The Great Apes that Murdered All the Monkeys Having Inappropriately Colored Eyes



WASHINGTON DC – TUESDAY 16 JULY 2019: What Does One Say About an American President Whipping Up Racism and Worse?

Fifteen Months Out from the Presidential and Congressional Election of 2020, and already we are isolating the Nation from the world and isolating us from each other.

BY: Jeffrey Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus – American Politics Journal

WASHINGTON, DC MONDAY, 15 JULY 2019:  The miserable, but clear, objective for President Trump et al is that he and his minions have settled, somehow, on a plan that he must rely on questionable and certainly not ever mainstream ideals of American voters now, so many months before Election Day 2020.

One wonders what or who drove him, just this weekend after July 4th to attack four of the newest and every so often controversial members of the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives who are: (1) All women, (2)All with bronzed complexions, (3) All American citizens, and (4) All with non-British-sounding names.

I for one can only harken back to German master of disinformation, ridicule, and terror led by the likes of SS member Paul Joseph Goebbels in the spirit of Roman Conquerors centuries before.On 23 July 1944 the Reich Plenipotentiary for the War Effort position was created by Hitler for Joseph Goebbels had done such  good job moving the German population into the mindset of Hitler and his minions as Propaganda Minister that he was now a Minister with the full power of the Reich Government.  Today in the United States we must wonder whether one of two men close to the President would have the same power in the United States, or already does.

It was the men and women, mostly members of the old German Gestapo that imagined that race, creed, sexual, and educational “markers” would suffice to uplift a miserably planned ascension to some horrifying throne which the Fuhrer, Adolph Hitler, planned to at least hide behind – partially in order to drum up support from idiots for his true cause – to control Europe and the Earth one way or the other thus reviving the wilting and vanishing dynamism of the first two hundred year old German Reich’s which then threatened Germany and much of the world just before the Great Depression made it clear to uneducated, mindless, or power-mad leaders-to-be of the Third Reich that wasn’t, which was to crumble a short time later is such dismal distress.

The German word Reich means “Realm” in English which harkens the terms of a certain royalty which would kill to rule Germany et al with a single iron first.

America too, it could be argued, is also in the midst of its own Third Realm after dislodging the King of England in the Revolution begun in the mid-1700s and the abolition of Slavery to today, after two are half centuries gone by, we are starting to embrace ideals of government not heard of in advanced nations for nearly a century.

While the American Realm has expanded since birth, it did so largely on the backs of minorities and European intellects that founded the United States and certified that people of color were not more than animals to do the White man’s bidding.  Make no mistake, slavery was present both in the North and the South of our country, but the North was the seat of higher learning and thus later-established protestant and catholic morals with a bit of chutzpah tossed in.

Like the third Reich in Germany, the First Realm of America also made half-humans of women, native Americans, and many more sub-sectors of human form. To this day, 154 years after the Civil War, most of the damage done to “minorities” and “women” has not been repaired to the fullest extent directed by law in the Constitution and several of its Amendments, including during America’s Second Realm which ended with the first Gulf War aimed at Iraq.

I was born a few dozen months after the Second World War ended leaving Hitler dead by suicide and Germany reeling for decades later.  America, because it most certainly won the war, along with help from Russia entered the war mostly to aid Britain and France out of duty and agreements that could have been, tossed aside or not, depending on the will of Congress and the White House just after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor which arguably was deadly, although occurring 5,000 miles from Washington DC in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and not yet a state, but a territory America controlled.

Imagine the nightmares of the two almost back-to-back World Wars, after our participation in Word War I where we Americans would add  53,000 dead  and 700 thousand  wounded and maimed so closely to WW II only 2 decades later, following the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, which closed the first world War in 1918.  Total dead and wounded including post war boundary included were in excess of 12 million including civilians.

Only 19 years late, and most Americans don’t recall this – in July of 1937 the Second World War began, in fact, between China and Japan, and in 1939 continued when Germany marched on Poland.  Peace was declared in September of 1945.  That war, the last of its size caused the deaths of more than 3% of the world’s population – less than 2 billion souls, with military and civilians killed at 80 million along with related deaths from poverty, disease and starvation estimated at nearly 3o millions of that 80 million.  Russia alone had death of nearly 31 million, all inclusive, and The Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945) another 35 million. Our United States lost over a half million soldiers and related civilians in WW II. Germany and its few allies lost almost 7 million included in the above numbers.

So now, after Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, and the rest of the Middle East’s near destruction, we have a president reputed and verified who is indirectly telegraphing another thirty or forty million Americans – people of color, including any member of Congress, governors, state legislators and mayors who are not Pink Skinned, that they should go back to where they came from should they dare to voice opposition to Mr. Trumps Administrative autocracy.

After 1933 and through 1938 – only five years – Germany had excluded all Jews from public service and education. Six million Jews were murdered, joined by another 8 million Russians and Russian POWS in the same or similar “camps” in Germany and Poland.

So now that we are in the “American Third Realm”, deciding who counts based on the color of their skin and other meaningless factors, will we look forward to similar treatment.  The answer is that the road to tyranny is paved with inane remarks and suggestions made by our leaders everywhere.  Donald Trump is not the only world leader who gins up his base with moronic ideas in battle with weaker people than he.

We don’t know what will happen next, if anything untoward.  But history lays out a terrible group of lessons from the time mankind discovered warfare.

And this is these very points that President Trump and his handlers seem to miss.  It doesn’t make any difference which “race” is chosen for exclusion, because there is nothing called race that has any scientific validity.  The term “RACE” was invented by17th and 18th Century haters who did not know anything about animal or human biology.

Here is the truth unless you are a sorcerer, moron, or neo-Nazi – Race has no taxonomic significance. All humans are Homo Sapiens and there are no sub-species. So, we must get off the slave ships now and back to reality and care.

Nazis attempted to reverse all known science by suggesting opposition to the single race Homo Sapiens, but even during Hitler’s reign, there was little or  no scientific agreement with the Nazis on this or most other issues of import unless made up as fantasy.  Nazis, is they faced global weather disasters would also deny that human beings caused these phenomenon. Tyrants, as always, reward the wealthiest and most powerful in the midst without thinking of the poor and the middle class – often far too late to maintain their own power. 

So. the President and his minions make what to me could be a politically deadly choice to select out people of color and geographic origin to (poorly) plant the old notion that White makes Right, which many of us heard even as late as the 1960s.

I believe this is such a critical mistake by the President and anyone in the Administration or elected elsewhere, could be tossed out of office, which already started in 2018 and will continue through 2020, and for at least two decades thereafter in New attempts to wipe “race” and therefore “racism” off the American mapped brain.

There is no going back on this stupendous mistake, just as there was no way for the entire South of the Nation and more, to win over the majority and continue to reinvent slaves of color that even today suffer their ancestor’s misery.

This, additionally, has nothing, to do with Communism or Socialism even though racists do exist in those quarters around the world that make a pretense of offering said. There is not a single factual Communist nor Socialist nation on earth. There are mainly non-democracies, tyrants, false royalties, and other bastardizations of humane reality – but Communism and Socialism are only a dream when confronted by homo sapiens’ minds – and that includes all of us, every last one – Just ask Jane Goodall’s Apes who often go to war, maiming and murdering each other for nothing at all but time gone by, boredom, or some stupid larger than life monkey selecting a weaker monkey, perhaps with three ears, to be from another race that must be excluded.

Thus President Trump and the Republican Party, along with some Democrats who call themselves Socialists in error because Socialism has one omnipresent ingredient that does not appear in any nation that calls themselves Socialists or Communists. 

The ingredient is this – That all commerce, industry, and use of material are confronted directly by Socialist and/or Communist governments.  Admittedly some nations have designed a pretense of doing so, but such efforts have failed before they began. Americans treasure this about their Democracy and well as equality for all.

Yet already our governments are foiling with mew interference in the private sector – including President Trump who uses business as a pretense MAGA –  Making American Great Again – which of course turns out to be almost a falsehood as so many ludicrously large promises often do that bite huge portions of illusoriness.

So let us, the American People and our Leaders simply stop with the pitting of one against the other.  It never works, and never will in a single national forum.  Now, nothing gets done in Washington, and little more in State Capitals, The nation is drawing in ridiculous and small effort like denying the poorest and more beaten a place in our nation, or allowing our skies to be polluted with coal burns when even the coal masters think this has to end. 

Donald Trump has been cornered by people slyer than he, and more uncaring and ready to poke at anything not in line with their philosophies which are so bankrupt of heart.  He is not alone, nor the only.  His Party – which is now the Trump party for certain – will support the Administration without knowing from where it comes.  This is happening now, and the President, God love him, is unwittingly following a recipe for disaster followed over and again throughout centuries of war and disruption.

We need worry about most of what we are trying to change so drastically which threatens everything Americans believed in, or began to believe with education and realization that nothing can stop healing except opening old wounds and infecting them with hatred and malice steeped in age-old falsehoods that came from ignorance.

President Trump is capable to be as fine a leader as any Democrat, Independent, or Republican of the past.  His should focus on repairing what may be wrong with America – not pretending to do so without the knowledge are ability to succeed. It takes time and medicine to cure the diseases of society. We already know the answers are not found in in ideas and works of Lenin or Mao, or even Steve Bannon.

The answer are clear to so many, but they are not an instant fix for what ails us.

Be patient with each other. Many of you remember years ago when I came, not to the defense of President Trump, but to try and help us understand this new kind of leader. I do not hate the President nor his disciples, but I warn against their ideals which are not ideal in any manner whatever.

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