Sally Ryan for The New York Times  THE TYPICAL IOWAN “WORKER”
By Rojer Ails

NEW YORK – 15 JANUARY 2020  What on earth do the majority of Americans have in common with Iowans who generally make their living killing pigs and cutting them up, growing corn to make ethanol, not food, and selling insurance on television?

Most Iowans are not the people that make the nation win or lose on the world stage.  They are nice, slightly uneducated people, a population that also contains a huge amount of evangelist voters, which is what that idiot Ted Cruz once counting on this upcoming caucus.

Hey – Americans are not exactly evangelists – but Cruz’ father is one and Cruz thinks he is one. This is biblical bullshit.  I don’t care what Corinthians chapter, paragraph or line you choose – the Bible was written by politicians, not by God.

That said – Iowans hardly ever get it right – especially after the start of the 20th Century when people – profoundly after WWII realized that “education” was a very important element to consider when electing a president – not a religious education, not a musical education, but a good general education complete with world travel and few other things that any woman or man who wants to be president should have – and in spades.

Lets face it – if you actually CHOOSE to live in Iowa you are either a loser, or one the people that control all the other Iowans.  So why in heck do we seek Iowan counsel when electing the most powerful leader on earth – if just militarily?

People with smarts. sense, impeccable taste, graciousness, intellect, adventurism, and logic don’t often live anywhere but on either the Atlantic or Pacific Coast. The rest of the nation is known as “flyover” territory  which used to be Texas but now includes most or all of the Midwest and the South.

New Hampshire is even worse.  What the heck do people in New Hampshire do anyway – make passports?  I think that’s their biggest export is ammunition along with The top five ‘commodities’ made in the Granite State like electric machines, industrial machines, a few computers; television equipment, and parts; optic, plastics; and arms to use that ammunition. That alone should keep them out of any First in the Nation status.

Now I am joking of course – but my point is that no state should begin some f-ed up WAVE of popularity for some idiot like Ted Cruz or that moron Huckabee or Huckleberry who only runs for office  to make money for himself and sired a kid who tortures and hangs dogs in the forest for fun and erotic pleasure.

Nonetheless, the crazies who run our media are camped out in those two unimportant states hoping that something exciting will actually happen in either Iowa or New Hampshire.  See CNN’s Wolf Blintza , or some slippery showgirl from Fox, or a really old man from CBS – Yes they are all in Iowa and they will all join the conga line to New Hampshire a few days later and on to the “Blow Me” state – South Carolina?


All nominating elections should be held in all states on the same day – or better on the same two days – to give people a chance to vote instead of picking muck out of their toenails.

And Caucuses – the dumbest idea of all measures nothing much more than how much you can pay people to stand around in a stinking gymnasium and do a kind of mental Rope Pull to see who is the best candidate to ruin or destroy the Earth.

Grow up America!  Stop making presidential candidates pretend to cross the entire nation and shake hands with all 340 million Americans and 50 million others here on tourist visas for the past thirty years.

We have computers now. We can vote from home or from our cell phones.

Cut the crap.  If nothing else – Donald Trump already proved you don’t need to spend a dime of your billions to sucker in the population.



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