Rich Lowry – the Newest and Dumbest NN on NPR

Dear NPR: Your greatest supporters believe that Rich Lowry is the latest "Cheney Youth" member (see Hitler for comparison) to hit your airwaves. This guy is a paid puppet for the ultra   right wing and the newest fool to take on National Review - "A review of American Greed as it's called." and you … Continue reading Rich Lowry – the Newest and Dumbest NN on NPR

Sex, Lies, and the Tape

Here it is – John Connolly's breakthrough article that exposed the cruel and disgusting hypocrisy of John Fund. Originally published at, the article is now available ONLY at American Politics Journal. Read on… Sept. 4, 2001 -- FLORIDA ( -- When the stone thrower himself lives in a glass house, it is a matter … Continue reading Sex, Lies, and the Tape

Who In Hell Is Tammy Bruce?

First published December 2, 2002, Jeff Koopersmith's merciless takedown of right wing talk show host Tammy Bruce has remained one of our most popular articles. Recently I've lately been peppered with mail pleading with me to look into one Tammy Bruce -- who I must admit I have spied a few times on FOX News, … Continue reading Who In Hell Is Tammy Bruce?

About Don Imus

We love him, but sometimes... we hate him.Originally published February 10, 1999 at February 10, 1998 – New York ( – As we were recently traveling by Rover over the Masai Mara in Kenya last week, on our way to the Middle East, my thoughts turned to Don Imus.Why? Who knows?Perhaps there is something … Continue reading About Don Imus

Tucker Carlson, (STILL) Stealth Hate Monger

"If The Republican National Committee Was A Prison, Tucker Carlson would be Newt Gringrich's favorite bitch." -- Leon Smith Wednesday, October 29th, 1997 -- NEW YORK (APJ) -- This must be the week for goofball e-mail. ¬†Edited April, 2015 - almost 20 years later Tucker STILL has made it. About 17 years ago I got … Continue reading Tucker Carlson, (STILL) Stealth Hate Monger