Tom Steyer for President? Perhaps the Final Blow-By-Blow Match for Trump ‘The Groggy Palooka’ to Finally Hit the Ropes

He can form an All-American Anti-Troll Team to beat Trumps Russians and White Supremacists.

He might form a new Cabinet Level DepartmentThe Department of Joy that we’ve tried to get Obama and Trump to form.

He can build and enormous team of intellects to teach Trump’s Moronic Supporters and appoint a Cabinet with people who actually finished graduate school.

He know how to get the best advice on everything from making peace to finally bringing women and minorities into the same 21st Century as we privileged enjoy.

Best of all – he would give his life to making America what she can be, He’s already proven that to the world. that he would take a bullet for us. You can’t beat that..

Jeff Koopersmith, November 2018 –
Thanksgiving Dinner at the”Mutt House”

BY: Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus, American Politics Journal


WASHINGTON DC, FRIDAY, 12 JULY 2019: I started my morning reading Jamelle’s opinion piece on why Tom Steyer should not waste his money on running for President. Jamelle is a new addition to the New York Times opinion staff, and a wonderful one.

I would agree with everything Jamelle Bouie wrote this week except for his main point.

I believe Tom Steyer would be a good president. Jamelle forgets American politics is not based on what he describes any longer and while it would be good to offer help in these arenas he misses at least one salient point; If Steyer is what his detractors say, he is also the only person with the guts and the self-funding to openly charge the President with what he feels are impeachable and immoral acts. No matter how much money Steyer has, he put himself, almost immediately in the crosshairs of the same types of people out to murder Martin Luther King – He, in fact, took his life in his hands with his consistent television attacks to impeach our current President without pulling punches, and without lying. For this reason, he could very well be the best person to defeat Trump in 2020. He would be fighting Trumps acolytes and puppeteers with as much or perhaps more Trumpian weapons that even The Donald has served himself over the years.

Styer has “guts” and guts is what wins elections. He also has brains, perhaps not as progressive as some might fancy, but he falls well in line with other past presidents far better than most of the current Democrat viers for power. To insult Styer because he has a big ego, or does not lie as Trump did and does to garner, with fear, support from Republicans when he was never one of them is outrageous. The GOP folded like a rotten tortilla when they saw they had no hope without Trump. Most of all Steyer can help in the areas Mr. Bouie suggests. Perhaps they should consult with each other? None of the frontrunners can amass the billions it will take to defeat President Trump. Styer can.

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