Mr. President, Can’t you do something righteous, anything at all? We beg you.

BY JEFFREY KOOPERSMITH, Editor Emeritus – American Politics Journal

WASHINGTON DC, 10 JANUARY 2020: I am astonished that Paul Krugman, one of America’s top opinion writers, encapsulated the myriad evils of avarice, ignorance, and stupidity of doing nothing about the health of our Earth being”the right” when it comes to the misery awaiting us all as the planet succumbs to climate and related horrors that have warped the globe so heavily during these past several years.  There are many business and political leaders on the left, right and moderate who are extremely angry about our non-battles with climate-aggravated nonstop tragedy which just this month fire-burned Australians, their homes along that nation’s East Coast in a devilish fiery tsunami destroying forests and killing as many as a half-billion animals panicked, crying out, and stumbling into early and excruciating incineration while alive and weeping – desperate for help in vivid and quick-ending confusion.  Photographs of little Koala Bears running never getting away from death, not only of themselves and the babies many were carrying who died in their mother’s dying paws.   500,000,000!  And today and innocent creatures we fawn over when amusing yet forget about as we deny that much of anything has happened to our climate – to us, even though unheard of power and brutality. Storms, hurricanes, millions of acres of forest fires, and twisters seem to be on a relentless razing of homes and hearts in towns of the Pacific to the Atlantic oceans – putting millions out of homes, jobs, and savings in mere seconds of terror.  All of us have sat, calmly in front of our seventy- inch HD televisions taking all this in almost daily yet shrugging at the words of Greta Thunberg as the teenager from Sweden screams at lawmakers and business leaders to get on the ball NOW – or rot away in a dead planet far more closer to death than predicted by thousands of scientists who know the truth as they too sit on top of glaciers near the North and South poles watching massive ice formations the size of some countries break off into the seas and are carried off to warmer waters where the melting of them alone might cost coastal families, animals and fish twenty feet river and ocean tides that will sweep us off our land along with our children, pets, photographs and memories. 

Homelessness – now at frightfully high levels are more than contributing to our fears -suffocated by advertising agencies who, as we, near slumber in our five thousand dollar mattresses, stare at the “box” which hypnotizes into splitting in pieces – one against the other – like a rotting grapefruit floating on the rivers and oceans now intermittently flooding Manhattan, Miami, and nearly drowning the incomparable Venice, Italy where hundreds of millions have spent so many brilliant hours.  Worse, America strains against worship and hatred of our President, Donald Trump, who in just the last several months has stricken more than 110 regulations on businesses – many of which have helped guarantee a strong reduction in the pollution now choking us all over this planet.  Americans argue with each other – is Trump correct – there is no climate change, or are almost all scientists save the bought-off give us as little as 15 more years of do-nothing, or do-little.  President Trump, known for most of his life as a grandstanding clown, drunk -for-power and misogyny, who now claims he doesn’t read, tells us “look at the stock market” – “Look at the low unemployment in the United States!  Yet both are fraudulent in the fairy tales they tell.  Only the moderate to very wealthy are making high profits in the world’s equity markets; the jobless are working full time in slavelike recompense, while the rest of us worry, two very much, to wager precariously on markets so violently mimicking the late 1920s and the then and there- coming Great Depression.  President Trump – it’s time to put away your toys and your fuel-eating limousines, helicopters, and posh jetliners.  It’s time to turn off the fountains, solar-up the White House and other federal buildings, and stick and electric engine in your lush transport. The Donald! It’s time to stop assassinating-by-edict, those who may deserve to die but cannot result in salvaging our magnificent earth, so bright and clean for so few decades after industrialization. Can’t you do something righteous, anything at all?

We beg you.

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