Everyone in the latest Democrat “Debate” Seemed to know Bernie Can’t Win Against Donald Trump


Mayor Pete Gets a Neck Job on his Mic
Bernie can’t win. I can’t win. Amy can’t win. Warren can’t win. Styer can’t win. Biden might win, That leaves money=bags Bloomberg – oh no!


By: Jeffrey Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

American Politics Journal – First on the Net in 1988 on Politics and Policy

WASHINGTON DC WEDNESDAY 26 FEBRUARY 2020 CBS hosted last night’s television debate between the leftovers still standing in the race for the Democrat nod for the Presidency.  Super Tuesday is coming on  March 3rd yet somehow two women and six men are yet able to fund the growing expense to fight for the nomination each seeks.  It appears however that only former Vice President, Joe Biden, Senator Bernie Sanders, and two billionaires – MiniBill Steyer, and MegaBIll Mike Bloomberg, the former Three Term – 12 year Mayor of tough work on the city-nation called New York will most likely stay in this race until it is over and someone, in fact, emerges as a clear White Male winner who will be backed by most American Democrats and some hopefully majority of Independents who are not Trumpsters, Trumpets, or Trumpists.  

I suppose the big money is now wagered on Joe Biden who made a good “presidential” showing against all comers but only by a hair or two.  Bernie Sanders was the target of the rest of the battlers who went after him for being a socialist and admiring Fidel Castro who started a read and write program after winning the war against the thugs who ruled America’s favorite nasty gambling and everything else Island for adults and adulterers close to the Florida shores.  Bernie, in fact, was far more correct than the others who mashed him because he supported the “murderer” (but not the Nuker) Fidel, which brought a smile to this face.

That aside, nothing will be clearer until the last day for Democrats to announce their favorite and winning-est [by what standard] choice to mount a winning campaign against President Trump for nine months thereafter in what should be the most excellent brawl in American Politics since our Revolution against Royalty and taxes in the 18th Century.  Many insiders believe it will be Bloomberg somehow. He has the best background as Mayor of New York City for 12 years of cleaning up the place after 911 and stopping outrageous violence which provided his political enemies, last evening, with a way to attack a man who is worth more than $80 Billion – and most importantly, – can finance the takeover of the senate and the demise of Donald Trump without taking money from any other source!

As all great Americans believe – “Money talks and Bullshit Walks” – and from this writer’s point of view, a lot of bull has been dripping off American walls thus far in the race to replace Mr. Trump – who believes he is unbeatable, at least publicly.

The wise choice is Bloomberg with a V.P. like Senator Liz Warren, or Senator Amy Klobuchar.  While Bloomberg is, today, the most progressive-leaning candidate who also was once a Republican (ouch), but a woman vice presidential choice would be smart, and perhaps a must if Trump chooses another idiot like former Governor of Alaska – “what’s her name” ala John McCain long ago – I am hoping Trump will go for tough and nasty blonde Senator Marsha Blackburn, or unbelievably good looking Pam Bondi  Nee Barnes, Nee Fitzgerald,  the former Attorney General of Florida working on her third, husband I suppose while working for Donald Trump.  Former Florida AG Pam Bondi, who dropped an investigation into Trump University after Trump’s foundation gave her a $25k donation, is not good at this.

In November 2019, Pamela Jo was hired by  Trump as a “special government employee” status to help in messaging during the president’s battle against impeachment. She was to “attack the process” of the impeachment inquiry.  Bondi and her man – 63-year-old ophthalmologist Greg Henderson are living together says Reddit.





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