Memorial Day Celebrates Death Not Life – Our Peers Who Died Or Were Maimed for life, and Now They and Others Commit Suicide By The Thousands each year – and for Who and for What?

This Memorial Day circus, using the death and injury of American men and women in the pursuit of riches for the wealthiest, and not in our defense was a tragedy ot tomfoolery and ignorance. God Bless our soldiers, but God damn those who send them to die so far from home for the powerful – not in defense of the poorest including those innocents – civilians struck down by our gluttony and raging lack of soul with heartlessness.


I sent this is to old schoolmate this morning who urged me celebrate needless wars and those who fight them. I love those who fought, no matter how misled they were or are, but I loathe any combat fought for money and power that itself is so fleeting and unnecessary. It is time that Lockheed Martin et al – tell our leaders and whichever allies we have left that this pretense of war – fighting to make sure OUR status quo is preserved in an act against any God and mankind. PLEASE READ and Pass On

The tragedy seen on Capitol Hill last night that was supposed to be a memorial was more like a celebration, for hours, that belongs ONLY to those who fought wars not in defense but in support of profits, a poor status quo for most, and low paying jobs. Let us not forget this truth even if ordered by leaders who pretended or didn’t know the difference. A soldier does not fight for the wealthy he fights for his buddies around him and family so he might come home alive and whole and continue the work he wants to reach his own personal zenith whatever that may be.


Dear Bob, Yes, but it might have been French Bob (That we were speaking after Vietnam) – I agree with your respect for the soldier, however, the use of our guys, (Nearly 60,000 of them and civilians in the millions) who werr to cripple themselves and die for capitalism capitalism controlled by the USA and those who controlled it after WWII cannot be forgiven.

Most of the boys that went to SouthEast Asia and even to Korea prior – had no idea why they were there and our PEERS Robert – young Plainview boy Jeffrey Miller, a friend, killed at Kent State University for opposing a nation controlled by one percent even then as Ike warned us along with many others.

Yes, a few percent of those hating warfare were stupid enough to challenge and demean soldiers who went – even the ones to the Middle East for a short period – to kill, maim, and starve millions over the past 20 years. We lost 58,000 of our peers in Vietnam – in fact more, and now I heard in the past 20 years that only 7000 have died thus far, I heard this last night on Capitol Hill in a “show” that was more like a brainwashing by some TV star who hsd no idea what he was saying. The truth is that more like 30,000 or more when you count the private armies Cheney hired to keep the truth away and their private contractors who support them also died.

Dick Cheney was a murderer of Americans and Middle Easterners. 911 had nothing, nada, to do with Saddam (Yes, a bastard) or any Iraqi but we easily flattened their country on the sick pretenses of rebuilding it – and everyone but the dimmest that went over there these past nearly two decades knows this and thinks about that daily – about their dead friends laying in their blood on the sand of nowhere, but also the hundreds of thousands of “the enemy” which we made the enemy long before who died in the tens of thousands along with the millions now in concentration camps called “refugee camps” where men, women and babies are yet dying following their relatives who lie rotting under what’s left of their little villages and cities – now in nine nations around the world my firend – not just Afghanistan and Iraq.

My Dad who died so young in a car crash on XMAS morning from a cop chasing a speeding Marine on Old Country Road who was 17 and now also a victim of local control by idiots.

This is what we must watch out for. It was Saudi Billionaires and others that murdered the men and women and children at the World Trade Center – I was there days before having breakfast with a cousin who had an office there. I had several friends and business acquaintances in those towers as well. I was due at breakfast on 911 again to eat atop the fancy tower restaurant 911 day their on top of the WTC. I was not able to be their but I saw the smoking buildings and imagined and and could see films of the Saudi private jets of filled with those who were then living in America fleeing with Cheney’s aid and permission that next day.

The soldiers and those that prepare them for life, death and killing in situ iat far off places with strange names, never planned to attack those who could never attack the United States formally yet tens of thousands died in the Middle East both soldeirs and supporters and those of our, then, allies. Yet they all, the fighters, deserve our respect for doing, at least, what they felt was a moving patriotic thing. Yet they were brainwashed to do so from past WWII fighters who made it home in the 1940s.

The extension of what I call the Cheney Wars which was a self-righteous and meaningless attack and murder of people todayaroud much the earth that had no schooling or hatred for us in any way.

So don’t fool yourself – There is no room for ANY physical attack on anyone unless they attack you first = then what choice is the choice? Choose Life, yes – but not just for ourselves but for all human beings (and animals now dying out suffering form us)

The nonsense here in Washington last night was a tragedy watching the creators and the idiots rolling out the brave and pitiful in wheelchairs – victims of the generals that stood there and past generals.

Colin Powell, a man I once respected greatly LIED LIKE A SNIPE not only to us, but to the world at the U.N. Today he said he trusted the bad information, but I believe it a fact that he new the information that Saddam had nukes and other lethal weapons ready to attack us or our was a lie. He knew it, Cheney knew it, I want to doubt that President Bush knew that.

Cheny’s little wars now spread across nine nations that we know of who, today really do hate us and many of our leaders. This, while we rejoice in easy billions for less than 0.45% of Americans while adding up to what 53.2 percent of the entire population earns annually. About 175 men and women earn the same total amount of money that 175 million people now live on daily from paycheck to paycheck as inflation soars yet is also lied about.

So yes – never slap or demand the soldier – he did offer his or her life – although in the early 2000s for nothing but greed and avarice on the part of heatless avaricial leaders and today, perhaps insane ones.

We have no democracy now and we must start rebuilding it for our 50 year kids ad our grandchildren before they grow up to be drafted (coming soon my friend) to fight wars even controlling outer space and the entire world contained within.

Do not forget that brainwashing occurs on all sides and at all times, and remember what you seem to forget now – Every soldier blown up in the Middle-East and around the world today are dying needlessly and those who come home and shoot themselves, hang themselves or slash their wrists soon thereafter are years later are not doing that because we didn’t welcome them home with flowers – It is because they could no longer face the nightmares, the guilt, or even a mirror from what they had seen done – for what, for nothing but money wired to secret banks today.

Bob – you were a peer in my early days in grade school and I liked and respected you – and still do – I urge you though to think about the 100s of millions around the earth that are trapped into near slavery by American and world grifter’s gluttony. Today is a sad day, not a Happy Memorial Day. Enough is enough.

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  1. you have courage to say things that normaly we cannot tell! i’m impressed! take care of yourself!

    1. Thank you, Beatrice – you might recall that in the almost 40 years American Politics has been on line we have never taken a penny from anyone. We pay for everything ourselves so we cannot be owned by this or that politician, party, or business. THnks for saying I have courage – but I am fearful nonetheless of becoming a target for the Crazies out there – all 100 million of them! Bless you!

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