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WASHINGTON, DC – 18 JUNE 2019: So, what do we have here? This past week the President of the United States has seemingly decided that Iran is attempting to close the Strait of Hormuz by shelling and planting mines on the sides of oil tankers. So far five such tankers have absorbed explosion and fired with few or no deaths but many injured or overboard. Yet, after the media went wild over his future plans for Iran, President Trump called them small attacks on oil freighters?

President, Trump has also told the nation that the FBI and the CIA and other intelligence agencies are either or doing a poor job for American citizens or lying about his activities.

He has preemptively claimed that he has a done deal, with Mexico on tariffs (or not) including an agreement that can already be seen in play where Mexico will stop migrants from Central America (and elsewhere) from cutting across the Mexican boundary line.

Thus far it appears that more than 6,00 Mexican troops have sealed from immigrants the nation’s southern border, although it is yet unclear as to how they will go about accomplishing this. The same types of agreements with other nations in Central America and South America are rumored to be working with the United States on stopping migrants from moving through their borders and finally through the American border, either illegally or claiming asylum from the out of control situation in many of the equatorial nations below Mexico.

The President also announced that the ICE will begin arresting illegal aliens by the tens of thousands or, by other reports, million later this year, or early next year.

For the first time, the Pentagon has either leaked purposely, to embarrass the President, according to David Sanger of the New York Times, or not. The so-called leak, relating to cyber-warfare across the world, and specifically aimed at the Russians (because of meddling in the 2016 elections) is put in such a way that it reads like the Pentagon did not trust Mr. Trump to be deeply briefed, or briefed at all about new strategies and actions in the computer, cyber, and software wars now ongoing between the USA and Russia, China, and perhaps other, deemed hostile nations, including North Korea.

The President has also closed further loopholes that leave Huawei Corp – the leading manufacturer of cell phone and other wireless parts Chinese corporation to sell its wares to United State’s buyers, These have thrown that Chinese company into a new and negative retort of its future financial situation according to its corporate leadership.

This writer is not aware if China owns part of Huawei or that company is privately owned. Huawei’s executives have reported that Huawei is privately owned by its millions of employees and is not managed by the state. If this is true, say some, this does not mean that Beijing could interfere or simply take over the company in the future – or already is doing so today. This writer has no idea but reports only what has been told by other sources, including Huawei executives as late as yesterday in an hour and one half long meeting with reporters.

David Sanger, writing for the Times along with others, explains that it is unclear that Huawei is not somehow involved with the Chinese government (See the N.Y. Times – https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/25/technology/who-owns-huawei.html). It is clear, however, that China is deeply involved in total ownership of many Chinese corporations but that others are privately held and finance themselves with loans and issues on the world’s stock exchanges it is my understanding.

What interests me is what will happen to have products already introduced into the American communications systems and cell phones carrying gate Huawei logo. Will they be seized or handled in some other way like absorption and destruction – with or without recompense for the U.S. government.

The White House claims that Huawei, by having its parts and technology in cell phones and other devices it makes for the computer and cell industry, which could be used to damage the United States electronics and communications infrastructure or worse. Huawei has announced projections of a 30 percent overall reduction in profits and a 40 percent downturn in its cell phone sales which has put some Chinese in panic for potential job losses and other downstream and upstream losses suffered by this ban on Huawei products. Huawei is reputed to be the world 2nd most significant cell phone producer in the world, but maybe first since it surpassed Apple in sales recently. We are working to confirm this.

The President has also sent at least an additional one thousand troops into the Middle East, the White House says, to prepare for worsening of alleged Iranian actions by its armed forces which are loosely run without enough control from Iranian state leadership and the Ayatollah, the leader of the Iranian Islamic citizenship.

However, thus far there are no lists of what other kit goes with these threats and actions them in terms of arms, armaments, or other military equipment that could be used by Iranian special forces.

One thousand American troops are, according to sources, not many men and women who could change the balance or lack thereof in the region; however, other troops and contractor military may be joking these one thousand in the future, or already there.

Iran has denied any run-up or action against oil tankers or other targets in the Strait of Hormuz. However, the White House has released videos and clean photographs offered to prove that the Iranian military is specifically involved in these actions. Of course, we must recall that some in the early 2000s claimed much of the same about Iraq, itls nukes and chemical weapons before entering that country and nearly destroying its infrastructure over the past two decades – but never finding any trace of said weapons of mass destruction.

These charges are what the White faces from the press – and it seems, perhaps, the Pentagon and other intelligence agencies -in that the media has reported that President Trump has publicly told more than 12 thousand lies to the American People as the largest part of his audience and is it suggested that “who knows” what he tells other in privacy including Vladimir Putin, President Chi, and the leaders of North Korea and elsewhere.

The President will announce his plan to enter the battle for his re-election today in Florida, which he calls his “adopted state.” Large crowds are already assembled in that state and around the location of his announcement planned for later today.

The final, unexplained as yet, explosion from the White House came this morning or late last evening when it was announced that ICE, along with other US actors, will begin arresting and deporting illegal aliens by the thousands or millions beginning soon. It is yet unclear how this will be accomplished, or whether this is simply a way for the White House to gather almost total world interest and fears about today’s speech and his re-run announcement.

One other mystery was exposed on television news last night. Certain people, including ethics experts and others, have called for the dismissal of Elaine Chao, now Secretary of Transportation, wife of Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, and former secretary of Labor under President George W. Bush for eight years starting in 2001. as well as holding high positions with both President Ronald Reagan and the elder President George Bush.

The problems mentioned by a law professor are that Secretary Ciao both under the Trump and Reagan Administrations may have committed crimes by using her office to enrich private corporations in China but doing business with or in the United States and its allies.

In addition is has been alleged that the McConnell’s have received gifts, some say in excess of $25 million dollars as well as contributions from Ms. Ciano’s family to Mitch McConnell’s control, senatorial campaign committee, or Political action Committee is not yet clear. This, along with several problems with other former and continuing members of the Trump Cabinet appear to point to less that discriminate investigation before and during her appointments. The White House has already defended Ms. Ciao and Senator McConnell has denied said inuendo or out and out charges against his wife and The Senator should more emerge.

So, hold on to your bonnets and keep informed as best you can. These machinations, whether needed or not, place the nation in great danger of mistaken war or unheard-of destruction of people’s lives and incomes around the world. It would seem to me, based on other plans the White House has announced in the past that this could simply be a series or the start of a more extensive series of focus-on-the-President moves by public-relations, professionals or not.

Of course, this will become self-apparent in the coming days, weeks, and months.

So many White House efforts make Headlines and More. From secret cyber-wars that appear the Pentagon hid from the White House to Secretary Elaine Chao’s violating Government Ethics Rules according to Professor.

The question of the day among some media is “will Americans begin to purchase property in Canada or elsewhere in preparation to leave the country should some war, in fact, break out. I have my doubts – but we plan to keep in touch with activity toward such aims – already Americans own properties outside the country in record amounts and have been acquiring same for years now in more rapid and rapacious amounts. Has the White House spurred this to new heights, or not?

It may appear so, or is the media just gone wild on the day he announces his run for a second term as President of the United States.

Jeff Koopersmith

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