The Mueller Report May Be Coming Soon. Or Perhaps Not?

Expect Surprises, Disappointment, Cries, and Laughter

No one, despite reports of Mr. Mueller’s office exit “goings on” like people packing and others leaving the office.  In fact, many people pack things up to be shipped to vaults as must be done if that subject matter that might disturb an indictment in any judicial forum and thus, could not be exposed unredacted for security or “taste” reasons.

Attorney General Will Barr

By Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

WASHINGTON DC, Saturday, 23 February 2019: Special Counsel Bob Mueller will, according to numerous news sources unsure of this, will deliver his report to new Attorney General William Barr who will or will not deliver the report in whole to members of the House and Senate, as well as the White House.  The media is all agog that the people of the United States will not get a full read of the report, however in this world of hacking techpros nothing is certain in that regard. Reports vary on the situation at the White House now that the Fake News thinks the Mueller report will arrive at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue sooner than later.  Of course, this might be true although whoever may have leaked such news in Mueller’s office would be in fact, the first leaker within that judicial sanctuary and I mean haven of fairness. Nothing of importance has come from Mueller since he began his investigations nearly two years ago.

Word is that we should not expect any conclusive news regarding the hook-up between the President’s Men and Women with Vladamir Putin of Russia or his President’s men.  I and others believe that to be improbable at least and impossible at best. How on earth could we have exposed indictments totaling over thirty “criminals” American and Russia plus if no conclusions about crimes committed by the President or his agents?

Even the New York Times joins the “here it comes” group with a well-written piece regarding the looming report which to the Times is not really ominous for the reason that Attorney General William Barr, finally a well-respected lawyer appointed to that position by President Trump, is supposedly girdled by law of some kind that would not allow him to drop the Mueller report in full to anyone, and the Times seems to believe that it won’t be a tome but more of a short and to the point what – diagram or table of contents – of what he has found, or why not.  That makes no sense to me or other’s who I know for four decades in our nation’s capital.

Some are convinced that the Mueller report might only serve as a diagram for Democrats in the House to base a possible launch of the now humdrum idea of impeachment.  The President has been smart in attacking Mueller and his work adding Real News as opposed to Fake for many on the alt-right supporting him and believing “Oh another impeachment?  Silly and boring. Those Democrats are all Commies

President Trump

We all hear a lot of chatter about other Justice Department AAG’s (assistant attorneys general)  and some state prosecutors who are thinking about indicting the President for unaligned crimes – that being those crimes they believe they can prove in a criminal court not supported by Robert Mueller’s investigative charge. This is true, but not for the reason that Mueller could not suggest an indictment or six in his report although, again, many think he will not do this and instead let the Hours of Representatives take the boos and kudos for the alternative – Impeachment which will certainly allow Mr. Trump almost a full term and possibly one, two or life terms which in fact, has been discussed by those loons on the far Left and some of the right, believe it or not.

Some have the opinion that Mueller is somehow limited to Russia – which is truly foolish in my opinion.  As Mueller spent months and months in meeting with his people who spent months and months on this project, he is not about to simply stick to what is a rumored rule – not a law that can never be changed. Congress needs to look into this carefully because right now it appears the DOJ relies on  “presumed” rules that might come from some ancient opinion of an attorney – sort of a  stare decisis an internal rule that must be followed or, better yet, changed.

Bob Mueller

I also find it difficult not to believe that the best White House and Republicans fixers are not feeding and watering this planted narrative. Both have downplayed and underscored the audacity of Mr. Mueller to look for something that is not there – “collusion”.  But complicity without the need for a proven crime or the development or such is what Mueller is searching for, but not for some nefarious political reason, but a lawful one.

One need only look at the real “brains” and “conductors” of many multiple felons linked closely to the” of the2016 presidential campaign to be convinced that that Mueller and the Department of Justice are simply telling Congress and citizens of the United States a story that does not add up or end with a happy President, vice president, and chief of the Republican party and its leadership.

In fact, would Americans simply shrug their shoulders and not demand, one way or another, to see the full Mueller Report including its underpinning evidence?  Republicans, Democrats, Patriots, independents and,  the courts will not accept some Necromancive Story, as the President reminds us almost daily. 

He is looking for the end of a witch hunt. Mueller is looking to soothe the Bogus concerns and Fake anxieties over The Deep State, Criminal Justice Department lawyers, Highly placed former FBI chiefs who have had to swallow the nonsense we hear from the ultra-right, unthinking, spokespeople who seem satisfied that it’s their way or the highway – and that includes what we excuse are not crimes but petty missteps or forgetfulness. 

Yes, today, many Americans are living in a dream world created by some of the flagrant falsehoods that make invented the “All is well in Washington” fairytale when nothing could be farther from the truth.  Others are constricted by nightmares that truth and justice will never prevail in this case because we must protect this Nation’s Reputation worldwide, but now sullied by indictments, scams, lie upon lie, and proven criminal conduct underscoring these untruths by the men closest to the Oval over time.

The one exception to this is the President himself.  Was he cunning or shrewd enough to shield himself from being devoured by the fantasies of the MAGAs that support him around the country and surround him in the White House?  Maybe yes perhaps no.

Either way Donald Trump, innocent or guilty of undermining the base precepts of American law and societal conscience will pay a dear price for what was done around him or ordered by him and a simple and easy to understand, by simpletons “diagram” of these two year’s of dismay will not do.

That will not do.

I have a deeper and informed belief that the Department of Justice –the very bulwark of our national pride – will not be used as last week’s soothsayer media chiefs might have liked you to think. Already they have pulled back on the “bluebook-sized report” theory that Mr. Mueller’s report and chuckle at what media talking heads thought they saw as almost immediate delivery of same.  Most television and radio news put the brakes on that one, and it could be months or yes, weeks before such a report is delivered to Attorney General Barr, a good friend of the Comey family, who will indeed weed out national security issues that do not protect criminals but do protect the righteous.

United States Department of Justice – Americans count on it, always.
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