Notes From CPAC 2019 On-line Attendees


We had no energy to cover President Trump’s two-hour harangue on the last day. You can see a transcript – either cleaned up or real – on the net – Just Googe TRUMP SPEECH CPAC 2019 – OH WE DID IT FOR YOU – VERY ENTERTAINING AND INFORMATIVE.

THANKS, NBC for letting us watch CPAC this year. Hopefully, it is an eye-opener to the illiterate.

Open with a poor National Anthem by s ome blonde bimbo.

Reasonable interesting to take notes on! That’s all – about 6000 words.


Kelly Anne Conway – Scott Walter host – and some other dumb Girl.

Let us talk about opioid deaths.

Kelly – opium is in every nook and cranny in America Dems voted for the wall stuff that would stop dope coming up the border. HR 6 – Fentanyl is the worst – just a little will like the seed – will kill you. No one really wants to abolish ICE – they want to tame it.

Sarah Shuckabee – The admin wants to stop this border crisis – our children and parents are dying – babies are drug addicts as born. It’s the worst we have ever seem – Yes because our governments have been turning to neo-nazism and greed. Fentynal Heroin – skittles parties – put pills in a bowl and taking them randomly. Contraband Xanax – no chance to save them – we need more PDAs. I have spent so much time on the Mex border – as a hooker. They would tell me that no one is listening to them. I can hear a see the people coming across the border and sensors going off. Then the border agents stopped chasen’ “em.

Kelly Ann– a few things we are running ads with outside groups. We have the ads but no tie to show them – 18- 24 years old focus – who don’t watch tv – because they are grooving on opium. The issue is over prescription – as it has been for 30 years. Much is melting away. Guilt, fear of liability. Fewer pills through the docs – but what about the stuff flown in Nissan truck bodies.? Make every day a take-back day! hahahhaha – yes and then what happens to the pills – they go in a dumpster, and the owner gets kickbacks.

Melania is committed to AXES babies that can’t even take the first breath. Good thing. All the Dems voted for this. Kelly mother relies on medication for pain. Most opioids are from dentists – (no wonder they are everywhere.) When your pain is managed. We don’t think pain stops in the docs office. The displaced worker grants. The pillow man set up a recovery center. We are trying to treat the WHOLE person. The deaths are the same as an airplane falling from the sky every day.

VAN Jones went to CPAC – my God does he ever sleep! We are going to talk about why Van is here. I thought it was an ACLU gathering! hahahahha. I am concerned. There are battleground issues we do not agree on. We don’t have to agree. Where we don’t agree – my problem is the common ground that we don’t work on very often. You are one of the few who will work with THIS president. Van says What the LEFT is – there are people on Twitter calling me a sell out on criminal justice reform – they don’t have Twitter in prison. What is the second set of issues of criminal justice reform – see Pat Nolan who runs that for us – What happened to him – he’s a good Christian man. When you do battle in a swamp – and you work for a Pres- it turns into legal jeopardy. Every modern pres needs a special counsel.
I hate to call a truce on this. Clinton had a special prosecutor. Van says look at the people who cannot defend themselves from excessive incarceration. Little fools cannot be run over by prominent people. We get Totallatarians – justice without liberty. I have never seen a bird that can only fly with a left wing. We need each other. We need this – the most terrible thing we have in this country. There are plenty of whites in the same boat. Where are the second chances? Newt where you been all my life. Who is better for reform – Obama or Trump – both parties should be proud – Pharma was willing to rasie this issue and to reach out to the Koch Brothers – and Trump got it over. Tom Cotton (longneck) – why should some people get out like those who assault cops, etc. The feds get a lot of things wrong. Because of the hire their stupid friends. That has to change as well.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I sm proud that Van and Schlap were wearing black shoes with dark suits – the emcee was wearing BROWN!!!! The cons are now the leader – look at Mississippi – Gov Bryan has cut the prison population at the same time and crime. GOP govs are being tough on crime but reforming prisons. My problem is that GOP is doing my ISSUE – that’s is not funny.


Remember in any hearing the speaker is speaking for all of us


Meadows – Dems are embracing socialism. Let me start by GOOD MORNING deplorables – but – the applause is very very weak here. Chick filet stock will go up – ha ha ha -no one else laughed. We need to look no further than Venezuela. They are wondering why Venezuelans don’t have enough rabbits to eat. Meadows said he is the American Dream. Real Socialism will also depress OAC’s salary – We would love that!

So, Jordan – says Schlap – This is quite serious trying to beat our President – they (the dems) are now running as dangerous (socialists)

Jordan – Trump is gonna win, Understand how they (the Dems) are – the cheer on Kaepernick and Maxine water et al. Think about just what they think about illegal immigration. The person Stacy said she is OK for non-citizen voting. (of course, because votes mean nothing once they are in power)

Schlapp makes fun of Adam Schiff.
Adam Schiff continues to go on about collusion evidence – Bring it on – he has nothing. The only thing we agree on is the Russian Collusion thing – there is none! Schiff should be here to debate Jim Jordan. – and with all his documents.

This president has (at least) told the truth about this WHOLE HOAX!

Intel closed hearing about fake dossier, and our FBI used that doc – and spied on the campaign. They voted for Donald – but he lost the vote idiot. We can present the truth, and if we can do that Trump will win the election. Meadows tells us the Trump will do MORE THAN WELL for Trump. Meadows loves the 747 – “we were in the plane, and I told him he would win by 4 % – but he didn’t” hahahahha.

There is nothing he has done that they can talk about. What is more honest than doing massive rallies and (and lying). DC does not like the president (they say he is a racist). If you can sit down and talk to the Pres. He’s on Air Force One!!! Are you excited about that! – hahaha.

You can just feel it says Jordan. There are many people here who know we suffered for eight years under Obama’s Socialism!!!!! They are trying to find a home now – Sure they are – People of color are dying to join the Neo-Nazis!

They may call you deplorable – but most will call you adorable. There exists our new phrase – “WHAT MAKES AMERICA GREAT” ( that we don’t order hits on our politicians?)

Jordan talks about the Constitution to prove it! hahahhaha.

Most people in the audience are not happy and are showing it.

Another film – America faces determined foes – free enterprise, traditional values national security – liberalisms has left its devastating marks. That’s what the Heritage Foundation is about – We are a battleship for Liberty – Hahahhaha. Liberty for Wealth – and a retirement home for failed pols – look into who engineered that! Hardly any applause again.

Another film – from Larry __ which way is forward – depends on where you want to go. FAKE HILLSDALE COLLEGE! Hahaha. Read the greatest books by the greatest minds. The good the true and the beautiful – COMMERCIAL

Liberty Health Share – makes health care for all Americans. 199 20 529 for the entire family. COMMERCIAL

Another Commerical – children Liberty Health share again. Using children to lie.

Scott Walker oh god.
Good morning. Fifty times – no one answers. I think of freedom by our creator and the constitution – and our service members – would you please stand up and be recognized. About 70% of the audience at the tim is VERY OLD vets. Poor guys.

I had the chance at out to dinner at Chilis’ a woman came up to me and showed her daughter – at 7 yrs old – she came from Poland – she cannot fathom how anyone would embrace socialism – but Hungary was never Socialist – it was a tyranny.

True freedom and prosperity is it…

like tax cuts for the rich) don’t come from Socialism. hahahhaha

You will hear with America was based on equal creation (no people of color cheer)

You will hear about hard work makes succeeding.

Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness – an anti-abortion pitch. it is murder if you kill the baby at home or the hospital 0 well of course it would be?

Finally, we will hear from a great American Hero – on Feb 6th, 1985- we declare our Regan – An expert on freedom beacons.

The first speaker is! Senior Senator from UTAH – MIKE LEE – neo-nutsy.

Mike Lee: Good morning CPAC. It is always fun to be here. What is conservative. What makes us free – conserve it – We have to make sure the gov is not on our backs. We need to understand freedom. Accum of power by the very few (on wall street) A few months but long ago I had an opposite experience. Elisa is a senior in Highschool – We don’t drink in my religion – So I saw her drunk – Eliza is I love you happy drunk. Then she paused, and I love federalism and the sep of powers – let us see that video Mike – you idiot.

On the Left we see libs talking about sep of powers. Where was their outrage against Obama? The undeclared war in Libya! Obama created a new immigration amnesty program out of thin air. Just days after his party lost a lot in 2014. State and Local Levil – (the real crooks)
We have deviated away from that toward sending power back to where it belongs – with the people? hahahahha Yes, With their votes for YOU.

Why did we become a country? We had been taxed too much by King George. It was about our freedom. We are ready t restore democracy! hahahahha – thank you again hardly any applause audience was wondering what he meant by “restoring Democracy” – but a be a key log in the 2020 GOP log cabin)

BLAZE TV Dina Morelli – a black woman. Good morning patriots. What’s up Patriots. They cheer now, so they don’t look racist. America is an Exceptional country that why is it great. Where anyone can succeed. This sets us apart from anywhere else in the world. Of curse that’s a lie – all you need do is tour the world to see that few people of color and minority therein do not succeed except in small numbers

  • Freedom to choose, consumers with the power of the purse – you decide which products succeed or fail. Trump is delivering for all Americans. Then a bunch of lies that any chart would should you about America – low in the freedoms and accomplishments of other nations. (In fact TV and radio ads as well as internet ads decide which things are profitable not only won’t fail but can’t – because now the manufacturer or offerer is the only one that provides it!)
    Dems believe more in the power of big government rather than the individual – they are embracing socialism. Dems want big government – we want HUGE armies and the deadliest weapons. And Dems are Pandering to their blocs The new deal ta the rich free college tuition. Did I mention tax the rich? American on steroids – you bet . . .

She RANTS: Dems are ignoring America economic superiority – Pelosi Dems, etc. despise everyone including all of you here today.

Then she spews a menu of HOW DARE YOUs – hahahhaha She quotes Donald on the state of the union. America will never be a socialist country. On her watch – what is that – The Blaze? Huh? God bless god bless America – there are fewer than 500 people in this hall listening to this.

Majories Dannen Felter from the Susan B Anthony List! She is wearing a total of 15 dollars worth of clothing.
She is honored to be there. Wow, how we have grown since I was in college – (but failed to graduate) The first CPAC was held right after the Roe v Wade verdict, )gee that was in 1973? ( [N] CPAC was founded in 1975 by conservative activists John Terry Dolan, Charles Black, and Roger Stone, with help from Richard Viguerie and can you say BLACK, MANAFORT & STONE?… were they paid from the funds the PAC raised?)
Now she is reading. First is the right to life. Lots of people are now walking out.
We are on the side of the powerless and the defenseless. Huh? Do you mean the poverty in America – or just babies.? God make babies for a specific purpose – (like we created millions of slaves and killed them later) Roe v Wade was a profound betrayal of the old way – killing all children with even a small defect. WILL YOU PAY TO RAISE THOSE CHILDREN AND SUPPORT THEIR FAMILIES – single very poor women<) Instead of securing life and liberty for our children – we have destroyed 60 million boys and girls with a purpose from God We are like only seven other countries in the world – another lie – there are 200 nations they all have abortion – most at home. Where did we go wrong – the morons trusted people like you Marjorie. We can get used to this horror. How did this happen? Well, it never stopped. The Senate failed to pass the Born Alive Act – so you cannot extend that right – and maybe until the babies first birthday! WHAT!

A safe legal and fair mantra is gone – if you sign up for a dead baby, you will get one. The bottom lines have been drawn. The bad Americans are not missing this point. most are pro-life. We never have before witnessed such panic in a dying cause – ending lives that will be horrible, painful, and too costly for any family.?? You pay – then we will then allow babies with no arms or legs, no brains, no eyes.

We will elect pres trump in 2020 – with the muscle of the pro-life movement – all few thousand of them. 60 million dead babies since Roe v Wade – They will have to answer for where they stand! Hahaha- to you – a fat loser pig from the gutter.

Never born – abortion survivors were invited to the White House for the first time.

She had downs syndrome. Another I favorited – she saved from sitting for five days in a saline solution.??? LOOK THAT ONE UP. We are suffering from a ruthless forgetfulness – then comes the Tocqueville comments. French love abortion. Dems will tell you-you cannot bring a horrible deformed or dying life into the world because you are unschooled about what that means – especially for the chil. That is what makes America great.

NRA – Oliver North convicted Felon and murderer. Oh, God.

What makes America Great – Freedom. As if neo-nazis offer freedom? We are the only nation with a (phony-when written) document the Constitution. SURE WE THE PEOPLE – except for women and blacks and native Americans who were NOT people according to the Constitution when written. The single Bill of Rights – that was a repair job on your Constitution. Every law-abiding citizen to pay or not – and keep and bear arms! Oliie North – the new Angel for the NRA – perfect. Then he used the oath of office. Also notice a lot of ‘GINGERS’ in the audience wearing MAGA hats! Why?

FELON NORTH: I supported the const when I was pres of the National Rifle Assoc – and when and I was killing Central Americans for little or no reason. The NRA is about FREEDOM – to purchase your own nuclear bombs, tanks, 100 caliber cannon, etc. NRA will not be content – they intend to repeal all 27 words and disarm EVERYONE in the nation – Except the Gestapo will call police forces. The freedoms were not given by god – they were given to all living things. And not by anyone – but chemistry and biology. A film from Psycho Ollie – A cure for all people who are not neo-Nazis. How dare you criticize America – even showing OAC at the end- what a sad video. I ask you to pray for the NRA – god bless and Semper Fidelis (Castro)

Here comes GOP Gov. Scott Walker. the FORMER STPUD GOV of WISC. Anyone can make it in America – hahahahaha. Except you. The founders were superheroes. The tables and chairs of our founders were ordinary wealthy people. What makes America Great are men and women willing to kill for us. That is our challenge – so you must be civilian soldiers with weapons stronger than the niggers, spicks, and beaners? Is that your message? Or do you want your ARMY to kill everyone with more than a high school education, or all the Jews, and Islamics? Olive North – you can see clearly what he is and where he came from – this is the CPAC hero!?

Dr. Sebastian Gorka – who is not a doctor.
A big slob who fell into a crummy job. Are we excited Patriots – He is not a born American. This is the biggest conclave of conservations – all 500 of us. I might talk about Russia – everyone likes a good story. My parents escaped from Communism – no they didn’t – they fled from a tyranny. We spent all of our vacations in FRANCE – my dad comes out. I saw on his wrist the thick white lines. What’s that. He said with no emotion- Son, that is where the secret police bound my wrists with wire to hang me from the ceiling – like we did in secret and not so so secret prison camps for will-nilly arrested Arab fighters against America? Why does this fit with Russia?
Russia is run by a former KGB colonel – but Trump loves him. There is a lot of fake news about Russia – Yet, we assassinate people just like Russians do – with chemicals. This is a man who broke a taboo and invaded Ukraine and annexed it for himself = like we did in about 40 countries to use their people as slaves? Trump drove oil prices so low that Russia is in deep, deep trouble today – Now we have the RAT – Michale Cohen – and on my radio show used the sound bite – “I have no evidence of Russia helping the President.” (No one listens to that show)
I was in the office, and Trump got that LASER look – They will find nothing because there is nothing” hahhahahha
The greatest threat to America is China – it wants to replace America – just like many countries because of number one after hundreds of years. Age allows corruption to seep I say. Russian tries to create waves (he called them eddies) This is the reality. Hard to teach an old dog new tricks. How is Trump treating Russia. Not a plastic reset button like Hillary’s. After Russia invaded Ukraine what does Obama do – shipped blankets to Ukraine – what did we do – the toughest sanction regimes. We tossed out 60 Russian spies. No, blankets – jut anti-tank missiles – to help the Russian controlled new president of Ukraine. (NBC keeps showing this moronic looking redhead MAGA hat) The biggest threat to America is socialism here in America.
Communism Memorial Foundation found that more than 50 percent of millennials would like to live in a Socialist or Communist nation here. That is why AOC introduced the new GREEN DEAL – which is a watermelon – green on the outside deep, deep red in the middle – like the Commies- This is what Stalin dreamed about. Democratic Socialism is a nice phrase for Communism!!! America will never be a socialist country – but it already posits men like Gorky- and working sort of fine once we get rid of Gorky. America First he talks about his RADIO SHOW What the hell was that thumbs up thing.

For Turning Point USA –Charlie Kirk – who? He looks exactly like a VAMPIRE!!

Then he introduces American Candace Owens – a total money driven ranting women.
The turning point is for college campuses which everyone in a real college hates and wants off the campus – like the Nazis in the 1930s/

Trump has revealed the Left. They have always hated this country and hated our history. Yes, we hate some of our accounts which you seem to embrace – He is then antiabortion – we have two diff places to get to. We should give the benefit of the court – They mean well- They mean well!!! Destroy the country from within – If you suppress MY ORG off of college campuses. Bald lady ldbaj. I am sick and tired that libs and Dems mean well. They do not mean well (for the filthy rich – that is true. When we fight we win. See Brent Cavanaugh alleged rapist justice. If you wanna be loved by the Dems – be a conservative that hates the president. If you wanna be loved – attack the president. We should never try to appease the left just to be left
We must do what is RIGHT and stand for TRUTH – and RONALD REAGAN – you idiot – was not a conservative. And neither is trump. But you convince him that’s why he as elected – the poor guy following your insane ideas – SHAME ON YOU SHAME!.

I get asked Quite often Charlie what do you see from the next generation – there is socialism on campus – but what I see now are conservatives who understand the left – people with brains and hearts. What happened on campus will soon come to Congress. I doubt that. What they do – is to prepare college students for Neo-Nazi rulers. You have to be taught to be oppressed to think you are crushed. No, you don’t you just have to look out the window when you’re five years old. Thank “you guys” so much.

Please welcome, Mke Lindel of My Pillow! hahaha. I saw a miracle from God – Donald Trump coming down his golden escalator! In 2015.

THIS IS HILARIOUS: Now in 2016 August 15th – I met with Trump in his office – NBC shows ginger again) My company was a given a second chance and getting people saved in Jesus’ name – Trump was chosen by God.Trump keeps his word! hahaha
What I don’t understand is the hate. Everyone hates the president on tv. I was an ex-addict – I loved opium – we will beat the drug crisis in the pres next six years in office. We are saving minnows in CA and killing babies in NY. Haha OMG. THE PILLOW MAN helped finance a movie of lies about planned parenthood – theaters will open this movie on March 29th – everywhere. The film just got an R rating -why because they show DEAD BABIES? They will show the film tonight at 7 p.m.

I saw it – it was twisting and fighting for his life. Discover the Moment! – Abby who?

TOM FITTON – a moron, does an ad for Judicial Watch – hahahahha – is SEKULOW in it? Only JW is in court getting those documents – uses Hill Clinton and some IRS scandal to prove that.

Now a Charlie Kirk funny ad about himself.

No Young black leadership summit.

NO not the liberty health share again.

Now kids talking about values – Liberty health care. $6000 a year for a family – what is a family to them?

Ronda McDaniel and Looking for cheer no one in the audicence seems to know who she is.

These two idiots have not told the crowd who they are? How can the GOP increase the size of families? The first steps act from Trump – Then you see the people that maniacal GOPERS put in prison for life are not out. Hahahhaha.Keep it comfortable and warm while the doc talks to mom – THAT IS MURDER! – My god how many enemies these idiots are making now.
America is with you. Of course, we agree about the healthy living baby being killed by a doctor. Let me ask you about open borders? Oh shit. Guess what it is UNCLE IS MITT ROMNEY who protects her i suppose?

FRom an RNC perspective we know that the diff we can make is talking to our neighbors – but in fact, they want to make secrets lists of DEMS AND LIBS by, etc.

We have 20 young men an women to CPAC for around the nation.

How to bring youth to the GOP – you gotta go to college campuses and tell them OUR truth – let’s make sure white people can go to all white schools! We don’t believe in cheap health care – so let the poor die earlier – as we do now. Joe Biden would be Gas Man – run on your record of stagnant wages – mfg jobs going away – OUr pres walked away from Kim – the last year of Obama Biden N Korea was firing nukes every 28 days! hahahahha – another lie. Joe, please run! Thank you, Ronna! Your ignorance


Mr. Perdue of “Rich guys ‘R Brats.”

SOME EMCEE ARRIVES- I recall the contract ON America – then we could not do that. We will prorate it. That was insane – that was Newt – he doesn’t realize he is doing Newt in…….Perdue now brings up discretionary spending (which means money for the people) the problem it is not 1.2-1.3 billion. We do a budget that is fraud – that the GOP invented. We do not budget the mandatory spending – (for the poorest) all the military and VA is borrowed money – yes at less than 1 percent – like getting the money for free you idiot. Perdue claims this only started during the Obama administration. (5 to 10 years) It began in the first Bush Admin – and then continued. This is the greatest threat to our national security – why – because the lenders will kill us all if we can’t pay it back – if that were true – then the bondholders would already be dead.
Lies and says we would be spending a trillion on interest – he did not explain that. Debt is a destabilizing force – Although the GOP wants everyone in debt building THEIR own garage based fighter jet business by borrowing the money from the SBA or their bank – a little local bank that doesn’t count. We have to work on – row the econ – so we hit the regulations that protect us – and cause more pollution fracking oil – 5 million new jobs!!! Out of 200 million. Lowest African unemployment – for AFRICANS – is 30% hired than for WHITE PEOPLE. We freed up about 6 trillion dollars to go back in the economy – which they use for buying back their stock and going private – not anything else. We now have to talk about, not health insurance.
All this NON-investment into the economy.
This is a total lie segment. Let us point out the lies of Dems – tax money is the people’s money. They are proposing a new green deal – one person is. They are going to pay for it the green deal – with MMT – new monetary theory – we just have to borrow more. But they also say we have to tax the rich more. Look at the econ turnaround we have now – FOR WHO? The rich.

SOME guy with beard and apple watch also talking about debt. Never seen him anywhere. Perdue says DRACONIAN – he says the green deal could cost 9 trillion a year! Hahaha, half the GDP of the entire nation. The EMCEE starts talking about WORKING “CLASS” Americans. That is their class – not street urchins. Farmers in our state were devasted by the weather – that we are not fighting against. Borrowed money. We just put 80 billion in, and it was borrowed. SS and Medicare – the worse it will be. So don’t wait. Another discussion about THE DEBT THAT NO GOPER WILL PAY FOR NOR ANY DEM. Perdue believes in term limits, so all elected officials have no idea what they are doing or how their governments work.

He thinks Iran is the biggest threat to America. He says look at the debt – no one is increasing it faster than Trump to kill more people all over the world.

Sec Elaine Chou and Sec of TranS conversation. It is really diff to see all of you. Rick Perry Sec of Energy who keeps the lowest profile on earth is the other one.
The economy is stronger than garlic says, Perry. Chou whispers something else. Tax bill made it so. Trump is sending the news that your FOREIGN capital is welcome in this country – there are no regulations!!!
hahahahhaa. Chou regulatory burden causes probs with job creation – hmm why because CEOS have to earn 200 mills a year? Liquid Natural Gas says Perry – we got rid of the regulations. One thing slowed us up – nominations through – we have an opening that needs to be filled. Then we have to approve billions for it! Chao There is not one department in the nation is fully staffed. It is the deliberate policy to slow up Trump nominations – well of course – since what – a half dozen SECRETARIES are criminals? Thank God – and the judges too – thank god. What is left to be done on the regulatory side? Not substantial work – innovation is the most important. Dept of Energy is the Dept of Everything – Kinda. Hahaha, Civil nuclear – medical front – how – one example – in the area of traumatic brain injury – (like the Trump families) We operate five of the ten supercomputers. They give us the ability to enter the management of information. Jeff Manly of SF University – brain size for instance. What! He has s device, and it is able to tell if the patient has been concussed within ten minutes! Wow, I should get that. I must say I like Rick Perry – who owns the NIGGER RANCH in Texas. We cut 3 billion in the cost of regulation. We have to withdraw two regs for everyone – we have removed 46 regulation – and looking at 100 more – can you imagine what they are doing for BANKS!!! and AIRLINES, COMMERCIAL SPACE. Yes- but that is private money. America is number one in the comm space sector. Sec Perry NATURAL GAS – PA is number two in the country. Utilities are cutting off service because there is no gas. We have Russian gas coming into Boston. We have horizontal drilling – but not all Americans can enjoy that – NY will not allow any more pipelines. – Like NY. Penn has a renaissance! hahahahha. And Del a clean-burning fuel. CHOu talking about an unneeded high-speed rail going n and s in California. The bulk of natural gas will be exported soon – it will also be increased by 200% by then – so we can fuck the Russians who sell gas to Europe now so they will go to war of course.

FAith MAtters – Glaze TV – forget this!

Now comes the Vice President – Hello CPAC! A few shout back the largest gathering of conservatives in America – Liberty University says hello I will see you in May. The kids all look like stoners.

To all of you, I bring greetings from Trump – I cannot wait – Donald Trump!!!! He will be here tomorrow. Cannot miss that one.

This is the greatest moment in my life to be VEEP. He promised to get the economy moving again. Cutting more federal red tape than any pres in Amer history – we have unleashed destructive energy that will cause significant harm to the land and the atmosphere. Trump signed the most massive tax cut in history – for the rich. Promises made – promises kept. All the old rich guys stand up. We cut out the core of Obama – and how many people did that kill?

the American economy is booming -yet like a time bomb.

We got jobs that they said would never come back. The forgotten are forgotten no more. COnfidence is again – jobs are looking back -and we are just getting started – after two years. Trump priority is safety for us – Trump signed the most substantial investment in national defense since Reagan. Trump will launch the US SPACE FORCE. ALso great men and women cops!!! We give em money and respect every day – even when they are about to arrest us. That includes customs and border-protection except for the ones taking bribes from cholos and whore masters. Before we are done – we are gonna build it all! All what? This is your next president? OH, My – is he from Earth. No matter what you hear from the Dem Media – we have a crisis – For the first time ever – we have all these families coming now – drug cartels are doing this. in the past four months we GOT 140, 000 hahahahaha. Their outrage is a lie. Every day – we are allowing the crisis to get more massive – more drugs, more sexploitation – that is why Trump declared a national emergency – and why the pushers are moving to Canada. Stand up for border security – stop playing politics – as we are! Trump has appointed more neonazis to the courts like Gorsuch and Cavanaugh, rapist. And you can have as many guns as you want!! Ya know freedom of religion is enshrined in about 15% of the American hearts. It as actually good now for media people to mock religion. Wow – well i’ve been seeing those jokes for 70 years – haven’ you? Veep claps for the Nazi audience now wearing sports jackets.

Kearn Lance is a great SECOND lady. YEA!! Will will defend every faith except Catholic and Islam. I couldn’t be more proud. I could not be more impressive than to serve the most pro-life pres in history? We cut off money for abortion and planned parenthood. This way we can have millions of more pro-people to finally overthrow the neonazi governments in America. Now we have a tragedy. Wrong to life!. Oh god is this guy a moron. Infanticide and no Adulticide in the ghettos of America that trump abuses and ignores. So we restored American strength at home and around the world – we are now bombing almost a dozen nations and pretending we are the leaders of the free world – and then we moved our embassy – sorta – to Jerusalem guaranteeing more deadly murders. We have killed many children of Arabs 0 so they cannot get us any longer. Soon we will destroy their jets and Bentleys and schools of course- but those are few and far between. US armed forces – the most significant force for good and death in the world. Though is it not their fault it is the psycho leadership in Washington that is doing that. We will get more money against ISIS from Europe! Trump said as he departed having been made a fool by a man like Kim – “sometimes you have to walk out” – we will completely de-nuke North Korea anyway – most likely by using nukes. The new kind that kills fewer at a time. American is winning again. I am not getting tired of it. Keep on winning my fellow neonazis – or we reflect the pres even if he is in prison?! The idea if FREEDOM gets it? Freedom to kill, hang torture and breed negros. NOw we just reported that and use our negros to kill people overseas. Oh, no SOCIALISM – there is an avowed socialist Bernie!!!!

Bernie won’t last don’t’ worry. What they are offering is just more of the same. Less Freedom and more taxes for the RICH! I am now RICH. We ended slavery as the beacon for all the world – no other nation had slavery in the middle 19th century when YOU were born. Medicare for all is healthcare for none like we give our aged Americans – let them die – only young people should live- I am going to kill myself whenever I need to back that.

– ## –

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