The 2020 Election May Not Occur in November, What do you think about that?

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By Jeffrey Koopersmith, Opinion Editor

Washington DC 11 November 2020: I am still hearing stories about the Presidential election being moved to a later date, canceled, and even more bizarre tales from people paid to spread fake news instead of news from the most respected news sources which about perhaps a dozen or fewer newspaper with big staff lead of course by the New York Times. Many believe the Washington Post is in the same stratosphere with the Times, but that’s a ridiculous assumption. Of course, the Post has many terrific writers and reporters right in Washington DC, but so does the New York Times and it is the Times’ circulation that makes it the leader which the President, God bless him, attacks as FAKE NEWS.

The more laughable staging of non-election happenings are the most obscure such as Trump stepping down for the next two months and asking Mr. Pence to take his place because of health reasons or really any reason. The Russian, Chinese, Iranian, and Ghanaian hacking into election headquarters to provide millions of votes – or even a thousand votes to the President of to the former Vice President seem to truly be fake news, yet such silliness reported by our too many security agencies is treated as true by the rightest wing newspapers, radio, ad television stations while the left of center sources hardly mention them.

The most likely Trumpian effort will be made by accusation and following long-lasting investigations of voter fraud. Yes the “voter fraud” that is a part of any election, but most important impactive in small city mayor and city council races in Southern and Midwestern states. Yes, some members of congress can, have the names of dozens of mischief makers in those arenas whose favorite methods have been around for a thousand years. The biggest was once walking-around-cash given to impoverished people
to vote the “correct way”. Why was and is this the favorite? Well, because all need is a fake id or real one to get you in the voting door – and of course you cast your vote for “X” candidates for fear of “losing a finger” or a broken leg from the same perps who gave the cash. In very tight races at any level, cash is king. Today, however, the money has to be much more than in the past. When I was young I witnessed such payoffs with as little as a dollar. It was easy to spot as the perps not only attacked the long lines always there in the poorest districts and the money would be exchanged out in the open! Really in front of anyone looking for or happening to see it. Today the cash is at least a 10 or twenty dollar bill. With 40% of the American populations living in abjecte poverty, I imagine you could stir up a lot of takers out of the 50 million Americans of voting age who can barely buy a burger every day and pay rent for an apartment, 400 square feet, that has a dozen users.

Trump, if he really had billions of dollars, could send checks from his new, and legal charities, to thousands of people in any particular state or congressional district without asking for his vote. In fact, that’s one reason that people with low incomes today got a $1,200 check from the treasury to spend as they might. I know someone worth several million, yet not ostentatiously wealthy, that laughed over lunch at Trump’s hotel in Washington and said he actually believes he owes his vote to Trump for the small diamond rings he bought for his granddaughters who are under age fifteen. This fellow is left of Antifa, White yet only gets about $600 dollars a month from Social Security because he only worked for himself as a musician for his entire life. His wife brought the millions later in their wonderful marriage from her own parent’s wills and testaments. So think how many poorer Americans have rich spouses etc. A lot of $1,200s will be voting for the President just as a cool joke they can share with close friends or even anyone!

That is all for today.

Remember those who perished on 911 2001 in your prayers, please.

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