An Answer to Gail Collins and Bret Stephens on their New York Times Piece Last Week

READ FIRST if possible. It is Collins & Stephens always interesting and well-written work – but missing some points.

BY: Jeff Koopersmith

Yes, Bret and Gail, impeachment is a useful and perhaps political death inspiring censure for President Trump if it is still ongoing on Election Day, and the Senate is even, and for the first time in memory, playing poker in some dark room pretending they will tug his ear over Mexican Tariffs.

Impeachment open and sizzling along could end Trump’s presidency is, not yet, unlikely as Gail Collins and Bret Stephens suggest in the op-ed of the past week Let me answer their meanderings as we proceed.’

It will not be the end for the President if the impeachment start dates come either too soon or too late.

NancyPelosi is correct to stall the impeachment filing for months – That filing should be far closer to November 2020, but – and after – a stabbing Censure with no fear or regret from the House. I might choose January 2oth 2020 for the Stinging Censure and – All Fools Day – April 1st, 2020, for the Impeachment to begin in earnest. Average Americans work too hard and long to understand that “obstruction of justice” is a nasty crime because they see and hear gibberish about that felony almost every day by the fool “Judge Nap” and from all broadcast media. Without clear and hard-hitting impeachment testimony that is stunning in its simplicity – the impeachment idea may not stick.

Yes, impeachment is a lengthy and useful way, perhaps, as a final death at the polls never-ending censure for President Trump. Even if still ongoing on Election Day it could make the difference in a very close race.

Without clear and hard-hitting impeachment testimony that is aired on television 24/7/365 – especially by Fox News, impeachment could fail.

The only thing Bill Weld, and most of us all to look forward to, is a plastic body bag from the mortuary or the Coroner’s office.

Trump may be studied in the future, but more likely by science, believing that humankind and monkeys go through DNA-fated times of idiocy and war. Check with the genius “Chimp Lady.” There has never been a conservative intelligentsia in America except for a wrong choice by an American professor of logic and semantics who became the United States Senator, Samuel Ichiye Hayakawa.

The right does not want to “own” the Libs – they want to erase them from the earth – even by murder-one from their whacked out brainwashed neighbors or, instead, imprisonment in death camps. The left, if classically jumping too quickly, is also a far smaller part of the electorate because of the rotten, humiliating, and robotic schooling and teachers we have had because of right-wing neocon’s and neo-nazi’s slashed education budgets and those phony “schools for profit” called “Anything but Public Schools.”

All the yelling is just as easy to ignore today as it was in the 1960s and 70s – unless you are a chimp, quite old, or not into video games or texting. Americans will yawn at Facebook and Twitter sooner or a bit later.

Socialism is not an answer for the United States, because it requires the end of most freedoms and state ownership of almost all business and the economy, and all this disappears with those tactics. (See China) Yet simple and basic guaranteed standards of living is, strengthening the middle class is, along with vice-like control – but never government ownership of business, Instead, harsh punishment for corruption and crime in elected or appointed office, and for all business leaders – all of them – no matter how rich and influential – they are the last guardians of ethical conduct and should pay heartily for ignoring that great trust by Americans. That is not socialism. That is fairness and Truth. Also, Fairness in Advertising laws must be passed with the sharpest teeth for lies and overstatements of fact and would also do far more than you or I can imagine thus curing mass-avarice – or greed (DEF: For the nation-existant conservative intelligentsia).

I would like to see slavery and other violations of the most basic human dignity begin reparations differently – By tracing wealth gained by slavery and lesser crimes against humanity honored in America and clawing it back only for those with just a single slave in their family tree.

Thus far Bret Stephens is correct – there is no candidate Democrat who can beat Trump without impeachment or a still legally possible (don’t believe Bob Barr) indictment for crimes from the outlier state and federal prosecutors.

Just an attempt to arrest the President will drive the public to “get interested and to learn more” but it also could incite the most bigoted to try a lost revolution so careful, careful for the mad.

Leaning to the Center today is almost an approval of concentration camps for undocumented aliens and non-republican citizens.

All shooting and maiming within the no-military American society is not based on enemy warfare (which the USA alone juiced up, first in Asia and today in the Middle East) comes from all the downtrodden realizing, at the youngest of ages, that there simply no future for a vast majority of people living anywhere today which hits the soul of youth especially terrible in these United States. That was once to be a fate only for people of color. yet white people take it far more seriously now because of the bigots in high places and they become deranged and mentally ill – PTSD victims – wreaking havoc upon other innocent victims unchained.

The collapse of the NRA has already begun; however, that is because arms and ammunition manufacturers have wisened to poseurs like Gestapo Officer Wayne La Pierre and convicted felon and unemployable from lack of revision, Oliver North. These arms corporations will now turn to Madison Avenue and K Street NW directly to solve their problems – most likely through little do-gooder disguises called something like Equality & Riches for all” or the “Children’s Protection Society” et alia.

Steve Bannon is a weak dirt version of Hitler’s worst fabulists for power and fortune.

It is also time to stop memorializing idiotic wars and instead protect young men and women from becoming “murder or death slaves” by believing in Flags and re-written history. We must have severe punishments for crimes of greed and malice of any kind as long as most of us can live at least above the Poverty Level, and in peace, with health care, and understanding. That is the Rx for happiness.

Ms. Collins and Mr. Stephens: If you think voters are cranky and polarized from lack of crises – you must not read the New York Times and other excellent news sources. The crises you own newspaper underscores on a daily basis give important credence to the truth – that most Americans today are in crises and fearful for their futures, but afraid – it seems – to speak out.

Time’s up Speaker Pelosi – time to begin planning closer and with mighty bravery to begin the end of the world’s infatuation for kill or be killed – something still alive in our genes this day.

  • Gail Collins is an Op-Ed columnist and a former member of the editorial board and was the first woman to serve as the Times editorial page editor, from 2001 to 2007. @GailCollins • Facebook
  • Bret L. Stephens has been an Opinion columnist with The Times since April 2017. He won a Pulitzer Prize for commentary at The Wall Street Journal in 2013 and was previously editor in chief of The Jerusalem Post. @BretStephensNYT • Facebook
  • Jeff Koopersmith is a speechwriter, columnist, and activist for fairness and the environment and is still fighting for integrity and justness as the publisher and Editor Emeritus of the first policy and politics news source on the Internet – American Politics Journal – from 1988 through the present which takes no advertisements or donations from business or political activists.

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