Hilarious. As CNN Breathes a Biden Sigh of Relief . . . At least now, someone with a long and not overly whacky history!

WASHINGTON DC, THURSDAY 25th APRIL 2019: Joe Biden, my favorite old Democrat finally stooped the guessing on CNN and announced his run for president which I saw this morning about 5 a.m.

Biden showed smarts moving against the President’s weakest link – the nutty over-the-top alt-right White Supremacists who I call THE SUPREMES since they seem to occupy even the most conservative, but not inane Republican mind these days. Biden made certain to re-show the clips of American Nazis, and what appeared to be hired but flakey young men dressed in Ralph Lauren-like gear while marching around in in Charlottesville which I imagine was chosen by these people because Charlotte is a Germanic name for women – mostly, today, in Germany.

Biden went on went on with the usual arrows tucked in his moderate to liberal quiver of Wad-I-Stand-Fors. I will not mention them now, as they are sure to change as often as have the other Democrat wannabee’s lightening ideas for the Oval Office in 2020 almost daily as they are abased by our normal but no one knows who takes them: “bad idea” polls that come out right after candidates make rather implausible plans public. The real question for each ot them is, in my book – “can you put up with the garish Gold Curtains in the Oval which looks generally seems to be much like a Saudi den than an Heritage’ Americana room filled with photos and paintings of once-loathed former presidents and others more likeable.

Thus far, I have to tell you that I have not see, a single male or female candidate who might beat President Trump in November of 2020. They are all laudiable and likeable, but no one seems overwhelmed by them, or fearful of them in parallel to Trump pros and antis who offer their perspectives on everything but know little about much except the proper worship of money – and in all religions.

Again. It is far too early to predict much more than either the current candidates are either too old, too young, too girlish, or school-marmish, too fat or thin, too stupid or silly and frankly another few that are seriously delusional – enough so to be hustled off to some private Shrink Tank for a few months. Lord bless them, for they know not what they do. (And no, I think a woman would be a far better president so no backstabbing because I included them in this paragraph.)

I am proud of my America, and all the candidates who risk their very lives just to work themselves to death at the White House. Anyone with the courage to do so for under $62 million a year which the Chief of Disney gets – must be batty. Oh I know – they consider the “service” and the “nation” and don’t care about salary or their future, and families’ and friend’s future either. All are just short of a life pass to the funny farm and will become worse and the next 18 months or so wears out their enthusiasm and most, of not all of the quit the gig to allow two old men like me – Biden and Bernie to decide who will probably lose to Trump whose campaign will be managed by savagely pounding voters in the Net and IPhones, by the greatest and most sinister fighting mind minds in Eastern Europe.

That’s all.

I’m going fishing.

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