Climate Catastrophes Are Killing Us All.

There is no time left we must change the course now, or our children’s children will die.

By Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus – American Politics Journal

On the way to Palm Springs and Yucca Valley this week or not?

WASHINGTON DC – SUNDAY, 4th AUGUST 2019: This week The New York Times published a horror opinion of Christopher Caldwell former assistant managing editor of the now defunct American Spectator, with a tiny readership of those ill-informed neocons who actually believed there was a reason for a neoconservative intellectual review. A hilarious thought. Caldwell who just wrote a book about “Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam, and the West.” He warned activist Great Thunberg of Sweden, the first world-known climate activist who uses the sure death of all human populations if something is not done now to stop the severe climate exchange now punishing the earth and all living things with its brutality.

Ms. Thunberg is a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, on the autism spectrum, who attracts nuts like Caldwell and other right wing deniers of truth to attack her hard hitting fight for anti climate action now, rather then is decades which seems to grip the greedy world these days. Caldwell “explained that she would not defeat Democracy in her activism” – an off the world and particularly disgraceful assault on a young woman of obvious note with clear and thoughtful objectives.

Ms Thunberg was also attached by another screwball – Andres Bolt – (as in Frankenstein’s neck] of Australia who dismissed Thunberg’s work and her decision to travel from Europe to the USA for a climate change summit via sailing yacht rather than in an airplane to reduce aircraft gas emissions as part of her “mental disorders”.

I believe that both Caldwell and Bolt might be put in comfortable stocks for one morning to underscore what seems to be their bought and paid for inhumanity not only aimed at Thunberg, but at all the human population now suffering miserably from far too much ignorance and dooming technology now suffocating our planet. I would be happy to join each of them in those stocks because of my own guilt at not doing enough to the climate deniers long ago from any practical consideration.

While it is a scientifically and assured fact that climate change, now speeding up as pollution goes wild in almost all nations. Climate changes are already killing our children in most parts of the world. In Africa babies and the elderly are dying at five times the norm in many areas without water. In Europe and America, children’s lung diseases are rising on a grand and murderous scale. Our Oceans, depleted from over-fishing so to serve huge uncontrolled populations foam, while bits of refuse of all toxic classes poison whatever drinking water we have. Air travel spin-ups, spewing waste over our homes, approaches 55 million flights per year not counting military and private jet travel. Agribusiness is drowning or drying up the Earth while greed-filled mavens press to erase decades of laws passed to end this disgrace and our lives – increasing, not lowering, millions of tons of toxins killing us all right now.

This is more than a crisis, it is an ongoing and skyrocketing catastrophe that causes sub-crises, now so many that they are beyond ways to monitor. Every day the clock toward “No Way Out” ticks while people label each other rather than fight, as one, for all our lives. Are we so moronic that we believe we can cure anything we destroy? No, but those who control the very air we breathe, seem to be. Yes, business and finance are important, but choosing the cheapest ways to increase our chance for life must come to an end – now.

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