My Wide Approval of OAC


A woman after this old man’s heart


BY: Jeffrey Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus – American Politics Journal – “Since 1988 – the Whole truth as we see it.

WASHINGTON, DC – 20 JUNE 2019, Thursday: We’ve spent that last several days reviewing all sorts of things about AOC aka Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and we are impressed; So much so that I give her a AAA rating for a new member of Congress and a AAA rating for any member of the House and the majority of the Senate.

You might ask why.

Here’s Why

“A Moral and Wealthy Society”

AOC used the two words above that I have been writing about and for since 1968 in college, law school, and graduate school. So what couldn’t be right-facing about her? Well, nothing thus far, and nothing I anticipate although I am starstruck now and sometimes disappointed as I was so many times in my more than six decades of life.

In a nutshell: She has the guts, the smarts, the looks, the heart, the parents, and a boyfriend, all that makes her bigger than life, and perhaps too intelligent to be so.

This is young woman and first term Congressman,woman, person,or other to watch from the Left or the Right – she’s a barn burning blender on wheels and she’s out for your heart or your political blood.

Anyone who has seen the videos of Alexandra Cortez dancing in the sun on what appear to be a rooftop will never forget her energy and her seeming jubilation for life that simply knocks the socks of men and women I know and respect including very many Republicans of the middle era and older, who didn’t get elected by pretending to be part of the SS..

She’s an activist born in October 1989, 41 years after my own birth in 1948, just after the war, and living as a babe living very near to her soon-to-be home district in East Queens which she now represents in the United States House of Representatives. ”

She’s a Democrat and an activist of note. She won her primary in 2018 upsetting Democrat Caucus Chair Joe Crowley – the biggest upset among many upsets last year which telegraphed the power of women and the fear of Donald Trump.

Crowley wasten- term incumbent, yet his district had changed and AOC was the woman who magnetized that change and brought it home later defeating Tony Pappas at age 29 by a billboard margin. She is the youngest woman to serve in the House and my opinion has already proved she even reaches the eggheads with wit aplomb.

Alexandra is a member of the Democrat Socialists of America She is a healthy progressive with a burning tongue when she needs it and seems to fear nothing and no one on earth. She believes in federal jobs guarantees, somewhat like the CETA program of 1970s that ushered me first into public service, but now with greater budgets. Her social media presence is astounding with almost 5 million followers on Twitter alone. On that platform she it “AOC” her initials – and I peek in there, when I can, to see what’s she’s up to which is almost daily.

This week she’s on both the CNN and Fox News “hit list” for comparing Donald Trump’s cages for kids and families south of the Border and North to “concentration camps” – not death camps as her opponents falsely enjoy comparing, to make her remark on camps look even more thoughtless and of course, antisemetic in some instances I have read – as a Jew. Thoughtless or sly, she is again front and center in voters minds these final weeks of June, 2019.

She wrote yesterday, “. . . we are calling these camps what they are …they fit squarely in an academic consensus and definition. (in itself an academic statement designedly so, or not).

Cortez is proud that history will view her and others for standing up “to this injustice” and I am proud to say that I put together the first KPBC FotoToon years ago showing President Trump, in Black Tie, and in Alaska hurding aliens without papers to his camps.

I too refuse to make people around the world comfortable with the reality of these American run camps which can be packed so full that the people – the majority of which of seeking asylum from broken and ruthless nations in Central America – who cannot sit down, but stand for hours, and days like sardines in a big fencelike can with their children, women, and the elderly.

Although the federal government under Mr Trump’s orders have been put in this terrible position – there are no plans, thank any true God, to hurt or murder these people – but children are dying, starving and without proper medical attention far too often waiting what seems forever for a chance to live and work in my USA – and I for one would be proud to have them.

These migrants have proved their worth by losing everything and taking the little they can in plastic bags, traveling thousands of miles on foot, in old busses and dirty trucks for a go at US citizenship no matter how this, our President insults them, labeling them as rapists, thieves, drug pushers and worse when only a handful might fit into those sordid tags while America lies in near-waste with thousands of children as opioid freaks and Fentanyl suicides every day even as the next crazy plots to shoot up a few grade schools or assassinate Jews in prayer.

It’s easy, once a few criminals are booked or uncovered at our borders, to make these ludicrous claims against men women and children fleeing from abject Poverty and disease as nationals in countries like Guatemala and El Salvador where this writer has spent many months helping indigenous and other citizens in Central America deal with corruption and evil at all levels – and out of control.

Of course the media and even Meet the Press’ Chuck Todd thinks the word “camps” are only historical places of horror run by Nazis, between the 1930 through the end of WWII but Chuck Todd was wrong to mix in the word Nazi when Ortez did not – Here Todd of NBC television is becoming more like Fox and CNN that also mocked Cortes for this particular charge when she is more than correct – These places are worse that any Camp most of us attended as “privileged” children in Levittown; and, in these Trump-sponsored Camps people are crying, starving and dying for what? – because it seems our own government would rather do that then bringing their national leaders to heel o Hell – with whatever it takes while Americans, we Americans care for these people and their families safe and warm until the world is rid of the greed-filled Petty Presidents and tyrants south of the border, and today north, of it as well. (I suppose now, that I am to be charged with Treason in the small and vicious mind of President Trump for whom I have made every attempt to be balanced without name calling or blowing, out of perspective things of no importance that he has said and done continuously.]

Tee great Ortez is no shrinking Violet, at least not yet because she is covered and protected now by serious, not spurious, law enforcers and watchdogs like us who won’t let her hang by a razor-sharp hook on the Trump White House House fence for his hired gawkers to laugh at while our people with heart weep.

Today, is Juneteenth for Alexandra Cortez and millions of Americans like you and I – It is the date of Lincoln’s Emancipation of millions of African slaves and the match that lit our bloody Civil War.

Cortez, points out that just yesterday Congress held hearings – finally – on reparations for the families of these slaves and others defiled by slavery because they had dark skin 250 years ago or helped slaves up the freedom road to the North to again be berated and more. Of course we will witness Democrats and Republicans fight against such reparations using one monstrously false excuse to get away from the cost of giving those generations flowing from our slavery – just a modern day leg up – while apologizing for that tragic few hundred years, which never let up until well after 1964 – 200 years later with the Civil Rights laws forced down the throats of Congress by a tough Lyndon Johnson.

The morons in the South “back in the day” who raped, murdered, whipped and worse Black men and women with violent sex, slave work for nothing, and maiming to except such poor food – that which would make us vomit today and die before age 45 on average.

Our own Department (DHS) will not give congress a truthful report about what goes on in these jail-like camps and we now have to rely on journalists and others who take the chance of Federal wrath for doing their jobs, because the Congress cannot of will not do it for us – they are so afraid of angering a bug in the White House. And that does for all side sitting at the Capitol, or more likely at home in their country clubs.

Does anyone know THE HILL newspaper – which had become a sort of neocon neo-nazi Newsletter for the ultra right while pretending to be the voice of Capitol Hill – which it never has been in my lifetime. The Hill, a crap-filled diary of hate hidden between the lines chipred the OAC needed to apologize to “not only the nation, but the World” this week for using the dreaded “camp” word – exactly what they are.

Hey! Hill Gofers for the insane – She owes none an apology for the truth, because most people working in those camps MORE than agree with her – More than agree! The nation and the World witness this rag paper owned by a bigger putz insult the heartfelt – and especially to put Ms. Ocasio-Cortez in danger even from my own religion which take the White House garbage literally. I ‘ll be damned.

This well-schooled and near-PR genius member of Congress advocates for a progressive platform that includes Medicare for all, a federal jobs guarantee, a proposed Green New Deal, abolishing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, free public college and trade school, and a 70% marginal tax rate for incomes above $10 million. Horrors whisper and yell the avaricious.

Ocasio-Cortez majored in international relations and economics at Boston University, graduating cum laude in 2011. She then worked as a waitress and bartender before running for Congress in 2018; she also served as an educational director for the five-day-long 2017 Northeast Collegiate World Series for the National Hispanic Institute.[12][13](WIKPEDIA

THE GREEN NEW DEAL VIDEO do not miss it.

Quotes from the MSNBC FILM I jotted::

We need to save ourselves

We are dealing with a crisis – only financial
but we are not producing and innovating….

Social and racial just – here in the Bronx – we have a Nexus – There is this false idea that we have to put options in a line – and then ask Do you care about THIS or THAT? we have confronted this stupid choice before during the great depressions and the cold War. The answer has been a mobilization of the economy around war Cortez says.

It does not have to be that way – especially when the true problem is Climate Change – saving ourselves and taking care of this planet

See this hour of clips on the New Green manifesto on Fox CNN CPAC and everywhere The senate, ban hamburgers, Stalin dreamt about it but never achieved it. I was expecting that – 100% – next level – I didn’t expect them to make total fools of themselves. I expected a little more nuance and little more concern.

I put together a draft early and that’s what they are moaning about. What we really have to have is a conversation. Cow flatulence is definitely a problem. It does not mean we eliminate cows as (these idiots) want you to believe – there would be other solutions, grains ,,,,,,etc

It is surreal. I still I’ve in Parkchester NY. I go back to that. It is not look at me I am the same person. When I moved to DC – my 4th of 5th day in DC I said I have to get out of here! (like me) in my 15th year.

We have to change our paradigms on every issue. People are dying from no drugs, for lead in the water – not time to hold commission?

What is the Green New Deal?

Rachel Cletus and _. Climate policy analyst.

burning fossil fuels and burning down forests brings a 2deg heat rise thus far from :normal” – we have 18 of the hottest years – in Nov 11 2001 – our national response – was to go to war in a one, two nations 3,000 people in PR died in Hurrican Maria – where is our response.

(there are five goals

isa massive deal. that should grow our economy.
it is not a taco bell – __ economy,

It these limate change applications on the economy with social justice – ( in fact all that should happen)

We have make huge investments to provide quality jobs – we are reshaping the entire economy – No more expendable people.
That sounds like Socialism, the host baits her purposely.

OAC – here are a couple of issues – no labels – Climate change is a problem of moral failure – as far back as 1970 Exxon knew that it was causing Climate Change. 40 years has changed nothing. This does not mean we change our structure of government.

We need to do SOMETHING – SOMETHING and that is was the GND is about.

And they wave this trash around saying the Green Deal will cost a gazillions dollars!

545 members of congress and the POTUS against the GND.

[Policy Director of the GND and Congressman of Cal].

Technical things to change climate situation by 2050.
Guy says we could expand the credit for electric vehicles – why not. Why are we not building more solar and other wind farms we can get to 60% in CAL by 2030.

If we passed the GND tomorrow – it is a Resolution – is passes the House and now becomes a National Priority (not a law) – which can be undermined by corporations and wealthy individuals. So it is a wish list the host says.

It is technically feasible because the workforce piece is very expensive. Within certain communities unemployment is still quite high – So we need to train people like that and others to do that work we will need. once that is done – we have no idea what can be accomplished then, but some idea of how to how do it.

OAC says “unionized” jobs – is it politically

asked the NYT. We need to transition away from worrying about fossil fuels and NOT stop worrying about fossil fuel workers.

These are the same investments on income inequality. HOST cal is the leader today. What are the lessons there in CA – but so is Iowa and Texas says Rep. Cal. This is so eminently doable – the economics DO make sense. They, the pols, are today engaged in nonsense – we can talk with each other about spending 500 billion on wind farms – How about funding the pensions of coal minders. rebuilding Flint – Let’s just START! OAC

OAC backs technical purpose – let’s talk about that with Heather McGee and Bob English who has scars as a GOP congressman who was defeated largely because he said he believed in Climate Change driven by our activities.

Republicans were focused on climate change – the leadership said they were ready to do something about it – even MItch McConnell – although quietly.

McGee – result of millions of young people focusing on that issue

THE GREEN NEW DEAL – rooted in the NEW DEAL – one of the finest legislative efforts in American History says McGee.

Let’s say there are Dem majorities in the House and Senate. that’s what everyone says.

That is why the NGD was designed as it was AOC. We go straight to the electorate – not to my colleagues – This is not a partisan issue, there are Dems that will get in our way too and we know it. You don’t have to replace everyone in elected office – It is the electoriate overwhelmingly saying it supports it that with force the crazy POLS to be for it as well.

Congress. says we now have a Tea a=Party of the Left – we are at risk if that. Dangerous hahaha.

AOC -what I think – is that we are committed to policies that make things better- not calling names ….. the ground was xenophobia and White supremacy. I won against the 4th most powerful person in the Dem party – I was college graduate bar tender – this a return to American representative Democracy. Everyday people funded me – the Koch brothers funded the Tea Party = the people funded me and the NGD.

Host says that tea party kicked out the guest congressman.
We found 2 trillion to give away to the rich. We can find money for the GND. These are now centrist ideas and soon ideals.

This congressman says if we have a Trump rally like on Climate Change. it can’t be done in a singe session two years Can we come back to universal income later – the audience is booig – AOC yells that booing is unacceptable! We are not Trump. She agrees. Pol pop works this way – they say maybe yes, but then hem and haw.

Look we have 12 years before the end of anything to do – >>>> wwe don’t know. So we must cut emission in half. That’s the debate – the threshold. SAYS THE host who is not very smart.

Host talks on AOC breaking the status quo…..good point.

You are doing the right thing, but learning now to do it. How do you balance that.

AOC – a freshman has an advantage – we are not weighted down by histories and we do not accept corporate money – that gives you incredible latittude. We just priiortize social, racial an economic justice. Sometimes we find that things we are trying to do are already being done on some level..

HOst asks about her future.

AOC my life’s calling is to serve people. I feel that I will do the things that can create the most good and opportunity for good. They could kick me out in 2 years, or I can be there longer. – And she is thinking about the SENATE and ther WHIRE HOUSE -and she sh

2 thoughts on “My Wide Approval of OAC

  1. I used to be a liberal over 14 years ago. But now you side with a fraud who openly embraces Communism and hates our Constitutional Republic?

    I used to respect you back in 1998 until I hit the age of reason in the Spring of 2005. Thank God AMPOL went under!

    1. I embrace Communism? You better go back to read over the past 35 years – you know that is wrong Rebecca. Social awareness is not Communism – and AOC is neither a Socialist nor a Communist in any sense of the word. She is bright, and yes a bit young, but she has guts far more than most Democrats I have worked for and supported all my life. I am closer to a Communist that she is – but I am too wealthy to be one in fact! Love you and remember you are a reader. Don’t give up – but get your facts straight! I bet you would grow to like her very much if you befriended her – I don’t know of any serious people who do know her that think she is what you are fearful of – ESPECIALLY ME!

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