The New Name for Don is MegaMiscreant

who is that?

who is that?

Thursday – February 18th 2021

By Jeff Koopersmith

WASHINGTON DC:  We wonder if “The Other Guy” shouldn’t be named “Mega Miscreant” (MM)  The New York Times thought enough of the idea to publish our comments on the T.O.G. today.  I must admit I miss the Tweets from MM

Thus far, since MM is gone, I have been pressed to write much at all. However, during the past 48 hours, MM tipped his hat to me, unknowingly, by attacking former Senate Idiot and it’s former Chief of the GOP in simple and not long releases which are sure to make his way back to serving in the Senate when next up for the vote.

President Joe Biden has been doing an incredible job against the majority of GOP House members and at least 43 GOP Senators who decided that the MM was not guilty of causing an insurrection of the Capitol on 6 February.

I hope we will hear far more from the First Lady.  I have had the pleasure of sitting with her over lunch talking long ago about Donna Shalalah’s GIRL POWER activity.  Mrs. Biden is such a plus for the President. She is wise beyond her wonderful smile.  What a great couple to show the world now the MM and his lovely wife have departed to one of the worst-run states in the nation.

Republicans currently serving themselves, not all, are on the cusp of being tossed out by their own voters next round they are up.  That means most of the members of the House GOP conference now managed by an incredibly strange group of chimps while we lose some very fine members of the House with brains who are leaving because they cannot stomach the MM Members who have done little or nothing for the past 12 years.

What a disgrace these “new” Republicans are today.  “Reward the Rich” even if they loath us” and punish Minorities as far as possible even though MM and They have caused that Grab-It Party the White House, The House of Representatives, and the United States Senate which they – in dreamland, think they will recover in two to four years.

Most of them seem to have been threatened by MM during his four-year horror show.  Wouldn’t you wonder what the threats truly were? They were not just a promise to challenge their next elections – It was far more than that some say.

Meanwhile, magically only a month since Biden won, the Pandemic appears to be cooling off -even after the Super Bowl.  Get your vaccines and once more. Seems J&J could not make enough of theirs to give the U.S. any half-curing “jabs” that no one seems to want.

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