Mitch McConnell – A Vampire Sucking the Blood of Our Constitution and While Taking Orders from the White House

mitch connnel as seen by the ny times a vampire hiding fr sun
Mitch McConnell Has always been on my watch list for many years. And no, he is not a genius as Senate Majority Leader – he is instead a schemer with bad intention.

BY JEFF KOOPERSMITH, Editor Emeritus, American Politics Journal

WASHINGTON DC TUESDAY, JANUARY 28TH 2020 – Vampires, we are taught, are those undead who continue their evil re-emergence decade by decade sucking the blood from The People to resurrect themselves, each sunset, to provoke and engage in harsh schemes that do not simply feed on the a carotid arteries of the otherwise innocent, but also take orders from other demons ad litem such as Satan.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a not too bright man, may be a type mob boss who somehow convinces those unconvinced but fearful of him senators to freezes his majority through dread, not good, to do as he says and not what is right, legal, or benefitting those he supposedly serves. Even the founding fathers had trouble allowing the Unites States Senate to exist, and McConnell proves this almost daily.

He made certain that the Senate would not allow President Obama to choose a member of the Supreme Court by trickery and immorality because he sees the legislature of the United States as some kind of a crapshoot where he is the croupier available to the highest bidder, even as he accuses others of actions similar. He must keep an office filled with public and press relations staff acting as twisters of the truth to have the rottenness he poses turned positive into Kudo-like side mentions of his manipulativeness, even by some of his worst journalistic and professorial critics.

Today, be believes all this can pass off Donald Trump as a victor for the American people, when in fact he is only rewarding to a small group of citizens who ‘who have more money than God” and Corporate mammoths who, “for our stockholders” (the richer than God) who need our help by stripping the laws of climate-related regulations while selling the state of Alaska to his buddies.

I know several of the one-percenters and goliaths in business who, at least, give substantial, sometimes unbelievable amounts of money toward good goals that benefit all Americans and the world. Yet too many do that to assuage their guilt, or to hide their self-distaste of the American Way – or what it once was so that questionables began to take more and more power from deserving elected and appointed officials at all levels from the small town mayors to the Governors of our great states.

The Trump Impeachment “Trial” is a symbol of the strength, not the weakness of the Democrats who see this President as a devastating national and international cancer who locks immigrant children in cages for months – even years – while he pretends this could never be his first stop in putting them all in concentration camps as was done to Japanese Americans just before I was born. OR perhaps President Trump might be kinder and only put Immigrant Hispanics who have been with us for well over 200 years into “Reservations” where they can sink into drug or alcohol abuse from their anger and hopelessness against the Whiteman’s nasty strategies. Some might even be able to open casinos which will enrich the leaders but ignore the many.

Mitch McConnell – the leader of our hallowed senate, as referenced just last weak by me, quoting another as certainly not has done little to counsel the White House on values, and ethics as he pretends to practice them, while he paves the way for what seemed an angry and irrational pervert who now sits on the Supreme Court and calls his gang-rape accuser things I won’t repeat here. Sure Justice Kavanaugh may be a good man in most every way, but that did not stop him from admitting terrible mistakes that were, as he did not point out – a reflection of the times we older boys today were living and growing as our parents outlandishly bragged to friends and family of the ladies love, as were we, with our conquests compared in the locker rooms and private and privileged clubs across the nation.

I was just such a boy – eager to make a name for myself as a “conqueror of the fair sex” if only to please my family when such was fashionable and not despicable. Did Americans believe that now-Justice Kavanaugh was telling truth against a targeted woman supposedly one who came in front of the world to uncover her own horror on television for what – our amusement – or at the request of Democrats? Yes, there may have been no fully “guilty” parties in that mess – only guilty political Leaders who allowed such to go on, instead of looking further for another less awkward choice.

Again the shadows of Donald Trump were in the hearing rooms all across Capitol Hill as one after another dirty scheme was passed into law – some by both Democrats and Republicans – for nasty, and greed-filled reasons – grasping for power and money and causing great harm to the world’s condition.

I could go on and on about that which has destroyed the Republican Party and sadly infected too many Democrats as well.

I came to write this opinion after avidly reading columns by Jamelle Bouie, a brilliant columnist at the New York Times and author who wrote, very early this morning, a rousing opinion part of which I quote here.:

jamelle-bouieJamelle Bouie, Opinion Columnist

“The Senate has not been a cabal in most of the ways antifederalists feared. Senators have not conspired to make themselves a permanent aristocracy or make seditious treaties with foreign powers. But the advent of political parties, the rise of strong partisanship and the growth of hyperpolarization have created something of a “conspiratorial den” among co-partisans in ostensibly rival branches of government. Republican lawmakers have an interest in the political survival of the Republican president, just as Democratic lawmakers have an equivalent interest in the survival of a Democratic president. And for Republicans under Trump specifically, their political survival depends on, in Luther Martin’s words, “the favour of the President.” Just ask Jeff Flake.” Jan. 28, 2020, 5:00 a.m. ET

  Luther Martin was a politician and one of the United States’ Founding Fathers, who left the Constitutional Convention early because he felt the Constitution violated states’ rights. He was a leading Anti-Federalist, along with Patrick Henry and George Mason, whose actions helped passage of the Bill of Rights – Wikipedia. He was also against the forming of the senate in that it could have, maybe this year, the Senate has succeeded in becoming The House of Lords.

The Senate is controlled by Republicans, and this morning we know of just enough Senators who will open their minds to what Ambassador Bolton has to say about Ukraine and the longer-lasting mis-or-malfeasance going on there and in other world capitals at the pleasure of his highness, our president, who told us years ago –
Trump: “I Could Stand in the Middle of Fifth Avenue and Shoot Somebody, and I Wouldn’t Lose Any Voters” January 2016, just weeks before sworn in.


This is the man you are wondering about? – A President who would say this, and would lie to the entire world thousands of times, as we all have witnessed wonders why some people elected, as was he, to defend the Constitution of the United States. Donald Trump sees himself as above the law and has for many years, he is, in his own mind The Emperor of the United States.

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