CNN and Mainstream Media – Losing the Voter Audience

Think Back to the Fraudulent Iraq Attack

WASHINGTON DC – THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3RD: Remember just several years ago when Dick Cheney and that nincompoop Bolton convinced our likeable President Bush to attack Iraq for good, thus turning the Middle East into a quagmire of death destruction, numerous civil wars, and millions killed, maimed, or yet living in horrible tent cities in the middle of nowhere? Of course you remember. But have you forgotten how Cheney and Bolton got away with it – dragging other theretofore respected pols and policy people with? Well, don’t forget – because without the most heinous participation en masses from television, radio, and internet sources of information, it could never have happened.

Today we see something similar.

I have no standing in the Impeach Donald Trump bloc. I have written about him many times, sometimes hopefully positive, and others less so. However I am uncertain how the Democrats are going to pull off the Trump Impeachment – even without a “guilty” vote from the Senate which is and will be controlled by the Republicans Trumplicans for at least another 14 months if not longer.

What is confusing me – someone who spent most of his working life in Washington and other capitols around the world convincing policy makers of this or that, most in the ECO and Women’s Health arenas, yet with some huge corporation clients nonetheless.

Even the New York Times went along with the raft of lies about Saddam’s nukes, and tons or weapons or mass destruction for a while. Well there were no secret nuke stashes, barrels of virus killing preparations, or even missiles that were generally reliable. The only weapon found was Saddam himself -hiding in some sewer-like hole in the backyard of a grisly area who was dragged out, beaten and worse, and then hung in full Television View for the Earth to witness. Yes, Saddam was a what someone that traces his ancestry to Chicago and Brooklyn like me would call “A Prick”. Yet in comparison to the world today – hooked on greed and 450 million dollar condos in Manhattan, private schools with at least a few black students, and nonstop trips to nowhere aboard multi-billion dollar ocean liners, and having complete meals delivered 4-7 nights a week at a cost of ten grand a month by the best restaurants in our Coastal cities. In order for children of the upper middle and billion dollar caste to know anything about reality, parents telephone Grub-Hub or some clone and have Chinese, Thai and Italian food delivered while they watch the latest gore from NetFlix or PBS cartoons on demand for the tykes.

This set-up, and it is set-up, was produced by guys like Steve Bannon and his gang including Stephen Miller who I saw, for the first time in a long while actually on television politicrap defending President Trump with the anger and meanness of your favorite ogre from storybook land before parents had electronic systems to lure their kids to bed.

Nancy Pelosi was mistakenly right when she urged her Democrats who now control the House of Representatives to carry on with “investigations and vetting” for much longer but then jumped at the chance to nail the POTUS with a conversation with some comedian who became the President of the Ukraine – a favorite buyer for Ike’s military-industrial brigades using U.S.A. megabucks that Uraine will choke down when it come time to pay for them. So this conversation – reported to Congressmen by whoever – seemed to decidedly look like President Trump dangled close to a half-billion in buy our weapons cash in front of the UKE pres/comedian if as part of his standup – would investigate former Vice President Biden, and his son “Hunter” for some jobberdash Trump claims they pulled off in, where? The Ukraine! The idea, had to come form Miller who seems to me tha only person left in the White House with a mind, that convince the President to lure President UKE to get at least a few tons of dirt and bile on the Bidens – a plot which continues today with the media getting more confused than the idiots watching the tube these days.

It seems the Democrats and the media have given up on the 500-600 page reports which old America we had a President and Cabinet who cared about one thing – the economy – not the for the lower middle, or busted castes – but for the almost and super rich Brahmans living on the same coasts I mentioned earlier.

I don’t know if Uncle Joe Biden or his kid Hunter did anything wrong except to follow the American Express Green Road to Ukraine. Trump says they walked away with billions in investments and that Hunter marched off with a $50 thousand a month salary – a little more than President Trump could earn – if he wasn’t working for “free”. Mayen the billions Hunter Biden got invested is atually making more money for Ukrainians – and frankly I don’t care. Most elected officials get fairly wealthy just by overhearing a stock tip in the crapper.

The difference here, says the Democrats, is that the President Trump at least appears – n print – specifically telling the Comedian President of the Ukraine that his half billion would be held up even longer if he didn’t get busy with his minions (which the new Ukrainian pres probably doesn’t have yet) to bring the criminal hammer down on Biden before “Sleep Joe” beats Trump in 2020.

What is odd here is that this “hoax” or “constitutional protection” is was aimed at Biden who now looks like he will trail Senator Liz Warren, by 25-40 percent if Mr. Socialist Bernie Sanders gets his stents too clogged too fast.

Watch CNN and see how bored the anchors and the no-name guests are discussing the same Ukraine story for the past weeks, which has now turned into BOTH the Trump and Democrat version which or course must be mentioned in tandem every half hour to keep the faith as America’s pride – Journalists and news producers who must be madmen from what I view or listen too as I too fall asleep with the TV blaring more nonsense all through the night!

Democrats! – If you want to win your battle against the White House you had better come up with 6 or 8 especially terrible misfeasance’s that Donald Trump has engaged in over these 2.7 years in office. And Hey – they don’t have to be crimes – remember that. The Founders were smart or dumb enough, depending on your perspective, to make certain that the Constitution doesn’t really mean Crimes – just sorta-crimes that go against the teachings of Christ I assume.

Get it together- or get lost. That’s what I think this morning.

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