NEW YORK - 25 JANUARY 2016  What on earth do the majority of Americans have in common with Iowans who generally make their living killing pigs and cutting them up, growing corn to make ethanol, not food, and selling insurance on television? Most Iowans are not the people that make the nation win or lose … Continue reading THE IOWA CAUCUSES – DON’T BE SUCKED-IN BY CORNHEADS!

Iraq’s Al-Maliki Government? Lifeless!

 Iraq sliding into the abyss – with Iran and the United States “to the rescue.” August 1, 2007–Geneva (–The time is rapidly approaching when President Bush will have to make a determinative decision: should he prop up Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, or abandon and dispose of him to the growing opposition to his unimpressive … Continue reading Iraq’s Al-Maliki Government? Lifeless!

Another New York Times Cover-up?

It sure looks that way... and this time around, brought to you by John Burns John Burns, the bearded little blonde troll that seems to appear magically on PBS's NewsHour now and again, has penned what seems to be either a sign of his naiveté or simply the usual New York Times dross about the … Continue reading Another New York Times Cover-up?