and Poland.

So now that we are in the “American Third Realm”, deciding who counts based on the color of their skin and other meaningless factors, will we look forward to similar treatment.  The answer is that the road to tyranny is paved with inane remarks and suggestions made by our leaders everywhere.  Donald Trump is not the only world leader who gins up his base with moronic ideas in battle with weaker people than he.

We don’t know what will happen next, if anything untoward.  But history lays out a terrible group of lessons from the time mankind discovered warfare.

And this is these very points that President Trump and his handlers seem to miss.  It doesn’t make any difference which “race” is chosen for exclusion, because there is nothing called race that has any scientific validity.  The term “RACE” was invented by17th and 18th Century haters who did not know anything about animal or human biology.

Here is the truth unless you are a sorcerer, moron, or neo-Nazi – Race has no taxonomic significance. All humans are Homo Sapiens and there are no sub-species. So, we must get off the slave ships now and back to reality and care.

Nazis attempted to reverse all known science by suggesting opposition to the single race Homo Sapiens, but even during Hitler’s reign, there was little or  no scientific agreement with the Nazis on this or most other issues of import unless made up as fantasy.  Nazis, is they faced global weather disasters would also deny that human beings caused these phenomenon. Tyrants, as always, reward the wealthiest and most powerful in the midst without thinking of the poor and the middle class – often far too late to maintain their own power. 

So. the President and his minions make what to me could be a politically deadly choice to select out people of color and geographic origin to (poorly) plant the old notion that White makes Right, which many of us heard even as late as the 1960s.

I believe this is such a critical mistake by the President and anyone in the Administration or elected elsewhere, could be tossed out of office, which already started in 2018 and will continue through 2020, and for at least two decades thereafter in New attempts to wipe “race” and therefore “racism” off the American mapped brain.

There is no going back on this stupendous mistake, just as there was no way for the entire South of the Nation and more, to win over the majority and continue to reinvent slaves of color that even today suffer their ancestor’s misery.

This, additionally, has nothing, to do with Communism or Socialism even though racists do exist in those quarters around the world that make a pretense of offering said. There is not a single factual Communist nor Socialist nation on earth. There are mainly non-democracies, tyrants, false royalties, and other bastardizations of humane reality – but Communism and Socialism are only a dream when confronted by homo sapiens’ minds – and that includes all of us, every last one – Just ask Jane Goodall’s Apes who often go to war, maiming and murdering each other for nothing at all but time gone by, boredom, or some stupid larger than life monkey selecting a weaker monkey, perhaps with three ears, to be from another race that must be excluded.

Thus President Trump and the Republican Party, along with some Democrats who call themselves Socialists in error because Socialism has one omnipresent ingredient that does not appear in any nation that calls themselves Socialists or Communists. 

The ingredient is this – That all commerce, industry, and use of material are confronted directly by Socialist and/or Communist governments.  Admittedly some nations have designed a pretense of doing so, but such efforts have failed before they began. Americans treasure this about their Democracy and well as equality for all.

Yet already our governments are foiling with mew interference in the private sector – including President Trump who uses business as a pretense MAGA –  Making American Great Again – which of course turns out to be almost a falsehood as so many ludicrously large promises often do that bite huge portions of illusoriness.

So let us, the American People and our Leaders simply stop with the pitting of one against the other.  It never works, and never will in a single national forum.  Now, nothing gets done in Washington, and little more in State Capitals, The nation is drawing in ridiculous and small effort like denying the poorest and more beaten a place in our nation, or allowing our skies to be polluted with coal burns when even the coal masters think this has to end. 

Donald Trump has been cornered by people slyer than he, and more uncaring and ready to poke at anything not in line with their philosophies which are so bankrupt of heart.  He is not alone, nor the only.  His Party – which is now the Trump party for certain – will support the Administration without knowing from where it comes.  This is happening now, and the President, God love him, is unwittingly following a recipe for disaster followed over and again throughout centuries of war and disruption.

We need worry about most of what we are trying to change so drastically which threatens everything Americans believed in, or began to believe with education and realization that nothing can stop healing except opening old wounds and infecting them with hatred and malice steeped in age-old falsehoods that came from ignorance.

President Trump is capable to be as fine a leader as any Democrat, Independent, or Republican of the past.  His should focus on repairing what may be wrong with America – not pretending to do so without the knowledge are ability to succeed. It takes time and medicine to cure the diseases of society. We already know the answers are not found in in ideas and works of Lenin or Mao, or even Steve Bannon.

The answer are clear to so many, but they are not an instant fix for what ails us.

Be patient with each other. Many of you remember years ago when I came, not to the defense of President Trump, but to try and help us understand this new kind of leader. I do not hate the President nor his disciples, but I warn against their ideals which are not ideal in any manner whatever.


Tom Steyer for President? Perhaps the Final Blow-By-Blow Match for Trump ‘The Groggy Palooka’ to Finally Hit the Ropes

He can form an All-American Anti-Troll Team to beat Trumps Russians and White Supremacists.

He might form a new Cabinet Level DepartmentThe Department of Joy that we’ve tried to get Obama and Trump to form.

He can build and enormous team of intellects to teach Trump’s Moronic Supporters and appoint a Cabinet with people who actually finished graduate school.

He know how to get the best advice on everything from making peace to finally bringing women and minorities into the same 21st Century as we privileged enjoy.

Best of all – he would give his life to making America what she can be, He’s already proven that to the world. that he would take a bullet for us. You can’t beat that..

Jeff Koopersmith, November 2018 –
Thanksgiving Dinner at the”Mutt House”

BY: Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus, American Politics Journal


WASHINGTON DC, FRIDAY, 12 JULY 2019: I started my morning reading Jamelle’s opinion piece on why Tom Steyer should not waste his money on running for President. Jamelle is a new addition to the New York Times opinion staff, and a wonderful one.

I would agree with everything Jamelle Bouie wrote this week except for his main point.

I believe Tom Steyer would be a good president. Jamelle forgets American politics is not based on what he describes any longer and while it would be good to offer help in these arenas he misses at least one salient point; If Steyer is what his detractors say, he is also the only person with the guts and the self-funding to openly charge the President with what he feels are impeachable and immoral acts. No matter how much money Steyer has, he put himself, almost immediately in the crosshairs of the same types of people out to murder Martin Luther King – He, in fact, took his life in his hands with his consistent television attacks to impeach our current President without pulling punches, and without lying. For this reason, he could very well be the best person to defeat Trump in 2020. He would be fighting Trumps acolytes and puppeteers with as much or perhaps more Trumpian weapons that even The Donald has served himself over the years.

Styer has “guts” and guts is what wins elections. He also has brains, perhaps not as progressive as some might fancy, but he falls well in line with other past presidents far better than most of the current Democrat viers for power. To insult Styer because he has a big ego, or does not lie as Trump did and does to garner, with fear, support from Republicans when he was never one of them is outrageous. The GOP folded like a rotten tortilla when they saw they had no hope without Trump. Most of all Steyer can help in the areas Mr. Bouie suggests. Perhaps they should consult with each other? None of the frontrunners can amass the billions it will take to defeat President Trump. Styer can.


We are about to arrest thousands of immigrants without papers on the Lord’s Day, but Mike Conway thinks we will have no stomach for Impeachment?

By Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

Michael Conway served as counsel for the House Judiciary Committee during its impeachment inquiry of President
Richard Nixon, almost 50 years ago.

WASHINGTON DC, THURSDAY 11 JULY 2019: Michael Conway, Mr. Conway served as counsel for the House Judiciary Committee during its impeachment inquiry of President Richard Nixon, almost 50 years ago. did a fine job throwing some the most erudite analysts and still-alive Nixon supporters with his history of what occurred in Congress before someone, in fact, fashioned “more timely” papers of impeachment against Richard Nixon, To be honest, I do not see any comparison with today.

Conway writes today, “Still, Democratic unity today remains unlikely — by all appearances, Ms. Pelosi has no intention of letting that process begin. It will take unforeseen events, or a pro-impeachment surge in public opinion, to change the current dynamic.”

I say that’s nonsense.

Richard Nixon was involved in a break-in at the Watergate where the Democrats had interesting files. That was little more than teenage remedial opposition research in this world of corrupt politics and business based on “the take” and greed for more.

Some think Nancy Pelosi is planning the Trump impeachment when it would hurt his re-election campaign most, but that allows for Mr. Trump to renew his formidable “Witch Hunt” babble even though male witches are Warlocks, no?

Ms. Pelosi, without realizing it, is today mirroring the corruption of the “new” and horrid Republican Party, that places faith in whatever Administration we have left – and damn the world’s view of it. Yet, the infighting now occurring in the House and expanding throughout Democrat organizations seems to me – far before any stage that requires impeachment if only to stop the current excesses of corruption, avarice, and plain old meanness now on display for the universe.

My God, the British Ambassador more than summed it up and was more than kind while doing it. Now he’s packed his suitcase for London for doing his job. If we got hold of all the notes and reports and phone calls made about this government and the Administration by Ambassadors in residence we might have only a few very careful not to disturb men of high value left in all the embassies here.

Think about the President, even if he is being held with a gun to his head by unknown usurpers for the things he plans but hardly succeeds at. He is the only hope the nation has for restoration of what the United State once stood for, which even decades ago was filled with a healthy dose of disgrace, especially obvious in the ruins of racist, social stomping, wilding wars, and financial ruin for so many tens of millions of Americans, while the men who pulled that off during moves in the earlier 2000s ending in a worsening of almost everything starting in 2007 and, in fact continuing today. Except for the oligarchs living in their 200 million dollar homes who control so much today that only they are safe from the Apple carts and Cigarette smuggling in the trunks of cars such as that going on in the Great Depression.

Worse, we are about to begin rounding up human beings who didn’t follow the excruciating steps it takes to even approach American citizenship by the book. We are about to cattle-call like cowpokes, the men, woman and children – some of whom have lived peacefully with positive impact on America in all ways for decades; to now be shipped in boxcars and airplanes to whichever terrifying nation they fled after realizing the only hope for them and their children is our Great America that Mr. Trump is now making less great with one folly and prevarication after another while enriching himself and his friends even more than usual with men wielding almost impossible to describe power.

Nancy Pelosi is now engaged in a battle with four young and certainly avid women members if Congress wanting fairness who are living mortal signs of everything wrong with our laws and ways of life while so many of us pretend nothing is wrong for any of us. Donald Trump did not cause all the mistakes we have all made since the nation began – but he is, today, slobbering barbecue sauce on past evil deeds, mass corruption, with more foolhardy lies that say over and over that we are in the best fiscal condition in our history.

We are not well off fiscally or in most everything save for taking as much as some oF us can until it all comes crashing down as it always does in shorter and shorter cycles.

It is not true that it will take “unforeseen events”, or a pro-impeachment surge in public opinion, to change the current dynamic. People will not tell morons on telephones that they want this Administration gone, even if they like the President because of course he is and was not capable to dismantle all freedoms so entirely for so many by himself. The impeachment process, if it occurred, would bring on more than the almost 150 million American voices raised against what is going on in government today.

What does the Administration or the Senate Majority Leader, or the Attorney General, or the continuing change of clowns in the Cabinet have to do wrong to bring on the other 100 million voters to support the end of this nonsense, Mr. Conway?

We shall see.


My Wide Approval of OAC


A woman after this old man’s heart


BY: Jeffrey Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus – American Politics Journal – “Since 1988 – the Whole truth as we see it.

WASHINGTON, DC – 20 JUNE 2019, Thursday: We’ve spent that last several days reviewing all sorts of things about AOC aka Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and we are impressed; So much so that I give her a AAA rating for a new member of Congress and a AAA rating for any member of the House and the majority of the Senate.

You might ask why.

Here’s Why

“A Moral and Wealthy Society”

AOC used the two words above that I have been writing about and for since 1968 in college, law school, and graduate school. So what couldn’t be right-facing about her? Well, nothing thus far, and nothing I anticipate although I am starstruck now and sometimes disappointed as I was so many times in my more than six decades of life.

In a nutshell: She has the guts, the smarts, the looks, the heart, the parents, and a boyfriend, all that makes her bigger than life, and perhaps too intelligent to be so.

This is young woman and first term Congressman,woman, person,or other to watch from the Left or the Right – she’s a barn burning blender on wheels and she’s out for your heart or your political blood.

Anyone who has seen the videos of Alexandra Cortez dancing in the sun on what appear to be a rooftop will never forget her energy and her seeming jubilation for life that simply knocks the socks of men and women I know and respect including very many Republicans of the middle era and older, who didn’t get elected by pretending to be part of the SS..

She’s an activist born in October 1989, 41 years after my own birth in 1948, just after the war, and living as a babe living very near to her soon-to-be home district in East Queens which she now represents in the United States House of Representatives. ”

She’s a Democrat and an activist of note. She won her primary in 2018 upsetting Democrat Caucus Chair Joe Crowley – the biggest upset among many upsets last year which telegraphed the power of women and the fear of Donald Trump.

Crowley wasten- term incumbent, yet his district had changed and AOC was the woman who magnetized that change and brought it home later defeating Tony Pappas at age 29 by a billboard margin. She is the youngest woman to serve in the House and my opinion has already proved she even reaches the eggheads with wit aplomb.

Alexandra is a member of the Democrat Socialists of America She is a healthy progressive with a burning tongue when she needs it and seems to fear nothing and no one on earth. She believes in federal jobs guarantees, somewhat like the CETA program of 1970s that ushered me first into public service, but now with greater budgets. Her social media presence is astounding with almost 5 million followers on Twitter alone. On that platform she it “AOC” her initials – and I peek in there, when I can, to see what’s she’s up to which is almost daily.

This week she’s on both the CNN and Fox News “hit list” for comparing Donald Trump’s cages for kids and families south of the Border and North to “concentration camps” – not death camps as her opponents falsely enjoy comparing, to make her remark on camps look even more thoughtless and of course, antisemetic in some instances I have read – as a Jew. Thoughtless or sly, she is again front and center in voters minds these final weeks of June, 2019.

She wrote yesterday, “. . . we are calling these camps what they are …they fit squarely in an academic consensus and definition. (in itself an academic statement designedly so, or not).

Cortez is proud that history will view her and others for standing up “to this injustice” and I am proud to say that I put together the first KPBC FotoToon years ago showing President Trump, in Black Tie, and in Alaska hurding aliens without papers to his camps.

I too refuse to make people around the world comfortable with the reality of these American run camps which can be packed so full that the people – the majority of which of seeking asylum from broken and ruthless nations in Central America – who cannot sit down, but stand for hours, and days like sardines in a big fencelike can with their children, women, and the elderly.

Although the federal government under Mr Trump’s orders have been put in this terrible position – there are no plans, thank any true God, to hurt or murder these people – but children are dying, starving and without proper medical attention far too often waiting what seems forever for a chance to live and work in my USA – and I for one would be proud to have them.

These migrants have proved their worth by losing everything and taking the little they can in plastic bags, traveling thousands of miles on foot, in old busses and dirty trucks for a go at US citizenship no matter how this, our President insults them, labeling them as rapists, thieves, drug pushers and worse when only a handful might fit into those sordid tags while America lies in near-waste with thousands of children as opioid freaks and Fentanyl suicides every day even as the next crazy plots to shoot up a few grade schools or assassinate Jews in prayer.

It’s easy, once a few criminals are booked or uncovered at our borders, to make these ludicrous claims against men women and children fleeing from abject Poverty and disease as nationals in countries like Guatemala and El Salvador where this writer has spent many months helping indigenous and other citizens in Central America deal with corruption and evil at all levels – and out of control.

Of course the media and even Meet the Press’ Chuck Todd thinks the word “camps” are only historical places of horror run by Nazis, between the 1930 through the end of WWII but Chuck Todd was wrong to mix in the word Nazi when Ortez did not – Here Todd of NBC television is becoming more like Fox and CNN that also mocked Cortes for this particular charge when she is more than correct – These places are worse that any Camp most of us attended as “privileged” children in Levittown; and, in these Trump-sponsored Camps people are crying, starving and dying for what? – because it seems our own government would rather do that then bringing their national leaders to heel o Hell – with whatever it takes while Americans, we Americans care for these people and their families safe and warm until the world is rid of the greed-filled Petty Presidents and tyrants south of the border, and today north, of it as well. (I suppose now, that I am to be charged with Treason in the small and vicious mind of President Trump for whom I have made every attempt to be balanced without name calling or blowing, out of perspective things of no importance that he has said and done continuously.]

Tee great Ortez is no shrinking Violet, at least not yet because she is covered and protected now by serious, not spurious, law enforcers and watchdogs like us who won’t let her hang by a razor-sharp hook on the Trump White House House fence for his hired gawkers to laugh at while our people with heart weep.

Today, is Juneteenth for Alexandra Cortez and millions of Americans like you and I – It is the date of Lincoln’s Emancipation of millions of African slaves and the match that lit our bloody Civil War.

Cortez, points out that just yesterday Congress held hearings – finally – on reparations for the families of these slaves and others defiled by slavery because they had dark skin 250 years ago or helped slaves up the freedom road to the North to again be berated and more. Of course we will witness Democrats and Republicans fight against such reparations using one monstrously false excuse to get away from the cost of giving those generations flowing from our slavery – just a modern day leg up – while apologizing for that tragic few hundred years, which never let up until well after 1964 – 200 years later with the Civil Rights laws forced down the throats of Congress by a tough Lyndon Johnson.

The morons in the South “back in the day” who raped, murdered, whipped and worse Black men and women with violent sex, slave work for nothing, and maiming to except such poor food – that which would make us vomit today and die before age 45 on average.

Our own Department (DHS) will not give congress a truthful report about what goes on in these jail-like camps and we now have to rely on journalists and others who take the chance of Federal wrath for doing their jobs, because the Congress cannot of will not do it for us – they are so afraid of angering a bug in the White House. And that does for all side sitting at the Capitol, or more likely at home in their country clubs.

Does anyone know THE HILL newspaper – which had become a sort of neocon neo-nazi Newsletter for the ultra right while pretending to be the voice of Capitol Hill – which it never has been in my lifetime. The Hill, a crap-filled diary of hate hidden between the lines chipred the OAC needed to apologize to “not only the nation, but the World” this week for using the dreaded “camp” word – exactly what they are.

Hey! Hill Gofers for the insane – She owes none an apology for the truth, because most people working in those camps MORE than agree with her – More than agree! The nation and the World witness this rag paper owned by a bigger putz insult the heartfelt – and especially to put Ms. Ocasio-Cortez in danger even from my own religion which take the White House garbage literally. I ‘ll be damned.

This well-schooled and near-PR genius member of Congress advocates for a progressive platform that includes Medicare for all, a federal jobs guarantee, a proposed Green New Deal, abolishing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, free public college and trade school, and a 70% marginal tax rate for incomes above $10 million. Horrors whisper and yell the avaricious.

Ocasio-Cortez majored in international relations and economics at Boston University, graduating cum laude in 2011. She then worked as a waitress and bartender before running for Congress in 2018; she also served as an educational director for the five-day-long 2017 Northeast Collegiate World Series for the National Hispanic Institute.[12][13](WIKPEDIA

THE GREEN NEW DEAL VIDEO do not miss it.

Quotes from the MSNBC FILM I jotted::

We need to save ourselves

We are dealing with a crisis – only financial
but we are not producing and innovating….

Social and racial just – here in the Bronx – we have a Nexus – There is this false idea that we have to put options in a line – and then ask Do you care about THIS or THAT? we have confronted this stupid choice before during the great depressions and the cold War. The answer has been a mobilization of the economy around war Cortez says.

It does not have to be that way – especially when the true problem is Climate Change – saving ourselves and taking care of this planet

See this hour of clips on the New Green manifesto on Fox CNN CPAC and everywhere The senate, ban hamburgers, Stalin dreamt about it but never achieved it. I was expecting that – 100% – next level – I didn’t expect them to make total fools of themselves. I expected a little more nuance and little more concern.

I put together a draft early and that’s what they are moaning about. What we really have to have is a conversation. Cow flatulence is definitely a problem. It does not mean we eliminate cows as (these idiots) want you to believe – there would be other solutions, grains ,,,,,,etc

It is surreal. I still I’ve in Parkchester NY. I go back to that. It is not look at me I am the same person. When I moved to DC – my 4th of 5th day in DC I said I have to get out of here! (like me) in my 15th year.

We have to change our paradigms on every issue. People are dying from no drugs, for lead in the water – not time to hold commission?

What is the Green New Deal?

Rachel Cletus and _. Climate policy analyst.

burning fossil fuels and burning down forests brings a 2deg heat rise thus far from :normal” – we have 18 of the hottest years – in Nov 11 2001 – our national response – was to go to war in a one, two nations 3,000 people in PR died in Hurrican Maria – where is our response.

(there are five goals

isa massive deal. that should grow our economy.
it is not a taco bell – __ economy,

It these limate change applications on the economy with social justice – ( in fact all that should happen)

We have make huge investments to provide quality jobs – we are reshaping the entire economy – No more expendable people.
That sounds like Socialism, the host baits her purposely.

OAC – here are a couple of issues – no labels – Climate change is a problem of moral failure – as far back as 1970 Exxon knew that it was causing Climate Change. 40 years has changed nothing. This does not mean we change our structure of government.

We need to do SOMETHING – SOMETHING and that is was the GND is about.

And they wave this trash around saying the Green Deal will cost a gazillions dollars!

545 members of congress and the POTUS against the GND.

[Policy Director of the GND and Congressman of Cal].

Technical things to change climate situation by 2050.
Guy says we could expand the credit for electric vehicles – why not. Why are we not building more solar and other wind farms we can get to 60% in CAL by 2030.

If we passed the GND tomorrow – it is a Resolution – is passes the House and now becomes a National Priority (not a law) – which can be undermined by corporations and wealthy individuals. So it is a wish list the host says.

It is technically feasible because the workforce piece is very expensive. Within certain communities unemployment is still quite high – So we need to train people like that and others to do that work we will need. once that is done – we have no idea what can be accomplished then, but some idea of how to how do it.

OAC says “unionized” jobs – is it politically

asked the NYT. We need to transition away from worrying about fossil fuels and NOT stop worrying about fossil fuel workers.

These are the same investments on income inequality. HOST cal is the leader today. What are the lessons there in CA – but so is Iowa and Texas says Rep. Cal. This is so eminently doable – the economics DO make sense. They, the pols, are today engaged in nonsense – we can talk with each other about spending 500 billion on wind farms – How about funding the pensions of coal minders. rebuilding Flint – Let’s just START! OAC

OAC backs technical purpose – let’s talk about that with Heather McGee and Bob English who has scars as a GOP congressman who was defeated largely because he said he believed in Climate Change driven by our activities.

Republicans were focused on climate change – the leadership said they were ready to do something about it – even MItch McConnell – although quietly.

McGee – result of millions of young people focusing on that issue

THE GREEN NEW DEAL – rooted in the NEW DEAL – one of the finest legislative efforts in American History says McGee.

Let’s say there are Dem majorities in the House and Senate. that’s what everyone says.

That is why the NGD was designed as it was AOC. We go straight to the electorate – not to my colleagues – This is not a partisan issue, there are Dems that will get in our way too and we know it. You don’t have to replace everyone in elected office – It is the electoriate overwhelmingly saying it supports it that with force the crazy POLS to be for it as well.

Congress. says we now have a Tea a=Party of the Left – we are at risk if that. Dangerous hahaha.

AOC -what I think – is that we are committed to policies that make things better- not calling names ….. the ground was xenophobia and White supremacy. I won against the 4th most powerful person in the Dem party – I was college graduate bar tender – this a return to American representative Democracy. Everyday people funded me – the Koch brothers funded the Tea Party = the people funded me and the NGD.

Host says that tea party kicked out the guest congressman.
We found 2 trillion to give away to the rich. We can find money for the GND. These are now centrist ideas and soon ideals.

This congressman says if we have a Trump rally like on Climate Change. it can’t be done in a singe session two years Can we come back to universal income later – the audience is booig – AOC yells that booing is unacceptable! We are not Trump. She agrees. Pol pop works this way – they say maybe yes, but then hem and haw.

Look we have 12 years before the end of anything to do – >>>> wwe don’t know. So we must cut emission in half. That’s the debate – the threshold. SAYS THE host who is not very smart.

Host talks on AOC breaking the status quo…..good point.

You are doing the right thing, but learning now to do it. How do you balance that.

AOC – a freshman has an advantage – we are not weighted down by histories and we do not accept corporate money – that gives you incredible latittude. We just priiortize social, racial an economic justice. Sometimes we find that things we are trying to do are already being done on some level..

HOst asks about her future.

AOC my life’s calling is to serve people. I feel that I will do the things that can create the most good and opportunity for good. They could kick me out in 2 years, or I can be there longer. – And she is thinking about the SENATE and ther WHIRE HOUSE -and she sh


Far Too Much for Any President?

Too Disturbing for Voters – or overplay by major media coverage?

American Politics Journal – Truth and none else for 37 years

WASHINGTON, DC – 18 JUNE 2019: So, what do we have here? This past week the President of the United States has seemingly decided that Iran is attempting to close the Strait of Hormuz by shelling and planting mines on the sides of oil tankers. So far five such tankers have absorbed explosion and fired with few or no deaths but many injured or overboard. Yet, after the media went wild over his future plans for Iran, President Trump called them small attacks on oil freighters?

President, Trump has also told the nation that the FBI and the CIA and other intelligence agencies are either or doing a poor job for American citizens or lying about his activities.

He has preemptively claimed that he has a done deal, with Mexico on tariffs (or not) including an agreement that can already be seen in play where Mexico will stop migrants from Central America (and elsewhere) from cutting across the Mexican boundary line.

Thus far it appears that more than 6,00 Mexican troops have sealed from immigrants the nation’s southern border, although it is yet unclear as to how they will go about accomplishing this. The same types of agreements with other nations in Central America and South America are rumored to be working with the United States on stopping migrants from moving through their borders and finally through the American border, either illegally or claiming asylum from the out of control situation in many of the equatorial nations below Mexico.

The President also announced that the ICE will begin arresting illegal aliens by the tens of thousands or, by other reports, million later this year, or early next year.

For the first time, the Pentagon has either leaked purposely, to embarrass the President, according to David Sanger of the New York Times, or not. The so-called leak, relating to cyber-warfare across the world, and specifically aimed at the Russians (because of meddling in the 2016 elections) is put in such a way that it reads like the Pentagon did not trust Mr. Trump to be deeply briefed, or briefed at all about new strategies and actions in the computer, cyber, and software wars now ongoing between the USA and Russia, China, and perhaps other, deemed hostile nations, including North Korea.

The President has also closed further loopholes that leave Huawei Corp – the leading manufacturer of cell phone and other wireless parts Chinese corporation to sell its wares to United State’s buyers, These have thrown that Chinese company into a new and negative retort of its future financial situation according to its corporate leadership.

This writer is not aware if China owns part of Huawei or that company is privately owned. Huawei’s executives have reported that Huawei is privately owned by its millions of employees and is not managed by the state. If this is true, say some, this does not mean that Beijing could interfere or simply take over the company in the future – or already is doing so today. This writer has no idea but reports only what has been told by other sources, including Huawei executives as late as yesterday in an hour and one half long meeting with reporters.

David Sanger, writing for the Times along with others, explains that it is unclear that Huawei is not somehow involved with the Chinese government (See the N.Y. Times – https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/25/technology/who-owns-huawei.html). It is clear, however, that China is deeply involved in total ownership of many Chinese corporations but that others are privately held and finance themselves with loans and issues on the world’s stock exchanges it is my understanding.

What interests me is what will happen to have products already introduced into the American communications systems and cell phones carrying gate Huawei logo. Will they be seized or handled in some other way like absorption and destruction – with or without recompense for the U.S. government.

The White House claims that Huawei, by having its parts and technology in cell phones and other devices it makes for the computer and cell industry, which could be used to damage the United States electronics and communications infrastructure or worse. Huawei has announced projections of a 30 percent overall reduction in profits and a 40 percent downturn in its cell phone sales which has put some Chinese in panic for potential job losses and other downstream and upstream losses suffered by this ban on Huawei products. Huawei is reputed to be the world 2nd most significant cell phone producer in the world, but maybe first since it surpassed Apple in sales recently. We are working to confirm this.

The President has also sent at least an additional one thousand troops into the Middle East, the White House says, to prepare for worsening of alleged Iranian actions by its armed forces which are loosely run without enough control from Iranian state leadership and the Ayatollah, the leader of the Iranian Islamic citizenship.

However, thus far there are no lists of what other kit goes with these threats and actions them in terms of arms, armaments, or other military equipment that could be used by Iranian special forces.

One thousand American troops are, according to sources, not many men and women who could change the balance or lack thereof in the region; however, other troops and contractor military may be joking these one thousand in the future, or already there.

Iran has denied any run-up or action against oil tankers or other targets in the Strait of Hormuz. However, the White House has released videos and clean photographs offered to prove that the Iranian military is specifically involved in these actions. Of course, we must recall that some in the early 2000s claimed much of the same about Iraq, itls nukes and chemical weapons before entering that country and nearly destroying its infrastructure over the past two decades – but never finding any trace of said weapons of mass destruction.

These charges are what the White faces from the press – and it seems, perhaps, the Pentagon and other intelligence agencies -in that the media has reported that President Trump has publicly told more than 12 thousand lies to the American People as the largest part of his audience and is it suggested that “who knows” what he tells other in privacy including Vladimir Putin, President Chi, and the leaders of North Korea and elsewhere.

The President will announce his plan to enter the battle for his re-election today in Florida, which he calls his “adopted state.” Large crowds are already assembled in that state and around the location of his announcement planned for later today.

The final, unexplained as yet, explosion from the White House came this morning or late last evening when it was announced that ICE, along with other US actors, will begin arresting and deporting illegal aliens by the thousands or millions beginning soon. It is yet unclear how this will be accomplished, or whether this is simply a way for the White House to gather almost total world interest and fears about today’s speech and his re-run announcement.

One other mystery was exposed on television news last night. Certain people, including ethics experts and others, have called for the dismissal of Elaine Chao, now Secretary of Transportation, wife of Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, and former secretary of Labor under President George W. Bush for eight years starting in 2001. as well as holding high positions with both President Ronald Reagan and the elder President George Bush.

The problems mentioned by a law professor are that Secretary Ciao both under the Trump and Reagan Administrations may have committed crimes by using her office to enrich private corporations in China but doing business with or in the United States and its allies.

In addition is has been alleged that the McConnell’s have received gifts, some say in excess of $25 million dollars as well as contributions from Ms. Ciano’s family to Mitch McConnell’s control, senatorial campaign committee, or Political action Committee is not yet clear. This, along with several problems with other former and continuing members of the Trump Cabinet appear to point to less that discriminate investigation before and during her appointments. The White House has already defended Ms. Ciao and Senator McConnell has denied said inuendo or out and out charges against his wife and The Senator should more emerge.

So, hold on to your bonnets and keep informed as best you can. These machinations, whether needed or not, place the nation in great danger of mistaken war or unheard-of destruction of people’s lives and incomes around the world. It would seem to me, based on other plans the White House has announced in the past that this could simply be a series or the start of a more extensive series of focus-on-the-President moves by public-relations, professionals or not.

Of course, this will become self-apparent in the coming days, weeks, and months.

So many White House efforts make Headlines and More. From secret cyber-wars that appear the Pentagon hid from the White House to Secretary Elaine Chao’s violating Government Ethics Rules according to Professor.

The question of the day among some media is “will Americans begin to purchase property in Canada or elsewhere in preparation to leave the country should some war, in fact, break out. I have my doubts – but we plan to keep in touch with activity toward such aims – already Americans own properties outside the country in record amounts and have been acquiring same for years now in more rapid and rapacious amounts. Has the White House spurred this to new heights, or not?

It may appear so, or is the media just gone wild on the day he announces his run for a second term as President of the United States.

Jeff Koopersmith

MORE TO READ or watch from CNN:





SOURCE: U.S. Air Force illustration.



A 15,000 MPH Missile that saves the environment by gliding from its high point to a target (plus of minus ? miles).

  • BY: JEFFREY KOOPERSMITH, Editor Emeritus
  • AMERICAN POLITICS JOURNAL, “Serving Truth since 1988”




I glanced at an email from “D’ about something called Hypersonic missiles that can  move around the equator in about an hour.  I wondered when I could fly from DC to Venice, Italy at that speed – in excess of 15,000 miles per hour.

I dug up a terrific little book from Rand Corporation to explain why we – “the most powerful nation on earth” says most Presidents. – might do with or about them and why?

So, here’s my take on HMs – Hypersonic Missiles

Hypersonic Missiles (HMs) are designed thus far to fly at between “a few tens of kilometers” to  62,000 altitude feet (in order to make certain they can (1) sneak up on you from the ocean, and (2)  don’t hit Mount Everest in transit.) 

This is quite a challenge to any defensiveness.  So, they could be used to murder a millions people with no warning. Yet would you want to be warned they were on their way.

The worst?  A tiny nation-state like Monaco with several of the HP Missiles could destroy most major cities in the United States before we knew it – from a few submarines near our coastal waters – or theirs. This would only occur as this example is some American Trillionaire did not pay his Chemin de Fer losses on time.

Rand calls our and everyone else’s problem here – “Many Forms of Crisis Stability”

I call it “#$$%%!!!!”

There are two types of HPs Glide (HGV) which launch by rocket into near space, and simply glide calmly and efficiently to their targets. I assume that means we couldn’t hear them coming?

The second type of HP – is the Hypersonic Cruise Missile (HCM) that sly powered by a rocket or a advanced Jet engine, which I admit to you know, I helped develop the earliest one as a college student on loan to draw graphs for the ATF engines that now power most Billionaire’s aircraft – of a certain size even though they were originally ordered for the first, but far to slow, NOW, cruise missiles of the 1960s.

Our missiles, now headed for the local antique shop, are called Legacy Missiles from such great Presidents as Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Trump. And what disappointing legacies they turn out to be – sorta like those president’s legacies at least in part.

Adding insult to our injuries these missiles also are more agile, maneuverable than our current stock because there will be tiny if any warning they are HERE!

Okay, but don’t worry, mainly but not only the United States, Russia, and China are working on them.  However, fellows like Kim  Jung Un must be salivating alongside the Ayatollah Khomeini to get their hands on a few baker’s dozen if you know what I mean. Thank the Lord that France and India are also very committed to the HM working with Russia – and of course our allies (today) Japan and the EU are also more slightly working on these fabulous machines that even murder the strongest robots I am told.

RAND, how I love them, calms me with the fact that HM tech is also for good stuff like space launches, passenger travel offering you an entrance to a black hole, and cargo transport – ah yes – cargo from China to American electronic shopping malls.

Yet fear not, yet. Making these HMs is not easy.  “. . . with formidable (a French word) technical barriers like they could melt usual the wrong materials, and even more formidable – would airline be able to buy thousands of the HM planes. Well sure, if they carried 10,000 passengers in coach and 100 in first class.

Rand Corporation proves however they are not Hawks like the New Republicans – they say there is room for “restraint”, “international cooperation” and limiting “the diffusion” (meaning who gets them) to only US I imagine.

Then just as I relax and put my feet up on my George Jensen cocktail table, they point out that HM pose no NEW threat to most Nations because they are already suicidality bereft without any missile defenses already – even our Legacy ones. Yet they are trying get some defenses that could be hit with Hypersonics -so why bother?  Well, because “

“Hypersonic missiles also increase the expectation of a disarming attack. These threats encourage the threatened nations to take such actions as devolution of command and control of strategic forces, wider dispersion of such forces, a launch-on-warning posture, or a policy of preemption during a crisis. In short, hypersonic threats encourage hair-trigger tactics that would increase crisis instability. The threat is greatest for nations with limited resources but investments in missile defenses. However, major powers are also threatened by the proliferation of hypersonic missiles and the crises they can exacerbate. The more that hypersonic missiles proliferate into the hands of additional nations, the more paths develop for crises.” – RAND

This means, in short, that nations with  little or no defenses should expect a disarming (and most likely dismembering) attack thereby encouraged to devolve (give more power to privates) command and control of strategic forces, disperse them, launch a launch-on-warning posture (what warning?) or -AND GET THIS – A possibility for attacking the HM-Owning Nation FIRST!  Thus, the infamous Hair Trigger Effect from “The Mouse that Roared” op cit. Yet Rand Corp goes on to say we are in that same boat and threatened by HMs and the crises – (not the lives?) they can exacerbate (make it worse)) The more missiles the more targets.

Is the answer – “So why bother”?

No, because rand analysts always consider all 360 degrees of any crisis and give us some options. (Can you imagine President Trump reading this) “OPTIONS – who needs options! We’ll just kill everyone but true Americans”

Seriously there are options, the most promising “multilateral export controls” – (Do they mean more tariffs?)  If the American, The Chinse and the Russian embargo (BAN) complete hypersonic missiles and major subsystems the proliferation (mass distribution) would be made more difficult (indeed?)

And why do the French always get the responsibility for this (Our research suggests that France could play a key role in organizing the international community for such controls.) – RAND 

JMK  “Because America – especially today has no tact left, at all fine’

SEE: The Missile Technology Control Regime at a Glance | Arms Control … https://www.armscontrol.org/factsheets/mtcr

So, I conclude with some terrifying photos of fantasy missiles now in development and already penned up by some illustrators.

Lord, Help US


Compressed Timelines for Our Fantasy Monaco – USA HM ATTACK

The U.S. military uses an acronym to describe and action process cycle: OODA (Observe, O These four steps take time, and hypersonic missil response time to the point that a lesser nation’s s be disarmed before acting. As an illustration of the with respect to an existential missile threat, the Native organization estimated a timeline for a U.S. vs.Monaco intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM)

  • 0 minutes—Monaco launches missiles
  • 1 minute—U.S. satellite detects missiles
  • 2 minutes—U.S. radar detects missiles
  • 3 minutes—North American Aerospace (NORAD) assesses information (2 minutes
  • 4 minutes—NORAD alerts White House
  • 5 minutes—first detonations of submarine missiles
  • 7 minutes—locate president and advisers, a them, get decision (8 minutes max)
  • 13 minutes—decision
  • 15 minutes—transmit orders to start launch
  • 20 minutes—launch officers receive, decode orders
  • 23 minutes—complete launch sequence (2 m
  • 25 minutes—Monaco ICBM detonations.

Indian-Russian BrahMos II


SOURCE: Shiv Aroor via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2.5).

RAND RR2137-3.2

BrahMos I A supersonic missile is an adaptation of Russia’s Oniks missile. India has claimed that the BrahMos II would fly by the end of 2017, but such predictions have frequently been revised to later dates. Of concern, India has offered the BrahMos I for export, so the question arises whether the BrahMos II will also be put on the market.4 Additionally, India is working on an indigenous hypersonic demonstrator vehicle (HSTDV) with the intention of creating an HCM capable of speeds of up to Mach 7. However, the program has consistently failed to meet scheduled milestone goals.5

  • Thus far, both Russian and Indian officials have said that they do not intend to export BrahMos II, but it is reasonable to expect that the decision is subject to change. Ulla Uebler, “Analysis and Localization of Communications Emitters in Strategic and Tactical Scenar- ios,” Naval Forces, Vol. 33, No. 5, October 2012, p. 128.
  • Jay Menon, “Homegrown Hypersonics,” Aviation Week & Space Technology, Vol. 174, No. 42, November 26, 2012, p. 51.

Australian–U.S. HIFiRE Scramjet


SOURCE: Australian Hypersonics Initiative at the University of Queensland, Australian Defence Science and Technology Group, and U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory.

RAND RR2137-3.3

Conclusions from Rand

The world would be safer if the proliferation of hypersonic missiles was strongly hindered. Such missiles are a new class of threat because they are capable both of maneuvering and of flying faster than 5,000 km/hr. These features enable such missiles to penetrate most missile defenses and to further compress the timelines for response by a nation under attack. The proliferation of such missiles beyond the United States, Russia, and China could result in other powers compressing their response timelines in ways that set their strategic forces on hair-trigger states of readiness—such as a strategy of “launch on warning.” And such proliferation could enable such states to more credibly threaten attacks on major powers.

The diffusion of hypersonic technology is under way in Europe, Japan, Australia, and India—with other nations beginning to explore such technology. Proliferation could cross multiple borders if hyper- sonic technology is offered on world markets.

There is probably less than a decade available to substantially hinder the potential proliferation of hypersonic missiles and associated technologies. The unavoidable requirement is for the United States, Russia, and China to agree on a nonproliferation policy. A relatively simple and effective first step would be for these three governments to embargo complete hypersonic delivery vehicles and their major subsys- tems. Beyond that, there are various possibilities for placing controls on a wider range of hardware and technology. France could play a key role in bringing other governments into agreement on a broader control policy. The MTCR could provide a mechanism for implementing such a policy or, at least, could serve as a model for an appropriate approach.

There is reason to be optimistic about the potential effectiveness of hypersonic missile export controls. There appears to be interest in hypersonic missile nonproliferation and at least a few years available for relevant governments to put a policy in place. The technical and eco- nomic barriers to developing hypersonic technology are great enough to add to the effectiveness of a nonproliferation policy.

The key is time. Governments move slowly, and hypersonic expertise development is gradually spreading and becoming embedded in government programs. Nonproliferation discussions should begin while there is still time.



An Answer to Gail Collins and Bret Stephens on their New York Times Piece Last Week

READ FIRST https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/04/opinion/trump-impeachment-congress.html if possible. It is Collins & Stephens always interesting and well-written work – but missing some points.

BY: Jeff Koopersmith

Yes, Bret and Gail, impeachment is a useful and perhaps political death inspiring censure for President Trump if it is still ongoing on Election Day, and the Senate is even, and for the first time in memory, playing poker in some dark room pretending they will tug his ear over Mexican Tariffs.

Impeachment open and sizzling along could end Trump’s presidency is, not yet, unlikely as Gail Collins and Bret Stephens suggest in the op-ed of the past week Let me answer their meanderings as we proceed.’

It will not be the end for the President if the impeachment start dates come either too soon or too late.

NancyPelosi is correct to stall the impeachment filing for months – That filing should be far closer to November 2020, but – and after – a stabbing Censure with no fear or regret from the House. I might choose January 2oth 2020 for the Stinging Censure and – All Fools Day – April 1st, 2020, for the Impeachment to begin in earnest. Average Americans work too hard and long to understand that “obstruction of justice” is a nasty crime because they see and hear gibberish about that felony almost every day by the fool “Judge Nap” and from all broadcast media. Without clear and hard-hitting impeachment testimony that is stunning in its simplicity – the impeachment idea may not stick.

Yes, impeachment is a lengthy and useful way, perhaps, as a final death at the polls never-ending censure for President Trump. Even if still ongoing on Election Day it could make the difference in a very close race.

Without clear and hard-hitting impeachment testimony that is aired on television 24/7/365 – especially by Fox News, impeachment could fail.

The only thing Bill Weld, and most of us all to look forward to, is a plastic body bag from the mortuary or the Coroner’s office.

Trump may be studied in the future, but more likely by science, believing that humankind and monkeys go through DNA-fated times of idiocy and war. Check with the genius “Chimp Lady.” There has never been a conservative intelligentsia in America except for a wrong choice by an American professor of logic and semantics who became the United States Senator, Samuel Ichiye Hayakawa.

The right does not want to “own” the Libs – they want to erase them from the earth – even by murder-one from their whacked out brainwashed neighbors or, instead, imprisonment in death camps. The left, if classically jumping too quickly, is also a far smaller part of the electorate because of the rotten, humiliating, and robotic schooling and teachers we have had because of right-wing neocon’s and neo-nazi’s slashed education budgets and those phony “schools for profit” called “Anything but Public Schools.”

All the yelling is just as easy to ignore today as it was in the 1960s and 70s – unless you are a chimp, quite old, or not into video games or texting. Americans will yawn at Facebook and Twitter sooner or a bit later.

Socialism is not an answer for the United States, because it requires the end of most freedoms and state ownership of almost all business and the economy, and all this disappears with those tactics. (See China) Yet simple and basic guaranteed standards of living is, strengthening the middle class is, along with vice-like control – but never government ownership of business, Instead, harsh punishment for corruption and crime in elected or appointed office, and for all business leaders – all of them – no matter how rich and influential – they are the last guardians of ethical conduct and should pay heartily for ignoring that great trust by Americans. That is not socialism. That is fairness and Truth. Also, Fairness in Advertising laws must be passed with the sharpest teeth for lies and overstatements of fact and would also do far more than you or I can imagine thus curing mass-avarice – or greed (DEF: For the nation-existant conservative intelligentsia).

I would like to see slavery and other violations of the most basic human dignity begin reparations differently – By tracing wealth gained by slavery and lesser crimes against humanity honored in America and clawing it back only for those with just a single slave in their family tree.

Thus far Bret Stephens is correct – there is no candidate Democrat who can beat Trump without impeachment or a still legally possible (don’t believe Bob Barr) indictment for crimes from the outlier state and federal prosecutors.

Just an attempt to arrest the President will drive the public to “get interested and to learn more” but it also could incite the most bigoted to try a lost revolution so careful, careful for the mad.

Leaning to the Center today is almost an approval of concentration camps for undocumented aliens and non-republican citizens.

All shooting and maiming within the no-military American society is not based on enemy warfare (which the USA alone juiced up, first in Asia and today in the Middle East) comes from all the downtrodden realizing, at the youngest of ages, that there simply no future for a vast majority of people living anywhere today which hits the soul of youth especially terrible in these United States. That was once to be a fate only for people of color. yet white people take it far more seriously now because of the bigots in high places and they become deranged and mentally ill – PTSD victims – wreaking havoc upon other innocent victims unchained.

The collapse of the NRA has already begun; however, that is because arms and ammunition manufacturers have wisened to poseurs like Gestapo Officer Wayne La Pierre and convicted felon and unemployable from lack of revision, Oliver North. These arms corporations will now turn to Madison Avenue and K Street NW directly to solve their problems – most likely through little do-gooder disguises called something like Equality & Riches for all” or the “Children’s Protection Society” et alia.

Steve Bannon is a weak dirt version of Hitler’s worst fabulists for power and fortune.

It is also time to stop memorializing idiotic wars and instead protect young men and women from becoming “murder or death slaves” by believing in Flags and re-written history. We must have severe punishments for crimes of greed and malice of any kind as long as most of us can live at least above the Poverty Level, and in peace, with health care, and understanding. That is the Rx for happiness.

Ms. Collins and Mr. Stephens: If you think voters are cranky and polarized from lack of crises – you must not read the New York Times and other excellent news sources. The crises you own newspaper underscores on a daily basis give important credence to the truth – that most Americans today are in crises and fearful for their futures, but afraid – it seems – to speak out.

Time’s up Speaker Pelosi – time to begin planning closer and with mighty bravery to begin the end of the world’s infatuation for kill or be killed – something still alive in our genes this day.

  • Gail Collins is an Op-Ed columnist and a former member of the editorial board and was the first woman to serve as the Times editorial page editor, from 2001 to 2007. @GailCollins • Facebook
  • Bret L. Stephens has been an Opinion columnist with The Times since April 2017. He won a Pulitzer Prize for commentary at The Wall Street Journal in 2013 and was previously editor in chief of The Jerusalem Post. @BretStephensNYT • Facebook
  • Jeff Koopersmith is a speechwriter, columnist, and activist for fairness and the environment and is still fighting for integrity and justness as the publisher and Editor Emeritus of the first policy and politics news source on the Internet – American Politics Journal – from 1988 through the present which takes no advertisements or donations from business or political activists.

JUNE 2019



From the aides secret "Journal of Aides and Staff" kept behind the portrait of Andrew Jackson in a titanium box inserted into the wall and re-plastered every use..

11:09 am: So, this morning I had a call from *,* old Nancy Palosi’s office wanting to know if the President would allow the FBI to arrest him by Speaker’s demand. I said “Well, that would depend on just what the FBI wanted with him. If it is anything but work on the lie detector cheating class this would not be allowed according to some big Lawyer at Harvard who advises me secretly.” MR BUBBLY

11:21 am: I also had a call this morning from Nancy Pulosi herself thanking Mr. Bubbly for making herself clear. I asked about what? Nancy said she could not reveal this but that it concerned the President’s future “arrest preferences.” I chuckled but she came back seriously – “Well you know when we get all the facts together sufficient to have him detained we would hope he might relate some preferences such as “no feather pillows” or “hot tea” in the morning at 4:30 before Reveille. I laughed and sent her ten cases of brass cleaner from Mexico, soon to be a collector’s item said the card!


11:43 am I am nervous because the First Lady asked me to help her fix lunch for she and Meghan McCain this morning Well, you no, M.McM is no lightweight so I suggested a cold pea pod salad with a side of 25 year aged French fro-mage-blue and a bottle of Jack. The First L. did not laugh and instead suggested we order burgers, fries, and a dozen milk shakes in assorted flavors so as not to give away “the surprise” of treating her like a star athlete! So I’ve done that – but I worry that Meghan will not find that humorous and go on another rant out POTUS hating her dead father. Should I do something to ruin the F.L’s show? MRS MARVELOSITY

11:44 am Are you kidding – OF COURSE NOT – you have no right to correct the First Lady’s wishes and it saves plenty rather than ordering lunch from Dean & DeLuca.


13:52 pm A few of us just got back from lunch at Bob Weidmaire’s place only to find that POTUS ordered lunch for the entire White House staff from Dean & DeLuca – cost was over almost $178,000 without the tips! But I entered it in the “slip” budget as – “Luncheon for People” so anyone auditing will know that this means it was a clandestine gathering of national security importance. I also put it in the AG’s expense folder with no explanation to make him giggle. By the way the air force flew all 1,400 meals from Dean & DeLuca in Napa with no charge! That not only took care of all White House professionals but also the 90 workers who keep everything clean and sparkling. We also fed 237 people outside backing a POTUS – applied 75% tariff on all foreign imported goods unless they cede sovereignty. BLONDIE

14:41 pm I am charged with planning POTUS’ trip to England that comes up in two shakes of a lamb’s tail and I don’t know what will happen with Prince Harry after DJT called Meghan worse than what was reported as “Nasty” but was really an two minute outburst, something I cannot repeat – even here! Tee Hee – I suppose Harry is having lunch with POTUS because no other Royal would do it – GAWD they are all so elitist! Meghan Marple is a great name I wonder if she changed it from something else or she is related to Miss Marple of those novels? Now she is what – a Duchess or Empress of Success or something. She had the nerve to say she should move out of the United States if Trump was elected – Why – she’s sort of like him, climbing the tree of Royalty like a little Manx. Harry seems not to care about the Royals – good thing he won’t be King. He will just hang around and have fun on the Brit’s tax mooney. Gosh, I meant Marble or is it Martel? I just can’t take the time . , , Anyway POTUS wants to helicopter geocentrically into the restaurant where they are having lunch. I don’t think Princes have lunch in restaurants do they? They would be swamped just as POTUS is when he’s attending a white supremacist dance or something. Were his grandchildren by Ivanka baht mitsvawed? I wonder – I hope so they would glom a lot of cash from that. Shoot! I can’t worry about the damned lunch with Harry – I have to get on the POTUS love-letter to Kim Junc Un thanking him for murdering those aides of Un’s who messed up the meeting in Singapore (who sings to their pores?). I have no idea how to do that save to use smoke signals to avoid leakage. He wants the letter to begin “My Dear ‘Dahring’ ” to give Un a laugh! M. GREWSOME.

23:13 pm Sick of being the rats-one out of here every damn night. I had to scrape a blob of Sara Lee cheesecake off the the executive desk along with three or four empty Freedom Fries bags. I am not a frigging maid – I am the spokes-someone for all the rest of you once on a blue moon and I am tired of that – everyone saying I am fat and dum – WELL, I am a man – and I am getting old so I can be a little fat and I am not exactly stoopid. Also how does witch Kerry get away with being married to the attorney-general of Notts Berry Farm? That guy is always making fun of my boss and I hate that. But Kerry insists it’s a trick on the American public that misleadingly demonstrates how POTUS will put up with any criticism without nuking up some Central American country in a temper. That’s a laugh – I can’t go into that office without wearing a slip-on spit shield! Well time to close the Jackson strong box again – Hand me that trowel!




Does it surprise anyone that just after President Trump began to assemble his Space Force USA, that none other than Fox News dummies launched a sorta, maybe, made-up, story to convince the world – “That Aliens are not always dreamers and are already patrolling our skies?”

Jeff Koopersmith, Washington DC
at Trump Planetarium Trump OKA the White House

WASHINGTON DC, WEDNESDAY, 29 MAY 2019: I woke up about 5 AM this morning and after yawning at CNN’s continuing coverage of not-the-latest news from last month, along with dozens more videos and more photos of trailer parks blowing in Tornadoistic gales I turned to Fox News for laughs where nuts like Pete Hegseth and his crowd of dodos began to excite my dogs – not about his usual whining re mistreated soldiers to maintain his standard likeability – but about the absolutely true spotting of “spacecraft” flying at 6 thousand MPH and filmed by the best of our jet fighter pilots – It seems, almost every day. Fox claims the New York Times broke the story – at that my mutts began howling and I became worried became I had just the other day told my grandson that Aliens – real ones – were causing the almost total destruction of flyover states because one or two Gods and Goddesses, or another was sick of their neonazi foolishness now morphing into evil.

Please do not think I am kidding – about the New York Times coverage during the last several days. Here are the headers for just two of more than two stories about “aircraft” traveling at thousands of miles per hour (or was that minute) without any indication of how each was accomplishing this.

And with videos no less, including commentary from our best pilots trying to get a target fix on the “item” that was not as swift a finality as you might guess because the “craft” was so speedy.

I though, for sure, that these videos were done around Christmas Eve to excite the children thinking the alien ship might be Santa Claus. One pilot even said the F word during his shocked outburst which you can see on Fox and probably anywhere else within minutes.

I must tell you that I, like most people with some intellect, have always believed since I can recall, that there has to be alien life on other planets since there are about 1 million trillion of them, unanchored and swimming around in the dark; filmed by our HubbleScopes as of late. However I am not certain that Hubble grabbed a few shots of these ships on their way to to the oceans of the earth – and focusing on – Get This – Our military bases and other secure sites on the planet.

But it is true The times’ Helene CooperRalph Blumenthal and Leslie Kean did write several hundred words that might stun us all!

Leer en español

“WASHINGTON — The strange objects, one of them like a spinning top moving against the wind, appeared almost daily from the summer of 2014 to March 2015, high in the skies over the East Coast. Navy pilots reported to their superiors that the objects had no visible engine or infrared exhaust plumes, but that they could reach 30,000 feet and hypersonic speeds.”

New York Times

I am convinced, by the “spinning top” addition appearing daily for almost a year over the East Coast which I assume was Washington DC. Hypersonic speeds might be compared to how quickly the White House can spin a tale. Google told me this: By the numbers, “high” hypersonic speeds are 10 to 25 Mach, 7,673 -19,183 mph, 12,348-30,870 km/h and 3,430-8,575 m/s.J . I assume then the thing the men in the air were seeing was moving about the same speed at which the Earth turns (and yes, while we are on it) But that asks a question – “Could the pilots have been looking at the shadow and perhaps an actual tiny planet playing with us right above the Earth’s surface?

“These things would be out there all day,” said Lt. Ryan Graves, an F/A-18 Super Hornet pilot who has been with the Navy for 10 years, and who reported his sightings to the Pentagon and Congress. “Keeping an aircraft in the air requires a significant amount of energy. With the speeds we observed, 12 hours in the air is 11 hours longer than we’d expect.”

The New York Times

Now Lt. Ryan Graves is no slouch or punker. He is an F-18 Super Hornet pilot who has flown for us in the Navy for more than 10 years and who somehow reported his sightings to the Pentagon and the Congress? He is quoted by the Times that the “craft” was crafty enough to move at those speeds for 12 hours when he expected only 11?


This appears to mean that Graves knows of aircraft that can circle the earth, while somehow attached to our planet, at the same speed as our planet spins. Scenes of Gepetto come to mind – as God nailing what looks like a spacecraft just above the soil and sea? Okay, if God is such a puppeteer as Gepetto I might buy it. However I am betting that the “spinning shadow” was simply a satellite casting the shadow on the earth because many satellites do speed at that very hypersonic speed so they can keep “an eye in the sky” on a certain spot on the earth below it? Oh heck, who knows -I would rather hope that the ship is real and flown by someone who looks likes the dragons on Game of Thrones.

In late 2014, a Super Hornet pilot had a near collision with one of the objects, and an official mishap report was filed. Some of the incidents were videotaped, including one taken by a plane’s camera in early 2015 that shows an object zooming over the ocean waves as pilots question what they are watching.

“Wow, what is that, man?” one exclaims. “Look at it fly!”

The New York Times

Now remember this was during the Obama Administration where things were a bit more lax than today says a neocon friend of mine. Is he implying the pilots discussing their near collision (with emphasis on the word NEAR) could have been the result of downing two much Ecstay TM in flight – whether real of imagined?

No one in the Defense Department is saying that the objects were extraterrestrial, and experts emphasize that earthly explanations can generally be found for such incidents. Lieutenant Graves and four other Navy pilots, who said in interviews with The New York Times that they saw the objects in 2014 and 2015 in training maneuvers from Virginia to Florida off the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, make no assertions of their provenance.

But the objects have gotten the attention of the Navy, which earlier this year sent out new classified guidance for how to report what the military calls unexplained aerial phenomena, or unidentified flying objects.Video1:08‘Look at That Thing’: Footage Shows Pilots Spotting Unknown ObjectVideos filmed by Navy pilots show two encounters with flying objects. One was captured by a plane’s camera off the coast of Jacksonville, Fla., on Jan. 20, 2015. That footage, published previously but with little context, shows an object tilting like a spinning top moving against the wind. A pilot refers to a fleet of objects, but no imagery of a fleet was released. The second video was taken a few weeks later.CreditCreditU.S. Department of Defense


Peter Dinklage

Editors’ Picks

The sightings were reported to the Pentagon’s shadowy, little-known Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, which analyzed the radar data, video footage and accounts provided by senior officers from the Roosevelt. Luis Elizondo, a military intelligence official who ran the program until he resigned in 2017, called the sightings “a striking series of incidents.”Navy pilots from the VFA-11 “Red Rippers” squadron aboard the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt in 2015. The squadron began noticing strange objects just after the Navy upgraded the radar systems on its F/A-18 fighter planes.CreditAdam Ferguson for The New York Times

Navy pilots from the VFA-11 “Red Rippers” squadron aboard the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt in 2015. The squadron began noticing strange objects just after the Navy upgraded the radar systems on its F/A-18 fighter planes.CreditAdam Ferguson for The New York Times


The program, which began in 2007 and was largely funded at the request of Harry Reid, the Nevada Democrat who was the Senate majority leader at the time, was officially shut down in 2012 when the money dried up, according to the Pentagon. But the Navy recently said it currently investigates military reports of U.F.O.s, and Mr. Elizondo and other participants say the program — parts of it remain classified — has continued in other forms. The program has also studied video that shows a whitish oval object described as a giant Tic Tac, about the size of a commercial plane, encountered by two Navy fighter jets off the coast of San Diego in 2004.

Leon Golub, a senior astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, said the possibility of an extraterrestrial cause “is so unlikely that it competes with many other low-probability but more mundane explanations.” He added that “there are so many other possibilities — bugs in the code for the imaging and display systems, atmospheric effects and reflections, neurological overload from multiple inputs during high-speed flight.”

Lieutenant Graves still cannot explain what he saw. In the summer of 2014, he and Lt. Danny Accoin, another Super Hornet pilot, were part of a squadron, the VFA-11 “Red Rippers” out of Naval Air Station Oceana, Va., that was training for a deployment to the Persian Gulf.

Lieutenants Graves and Accoin spoke on the record to The Times about the objects. Three other pilots in the squadron also spoke to The Times about the objects but declined to be named.

Lieutenants Graves and Accoin, along with former American intelligence officials, appear in a six-part History Channel series, “Unidentified: Inside America’s U.F.O. Investigation,” to air beginning Friday. The Times conducted separate interviews with key participants.

Living With Lyme Disease, Stronger With LoveRemember the ‘10,000 Hours’ Rule for Success? Forget About ItSerena Williams Won’t Be Silenced. Her Clothes Are Doing the Talking.

The pilots began noticing the objects after their 1980s-era radar was upgraded to a more advanced system. As one fighter jet after another got the new radar, pilots began picking up the objects, but ignoring what they thought were false radar tracks.

“People have seen strange stuff in military aircraft for decades,” Lieutenant Graves said. “We’re doing this very complex mission, to go from 30,000 feet, diving down. It would be a pretty big deal to have something up there.”

But he said the objects persisted, showing up at 30,000 feet, 20,000 feet, even sea level. They could accelerate, slow down and then hit hypersonic speeds.

Lieutenant Accoin said he interacted twice with the objects. The first time, after picking up the object on his radar, he set his plane to merge with it, flying 1,000 feet below it. He said he should have been able to see it with his helmet camera, but could not, even though his radar told him it was there.

A few days later, Lieutenant Accoin said a training missile on his jet locked on the object and his infrared camera picked it up as well. “I knew I had it, I knew it was not a false hit,” he said. But still, “I could not pick it up visually.”

At this point the pilots said they speculated that the objects were part of some classified and extremely advanced drone program.Lieutenant Graves with Navy flight log books.CreditTony Luong for The New York Times

Lieutenant Graves with Navy flight log books.CreditTony Luong for The New York Times

But then pilots began seeing the objects. In late 2014, Lieutenant Graves said he was back at base in Virginia Beach when he encountered a squadron mate just back from a mission “with a look of shock on his face.”


He said he was stunned to hear the pilot’s words. “I almost hit one of those things,” the pilot told Lieutenant Graves.

The pilot and his wingman were flying in tandem about 100 feet apart over the Atlantic east of Virginia Beach when something flew between them, right past the cockpit. It looked to the pilot, Lieutenant Graves said, like a sphere encasing a cube.

The incident so spooked the squadron that an aviation flight safety report was filed, Lieutenant Graves said.

The near miss, he and other pilots interviewed said, angered the squadron, and convinced them that the objects were not part of a classified drone program. Government officials would know fighter pilots were training in the area, they reasoned, and would not send drones to get in the way.

“It turned from a potentially classified drone program to a safety issue,” Lieutenant Graves said. “It was going to be a matter of time before someone had a midair” collision.

What was strange, the pilots said, was that the video showed objects accelerating to hypersonic speed, making sudden stops and instantaneous turns — something beyond the physical limits of a human crew.


“Speed doesn’t kill you,” Lieutenant Graves said. “Stopping does. Or acceleration.”

Asked what they thought the objects were, the pilots refused to speculate.

“We have helicopters that can hover,” Lieutenant Graves said. “We have aircraft that can fly at 30,000 feet and right at the surface.” But “combine all that in one vehicle of some type with no jet engine, no exhaust plume.”

Lieutenant Accoin said only that “we’re here to do a job, with excellence, not make up myths.”

In March 2015 the Roosevelt left the coast of Florida and headed to the Persian Gulf as part of the American-led mission fighting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. The same pilots who were interacting with the strange objects off the East Coast were soon doing bombing missions over Iraq and Syria.

The incidents tapered off after they left the United States, the pilots said.

them floating around in the dark and filmed by our Hubble Scopes as f late. However i am not certain that Hubble grabbed a few shots of these ships on their way to to the oceans of the earth – and focusing – Get This – on our military bases and other secure sites on the planet.


Memorial Day Celebrates Death Not Life – Our Peers Who Died Or Were Maimed for life, and Now They and Others Commit Suicide By The Thousands each year – and for Who and for What?

This Memorial Day circus, using the death and injury of American men and women in the pursuit of riches for the wealthiest, and not in our defense was a tragedy ot tomfoolery and ignorance. God Bless our soldiers, but God damn those who send them to die so far from home for the powerful – not in defense of the poorest including those innocents – civilians struck down by our gluttony and raging lack of soul with heartlessness.


I sent this is to old schoolmate this morning who urged me celebrate needless wars and those who fight them. I love those who fought, no matter how misled they were or are, but I loathe any combat fought for money and power that itself is so fleeting and unnecessary. It is time that Lockheed Martin et al – tell our leaders and whichever allies we have left that this pretense of war – fighting to make sure OUR status quo is preserved in an act against any God and mankind. PLEASE READ and Pass On

The tragedy seen on Capitol Hill last night that was supposed to be a memorial was more like a celebration, for hours, that belongs ONLY to those who fought wars not in defense but in support of profits, a poor status quo for most, and low paying jobs. Let us not forget this truth even if ordered by leaders who pretended or didn’t know the difference. A soldier does not fight for the wealthy he fights for his buddies around him and family so he might come home alive and whole and continue the work he wants to reach his own personal zenith whatever that may be.


Dear Bob, Yes, but it might have been French Bob (That we were speaking after Vietnam) – I agree with your respect for the soldier, however, the use of our guys, (Nearly 60,000 of them and civilians in the millions) who werr to cripple themselves and die for capitalism capitalism controlled by the USA and those who controlled it after WWII cannot be forgiven.

Most of the boys that went to SouthEast Asia and even to Korea prior – had no idea why they were there and our PEERS Robert – young Plainview boy Jeffrey Miller, a friend, killed at Kent State University for opposing a nation controlled by one percent even then as Ike warned us along with many others.

Yes, a few percent of those hating warfare were stupid enough to challenge and demean soldiers who went – even the ones to the Middle East for a short period – to kill, maim, and starve millions over the past 20 years. We lost 58,000 of our peers in Vietnam – in fact more, and now I heard in the past 20 years that only 7000 have died thus far, I heard this last night on Capitol Hill in a “show” that was more like a brainwashing by some TV star who hsd no idea what he was saying. The truth is that more like 30,000 or more when you count the private armies Cheney hired to keep the truth away and their private contractors who support them also died.

Dick Cheney was a murderer of Americans and Middle Easterners. 911 had nothing, nada, to do with Saddam (Yes, a bastard) or any Iraqi but we easily flattened their country on the sick pretenses of rebuilding it – and everyone but the dimmest that went over there these past nearly two decades knows this and thinks about that daily – about their dead friends laying in their blood on the sand of nowhere, but also the hundreds of thousands of “the enemy” which we made the enemy long before who died in the tens of thousands along with the millions now in concentration camps called “refugee camps” where men, women and babies are yet dying following their relatives who lie rotting under what’s left of their little villages and cities – now in nine nations around the world my firend – not just Afghanistan and Iraq.

My Dad who died so young in a car crash on XMAS morning from a cop chasing a speeding Marine on Old Country Road who was 17 and now also a victim of local control by idiots.

This is what we must watch out for. It was Saudi Billionaires and others that murdered the men and women and children at the World Trade Center – I was there days before having breakfast with a cousin who had an office there. I had several friends and business acquaintances in those towers as well. I was due at breakfast on 911 again to eat atop the fancy tower restaurant 911 day their on top of the WTC. I was not able to be their but I saw the smoking buildings and imagined and and could see films of the Saudi private jets of filled with those who were then living in America fleeing with Cheney’s aid and permission that next day.

The soldiers and those that prepare them for life, death and killing in situ iat far off places with strange names, never planned to attack those who could never attack the United States formally yet tens of thousands died in the Middle East both soldeirs and supporters and those of our, then, allies. Yet they all, the fighters, deserve our respect for doing, at least, what they felt was a moving patriotic thing. Yet they were brainwashed to do so from past WWII fighters who made it home in the 1940s.

The extension of what I call the Cheney Wars which was a self-righteous and meaningless attack and murder of people todayaroud much the earth that had no schooling or hatred for us in any way.

So don’t fool yourself – There is no room for ANY physical attack on anyone unless they attack you first = then what choice is the choice? Choose Life, yes – but not just for ourselves but for all human beings (and animals now dying out suffering form us)

The nonsense here in Washington last night was a tragedy watching the creators and the idiots rolling out the brave and pitiful in wheelchairs – victims of the generals that stood there and past generals.

Colin Powell, a man I once respected greatly LIED LIKE A SNIPE not only to us, but to the world at the U.N. Today he said he trusted the bad information, but I believe it a fact that he new the information that Saddam had nukes and other lethal weapons ready to attack us or our was a lie. He knew it, Cheney knew it, I want to doubt that President Bush knew that.

Cheny’s little wars now spread across nine nations that we know of who, today really do hate us and many of our leaders. This, while we rejoice in easy billions for less than 0.45% of Americans while adding up to what 53.2 percent of the entire population earns annually. About 175 men and women earn the same total amount of money that 175 million people now live on daily from paycheck to paycheck as inflation soars yet is also lied about.

So yes – never slap or demand the soldier – he did offer his or her life – although in the early 2000s for nothing but greed and avarice on the part of heatless avaricial leaders and today, perhaps insane ones.

We have no democracy now and we must start rebuilding it for our 50 year kids ad our grandchildren before they grow up to be drafted (coming soon my friend) to fight wars even controlling outer space and the entire world contained within.

Do not forget that brainwashing occurs on all sides and at all times, and remember what you seem to forget now – Every soldier blown up in the Middle-East and around the world today are dying needlessly and those who come home and shoot themselves, hang themselves or slash their wrists soon thereafter are years later are not doing that because we didn’t welcome them home with flowers – It is because they could no longer face the nightmares, the guilt, or even a mirror from what they had seen done – for what, for nothing but money wired to secret banks today.

Bob – you were a peer in my early days in grade school and I liked and respected you – and still do – I urge you though to think about the 100s of millions around the earth that are trapped into near slavery by American and world grifter’s gluttony. Today is a sad day, not a Happy Memorial Day. Enough is enough.


Dems: Go! Or Get Off the Pot!

Democrats spin a great yarn and then retreat in fear.

Jeff Koopersmith, former member and co-founder of the DNC Business Council

By Jeffrey Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

WASHINGTON DC, FRIDAY, 10 MAY 2019: I read an opinion column by Michelle Goldberg for the New York Times. It was smart and hard hitting. Goldberg, a Jewess, accuses President Trump of bigotry and I believe as well that this is his and the Democrat’s most crucial fault; Trump’s by playing into the hands of America’s most vile racists, homophobes, antisemites, and more – Democrats by talking a big game and offering nothing but the fear of their own political hides. I am an independent, but once a Democrat loyalist because my father, even as the head of his factory, made certain for years that the women and men working for him were paid more than he until the new company he formed made a decent profit, For that reason there were nearly 800 people at his funeral and Teddy Koopersmith was not what you call part of the elite. He was fair, had lost his leg due to World War II and had a heart bigger than the Bronx where his small company with a hundred or more workers lived.

I have written, and I believe that Donald Trump is not all the badness feared when he was elected. But, worse, now he pretends to side with the most ignorant of us going out of his way to massage of people closer to Nazis than Americans even as his daughter Ivanka, married to a prominent Jew who raises Mr.Trump’s grandchildren as Jews, keeps her mouth shut while her husband works with Trump on many questionable matters. While Trump may be a liar, I wrote years ago that this is a cross that so many urban CEOs in New York and elsewhere carry proudly.

They too are pathological liars for a superabundance of reasons including vileness. Any American can sit back and watch televised advertising to know this. Ad Men are born liars and experts at the craft. Sit down and watch these commercials with some sense – Can you really lose 10ounds in a week on some diet scheme? Is the world salivating to own an overpriced SUV to prove they are chic? Can women or men, in reality, remove deep wrinkles and more just by using one of a thousand phone products that scream Yes? Of course not. No more than there are nice men and women among the tens of thousands of neo-nazis in America who now believe that the rich and the Jews leading them have taken away their White Supremacy in aid to minorities – and worse – people who are non-Christian even though Jesus was a Jew and was not Crucified by Jews – another lie told for 100o years by snake oil salesman on the pulpits of Christian Power who while they were at it – convinced whole civilizations who believed in other “Gods” that only Christ was the God to worship.

The greed for power breeds a real necessity to lie over and over and over again, and about nearly everything. The world has become a planet of liars – first led by religious fanatics for domination and later joined by elected and appointed officials who, like Steve Bannon and others in essential positions realized long before any of we liars today. So, after four decades I realized that taking sides and participating in their lies was wrong and approaching feloniousness. I knew that even though I had been lying to others and myself for years – excusing my love for finery and expert craftsmanship as being “artistic” when along it was more to at least look wealthier than I was.

Mr. Trump, The House, and Senate are drowning in lies that have and will convert to bigotry even before they are public. My favorite among all the lies told today by the “rightest” Republicans, along with far too many senior Democrats, is that there is no runaway inflation in the United States

This, when a little old house in a lousy neighborhood in Los Angeles sells now for more than a million dollars, a vehicle like Jeep, for instance, known for its undependable SUVs, can sell for almost one hundred thousand dollars, and a good MRI costs more than $10 thousand to you or your insurance company (also a lie – it cost the company far less). A ladies purse or men’s backpack sold in the nation’s most exclusive (meaning expensive) shops go for as much as 45 thousand dollars.

Shoes that are not crap go for more than 4-600 dollars that cost less than 250 dollars not that many years ago – and the prices continue to climb – now to create a TRUE AND VISUAL wealthy and the not so wealthy poor. I could go on forever, but my point is that even I – I hater of war, racism, and all bigotry was just a little more honest than the average liar. Lying is now a human trait – and goes back thousands of years history tells us. Is the drive to lie genetically as some say making war may be? Perhaps – but that does not make if AOK. Our own Democracy – the best government, can offer – is still almost wholly based on lies. Yes, we have a Constitution and the ammunition of law.

Yet the very people – including the hilarious corporate person – can lie, and never be jailed, can cheat and story whole families – like Banks – and never see the inside of a cell – but always keep their millions while the stockholders pay the tend os millions – even billions in fines – or do they? In the 18th Century were women not persons? Were minorities and slaves only animals to be used? Today, are corporations with hundreds of billions available to bribe even the most honest man or woman indeed a person – WHO is protected by Freedom of Speech? Yet, our Supreme Court and lower appeals courts hold that nonsense out as truth? Well, it is frankly exhausting to think about. All these creepers have nothing to do with having a Democracy which is only an excuse for a Corporate Dynastic Earth is it not? Communists and Socialists, Royals, and leaders of gangs and Juntas lie as much as others.

All people lie at some time, but it appears that our own elected officials lie continuously. To boot, now we hear the nation described as – not a Democracy, But a Republic just like the old Soviet-style Socialist Republics. Today we are called, by Republicans, A Capitalistic Nation, not a Democracy. Added to these lies are “Democrats being socialists and commies” running the United States.

Those who see themselves as those on “the right” believe, and now openly call the United States a nation run on Capitalism as if that is a religion. People I speak to in the GOP tell me that calling our country one of Capitalism is a tricky way to draw a “semantic” differential between Republicans and Democrats – Oh? Of course, being labeled Socialist and Communists simply because a few Democrats in leadership believe openly in Fairness and Equal Protection under the law? Yet there is little fair about the law and almost no equal protection for all Americans.

Equal protection under that law by more than 90 million Americans means – getting a trial for a crime via a television camera from judges sitting miles away and without an audience or the ability for anyone but the cast to participate – the actors being an inadequate defense counsel a Prosecutor and an overworked and most likely criminal judge – especially at the lowest and highest courts in the land.

Have you not noticed how Republicans and now Democrats, crazily jump to make sure that people know they were prosecutors before being elected to office or members of policing agencies and the like.

Why – because prosecutors are paid to draw blood from the neediest or the craziest – and today needy and crazy are the secret words for the American UnderCaste fighting for open and brutal control of our nation and other nations – but the Poorest and the Wealthiest representatives of the new Caste society – much like the old Indian civilization which trapped people from birth to poverty forever. India abolished the Caste System long ago – or did they only change the name? You be the judge.

To the so-called Left, this lack of equal opportunity and protection is a tragedy- the only definition for what they and their brethren Republicans have allowed now ring in the United States. It is not only Trump and his minions who have caused these disparities and separations – it is all of us who bury the truth in hopes we can be freed by money – yet any honest discussion from the moneyed shows that they are as miserable or more so than most. Today it seems the richest must hide from the rest of us – not because we hate him – although the Republicans would love all to hate them to bolster their Democrats-Are-Communists or Socialist garbage and lies. No, the wealthiest hide because they are frightened, beyond all telling, to show their wealth just as the rich become at every super-juncture of hundreds, no thousands, of years of rich versus, weak combat. They live behind walls of steel, their cars, and even rental limos are bullet and even bomb-proofed. They have their own aircraft so as not to mingle with who could be an enemy.

This list is enormous – think about it. Worse, corporate America sells you almost useless alarm systems that notify no one but some high school kid working in the Philippines or Idaho that you are in trouble. (No not all of these companies – but if you want dependable protection it will cost you dearly and still may not work when the power is out from accidents or by home invaders) Here is one clue – If you don’t have a cell phone that is always on – and always charged in your attic of the highest location in your home – you have little or no protection.

However, The Best Clue – that most excellent security systems are not installed by the companies you see advertising on television – they are instead specialized companies in your home city or town – Search them out by asking your local police captain. Of course, many of the 175 million of us without the funds for reliable protection think about this – so they, in turn, buy pistols, machine guns, and shotguns in case no one comes to help. And do not, for a moment, think that the NRA does not openly or behind-the-scenes support putting fear into your hearts and the hearts of your family – especially your children.

Next week we will examine, in detail, the bigotry that not only Michelle Goldberg but other internationally renowned writers, religious and international leaders have openly discussed in writing and speeches regarding the New Republican Party and it’s a dismissal of values cherished over 300 years as well as the media efforts to boost that dismissal causing anguish in our population.


Hilarious. As CNN Breathes a Biden Sigh of Relief . . . At least now, someone with a long and not overly whacky history!

WASHINGTON DC, THURSDAY 25th APRIL 2019: Joe Biden, my favorite old Democrat finally stooped the guessing on CNN and announced his run for president which I saw this morning about 5 a.m.

Biden showed smarts moving against the President’s weakest link – the nutty over-the-top alt-right White Supremacists who I call THE SUPREMES since they seem to occupy even the most conservative, but not inane Republican mind these days. Biden made certain to re-show the clips of American Nazis, and what appeared to be hired but flakey young men dressed in Ralph Lauren-like gear while marching around in in Charlottesville which I imagine was chosen by these people because Charlotte is a Germanic name for women – mostly, today, in Germany.

Biden went on went on with the usual arrows tucked in his moderate to liberal quiver of Wad-I-Stand-Fors. I will not mention them now, as they are sure to change as often as have the other Democrat wannabee’s lightening ideas for the Oval Office in 2020 almost daily as they are abased by our normal but no one knows who takes them: “bad idea” polls that come out right after candidates make rather implausible plans public. The real question for each ot them is, in my book – “can you put up with the garish Gold Curtains in the Oval which looks generally seems to be much like a Saudi den than an Heritage’ Americana room filled with photos and paintings of once-loathed former presidents and others more likeable.

Thus far, I have to tell you that I have not see, a single male or female candidate who might beat President Trump in November of 2020. They are all laudiable and likeable, but no one seems overwhelmed by them, or fearful of them in parallel to Trump pros and antis who offer their perspectives on everything but know little about much except the proper worship of money – and in all religions.

Again. It is far too early to predict much more than either the current candidates are either too old, too young, too girlish, or school-marmish, too fat or thin, too stupid or silly and frankly another few that are seriously delusional – enough so to be hustled off to some private Shrink Tank for a few months. Lord bless them, for they know not what they do. (And no, I think a woman would be a far better president so no backstabbing because I included them in this paragraph.)

I am proud of my America, and all the candidates who risk their very lives just to work themselves to death at the White House. Anyone with the courage to do so for under $62 million a year which the Chief of Disney gets – must be batty. Oh I know – they consider the “service” and the “nation” and don’t care about salary or their future, and families’ and friend’s future either. All are just short of a life pass to the funny farm and will become worse and the next 18 months or so wears out their enthusiasm and most, of not all of the quit the gig to allow two old men like me – Biden and Bernie to decide who will probably lose to Trump whose campaign will be managed by savagely pounding voters in the Net and IPhones, by the greatest and most sinister fighting mind minds in Eastern Europe.

That’s all.

I’m going fishing.




This was not because I am stupid, I know Washington DC well enough to know that just the foreign damage at this time could be devastating for the nation. Bannon knew this as well. Anyway Trump, as I have said time and again, is just a typical New York business owner of some repute. I am reading, slowly, the full 400 odd pages of the report. If some amazes or amuses I will let you know. Now – back to whatever schemes you might be cooking up, or doing good you might be doing.

Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus





jews elected  in Iran
Yes Jews serve in the Iranian Legislature

By Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

“So let us stop, at least, this continuing bombardment against minorities – now a seeming worldwide Hobby for power-seekers.  Isn’t it enough how used and abused so many of these asylum seekers are – maligned and tortured in their homelands – where only an accident of birth left them to weep?”

Jeff Koopersmith

WASHINGTON DC – 15 APRIL 2019 – INCOME TAX DAY!:  So, President Trump is busy tantalizing, even if he does not realize it,  his troops for an imminent (or not) attack on Muslims, and in America too – and in the House of Representatives for sure.

Who would have given him such advice? His choice the was – “I go after Rep. Omar, and I gain a little with the White Supremacists who think every Muslim is out to kill all Americans, and I might even gain some Jewish votes because they must all hate the Muslims around the earth.”

What a silly an undignified choice he makes. 

There are many Jews in America with close Muslim friends, and there must be at least a small bloc of White Supremacists and American Neo-Nazis and older Nazis who understand that all Americans are entitled to serve the people.

Raised by Jews for a decade after my Christian parents tossed me into a Catholic home for bastards’ whose biological mom and dad were also Catholic, I went to Hebrew School; I went to other religious schools to learn about Islam and other religions like Buddhism.  Finally, I settled on thinking I must be Catholic for the folks that run Catholic Charities must have had me baptized, or my birth parents who I am still trying to find out about may have.  I am drawn to Catholicism because it is stringent and unabashed even when it gets caught hiding priests who fondle (and worse) children those priests have “groomed” and “tamed” unholy enjoyment. 

The truth is – as most educated Americans know –  that there are many child molesters among all Americans some white boys, some dark-skinned teens, some lesbians, and lots of gay adults. 

I never joined The Church, but the main reason I turned against parts of Judaism is that our rabbi told me I could not say “Kadish” (a prayer for the dead) for my own father because I was adopted and could not be a Jew even if I had been Bar Mitzvah. He was an old man locked in his ways, and I am sure other rabbis would not have felt that same.

I had memorized the Kadish at an early age, for grandparents an old aunts and uncles who died in the 1960s, I have Iranian friends and friends who are married to Iranians – Iran was a European nation before changes made mostly by white soldiering in the late 19th and throughout the 20th centuries,  Yis Kah Dahl, is how I how the Jewish prayer for the dead starts.

The Muslim prayer for the dead is – “Salat al-Janazah is the Islamic funeral prayer; a part of the Islamic funeral ritual. Having the appropriate “neeyat” (intention) in your heart – You say the first “takbir” while raising your hands, then you fold and hold your hands on your chest, the right hand on the left, then you seek refuge with Allah from the accursed Shay?an, then you utter “Bismillah” and recite” Al-


Then you say “Takbir” and “Durood-i Ibrahim.”

Then one says a third “Takbir” and makes “du’a” for the deceased. The du’a meaning appeal or “invocation,” is a prayer of supplication or request.

Muslims regard this as a profound act of worship. I have seen and heard this from Muslims at both Jewish and Catholic funerals.

Muhammad is reported to have said, “Dua is the very essence of worship.”

So, Representative Omar will have such rites performed at her funeral, which I trust will take many many decades to occur. She is young, somewhat as naive as we all were at her age, and still mourning and adjusting to the outrage from Americans just after 911 and today.

Does Donald Trump believe that Muslims are unified to hate Americans?  I wonder – because every second this is proved untrue – as they meet together, help each other, and yes, argue. No one but the outrageous or insane believes that because Muslims flew those four jet airplanes into American buildings and that all Muslims would do the same. Indeed some would – just as so many American men and women put their lives on the line and died and were crippled and maimed to protect from those who sought only power or vengeance against us.

I have no friends, other my old friend in California who too has suffered ungracious and vicious stabs at his religion.  Akbar once gave a job to me when other sources could not or refused.  I always thank him by my prayers when I remember his kind gesture.

Yes, Rep. Omar made several statements during her young life that were deleterious and destructive to Jews, but she also made similar statements about the general heartlessness and viciousness that now surrounds the world for some reason – as if we chimpanzees – that go through a natural time of warlike disgrace periodically and for no good reason. She is learning to be American – but without the weight of ignorant statements on her life’s file.  Allow her to learn – and she is, according to most who in fact know her – a good woman and only looking for the best – for all Americans.

Omar has apologized for these statements – yet even some in her own Democrat Party have made her life more difficult for her errors.  Yet remember how the Old Southern Democrats, many – so-called Republicans, and far too long past Freedom from kidnapping slaves, continued to do  the same to Black Americans which caused their often miserable poverty and marginalization for another 100 years during the rebuilding of the United States after the Civil War – And still not finished to this day.  Then the New Republicans took up the sword of hatred against the Black Plague” in America during those hundred years – and quite slyly as is done today. 

How damned sad.

Sure, we “generous and highly educated White people” – who are in truth “pink-skinned” at best. We hold up, our Black Icon. In WhiteSpeak “deserving” White Icons who are Black. Only the fortunate, talented, and educated Blacks who, despite so very much against each of them – “made it big” in these United States and entered the “One Percent” or the middle and upper middle class.  However, the majority have not – over 150 years later.

Yesterday we applauded the great Masters Champion of Golf and life – a Black and Asian man who, for the 5th time wore the green jacket signifying his prowess.  Yet so many – like our President and his hustlers – make fun of a young Muslim woman who made it to Congress – the first woman Muslim to do so. Is that not a great achievement in this day and age?

You see, the political “tricks of the trade” have made it far beyond cartooning over the past thirty years thanks to Fox News. Other ultra right wing media, and a minority of White’s who celebrate their hate and racism even as they cloud that hate with non-understandable words or lies from politicians and others seeking power and wealth, even though they themselves often do not believe what they are saying.

A disappointment. 

Also, Americans are not the only nationals who do this.  Racism, antisemitism, and antimuslimism – even anti-Sihkism et alia – is well and alive around the world.  Many thought the Japanese were racist because they protect their “race” – which of course, is a made up term by Racists to attempt slyly to cover there shame when speaking out against COLOR? Color of human skin?

Man, that steps so low it is indescribable.

President Trump and some of his minions are using racism and the menu of “politically” and “socially” correct among far too many Americans who may be being rewarded by his crazy talk and even nuttier ideas.  Let us send children and families by the thousands to so-called “Sanctuary Cities” an old French term “Ville Sanctuare” and a Spanish one “Ciudad Santuario,” now alive in Western civilized societies around the world. The term, in a sense, implies a “suspending of the state” when “the state or nation goes too far for what seems wrong, weak and even evil purposes.

Of course the likely places have made Sanctuary Cities ILLEGAL around in the United States – According to several cited sources from knowledgeable and edited sources, Georgia banned “sanctuary cities” in 2010, and in 2016 went further by requiring local governments, in order to obtain state funding, to certify that they cooperate with federal immigration officials” 

Besides, it is “Arizona, made up seniors escaping the cold, minorities, and the wise guys, through SB 1070 (enacted in 2010), that requires law enforcement officers to notify federal immigration authorities “if they develop reasonable suspicion that a person they’ve detained or arrested is in the country illegally.” In short, the cops can “tell on” those seeking a hiding place from the endless troubles faced in other nations, states, and even families.

Tennessee state law bars “local governments or officials from making policies that stop local entities from complying with federal immigration law.” In 2017, legislation proposed in the Tennessee General Assembly would go further, withholding funding from local governments deemed insufficiently cooperative with the federal government.

In Texas. Not surprisingly,  no city has declared “sanctuary” status, but a few do not fully cooperate with federal immigration authorities and have drawn a negative response from the legislature.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott blocked funding to Travis County, Texas due to its recently implemented de facto sanctuary city policy. On May 7, 2017, Abbott signed Texas Senate Bill 4 into law, effectively banning sanctuary cities by charging county or city officials who refuse to work with federal officials and by allowing police officers to check the immigration status of those they detain if they choose.

As of 2019, Florida and Arkansas  are today crying for anti ‘sanctuary cities’ measures in their states.” (Thanks to Wikipedia, a great and honest source of true information”)

Perhaps none of these states – the usual outliers when it comes to “race” – do not magnify these treacherous laws and efforts because so many minorities, who could be in those states legally, might mount battles against the racist or cheap-freak incumbents. These true American citizens many of whom have been here before any white man crossed the Atlantic could also form large voting blocs against the trespassers of such a basic allowance of protection of tortured souls to seek sanctuary in our wonderful nation – now being made “Greater” by denying them entry by Donald Trump? 

That does not make sense to anyone sensible, and more critical – sensitive.

Even before we became The United States of America – which, at the time, was a fable moniker – The nation was then for over 150 years  being built by slaves from Africa, then from China and Mexico and in the 20th century and before – White Europeans fleeing from religious and other kinds of persecution that no one in America would stand forever. Moreover, that includes White Americans, and even White Supremacist Americans already whining so loudly about people picking on them – that one would think they too were looking for Sanctuary – perhaps within some fictional dictatorship that did not believe in giving people safety and homes and citizenship to protect them from Godlessness. Instead, they look for Black Churches to burn.

I am saddened to talk of Representative Omar in this way, but she is the latest “target of choice” by near-morons ready and willing to bash Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby, Ms. Diana Ross, and so many other dark-skinned and terrified people.   They have provided the most expensive political and media fillet mignon for our animals to gnaw on.  They- thanks to a vile man named Roger Ailes, and others before him identified as Hilter, Mussolini, Hirohito and thousands more over the centuries who have struck this nation dumb.

So let us stop, at least, this continuing bombardment against minorities – now a seeming worldwide Hobby for power-seekers.  Isn’t it enough how used and abused so many of these asylum seekers are – maligned and tortured in their homelands – where only an accident of birth left them to weep?



Dems Angering Over No Trump Tax Returns

By Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

WASHINGTON DC, April 12th, 2019: So the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives has issued another demand letter for the President’s Tax Returns for the past several years. The first ask was ignored, so it looks like the White House will fight this all the way to the Supreme Court. This will be interesting since the President now has at least somewhat of a “Packed Court” (packed up with so-called “conservative Justices who do not always there reputed “role”.) The President has learned this over more than one decision from the Court or refusal to look at a lower court opinion damaging the White House wishes. I will be in the Supreme Court to listen to this one – I have none but the usual casual interest to know how wealthy the Trump Family is or could be. Otherwise, I see potentially more productive efforts spent if the Democrats intend to attempt an impeachment or a civil war – the most disturbing part of this entire mess.

Here is the latest Democrat Letter from Rep.Dick Neal, Massachusetts Chairman

Representative DickNeal of Massachusetts waiting until the 23rd to here from the IRS

Trump! Don’t Back Away From Healthcare.

I think Donald Trump has unique American street smarts – but is undone by the very people he trusts the most … an avaricious bunch for sure. So all you know-it-alls out there – you PhDs and the true geniuses at our universities might volunteer to help him. It came as no surprise to me that “TrumpCare” and almost anything premiering at the White House again failed for what seemed the umpteenth time. The mainstream media is attempting to blame the President for not pushing harder on American Citizens, yet it is his political party, the Republicans who will not go along. This could cost them more seats in State governments and in Congress than in 2018. It appears the media will somehow consistently slip the blame to Donald J. Trump no matter how many twists in their too-often loopy West Coast minds it takes to get there. In fact, it is most of the men and women around him who are far too weak to fight a Manhattan Bully and Donald Trump is one of them; the toughest breeds on earth. They fill the board rooms and private country clubs to the point of boredom with all.

If we have been right in the last twenty years it appears that since the near-fall of Fox News there is still television and Internet carrying the GOP banner, and the so-called Lefties that run the nation’s major news sources must have been ordered by God (in their dreams) to “finish” off the Trump team.

Blame should be placed directly on the ineffective leadership of the Senate and the House – so greed-filled for power that they will not back anything that might cost them their low paying jobs, yet with a multitude of perks the size of which you cannot imagine. Blame the Congress for wanting to stay in office at Washington? Yes. How would like a job that pays you a couple hundred thousand dollars a year plus “expenses” – and also offers you what is it now – three or four days work on the people’s business, and another several month on vacation – supposedly to meet and hear from constituents who perceive each of them as a pariah? Oh yes – I know how we all think that only our members of Congress are great – yet other’s are not.- That stale misconception has been disproved for so long it is only a children’s story today – Folklore. “One Term Only” thinkers don’t think at all: It takes at least two or three terms in the House to get close to understanding the most complex Democracy on earth. And, it takes potential congressional staff more than five years to rise to any level of “apt”.

Power husband of the far more intelligent Elaine Chou and (how so?) Senate Majority Leader “Mitch” Mcconnell, the master of the do-nothing 100, has far to much trouble with the English language and his very old age to whip 99 men and women. He is not only ineffective but continues his twice-monthly nomination for Ignopolitician and just a plain lazy huntin’ dawg reputation.

The other so-called political leaders still fooling themselves into a future Oval Office lease have continued to make me smile. Seems that Senator “Lyin’ ” Ted Cruz continues to carry the load for the entire medical and health insurance industry and especially the expectations of Wall Street which expects him to ensure – no, guarantee their huge profits no matter who suffers as a result. The only other active face on the tube is a southern gentleman and medical doctor himself – Senator Rand Paul who no one understands nor heeds, and for good reason. Senator “Little” Marco Rubio has been relatively quiet during the healthcare hoax pushed by the Congress -thankfully.

Meantime the Investment Banks are rolling in cash with nowhere to lend it – all of them intending to become future NetBank’s while other norm-banks close their branches by the hundreds every month.

Yet what about this President? He is overcome from deadly stupidity by everyone he pays huge fees to, trusts with enormous federal departments and his own family who continually attempts not to make waves but instead is a Tsunami of laughable errors, while thus far skirting the law. Let me remind them – “If the federal government wants you, they will have you – no matter how.”

I am, however, still a sinking fan of the Trump “kids” – as they seem to care for their father even as they ignore his reputation. Unfortunately, the buck stops with him.

Yet the mystery remains – why is President Trump always trying to kill his own ideas, even if impudent, and outrageous mistakes. My guess – that he got elected being “mean” but in his heart, he can’t fill the bill so now relies on NewSpeak to confuse the world.

My suggestion: Stop with revenge aimed at Obama and Pelosi who more than any two people alive got you elected Donald Trump. Instead, use your street smarts and street vendor ability to do the best for your American people – and your people who are not billionaire buddies, poseurs, or morons who bit off so much more than each could ever hope to chew.

So, again, aside for the military who seems, at least, to know what they are doing – I recommend with all respect that President Trump clean house – with at least a Dyson or industrial product!

Out go the family members, Friends’ children into the back rooms never to be heard from again. Bring in a new Chief of Staff – ASAP, and a professional team of “News Handlers” who make friends not enemies with the press – communists or not. Do you really think that executives of Parties are the best in the business when it comes to running a nation – the richest in history, but the most punishing to all who are just plain folks?

If you want a decent health insurance idea – which you had better – then don’t listen to all the wags who know less than you do about life. I once recommended to you, though I don’t know if you read it. Towit, call in the chiefs of every major medical and pharmaceutical chief and lay it out for them. Tell them – You handle this – Every man woman and child in America, for whatever reason, needs health insurance. From the gnomes of New York to Americans living in the streets – they all need you. There is only one way to solve this – you must go for some form or single-payer insurance and you must convince the Health Insurance Giants giants -that-be that as it may, they can run the entire mahgailla to impact on wellness with maybe a seven percent profit that they either come up with fairly and equally for the treatment of 99% of your people at an affordable cost “Unheard of in 5,000 years of history. Tell them to damn the stockholders, and if you cannot control them, you must instead buy them all up and find some fine executives from the tens of thousands out there – who can.

The basics: Today private insurance costs about $9,000 per capita to pay the bills that keep Americans alive and well. That’s about $3.5 trillion a year. That number could be cut in half and still leave a decent profit and even more-eager treatment breakthroughs for men and women not in the field to get rich – but to save lives. Today that’s maybe 35% of MDs and 90% of nurses. So give the Insurance Companies and those docs a choice – You put together the teams and buy-outs needed and manage the system – the entire system. And don’t let them split it up for confusion’s sake. Today business is far too designedly complex to have thousands of chiefs and not enough natives.

Also, make certain that citizen contributions play well with their incomes, and since the Supreme Court thinks that corporations are people – they should all chip in to pay their fair share as well – based on gross income – not net. If you go net – they will cheat as they always have, through one loophole after another Close those – all of them. The Health Insurance industry should still be able to walk away with $150 Billion gross profit annually.

Somehow though “cheating” has become part of the DNA of the healthcare business. Cheat the government, cheat the client, cheat the patient, short change ’em, overcharge them, lend to them at usurious rates – that’s the “Keeping Them Alive” business today much as it was at the turn of the 20th century.

Well, this is the 21st Century. Fewer rules, but more attention to decency should be Trump watchwords. You have demonstrated this to me and many others – You called the latest garbage coming out of the Congress – “Mean” – and you were right on, right on the ball, and the mark. There is plenty of money laying around in banks and investment firms – plenty to keep people healthy and happy without bankrupting themselves in order to live or bankrupting the companies and jobs that manage it. Don’t allow the federal, state or local governments to be vicious. You know the difference – and if there was anyone who knew how to stretch a dollar -it’s you, Mr. President – So get on with it.


Do You”West Wing Read”?

It;s a hard job editing West Wing Reads
President Rump always edits his Tweets and West Wing Reads

Hard to believe, but this Fake News Comes From the White House?

BY: Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

WASHINGTON DC Tuesday 2nd April 2019:

The Border Asylum Crisis . . . Huh?

WASHINGTON DC Tuesday 2nd April 2019: Heaven knows I have withheld all nasty or fair criticism of the Trump Administration and the President himself for more than two years. Today I am again gently pushed over the edge and must comment at the ignorance of the latest “West Wing Reads” that I trust is not paid for by American taxpayers as it seems to be a Campaign experience for sure.

“A sub-genuine crisis is not building at the southern border as the humanized incentives of U.S. asylum law invite a surge of pitiful migrants that is overwhelming border security,” The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes.

“Immigration has picked up over the last year as word has spread that parents with children who claim asylum can stay for years and perhaps forever . . . At the current rate, border apprehensions will exceed one million this year—the most since 2006—as human smugglers become more ambitious and reduce prices to entice more migrants.”

Yes, immigration has picked up, and especially for parents with children who are threatened mercilessly in Honduras, Guatelmala and El Salvador. I have worked and visited extensively in all three of these countries and things only get worse as time goes by. It is also misleading for the Wall Street Journal – owend by neocon and alt-right radicals to claim how many border “aprehensions” not arrests will exceed one million this year. Perhaps the gangs, murderers, robbers, and smugglers (human or not) will be taken care of my national police forces. Perhaps the President will unwisely close the entire border for a time – something that would cost both Mexico and the United States as much as a trillion dollars a year or more. Human smugglers are criminals, but they exist because the poverty and violence predated cannot begin to understand how the follow the ever-growing more complex steps to take to do their immigration legally. As it is, our government is already producing ludicrous accounts of who is within the so-called “caravans” of “losers” that seek a better life for their families. Some even send their children alone, and a young at nine years we hear, on the thousands of miles trips from the home-countries to the U.S. border.

What have we become. A nation divided almost evenly between those with a social and human conscience and those Americans so afraid someone might get something without paying dearly for it, as they belief, ridiculously, that they have, somehow.

The “job of newspapers” was never to comfort the afflicated and afflict the comfortable.
That, if “job” at all, was always left to the greatest caring nation on earth – the United Stated which lately has begun to separate races, parents from children, and worse – acting more like tyrants that trusted federal state and local employees of the American people and voters.

“The job of newspapers was once to ‘comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.’ Today, that job seems to be to give voice to liars and shout down the truth,” Charles Hurt writes in The Washington Times – a almost psychotic fraud of a news source to those who, for whatever reason – greed or illiteracy – trust such a source.

Adam Schiff is not the member of congress or anyone in government today that has spread lies as a human being, a Democrat, or prevaricator. That is best left to the Republican Party and what seems to be now a working majority of the United States Senate, once the most important and wisest deliberative body on earth.

As the latest White House News Letter – or is it posing as that claims, … anyone this dishonest is allowed to hold a position of such importance and power in Congress tells you all you need to know about Washington these days.” Wow – the pot couldn’t be blacker than the kettle.

The White House morons rely additionaly on Fox News, including Vice President Mike Pence who writes that President Trump’s mission for NASA to return to the moon in five years is a worthy goal for America. “The president believes that, to be worthy of our great nation, our space program must pursue great things, including, above all, being the first nation to send astronauts to the moon in the 21st Century. And our administration will do whatever it takes to succeed.” How does this relate to women and children whose annual earnings are lucky to surpass a few hundred dollars a year?

“Conservatives have not had so triumphant a week since the fall of the Berlin Wall,” Michael Knowles writes for Fox News. Knowles is an idiot and worse. Conservatives in the United States are hiding in humiliation and fear of the Trump Administration even though it controls the White House via its Senate Majority. The problem of course is that the majority of the Republican-controlled Senate are petrified that President Trump will launch a vicious attack on a third of them or more during the 2020 election cycle. Knowles goes on -“The past two years have offered many successes, from President Trump’s victory in 2016 to the successful confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. But none so thoroughly demolished so dominant a leftist narrative as the collapse of the Russia collusion hoax.” Mr. Knowles, whose mind must be slipping, or perhpas his heart is defunct of any care at all save for corporate moguls and already super-privileged Americans most of whom would vomit there breakfast on him should they be forced to meet with him on any matter.

Another bought and paid mental menial for the Washignton Examiner, Paul Bedard (Should be that “B” in his surname be misappled) when it is obsivious that – which does not exist except for a poor website claims this: “As President Trump doubles down on his pledge to build a southern border wall, Hispanics are showing broad support for him, according to a new survey,” Paul Bedard reports for the Washington Examiner. “Some 50 percent of Hispanics approve of the president’s job, according to the latest McLaughlin & Associates poll of likely general election voters.” McLaughlin and Associates, I must assume, is owned and directed by more crazy right-wing nuts who mislead the President, his staff, the American voter and everyone who dares to read their garbage and take it is more than a bad joke.

It is true that President Trump has taken many actions that anyone might consider worthwhile and well thought out – not only to increase the screaming of his voting base, but also because his action shows consideration and tine thought. For instance he reversed the Administratives new policy NOT to support, of all wonderful things, The Special Olympics. He reduced wealthy, corporate, and upper middle class taxes which turned into cash for many last April 15 2018. This year that increased gift from the President will be less than last year, and could disappear depending on White House staff and executive(s) losing it. The poor received little or nothing from the President’s Tax “Reformation”. The President also wants badly, he says, to make helath insurance less expensive and avilable to all Americans regardless of payday status. An added political plus for him and the GOP is that so many hate that our first President of Color put together what is the ACA (called ObamaCare by the nitwit right wing) which for the first time allowed more than 13 million Americans without any healtcare coverage to afftord same. Hopefully President Trump – with TrumpCare – will make certain his outdoes President Obama ACA, and open healthcare to anyone residing in the United States at the time they fall ill as is done in almost all EU countries and even in Britain if she ever completes her Brexit from the European Union.

President Trump has also begun to build his Wall – which will, much my chagrin, most likely in the near future stop millions of human beings from attacking the United States with brooms and small stones, or worse. There is, as history tells us well, only so much a trapped human or animal can take before pouncing. We have seen this many times less than 30-70 years or less from our own brothers and sisters in America. While is might be more difficult to defy the obstacles in place to stop millions from such a thing – they will – if pushed over an undefinable brink – do just that. Then Americans will have to approve the Commander and Chief, whoever he or she is at the time – for gunning down of that horribly-impoverished-in-every-way-crowd-of-hopeful Americans who were not born in the correct place. Yes – and the statistically few rapists, traffickers, and muderers among them could also be killed.


Telephone the White House and tell whoever answer that you think they are losing their minds if they think the nation or the world agrees with most of what they say or do – and yes that applies to the Congress, and especially the crazed Senate these days.

Contact the White House (on a throwaway phone for safety perhaps) at:
The White House · 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW · Washington, DC 20500 · USA

Call the President

Comments: 202-456-1111
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Sorry no 800 or Toll Free methods to telephone President Trump.

Comments: 202-456-6213
Visitor’s Office: 202-456-2121

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The Media and Most Sources are Fibbing about Rule 6 – the rule of evidence that does not only keep Grand Jury secret in some instances but also ALLOWS IT in other cases. . .

By Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

WASHINGTON DC Sunday, 31 March 2019: Most of us have heard political reporters and commentators tell us that Rule 6 and parts make it illegal to publish certain Grand Jury testimony to protect the participants. (Not really the Jurors themselves although they could be such a revelation at times and that would be protected for certain)

Rule of the Federal rules of evidence which you SHOULD read although sometimes complex. However it is important to know that The Justice Department may be stretching the truth by miles with a pretense that Rule 6 only protects testimony, etc.

Rule 6 is 37 pages long in most texts. It is that long because of 200 years of lawyers lobbying Congress and Administrations who want to allow certain types of testimony to be made public. As you might guess there are some pieces or entire proceedings that should be public and lots of people believe the Mueller Report should be available for anyone to read – especially because, in the case of the Trump Administration (not solely or particularly re Donald Trump) it is “the preponderance of evidence” that shows the truth.

As some of our readers know I have defended Mr. Trump on several occasions, but it is apparent that even if he is a clean as Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, himself or Athena herself, top lawyers familiar with Appeals and the Supreme Court(s), could make interesting arguments in favor of releasing the entire Mueller report with only few redactions that definitely could cause severe injury to the nation or to certain individuals on recorded on tape during the grand jury activity in this and most all matters. Some argue that the world view of the report would be damaging. This is only true if most of the world believed the Administration and those connected in other ways to the White House were clean as a whistle as my great grandfather would say interminably.

The President, his staff, and appointees would also gain in many ways making the full text available. So many individuals – including his family members, friends, allies, and business associates would certainly appreciate Muellers assure and supported by evidence clearance of said. It is no one-way-street to put all the cards on the table before the bets are placed.

I was disappointed with Attorney General Barr’s poor and far to hasty “letter” to the Congress which allowed the President to fib and say he was totally cleared of all that this “Witch Hunt” had hinted to Americans. That was not true. The Attorney General may well believe this, however producing the words he used after submitting a veritable decision based on knowledge he should not have had makes that worse, In fact General Bar’s comments in the document, although leaving at least one door open to misdeeds, seem to me far worse than all the nonsense we have heard from thousands of “sides” on all these issues. The General could not possibly believe that after 37 indictments and several convictions already that something “was not rotten in Denmark” which makes his letter inappropriate at best, and a failure of his office and his responsibilities under law to the American public.

That said, I am fully aware of Robert Barr’s reputation and his solid commitment to serving us all. He could be said, until now, to be unworthy or any criticism by many and they would not be lying I am sure.

So, I present here the full Rule Six as regulation of evidence and law. Make up your own minds – and THE MEDIA in particular should do the same rather than being lazy or not consulting the very few attorneys capable of balanced presentations on this matter.

Read and congratulate yourself on self education so important in this instance. We have not highlighted anything in Rule 6 - It seemed best to allow you to see where certain testimony could be public, not matter what the Justice Department, the White House, or the Congress believe.  Let's see how it turns out. Thanks to Cornell for these pages and for educating one of my sons.
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Notes From CPAC 2019 On-line Attendees


We had no energy to cover President Trump’s two-hour harangue on the last day. You can see a transcript – either cleaned up or real – on the net – Just Googe TRUMP SPEECH CPAC 2019 – OH WE DID IT FOR YOU – VERY ENTERTAINING AND INFORMATIVE.

THANKS, NBC for letting us watch CPAC this year. Hopefully, it is an eye-opener to the illiterate.

Open with a poor National Anthem by s ome blonde bimbo.

Reasonable interesting to take notes on! That’s all – about 6000 words.


Kelly Anne Conway – Scott Walter host – and some other dumb Girl.

Let us talk about opioid deaths.

Kelly – opium is in every nook and cranny in America Dems voted for the wall stuff that would stop dope coming up the border. HR 6 – Fentanyl is the worst – just a little will like the seed – will kill you. No one really wants to abolish ICE – they want to tame it.

Sarah Shuckabee – The admin wants to stop this border crisis – our children and parents are dying – babies are drug addicts as born. It’s the worst we have ever seem – Yes because our governments have been turning to neo-nazism and greed. Fentynal Heroin – skittles parties – put pills in a bowl and taking them randomly. Contraband Xanax – no chance to save them – we need more PDAs. I have spent so much time on the Mex border – as a hooker. They would tell me that no one is listening to them. I can hear a see the people coming across the border and sensors going off. Then the border agents stopped chasen’ “em.

Kelly Ann– a few things we are running ads with outside groups. We have the ads but no tie to show them – 18- 24 years old focus – who don’t watch tv – because they are grooving on opium. The issue is over prescription – as it has been for 30 years. Much is melting away. Guilt, fear of liability. Fewer pills through the docs – but what about the stuff flown in Nissan truck bodies.? Make every day a take-back day! hahahhaha – yes and then what happens to the pills – they go in a dumpster, and the owner gets kickbacks.

Melania is committed to AXES babies that can’t even take the first breath. Good thing. All the Dems voted for this. Kelly mother relies on medication for pain. Most opioids are from dentists – (no wonder they are everywhere.) When your pain is managed. We don’t think pain stops in the docs office. The displaced worker grants. The pillow man set up a recovery center. We are trying to treat the WHOLE person. The deaths are the same as an airplane falling from the sky every day.

VAN Jones went to CPAC – my God does he ever sleep! We are going to talk about why Van is here. I thought it was an ACLU gathering! hahahahha. I am concerned. There are battleground issues we do not agree on. We don’t have to agree. Where we don’t agree – my problem is the common ground that we don’t work on very often. You are one of the few who will work with THIS president. Van says What the LEFT is – there are people on Twitter calling me a sell out on criminal justice reform – they don’t have Twitter in prison. What is the second set of issues of criminal justice reform – see Pat Nolan who runs that for us – What happened to him – he’s a good Christian man. When you do battle in a swamp – and you work for a Pres- it turns into legal jeopardy. Every modern pres needs a special counsel.
I hate to call a truce on this. Clinton had a special prosecutor. Van says look at the people who cannot defend themselves from excessive incarceration. Little fools cannot be run over by prominent people. We get Totallatarians – justice without liberty. I have never seen a bird that can only fly with a left wing. We need each other. We need this – the most terrible thing we have in this country. There are plenty of whites in the same boat. Where are the second chances? Newt where you been all my life. Who is better for reform – Obama or Trump – both parties should be proud – Pharma was willing to rasie this issue and to reach out to the Koch Brothers – and Trump got it over. Tom Cotton (longneck) – why should some people get out like those who assault cops, etc. The feds get a lot of things wrong. Because of the hire their stupid friends. That has to change as well.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I sm proud that Van and Schlap were wearing black shoes with dark suits – the emcee was wearing BROWN!!!! The cons are now the leader – look at Mississippi – Gov Bryan has cut the prison population at the same time and crime. GOP govs are being tough on crime but reforming prisons. My problem is that GOP is doing my ISSUE – that’s is not funny.


Remember in any hearing the speaker is speaking for all of us


Meadows – Dems are embracing socialism. Let me start by GOOD MORNING deplorables – but – the applause is very very weak here. Chick filet stock will go up – ha ha ha -no one else laughed. We need to look no further than Venezuela. They are wondering why Venezuelans don’t have enough rabbits to eat. Meadows said he is the American Dream. Real Socialism will also depress OAC’s salary – We would love that!

So, Jordan – says Schlap – This is quite serious trying to beat our President – they (the dems) are now running as dangerous (socialists)

Jordan – Trump is gonna win, Understand how they (the Dems) are – the cheer on Kaepernick and Maxine water et al. Think about just what they think about illegal immigration. The person Stacy said she is OK for non-citizen voting. (of course, because votes mean nothing once they are in power)

Schlapp makes fun of Adam Schiff.
Adam Schiff continues to go on about collusion evidence – Bring it on – he has nothing. The only thing we agree on is the Russian Collusion thing – there is none! Schiff should be here to debate Jim Jordan. – and with all his documents.

This president has (at least) told the truth about this WHOLE HOAX!

Intel closed hearing about fake dossier, and our FBI used that doc – and spied on the campaign. They voted for Donald – but he lost the vote idiot. We can present the truth, and if we can do that Trump will win the election. Meadows tells us the Trump will do MORE THAN WELL for Trump. Meadows loves the 747 – “we were in the plane, and I told him he would win by 4 % – but he didn’t” hahahahha.

There is nothing he has done that they can talk about. What is more honest than doing massive rallies and (and lying). DC does not like the president (they say he is a racist). If you can sit down and talk to the Pres. He’s on Air Force One!!! Are you excited about that! – hahaha.

You can just feel it says Jordan. There are many people here who know we suffered for eight years under Obama’s Socialism!!!!! They are trying to find a home now – Sure they are – People of color are dying to join the Neo-Nazis!

They may call you deplorable – but most will call you adorable. There exists our new phrase – “WHAT MAKES AMERICA GREAT” ( that we don’t order hits on our politicians?)

Jordan talks about the Constitution to prove it! hahahhaha.

Most people in the audience are not happy and are showing it.

Another film – America faces determined foes – free enterprise, traditional values national security – liberalisms has left its devastating marks. That’s what the Heritage Foundation is about – We are a battleship for Liberty – Hahahhaha. Liberty for Wealth – and a retirement home for failed pols – look into who engineered that! Hardly any applause again.

Another film – from Larry __ which way is forward – depends on where you want to go. FAKE HILLSDALE COLLEGE! Hahaha. Read the greatest books by the greatest minds. The good the true and the beautiful – COMMERCIAL

Liberty Health Share – makes health care for all Americans. 199 20 529 for the entire family. COMMERCIAL

Another Commerical – children Liberty Health share again. Using children to lie.


Scott Walker oh god.
Good morning. Fifty times – no one answers. I think of freedom by our creator and the constitution – and our service members – would you please stand up and be recognized. About 70% of the audience at the tim is VERY OLD vets. Poor guys.

I had the chance at out to dinner at Chilis’ a woman came up to me and showed her daughter – at 7 yrs old – she came from Poland – she cannot fathom how anyone would embrace socialism – but Hungary was never Socialist – it was a tyranny.

True freedom and prosperity is it…

like tax cuts for the rich) don’t come from Socialism. hahahhaha

You will hear with America was based on equal creation (no people of color cheer)

You will hear about hard work makes succeeding.

Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness – an anti-abortion pitch. it is murder if you kill the baby at home or the hospital 0 well of course it would be?

Finally, we will hear from a great American Hero – on Feb 6th, 1985- we declare our Regan – An expert on freedom beacons.

The first speaker is! Senior Senator from UTAH – MIKE LEE – neo-nutsy.

Mike Lee: Good morning CPAC. It is always fun to be here. What is conservative. What makes us free – conserve it – We have to make sure the gov is not on our backs. We need to understand freedom. Accum of power by the very few (on wall street) A few months but long ago I had an opposite experience. Elisa is a senior in Highschool – We don’t drink in my religion – So I saw her drunk – Eliza is I love you happy drunk. Then she paused, and I love federalism and the sep of powers – let us see that video Mike – you idiot.

On the Left we see libs talking about sep of powers. Where was their outrage against Obama? The undeclared war in Libya! Obama created a new immigration amnesty program out of thin air. Just days after his party lost a lot in 2014. State and Local Levil – (the real crooks)
We have deviated away from that toward sending power back to where it belongs – with the people? hahahahha Yes, With their votes for YOU.

Why did we become a country? We had been taxed too much by King George. It was about our freedom. We are ready t restore democracy! hahahahha – thank you again hardly any applause audience was wondering what he meant by “restoring Democracy” – but a be a key log in the 2020 GOP log cabin)

BLAZE TV Dina Morelli – a black woman. Good morning patriots. What’s up Patriots. They cheer now, so they don’t look racist. America is an Exceptional country that why is it great. Where anyone can succeed. This sets us apart from anywhere else in the world. Of curse that’s a lie – all you need do is tour the world to see that few people of color and minority therein do not succeed except in small numbers

  • Freedom to choose, consumers with the power of the purse – you decide which products succeed or fail. Trump is delivering for all Americans. Then a bunch of lies that any chart would should you about America – low in the freedoms and accomplishments of other nations. (In fact TV and radio ads as well as internet ads decide which things are profitable not only won’t fail but can’t – because now the manufacturer or offerer is the only one that provides it!)