We are about to arrest thousands of immigrants without papers on the Lord’s Day, but Mike Conway thinks we will have no stomach for Impeachment?

By Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

Michael Conway served as counsel for the House Judiciary Committee during its impeachment inquiry of President
Richard Nixon, almost 50 years ago.

WASHINGTON DC, THURSDAY 11 JULY 2019: Michael Conway, Mr. Conway served as counsel for the House Judiciary Committee during its impeachment inquiry of President Richard Nixon, almost 50 years ago. did a fine job throwing some the most erudite analysts and still-alive Nixon supporters with his history of what occurred in Congress before someone, in fact, fashioned “more timely” papers of impeachment against Richard Nixon, To be honest, I do not see any comparison with today.

Conway writes today, “Still, Democratic unity today remains unlikely — by all appearances, Ms. Pelosi has no intention of letting that process begin. It will take unforeseen events, or a pro-impeachment surge in public opinion, to change the current dynamic.”

I say that’s nonsense.

Richard Nixon was involved in a break-in at the Watergate where the Democrats had interesting files. That was little more than teenage remedial opposition research in this world of corrupt politics and business based on “the take” and greed for more.

Some think Nancy Pelosi is planning the Trump impeachment when it would hurt his re-election campaign most, but that allows for Mr. Trump to renew his formidable “Witch Hunt” babble even though male witches are Warlocks, no?

Ms. Pelosi, without realizing it, is today mirroring the corruption of the “new” and horrid Republican Party, that places faith in whatever Administration we have left – and damn the world’s view of it. Yet, the infighting now occurring in the House and expanding throughout Democrat organizations seems to me – far before any stage that requires impeachment if only to stop the current excesses of corruption, avarice, and plain old meanness now on display for the universe.

My God, the British Ambassador more than summed it up and was more than kind while doing it. Now he’s packed his suitcase for London for doing his job. If we got hold of all the notes and reports and phone calls made about this government and the Administration by Ambassadors in residence we might have only a few very careful not to disturb men of high value left in all the embassies here.

Think about the President, even if he is being held with a gun to his head by unknown usurpers for the things he plans but hardly succeeds at. He is the only hope the nation has for restoration of what the United State once stood for, which even decades ago was filled with a healthy dose of disgrace, especially obvious in the ruins of racist, social stomping, wilding wars, and financial ruin for so many tens of millions of Americans, while the men who pulled that off during moves in the earlier 2000s ending in a worsening of almost everything starting in 2007 and, in fact continuing today. Except for the oligarchs living in their 200 million dollar homes who control so much today that only they are safe from the Apple carts and Cigarette smuggling in the trunks of cars such as that going on in the Great Depression.

Worse, we are about to begin rounding up human beings who didn’t follow the excruciating steps it takes to even approach American citizenship by the book. We are about to cattle-call like cowpokes, the men, woman and children – some of whom have lived peacefully with positive impact on America in all ways for decades; to now be shipped in boxcars and airplanes to whichever terrifying nation they fled after realizing the only hope for them and their children is our Great America that Mr. Trump is now making less great with one folly and prevarication after another while enriching himself and his friends even more than usual with men wielding almost impossible to describe power.

Nancy Pelosi is now engaged in a battle with four young and certainly avid women members if Congress wanting fairness who are living mortal signs of everything wrong with our laws and ways of life while so many of us pretend nothing is wrong for any of us. Donald Trump did not cause all the mistakes we have all made since the nation began – but he is, today, slobbering barbecue sauce on past evil deeds, mass corruption, with more foolhardy lies that say over and over that we are in the best fiscal condition in our history.

We are not well off fiscally or in most everything save for taking as much as some oF us can until it all comes crashing down as it always does in shorter and shorter cycles.

It is not true that it will take “unforeseen events”, or a pro-impeachment surge in public opinion, to change the current dynamic. People will not tell morons on telephones that they want this Administration gone, even if they like the President because of course he is and was not capable to dismantle all freedoms so entirely for so many by himself. The impeachment process, if it occurred, would bring on more than the almost 150 million American voices raised against what is going on in government today.

What does the Administration or the Senate Majority Leader, or the Attorney General, or the continuing change of clowns in the Cabinet have to do wrong to bring on the other 100 million voters to support the end of this nonsense, Mr. Conway?

We shall see.

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