The Trump Campaign Continuing with slivered and honey-tongued campaign ruses

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By Jeffrey Koopersmith


December 19th 2020, Washington DC:  Will Wilkinson, in the New York Times, last month makes a rich and sound sequence of arguments with regard to Trump’s not-near-enough victory for a second term inaugural at which, he might claim were 20 million Trumpians in the crowd screaming Third Term Third Term!

Trump lost that chance next January to gloat and harangue on that day telling us how he would get Americans free of the huge and expensive loss of life, suffering, and anguish of the Covid-19 epidemic which in two months may see 350 thousand men, women and children deceased from a virus Donald Trump could have slammed the brakes on much earlier than he didn’t.

I believe this was his, and the sadly-trusted White House staff’s greatest blunder ending up sealing Donald Trump’s false-fated legacy as an immense and unsuccessful, incompetent on – a failure, no doubt – as always.

This was a president that the world saw as a neocon fool favoring the wannabee super-rich, not the working man, as well as corrupt failing corporations, not small businesses with tax cuts and questionably payable mega-loans that would choke even a felon with regret during a international bank robbery.

Democrats were not, as Mr. Wilkinson tells us – “either too recklessly progressive for swing voters or too “socialist” and aggressive with recognition that something like the Green New Deal was not a choice but a command from the Lord if nothing else to clean up our filthy planet.

I see nothing socialist or aggressive about either. Yet I am yet uncertain how Trump compelled the 80 million voters he seems to have wheedled from middle and deep southern American states who take Democracy with not much more than a grain of salt to check his box.

In fact, reliable experts I know are certain that the

as well as out and out aberrant actions – some which I believe may be uncovered several months from now.

One need only watch Mr. Trump yet stressing to goad or demand state leaders to join his “Fake Voting Bloc” – of a few guys he knows to get it.

This is the reason the President now calls the Georgia vote tally counted thrice “Fake” or worse. Trump’s tales of waywardness against his opposition, Joe Biden, are a signal of definite spasmodic sickness as Trump, in his furiousness, advertises, stumbles, and shouts that he is far more liable for most every breed of fraud – and, as always more guilty than his targets.

I do not wonder that the mobs of Republican “watchers” crowding vote-counting centers in November and again in January at Georgia were or are going to be more interested in creating havoc in those pressured offices, never revealing the millions of daft ‘fake votes” somehow snuck in by-the- millions from Biden elves and not Trump’s – of course.

I may be in error – but a close examination of the capabilities of the Trump Campaign staff (in 2016 and 2020) would put anyone in doubt that he earned the trust of 80 million people who were imprudent enough to vote for him.

In 2016 and 2020 where and when almost every promise he made to them has been broken or never considered during his still going four year circus of torment at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue where Trump enriched himself and his weaselly family as well as gleeful CEO friends and mega-donors far more than the few of his billionaire support PACS laid out stealing him into the White House log ago.

While Wilkinson makes salient points, he forgets the most important reasons that Biden trounced, Trump, the most reputed thief-without-grief in presidential history.

The answers, are two:
1. Joe Biden and the people near and planning for him knew he could never run on fantastic – even paroxysmal lies as many righter that moderate politicians always use to get elected, and which Trump was stricken with like hard case of Polio.

Biden could not lie to the Trumpians mostly alive in the already scorched and rusted portions of the nation due to their true and abnormal suffering under magnified changes in the American lifestyle brought on by tech companies which ruined and untangled all our lives with both glee and sledge hammers simultaneously. Many did not support Mr. Trump in 2016 and even more bailed on him this past November.

2. Biden also knew, because of his own expertise born of more than four decades serving America, what would be waiting if he did win the 2020 election. Biden would face the detritus sprung by Trump-like outrageous and habitually publicized deceits as well as the stenchy evasions accompanied by the President’s phantastic but loudly whispered or inaudibly shrieked declarations of empathy which most voters in the USA knew were staged as a a living puppet show, not like Biden’s whose life, filled with neurogenics and fineness.  Biden is real and known to be sympathetic, vicarious, gaffey but giften  always.

And no, Trump did not “wisely” suggest that Americans of all ages, races, and creeds should run around beaches and national parks wearing nothing but sun cream instead of masks to keep the Corona Virus in check.  He ordered them by demonstration only marred by his own smashing rush to the hospital with Covid-19 already cruising around his selfish mind. He did so to allow the death of as many older and minority Americans as possible to complete his adoration of chaos. In fact, the existence of the SARS-COVID-19 virus was known – in China as early as November of 2019 – something our intelligence heads would not have missed and certainly must have briefed Trump about before the end of 2019.

We all know that scientists are often like thrilled young boys and girls when something massive or threatening raises its head in laboratories and academia – Always chatting to each other worldwide and especially to and with America.

I have no doubt that more than a few in the White House knew about the COVID-19 virus earlier in December 2019 and did nothing about it except to use it as a semantic differential between over-caring “Commies” and hate-filled “Patriots” sadly spread throughout the weakest states in our union.

The shrewdest and most malevolent-thinking men and women in the White House knew that the Covid virus could be inventoried and sold to enrich the “Trump as a He-Man” hoax by allowing the President to roam around the nation without a face mask to protect him in some sort of misdirected psychotic cartoon of Donald Trump starring in the A-Team.

Such emotive acting could have cost Trump his life but the same people pretending to love him, could not have cared less – and far too ill-educated to comprehend that COVID-19 could kill and infect hundreds of thousands and then millions of Americans who may never recover from the damage such a flesh-eating virus can do, even if they lived through it.

Mr. Wilkinson seems to believe that Joe Biden should have lied to make certain he looked as much like a wannabee slaveholder as did Mr. Trump.

Yes, Biden could have done so. He could have accused Trump of the most outlandish, and probably manifest act of defecating on America with foolish, deceitful, boastful and felonious language used to defile almost every American-held-dear quality.

These reasons, along with the rejected Trump-like actions used by the Trump PACs and sadly called Campaign “strategists” to hoodwink the least educated most unwell, and poorest population of voters in the United States that it was more American to do whatever they liked when they wanted, and “screw the rest”.

Those voters who did, in fact, vote for Trump were nothing but victims of rarely read, but staff-gobbled neo-Nazi propaganda that taught Trump staffers how to gain at the loss of a tiny bit more than half the U.S. voting population while labeling the most successful and well-educated in public schools now gone as “commies” –the older generations who saw through Trump and voted for Hillary Clinton, even though a shaky choice.

Yes, all of us – politicians in no way excluded – can be the worst and most vicious men and women on this earth. Those conceited, ostentatious, and mindless traits in the genes of human beings as we are, after all, the apex predators of earth.
So many of earth’s population has learned through terrible war, epidemics, horror and untruth that we must sit on that hunter-killer side of ourselves like we might on a stick of dynamite threatening our children.

Trump was never raised at all, nor has he taught his family how to be gentle, honest and compassionate  – not really. He was raised as a fringed New York City businessman – many of whom were “slayers” in the business decisions that we see even in the newest most successful companies.

That was how Trump was bred. His father knew my grandfather as both were in similar businesses focusing on real estate in the more questionable boroughs and neighborhoods in western Long Island.

I was trained, at a young age, to spot “Trumps” – and there are many. Commercial business in the western world is practiced, usually, as a bloodless but terrible war. It would be far more honest to bloody business competitors in a boxing cage than to “Trump” them with another so-called “art of the deal”.

Remember, Trump told us early on – He could shoot someone dead on Fifth Avenue and nothing would happen to him. That was an early and ominous alarm bell that 50+1 percent of America never understood – not enough to hand the White House to Secretary Clinton – but instead storing plenty to offer the other majority predators yet filling almost all elective offices around the nation today.
Believe me.

You will hear and fell the worst of the Trump Era very soon. My heart goes out to you who blindly followed a halfwitted buffoon at the cost of the truly shoved around Americans who marched our streets every time the police realized too much the nightmare they too are living.

rrdy giuliani
(Thank you A.P.)

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