jews elected  in Iran
Yes Jews serve in the Iranian Legislature

By Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

“So let us stop, at least, this continuing bombardment against minorities – now a seeming worldwide Hobby for power-seekers.  Isn’t it enough how used and abused so many of these asylum seekers are – maligned and tortured in their homelands – where only an accident of birth left them to weep?”

Jeff Koopersmith

WASHINGTON DC – 15 APRIL 2019 – INCOME TAX DAY!:  So, President Trump is busy tantalizing, even if he does not realize it,  his troops for an imminent (or not) attack on Muslims, and in America too – and in the House of Representatives for sure.

Who would have given him such advice? His choice the was – “I go after Rep. Omar, and I gain a little with the White Supremacists who think every Muslim is out to kill all Americans, and I might even gain some Jewish votes because they must all hate the Muslims around the earth.”

What a silly an undignified choice he makes. 

There are many Jews in America with close Muslim friends, and there must be at least a small bloc of White Supremacists and American Neo-Nazis and older Nazis who understand that all Americans are entitled to serve the people.

Raised by Jews for a decade after my Christian parents tossed me into a Catholic home for bastards’ whose biological mom and dad were also Catholic, I went to Hebrew School; I went to other religious schools to learn about Islam and other religions like Buddhism.  Finally, I settled on thinking I must be Catholic for the folks that run Catholic Charities must have had me baptized, or my birth parents who I am still trying to find out about may have.  I am drawn to Catholicism because it is stringent and unabashed even when it gets caught hiding priests who fondle (and worse) children those priests have “groomed” and “tamed” unholy enjoyment. 

The truth is – as most educated Americans know –  that there are many child molesters among all Americans some white boys, some dark-skinned teens, some lesbians, and lots of gay adults. 

I never joined The Church, but the main reason I turned against parts of Judaism is that our rabbi told me I could not say “Kadish” (a prayer for the dead) for my own father because I was adopted and could not be a Jew even if I had been Bar Mitzvah. He was an old man locked in his ways, and I am sure other rabbis would not have felt that same.

I had memorized the Kadish at an early age, for grandparents an old aunts and uncles who died in the 1960s, I have Iranian friends and friends who are married to Iranians – Iran was a European nation before changes made mostly by white soldiering in the late 19th and throughout the 20th centuries,  Yis Kah Dahl, is how I how the Jewish prayer for the dead starts.

The Muslim prayer for the dead is – “Salat al-Janazah is the Islamic funeral prayer; a part of the Islamic funeral ritual. Having the appropriate “neeyat” (intention) in your heart – You say the first “takbir” while raising your hands, then you fold and hold your hands on your chest, the right hand on the left, then you seek refuge with Allah from the accursed Shay?an, then you utter “Bismillah” and recite” Al-


Then you say “Takbir” and “Durood-i Ibrahim.”

Then one says a third “Takbir” and makes “du’a” for the deceased. The du’a meaning appeal or “invocation,” is a prayer of supplication or request.

Muslims regard this as a profound act of worship. I have seen and heard this from Muslims at both Jewish and Catholic funerals.

Muhammad is reported to have said, “Dua is the very essence of worship.”

So, Representative Omar will have such rites performed at her funeral, which I trust will take many many decades to occur. She is young, somewhat as naive as we all were at her age, and still mourning and adjusting to the outrage from Americans just after 911 and today.

Does Donald Trump believe that Muslims are unified to hate Americans?  I wonder – because every second this is proved untrue – as they meet together, help each other, and yes, argue. No one but the outrageous or insane believes that because Muslims flew those four jet airplanes into American buildings and that all Muslims would do the same. Indeed some would – just as so many American men and women put their lives on the line and died and were crippled and maimed to protect from those who sought only power or vengeance against us.

I have no friends, other my old friend in California who too has suffered ungracious and vicious stabs at his religion.  Akbar once gave a job to me when other sources could not or refused.  I always thank him by my prayers when I remember his kind gesture.

Yes, Rep. Omar made several statements during her young life that were deleterious and destructive to Jews, but she also made similar statements about the general heartlessness and viciousness that now surrounds the world for some reason – as if we chimpanzees – that go through a natural time of warlike disgrace periodically and for no good reason. She is learning to be American – but without the weight of ignorant statements on her life’s file.  Allow her to learn – and she is, according to most who in fact know her – a good woman and only looking for the best – for all Americans.

Omar has apologized for these statements – yet even some in her own Democrat Party have made her life more difficult for her errors.  Yet remember how the Old Southern Democrats, many – so-called Republicans, and far too long past Freedom from kidnapping slaves, continued to do  the same to Black Americans which caused their often miserable poverty and marginalization for another 100 years during the rebuilding of the United States after the Civil War – And still not finished to this day.  Then the New Republicans took up the sword of hatred against the Black Plague” in America during those hundred years – and quite slyly as is done today. 

How damned sad.

Sure, we “generous and highly educated White people” – who are in truth “pink-skinned” at best. We hold up, our Black Icon. In WhiteSpeak “deserving” White Icons who are Black. Only the fortunate, talented, and educated Blacks who, despite so very much against each of them – “made it big” in these United States and entered the “One Percent” or the middle and upper middle class.  However, the majority have not – over 150 years later.

Yesterday we applauded the great Masters Champion of Golf and life – a Black and Asian man who, for the 5th time wore the green jacket signifying his prowess.  Yet so many – like our President and his hustlers – make fun of a young Muslim woman who made it to Congress – the first woman Muslim to do so. Is that not a great achievement in this day and age?

You see, the political “tricks of the trade” have made it far beyond cartooning over the past thirty years thanks to Fox News. Other ultra right wing media, and a minority of White’s who celebrate their hate and racism even as they cloud that hate with non-understandable words or lies from politicians and others seeking power and wealth, even though they themselves often do not believe what they are saying.

A disappointment. 

Also, Americans are not the only nationals who do this.  Racism, antisemitism, and antimuslimism – even anti-Sihkism et alia – is well and alive around the world.  Many thought the Japanese were racist because they protect their “race” – which of course, is a made up term by Racists to attempt slyly to cover there shame when speaking out against COLOR? Color of human skin?

Man, that steps so low it is indescribable.

President Trump and some of his minions are using racism and the menu of “politically” and “socially” correct among far too many Americans who may be being rewarded by his crazy talk and even nuttier ideas.  Let us send children and families by the thousands to so-called “Sanctuary Cities” an old French term “Ville Sanctuare” and a Spanish one “Ciudad Santuario,” now alive in Western civilized societies around the world. The term, in a sense, implies a “suspending of the state” when “the state or nation goes too far for what seems wrong, weak and even evil purposes.

Of course the likely places have made Sanctuary Cities ILLEGAL around in the United States – According to several cited sources from knowledgeable and edited sources, Georgia banned “sanctuary cities” in 2010, and in 2016 went further by requiring local governments, in order to obtain state funding, to certify that they cooperate with federal immigration officials” 

Besides, it is “Arizona, made up seniors escaping the cold, minorities, and the wise guys, through SB 1070 (enacted in 2010), that requires law enforcement officers to notify federal immigration authorities “if they develop reasonable suspicion that a person they’ve detained or arrested is in the country illegally.” In short, the cops can “tell on” those seeking a hiding place from the endless troubles faced in other nations, states, and even families.

Tennessee state law bars “local governments or officials from making policies that stop local entities from complying with federal immigration law.” In 2017, legislation proposed in the Tennessee General Assembly would go further, withholding funding from local governments deemed insufficiently cooperative with the federal government.

In Texas. Not surprisingly,  no city has declared “sanctuary” status, but a few do not fully cooperate with federal immigration authorities and have drawn a negative response from the legislature.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott blocked funding to Travis County, Texas due to its recently implemented de facto sanctuary city policy. On May 7, 2017, Abbott signed Texas Senate Bill 4 into law, effectively banning sanctuary cities by charging county or city officials who refuse to work with federal officials and by allowing police officers to check the immigration status of those they detain if they choose.

As of 2019, Florida and Arkansas  are today crying for anti ‘sanctuary cities’ measures in their states.” (Thanks to Wikipedia, a great and honest source of true information”)

Perhaps none of these states – the usual outliers when it comes to “race” – do not magnify these treacherous laws and efforts because so many minorities, who could be in those states legally, might mount battles against the racist or cheap-freak incumbents. These true American citizens many of whom have been here before any white man crossed the Atlantic could also form large voting blocs against the trespassers of such a basic allowance of protection of tortured souls to seek sanctuary in our wonderful nation – now being made “Greater” by denying them entry by Donald Trump? 

That does not make sense to anyone sensible, and more critical – sensitive.

Even before we became The United States of America – which, at the time, was a fable moniker – The nation was then for over 150 years  being built by slaves from Africa, then from China and Mexico and in the 20th century and before – White Europeans fleeing from religious and other kinds of persecution that no one in America would stand forever. Moreover, that includes White Americans, and even White Supremacist Americans already whining so loudly about people picking on them – that one would think they too were looking for Sanctuary – perhaps within some fictional dictatorship that did not believe in giving people safety and homes and citizenship to protect them from Godlessness. Instead, they look for Black Churches to burn.

I am saddened to talk of Representative Omar in this way, but she is the latest “target of choice” by near-morons ready and willing to bash Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby, Ms. Diana Ross, and so many other dark-skinned and terrified people.   They have provided the most expensive political and media fillet mignon for our animals to gnaw on.  They- thanks to a vile man named Roger Ailes, and others before him identified as Hilter, Mussolini, Hirohito and thousands more over the centuries who have struck this nation dumb.

So let us stop, at least, this continuing bombardment against minorities – now a seeming worldwide Hobby for power-seekers.  Isn’t it enough how used and abused so many of these asylum seekers are – maligned and tortured in their homelands – where only an accident of birth left them to weep?


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