Time To Stop Labeling Americans By Skin Color Or Background



WASHINGTON DC, 15 FEBRUARY 2019: All of us have heard, red, or discussed quite a ration dealing with institutional racism, but to be honest I, in all my years, have not read or heard someone criticize what I think is one of the foundational reasons that racism has persisted so very long after the Civil Rights Act. Once, I beliveve, Martin Luther King made an oblique reference to the matter publicly.

I submit to you – for discussion I hope the incidence of labelling Americans by skin color,weakess, and more. You can always go to americanpoliticscom.com our new and stll developing website after nearly 35 years of “redecorating”.

Have you ever heard any American referred to as . . . “White American” Jeff Koopersmith was seen in the new Senate office building holding a sign that says “BLEEPED AMERICANS ARE ONE BIG JUSTIFICATION OF RACISM!”

Okay, it may very well be that, far too often, the description of any American, French or Tibetan person is not referred to as a Black, Hispanic, or even Female. So, why are Americans, especially the media, including in most newspapers if not all, television and radio channels, or simply in conversation at the laundromat referring to dark skin toned people as BLACK and a little lighter as HISPANIC, MEXICAN, ISLAMIC, ASIAN or ARAB American?

You got me.

Let me admit to you that I first thought about changing Black or African American to American Black or American African. Yet that didn’t solve the problem but did wake me up to what politically correct and often incorrect socially influencers have been doing – not only with sound, and images, but also in the many forms, forums. and reports about us that we never see, or see all the time.

Well, that’s simple – Making Americans, Black, Brown, Asian, Yellow, Tan, Native, Arab, Islamic, or White allows crazy greeks and White Supremacists to put Americans into additional boxes s – like income, education, healthcare, yet still by color or other identifying but unchangeable, except through expensive plastic surgery.

So, I’ll bite – please write to me and tell me why we do this – is it to help or hinder? I could argue both sides – but I will let you do that so I can sum up the results as you, and if you, check in with your opinion.

For instance, right now in Virgina, the White Governor is not called the White Governor, but the Black Lt. Governor is almost invariably labeled Black even though no African I have ever seen is indeed BLACK – some people are quite dark skinned – and when in Africa that always bothers me because I wonder why God or our genes did not recognize that dark skin makes people far hotter in bright sunlight. One would think that humans who emerged far North of the equator were whitest and the closer they got to middle earth the darker they became. Though, shouldn’t it be just the opposite? Should Black people live in the Arctic and whites on the equator in fairness or good planning by God – any god you choose,

So, perhaps the weather was far different than today and as apes moved into human forms walking upright Africa and South America were indwwd freezing cold, while Finland and Russia were warmer and it was https://www.nytimes.com/2002/02/26/science/when-humans-became-human.html

Who knows. Well, now I do – between 130,000 and 200,000 years ago humans almost exactly like us came first emerge in Africa -and it appears – that it might have been the freezing weather AROUND 50,000 YEARS AGO THAT MOVED AFRICANS WHO WISELY LEFT AFRICAN DESERTS AND WANDERED NORTH TO EUROPE WHERE IT WAS, THEN WARMER, AND WETTER.

Yet the fact remains that almost everyone on CNN, FOX, CBS, NBC, even PBS refer to Americans as more than American – and make an implied or tacit reinforcement that all would rather be someone else because Blacks call themselves Black Americans, rather than American Blacks. I really am not sure why – I think they are simply Americans.

My suggestion, of course, is that we rarely, or never, hear some radio racist like those you hear every morning and afternoon while driving to and from your work. You never here those slimeballs tell you that “White American Jeff Koopersmith dared to call the President misguided.” However, if that same radio fool was referring to a new member of Congress or a fireman he would say and “Black or African American personality who also called the President a moron.”

Sitting having lunch outdoors in Greenwich Village two women eating salads don’t see a handsome man run by in a tight-fitting tracksuit – as a Hunk of a White American. But you often might here the two girls say – “Wow, I can see why Black Americans are worshipped by their girlfriends.” You would never hear – “Wow, I can see why women really bore of the White American husbands.”

Let me give extra and more convoluted expression of how these labels can go astray. When Dick Cheney became the Vice president of the United States I had not forgotten what an idiot-war hawk he was during the Reagan years. I really didn’t mind Bush 44, because he was just a nice Texan from a very very rich family (you have no idea how rich) and hadn’t a mean bone in his body. However, what I did, because I was sick of the fact that everything a man with a social conscience did do was casually getting worse than it was when I wore out my legs marching against the Vietnam War – and NOT the soldiers fighting as our oddball White Supremacists will tell you. I also worked my fingers to the bone writing about civil liberties, slavery, and more – so today I am also called a LibTard – so I counter with TeaTard when I can -and I am ashamed of that – but have to laugh anyway.

“You see that heavy African Ameican lady across the street? Doesn’t she look wonderful in those clothes which I think are Tanzanian?. Yet why doesn’t the news media call East Asians Yellow Americans as they called them during WWII and the Korean War – adding Slants, and other strange adjectival terms to inform you who he or she was speaking? Look at that Slant, they would say in the late 40s and early 50s –“Look at her – if she was only White I would date her” said the Southern teen.

Another trick is the use of the word Hispanic! That’s really a laugh since Spain discovered and settled America quite well until the British and Americans knocked them silly and pushed them back over the border near the Alamo and La Jolla. What on earth is a Hispanic American? He or she is not the same as a Mexican American I think. Some people on PBS and writers for the New York Times might as well refer to them simply as mud-face Amercans – oh, well of course not -that would be racist. Have you heard people refer to Jackie Kennedy’s family as French Amercans? Or anyone from France being called that. No, you might hear – the Frenchman said, “We are sick of American slave traders” – but they never called out Southen Italiians as Purple or, a purple vegetable like in a very well recevied quote from a film made in America.

The same holds true of the Chinese Americans whose families might have come to the USA at the turn of the 20th century or far earlier. If they are anything – they are Americans unless they are ILLEGALS – my God- what do we do with ILLEGAL PEOPLE?

And why aren’t the television talking heads calling ILLEGALS simply Not Yet American or Rapists in America, living with their illegal murdering families as our President seems to believe?

The beat goes on as they used to say. It should not.- This widely adopted racism is far more than annoying – and it must stop, now.

So, I am forming a club called – Anyone in America is American by Choice – even those living here without a passport or a real Social Security Card – against which they pay taxes – and never get the benefits for doing so – such as Social Security paid when they grow old but are nevertheless “illegal’.

Of course, I cannot forget all the unpure Americans in the entertainment business. Have you ever noticed how darkly skinned entertainers are always flattened by some error they’ve made in the past? I won’t list them here – but I think even one of two Bill Cosby’s rape victims happily downed those meds he shared with them just so they could put another notch int their belts or bedposts.

By the way – as an aside, I want to tell you that I have been raped when I was a man and by a woman who was not a lesbian or a transexual. The story is mine to keep – but count on it – you will never hear a straight man claim he was raped unless he is either Catholic or imaginative. I also worked in a nightclub in the borscht belt while saving to attend college. It was a strip bar and a very famous one owned by the same guy who owned Becker Breads at the time – a company that I think went away when he passed on. All the strippers in the club’s shows were men. And I swear – you would never even suspect this – and these people were almost naked all the time they were on stage and flirting physically with police chiefs and other notables and personages.

But, as my friend Gene with a G -which means he is a man – says – “I digress”

So let’s get back to the racists on every radio and television station and white supremacist website and even some Republican websites that call people by color or original family start-up nation. I have to say the police have the best names for suspected or ANY dark-skinned person.

I made a film about the Los Angeles Police Department for the police-persons union. It followed cops around the city and showed them in a kind of what really happens on the beat. It won a few awards – it was a Cinema Verite film – which means there was no narrative save what the police were saying – and with cameras rolling in the cars and helicopters nobody used popular term for African Americans – “wetsuits” “willies” and dozens more they might mention with the lights and cameras off.

These guys didn’t hate black Hispanic or any race – they hated people who broke the law – and of course – just like the people working at IBM a few of them were murderers and crazier than anyone else. So the film was seen by some as a “white wash” and not a “black wash”.

So, let us shake hands with each other and swear we will never label people by their skin color, or traceback nation again. There is no point to it if we are all living as Americans.

Americans don’t humiliate people with dark, white, or yellowish skin. Americans don’t berate people with thinner eye sockets, or larger lips, or longer legs.

Ergo. Let us all – including the print and electronic media drop the descriptions of people based on color or ethnicity or other unchangeable things.

-XX –

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