The New York Times went too far!

Publishing opinion of Trump’s Private Parts

POOLITOON of the New York Times’ Julia Baird description of the President’s private parts as told by Stormy Daniels

WASHINGTON DC, 6TH JANUARY 2019: Sometimes even a critic of the White House and the President must speak out against some of the barrage of nonsense that the best media in the nation uses to humiliate the President. Today is such a day. The above cartoon is self-explanatory. However, the constant blab coming from CNN about President Trumps voiced concern about Hurricane Dorion hitting a tiny part of Alabama is absurd. I checked back over the thousands of illustrations of the path of this terrible storm and saw at least three guestimates which appeared to show that if Darion cut across the state of Florida moving WEST instead of east, it might very well do some damage to Alabama. Again, this was the early talk from NOAA and other weather centers talking about a possible but no probable westward move over northern Florida that would have put the Hurricane in the Gulf – not drifting up the East Coast in the Atlantic. You will all recall that last week and prior all kinds of ludicrous charts and “cones” were spread around the media like so many leaves in the Fall. They were – quite a few – totally wrong and especially about the tragedy Dorian caused in the Bahamas where Dorian hovered without a move for three days and winds over 150 mph much of that time which, in fact, flattened much of Abaco and Marsh Harbour, and the one or more of the larger Bahamas islands.

Certainly the idea that Dorian would have to cross the entire Florida Panhandle to even get close to Alabama is almost impossible because the storm would have died, most likely quickly, if it was over the width of Northern Florida, but if it hit at Miami it most certainly might have jumper across to the Gulf and threatened Georgia and Alabama.

As I know many New Yorkers who spend the bulk of their time in Manhattan, as does President Trump since a youth – many know that East to West on the Southern USA border is Florida, then Georgia, and then Alabama. And it is almost certain that Georgia and Alabama might exchange mental locations if one was not well-traveled throughout life in the deep south. It is also true that we know that are many stupid people as staff in the White House as the smartest have departed for retirement or positions in the private sector. Thus, one of the President’s aides could have mentioned a southerly crossing and a hit not only on Alabama but tragically again on Louisiana.

Whichever the case, we know our President well. He hates to make what is a mistaken comment although he often does. The Alabama goof could have been from such an error o thought – or worse it could have been planned to gain traction for the upcoming election in the Southern States where Trump was strong in 2016.

Here’s my advice – stop laughing at the President’s privates and his lack of geographic certitude. If you don’t like him – speak to those ills which are important – not the crap that news media gloms onto when they have nothing better to use to berate Trump. This is why he could easily be re-elected for sure.

Let me also remind you that I have not political favorites and that I think most politicians are questionable at best. I did not vote for Donald Trump and I have written many words about his negatives and also explained some of them as a New Yorker myself in early days after he was elected. I think CNN and Time Warner owe him an apology, much as Fox News owes Barack Obama a mia culpa.

BY: Jeff Koopersmith, battling damage from Dorian by way of leaves and injured birds at my home on Virginia’s coast.

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