Wait Until Morning to Check on Georgia

GA Goobers parade
If it looks like a Goober – it is a Goober

Well, here we sit waiting to learn if the Senate will still be controlled by McConnel and the GOP co-psychos who listen to him or the President. But take time to think about how you would feel giving up the most powerful office in history and try to excuse Donald Trump from any of his wild and hilarious actions following November!

That is really what America is about – still caring even with people who are responsible most directly with murdering 3-Umpteen million Americans because of mismanagement, including the House of Representatives controlled by the Democrats.

In fact, because Democrats are generally over-educated and monied they should be more ashamed or not ridding us of Donald and making certain the virus was battled with completely.

Sorry to say, but in the past several years I have distanced myself from political party loyalty although enjoy the machinations of both sides.

Remember however – We are all brothers and sisters and best of all Americans – Do not get caught  up violence physical or otherwise – including Glock-toting idiots like the Congresswoman “B” flaunting her weapon, and conceal carrying it. Only a true idiot would tell the world such a thing – She invites trouble – not solves it.

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