Why aren’t women calling them HIMMicanes?

And, What’s up with the coming elections?

Hurricane Damion - Giving the News Media something to do>
Federal Government Tracks What Seems Better
Excitement Than the 4th of July

By Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

American Politics Journal – “The Mort Sahl of policy opinion since 1988″

WASHINGTON, DC – FRIDAY, 30TH JULY 2019: Do any of you think, as I do, that August – as usual – was a month when nothing happened? It always is – and of course, September is greeted with a HurHimicane to give television news something to push them to orgasm. If I look at world news again and see a speedometer on the screen reading “AIRSPEED” 15 MPH GUSTS 140 MPH, I think I’ll puke. The only thing worse than trailing a slow-moving nightmare that never was is watching some weathermanwomen wet his her pants with glee when tens of thousands more people are put in danger. When I was a kid on Long Island – where the big Hurricanes happened then, we loved them. I used to sit by the huge glass windows in my parents living room and root for the huge willow tree that I loved would beat the 300 mph winds!

The political news hasn’t changed for months.

Joe Biden, now called Botox Biden, is still leading – but “sinking” into a morass of forgetfulness as he plays Aesop with one silly heartwrenching tale after another which makes little sense.

CNN has still not defined what Boris Johnson did to the Queen of England in any understandable manner. There have not been any further remarks from political candidates about saving people from being shot by freaks of nature, nor much about White Supremacists either, (or are they freaks as well?)

I am so bored that I suggested to President Trump this morning that he ask the Federal Reserve to lower interest rates BELOW ZERO. Why, because Germany is doing it (YEAH RIGHT NOW)- so why not? At worst he would get more coverage on his fight with people he is not supposed to fight with.

The worrisome thing for me today is that I have been thinking like Steve Bannon and Steve Miller want me to. “How will we stand any boring President after Trump?

Yes! that is exactly what I think now – day and night. One of my best friends and attorney is not on speaking terms with me because he thinks I am a Democrat Socialist and in reality, I have no party politics at all – I was a lobbyist and worse before becoming a writer. We know there is no such thing as democracy. Political Parties have always been a sham. They are sort of the draping theater stage-curtains protecting the super-rich so that “no one knows” it’s the wealthy running the country – and the world.

Pretense: That the GOP and the DNC do run the nation – yet they don’t – and never have. I think Mr. Fred Rodgers made a bigger blotch on American history than any politician.

And why is everyone so angry about a phony investigation of Jim Comey, our former FBI Director because he was worried about Donald Trump actually becoming the president of the United States? Wouldn’t you? Unless you were born in raised in New York City – you could never understand Don Trump. But I did. Read back a few years about what I thought about him.

A colleague asked me a great question. “If Donald Trump was the FBI Director and Madonna or Pocahontas was about to take over the White House and the military wouldn’t he have every G-Man looking for even more dirt on them than already widely and wildly known? Of course, he would; and he wouldn’t think he should be investigated by the new FBI Director or the new Attorney General either.

All this made up troubles are getting everyone on edge. Who cares how we stop people from buying 750 guns each and a million rounds of ammo to be stored in their SUV? We cannot.

Why bother with locking out nice people from rotten nations – let’s just tell the leaders of those nations that the game is over – and make Central America the new Texas?

And another thing -I don’t care if there are still 20 Democrats running for office. For one thing, they must all be insane even thinking about doing such. Second, no one cares about them either. I don’t see a single person in the present rack of presidential wannabees that will beat Donald Trump or each other in the primaries.

However, I do think that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez {AOC} should run – now that would be impressive for both of her terms. She’s the only politician I know that sees what’s coming – and either way, it’s not great. AOC knows we have to be prepared for a tough future without building two or three thousand new private prisons for “illegal” humans – and that grossing $300 bucks a week waxing toilets at the Plaza Hotel is not a real “job”. AOC is a family woman. She loves and dances broadly – (excuse the pun) and she isn’t stupid like some presidents.

Yet, tomorrow I am going to call Al Gore and urge him to announce his candidacy with AOC as his Veep pick. She will need eight years to understand fully the nonsense that truly goes on in the Federal, State, Regional, and Local governments that we should all be ashamed of.

And that’s it for today!

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