Dems: Go! Or Get Off the Pot!

Democrats spin a great yarn and then retreat in fear.

Jeff Koopersmith, former member and co-founder of the DNC Business Council

By Jeffrey Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

WASHINGTON DC, FRIDAY, 10 MAY 2019: I read an opinion column by Michelle Goldberg for the New York Times. It was smart and hard hitting. Goldberg, a Jewess, accuses President Trump of bigotry and I believe as well that this is his and the Democrat’s most crucial fault; Trump’s by playing into the hands of America’s most vile racists, homophobes, antisemites, and more – Democrats by talking a big game and offering nothing but the fear of their own political hides. I am an independent, but once a Democrat loyalist because my father, even as the head of his factory, made certain for years that the women and men working for him were paid more than he until the new company he formed made a decent profit, For that reason there were nearly 800 people at his funeral and Teddy Koopersmith was not what you call part of the elite. He was fair, had lost his leg due to World War II and had a heart bigger than the Bronx where his small company with a hundred or more workers lived.

I have written, and I believe that Donald Trump is not all the badness feared when he was elected. But, worse, now he pretends to side with the most ignorant of us going out of his way to massage of people closer to Nazis than Americans even as his daughter Ivanka, married to a prominent Jew who raises Mr.Trump’s grandchildren as Jews, keeps her mouth shut while her husband works with Trump on many questionable matters. While Trump may be a liar, I wrote years ago that this is a cross that so many urban CEOs in New York and elsewhere carry proudly.

They too are pathological liars for a superabundance of reasons including vileness. Any American can sit back and watch televised advertising to know this. Ad Men are born liars and experts at the craft. Sit down and watch these commercials with some sense – Can you really lose 10ounds in a week on some diet scheme? Is the world salivating to own an overpriced SUV to prove they are chic? Can women or men, in reality, remove deep wrinkles and more just by using one of a thousand phone products that scream Yes? Of course not. No more than there are nice men and women among the tens of thousands of neo-nazis in America who now believe that the rich and the Jews leading them have taken away their White Supremacy in aid to minorities – and worse – people who are non-Christian even though Jesus was a Jew and was not Crucified by Jews – another lie told for 100o years by snake oil salesman on the pulpits of Christian Power who while they were at it – convinced whole civilizations who believed in other “Gods” that only Christ was the God to worship.

The greed for power breeds a real necessity to lie over and over and over again, and about nearly everything. The world has become a planet of liars – first led by religious fanatics for domination and later joined by elected and appointed officials who, like Steve Bannon and others in essential positions realized long before any of we liars today. So, after four decades I realized that taking sides and participating in their lies was wrong and approaching feloniousness. I knew that even though I had been lying to others and myself for years – excusing my love for finery and expert craftsmanship as being “artistic” when along it was more to at least look wealthier than I was.

Mr. Trump, The House, and Senate are drowning in lies that have and will convert to bigotry even before they are public. My favorite among all the lies told today by the “rightest” Republicans, along with far too many senior Democrats, is that there is no runaway inflation in the United States

This, when a little old house in a lousy neighborhood in Los Angeles sells now for more than a million dollars, a vehicle like Jeep, for instance, known for its undependable SUVs, can sell for almost one hundred thousand dollars, and a good MRI costs more than $10 thousand to you or your insurance company (also a lie – it cost the company far less). A ladies purse or men’s backpack sold in the nation’s most exclusive (meaning expensive) shops go for as much as 45 thousand dollars.

Shoes that are not crap go for more than 4-600 dollars that cost less than 250 dollars not that many years ago – and the prices continue to climb – now to create a TRUE AND VISUAL wealthy and the not so wealthy poor. I could go on forever, but my point is that even I – I hater of war, racism, and all bigotry was just a little more honest than the average liar. Lying is now a human trait – and goes back thousands of years history tells us. Is the drive to lie genetically as some say making war may be? Perhaps – but that does not make if AOK. Our own Democracy – the best government, can offer – is still almost wholly based on lies. Yes, we have a Constitution and the ammunition of law.

Yet the very people – including the hilarious corporate person – can lie, and never be jailed, can cheat and story whole families – like Banks – and never see the inside of a cell – but always keep their millions while the stockholders pay the tend os millions – even billions in fines – or do they? In the 18th Century were women not persons? Were minorities and slaves only animals to be used? Today, are corporations with hundreds of billions available to bribe even the most honest man or woman indeed a person – WHO is protected by Freedom of Speech? Yet, our Supreme Court and lower appeals courts hold that nonsense out as truth? Well, it is frankly exhausting to think about. All these creepers have nothing to do with having a Democracy which is only an excuse for a Corporate Dynastic Earth is it not? Communists and Socialists, Royals, and leaders of gangs and Juntas lie as much as others.

All people lie at some time, but it appears that our own elected officials lie continuously. To boot, now we hear the nation described as – not a Democracy, But a Republic just like the old Soviet-style Socialist Republics. Today we are called, by Republicans, A Capitalistic Nation, not a Democracy. Added to these lies are “Democrats being socialists and commies” running the United States.

Those who see themselves as those on “the right” believe, and now openly call the United States a nation run on Capitalism as if that is a religion. People I speak to in the GOP tell me that calling our country one of Capitalism is a tricky way to draw a “semantic” differential between Republicans and Democrats – Oh? Of course, being labeled Socialist and Communists simply because a few Democrats in leadership believe openly in Fairness and Equal Protection under the law? Yet there is little fair about the law and almost no equal protection for all Americans.

Equal protection under that law by more than 90 million Americans means – getting a trial for a crime via a television camera from judges sitting miles away and without an audience or the ability for anyone but the cast to participate – the actors being an inadequate defense counsel a Prosecutor and an overworked and most likely criminal judge – especially at the lowest and highest courts in the land.

Have you not noticed how Republicans and now Democrats, crazily jump to make sure that people know they were prosecutors before being elected to office or members of policing agencies and the like.

Why – because prosecutors are paid to draw blood from the neediest or the craziest – and today needy and crazy are the secret words for the American UnderCaste fighting for open and brutal control of our nation and other nations – but the Poorest and the Wealthiest representatives of the new Caste society – much like the old Indian civilization which trapped people from birth to poverty forever. India abolished the Caste System long ago – or did they only change the name? You be the judge.

To the so-called Left, this lack of equal opportunity and protection is a tragedy- the only definition for what they and their brethren Republicans have allowed now ring in the United States. It is not only Trump and his minions who have caused these disparities and separations – it is all of us who bury the truth in hopes we can be freed by money – yet any honest discussion from the moneyed shows that they are as miserable or more so than most. Today it seems the richest must hide from the rest of us – not because we hate him – although the Republicans would love all to hate them to bolster their Democrats-Are-Communists or Socialist garbage and lies. No, the wealthiest hide because they are frightened, beyond all telling, to show their wealth just as the rich become at every super-juncture of hundreds, no thousands, of years of rich versus, weak combat. They live behind walls of steel, their cars, and even rental limos are bullet and even bomb-proofed. They have their own aircraft so as not to mingle with who could be an enemy.

This list is enormous – think about it. Worse, corporate America sells you almost useless alarm systems that notify no one but some high school kid working in the Philippines or Idaho that you are in trouble. (No not all of these companies – but if you want dependable protection it will cost you dearly and still may not work when the power is out from accidents or by home invaders) Here is one clue – If you don’t have a cell phone that is always on – and always charged in your attic of the highest location in your home – you have little or no protection.

However, The Best Clue – that most excellent security systems are not installed by the companies you see advertising on television – they are instead specialized companies in your home city or town – Search them out by asking your local police captain. Of course, many of the 175 million of us without the funds for reliable protection think about this – so they, in turn, buy pistols, machine guns, and shotguns in case no one comes to help. And do not, for a moment, think that the NRA does not openly or behind-the-scenes support putting fear into your hearts and the hearts of your family – especially your children.

Next week we will examine, in detail, the bigotry that not only Michelle Goldberg but other internationally renowned writers, religious and international leaders have openly discussed in writing and speeches regarding the New Republican Party and it’s a dismissal of values cherished over 300 years as well as the media efforts to boost that dismissal causing anguish in our population.

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