Donald Trump – Undeserving and Overdue Is the worst Enemy of American Young Men and Women Who he Punished for Station and Exactly the Poor Treatment They did not Deserve

Hearty thanks to Kenny Holston for The New York Times
By:  Jeffrey Koopersmith

Wednesday, January 5th, 2021 Washington DC:What are two lovely young ladies doing stomping through the sleety grass, ready to celebrate President Trumps fantasy that he could ever be re-elected after his unending lists of damaging lies, mis-dis-information, separating nearly one thousand children from their southern nation parents – never to to be united, caging Mexican and Central American children and families, appointing almost a completely compromised and fraudulent cabinet, and failing even The Wall he promised to keep out the “losers” – as he put it – from our ally Mexico, Certainly these two women are not celebrating the deaths from COVID that may total six to eight hundred thousand Americans – a large percentage of whom were minorities, someone’s great grandparents, or the aged stifled in despicable “nursing homes” by the tens of thousands. No they, those two girls are there because of the past 35 years of GOP madness, helping few of the poorest white Americans and providing laughable schooling – publicly and privately offering little hope for a bright American-Dream future? The Democrats too deserve some hard time in the vice principal’s office for allowing President Trump and his co-conspirators to survive in office for four seemingly unending years . May God Bless them for they know not what they do,


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