THE COHEN HOUSE COMMITTEE HEARING – No Horse in this Game …But, I don’t know how Democrats will not try to Impeach the President.

By Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

The Normal Alt-Right Oafs were there – naturally making fools of themselves

WASHINGTON DC Thursday, 28 February 2019: It was a true eye-opener to see this first hearing re guest Mr. Cohen – formerly Trump fixer and attorney – now neither. Yet it seemed like a decade since I had witnessed a Democrat House Committee Chairman and later only wondered aloud what that hearing would have been like with some other moronic tea party or white supremacist chairman – more usual in the Senate these days from Top to Bottom except in the middle somewhere.

I certainly expected the usual clowns on the GOPer side would give former Trump right-hand guy Cohen a fist or kick to the stomach after some role-playing as fair, progressive, and intelligent. The loons on the right did not disappoint, but somehow made certain that President Trump was embarrassed as usual by their chimplike lynching of anything Cohen said that was not pro-Trumpistic and in fact Cohen couldn’t help but defend the President – to his credit – when committee members mentioned the elusive and never found videotape of the President beating Melania Trump in an elevator. Cohen became very upset at this mention and told the group, and the noisy press in attendance that Donald Trump would never hit his wife, the lovely Melania Trump – never – and I believed Cohen, just as I thought most of what he avowed about the POTUS’ real flaws might be true.

There really was not much news to take from the almost eight hours spent on humiliating Mr. Cohen – even to tears – as he took the highest road he could during the last decade while admitting he was and the president, to his mind, were liars, cheats, and crooks. More than half the viewers of the meeting or watching the news afterward
in agreement. Yet, even though not one so-called Republican ever defended the President during this crucifixion of Cohen was a shock as we heard and saw a variety of attacks on Cohen as a liar, the exhibition of one Trump official who was a person of color to prove Donald was not a racist, and the dunce, and ranking member Jim “the true American” Jordan of the New Plantation State, Ohio was all mouth when it came to chewing out the marvelous Chair, Elijah Cummings, for having the first of the House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing hosting a “liar”.

The real story this morning is that I personally cannot see a way that Nancy Pelosi or anyone worried about impeaching Donald Trump will be able to put the brakes on the younger and more idealistic Democrats in the House like AOC, ( Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y), who by the by – was the best questioner of Mr. Cohen in the meeting yesterday. You might try to see a clip of those few moments available here:.

I write this essay because the hours spent listening to Cohen wisely but buyably blaming himself for committing crimes. Yet at the same time he was also defending Donald Trump when Cohen believed he should be defended. When OAC – much like The Notorious RBG in spirit – began unveiling questions about who would know about Mr. Trump’s possibly criminal behavior with his finances and insurances as told by Cohen.

These hours of listening to what I felt was a believable sworn witness, how will Republicans defend against a move toward Trump impeachment by the House? Mr. Cohen not only admitted the crimes he committed for the President, he says, but also – by the way – implicated the president as a willing participant, even the director of these alleged crimes.

So, what will come next is probably a well-researched plethora of congressional subpoenas aimed at members of Trump’s family, his closest aides, corporate executives, the heads of banks, and insurance companies that were allegedly defrauded by Mssrs. Cohen and Trump – some when Trump was already the President of the United States, and at least more than a year into his presidency.

What can the more moderate and leading Democrats tell the nation why they would not bring impeachment motions against Donald Trump?

One argument came to mind: that even though he is President – Trump is really just like any businessman trying to protect his business, his reputation, his family wealth, and his marriage. So many are corrupt and at least petty criminals or worse. Of course, the Democrats would also have to add that the president is either stupid, addle-brained from age, mentally ill, or a President that is so good for the nation otherwise that it would be a shame to impeach him successfully – and do it following a top FBI agent’s claims that the FBI actually met to plan how they might rid the nation of Mr. Trump using the amendment that would allow his Cabinet to oust him without any trial or other machinations. Democrats will fail at normalizing the President’s behavior – That is an ultra-right nutty thing to do, and close to politically suicidal.

Why would the Democrats want to allow the President to go on? Certainly, many of them, including many Republicans on the now dying-out GOP bloc, would like to see Mr. Trump go – but half the nation who are labeled “near brain-dead” would be irate to witness this. To be honest, even I really don’t care much about Trump’s criminal activities because they have been aimed mainly at other criminals in the Big Business world, or sitting the Gold Digger Dugout. However. There is also a matter of cheating all the taxpayers in America if the Democrats unveil Mr. Trump’s tax returns and financial statements that could prove he also cheated here in such a way as to be indicted.

There is also, definitely, an additional danger, should we not act quickly to stop the growing and gnawing destruction of America’s leadership capabilities and general reputation, not only in the third world. but also within the free world.

Already there are powerful people within the European Union, Asia, Africa, and Central America calling for considerable increases in the sizes of their own armies, navies, and munitions for possible use in defense against the United States, or from other threats from non-allied nations that the United States decides not to aid, as we almost did toward what would have been the end of WWII with the Winner being Hitler. Just a thought, but one to entertain while watching the next season of The Voice.

To end, I am not one who wants to see the humiliation of yet another president during the last 100 years. I am hoping that the President will consider leaving the White House at his own volition rather than expose his family to the circus that is about to start – and could not be stopped.  Someone I respect and is a close friend and a life-long Washingtonian with a capital “W” also believes that the President should leave willingly to ease not only family members, but friends, and employees, any upcoming and  further misery.

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