In this Jan. 5, 1956 file photo actress Grace Kelly sports a Hermes bag as she and Prince Rainier III of Monaco leave a luncheon party in Philadelphia.
The “slightly used Hermes Bags Sold to the Poor Rich for 50% New retail – $22,000

Under the Trump Administration, it is all about Hermes bags and reselling them to the poorer rich while most woman do with something far less than $45,000.



WASHINGTON DC – TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 26th, 2019: Ross begins a kind of love-peace about President Trump’s present condition as “heuristic” and therefore not too bad, ( https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/26/opinion/impeachment-trump.html )

Most Americans have no idea what heuristics means. It means a half-assed sloppy action that somewhat helps but may, in fact, not accomplish and essential goal.

I would add that Trump relies on the mystic by telling lies every day of any week. The President is also antagonistic, narcissistic, hedonistic, nihilistic, amoral, sociopathic, absurdist, fascistic, and sadistic.

The economy is anything, but okay, in three years Trump has added more than one trillion dollars or more in debt to this nation while pretending to be a Republican, not for American stability but for his chums and those he owes colossal remunerations for whatever wealth he has created for himself and “the family” in a relatively short time, that via avarice so despicable it is almost unimaginable.

Dick Nixon and especially Bill Clinton were tyros in several of these Trump “talents,” and if Clinton lied about Monica – wouldn’t you?

Ross Douthat should also take a look around the earth and realize that “the world is falling apart” in so many ways that Mr. Trump ignores or insults, or cannot understand nor has the staff or aides that can tutor him, should he allow it, which is improbable.

Mr. Trump also has a lock on shifty advisors, cohorts, and worse who are now in prison, and others are trending that route shortly. He padlocks “alien” babies in cages without parents whom he ships back to the Hell they fled in terror. He does not make certain those babies are tracked so their parents might easily find them at some point.

He grabs women “by the pussy” and then bleats about them allowing him to feast on “anything.”

I add that I believe Nixon left before his impeachment verdict on his own volition because he had the gall to think he was a “Don.” but brave enough to flee when he did to save the nation from more and to save his sanity.

Yes, we Americans put too much emphasis on how rich or poor we are while missing the point that life is not solely about money and biceps – evidenced worldwide by human beings living in dire situations with little or no hope, but continuing to love life, to work, and to smile through it. To not suggest that the almost total humiliation of our State Department and Security Services’ stability is wrong-headed and misfeasance from the New York Times.

Our most exceptional allies, only a couple of years gone by, now distrust us to the point of forming their own military and spending quite a large amount doing it.

We are known as unreliable to the world in almost every way, including the fact that this Administration has absolutely no shame and will do whatever seems outlandish merely to attract the worst among us, and deflect the truth standing or crawling before their eyes. And, to compare GOP cravenousness and reluctance to the  most apparent villain in this nations history with Democrat’s attempts to care of the neediest is adolescent and timorous at best.

Obama may not have been without fault, but he is almost angelic compared to what we see today under Trump:   Russian aggression, terrorism, the Islamic state – which is not defeated in any way – All were caused and founded by the vicious Dick Cheney and another unprepared President both lying even more dangerously to the world about almost everything they did since the World Trade Center toppled including setting the stage for the toughest recession, the latency of it continuing today.

The average American this year suffers far more than under any Democrat leadership, and the only winners on Wall Street are those, so wealthy they can bet on a false crap table that Trump and his people offer as outstanding, but is, in reality, the only place to put those billions to work in this country. It is the super-wealthy that gains from investing in the markets – and worse they are simply pushing up the values alone between themselves while most Americans with any resources have fled to bonds, risky bonds and other dangerous investments or just cash.

The richest push each other’s stocks  higher every time the White House needs it – but only the most competent slacker gains anything from what has become A Billionaire’s Picnic. And, what? This is, to Mr. Douthat “… .a solid economy…” based on false figures and planned ignorance of actual inflation and lack of production in the United States – the opposite of what Trump and his ninnies are selling.

A “solid economy” where automakers are near bankruptcy or in it, with stock prices in single digits and millions of vehicle wrapped up in parking lots all over the nation – now forced to give them away, and even under those imposed fire-sales cannot get rid of the load.

Soon we may see those vehicles in the desert next to the old jetliners that never made anyone very wealthy in or out of any airline.

So. what is this stable economy based on – Fracking oil dangerously with a who cares attitude? Relying on coal more and more instead of the prescribed science of shutting those super-polluters down and paying miners while they retool to become computer programmers or mechanics.

The we have our supe- luxury stores selling handbags for as much as $45,000 each, and after a little use selling it someone less wealthy for $12 or 25 thousand dollars – handbags from Italy and France which, in fact cost, less than a couple thousand to make – but much more to offer the super spenders some things that no one else can ever think of owning even second -hand where the rich now sell that ostentatious grab-bag to lesser mortals – still for ludicrous prices aimed at people with only 7 million dollar incomes instead of $70 million. It’s 1928 all over again, but no one sees it because they too busy playing children’s games on their $7,000 gold plated with diamonds cell phone or iPad.

Grow up people and care for each other, at least as much as you care for yourselves. By this time, really,  you must be bored rigid with even the lower middle class bored with what seems like plenty – Don’t you wonder why?

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