Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats Raise Wall “Related” budget by One Billion Dollars

Billions for the White House
Another BIllion for Donald Trump?

By Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

WASHINGTON DC- SATURDAY, 19 JANUARY 2019: Word on “K” Street NW late Friday afternoon is that Speaker Pelosi and her Democrat House majority have agreed among themselves to hike the President’s southern border “Wall” budget by just under a billion dollars, yet the funds are not offered to be spent to “build” the wall – and about half the amount added is only for hiring additional immigration judges to work on the huge backlog of immigrant cases now gathering dust in the files of the courts handling such.

President Trump will speak to the nation today about the “Federal Government Shut Down” which has half a million to 900 thousand former government workers all over America borrowing money to pay monthly bills and a growing number lining up for their family’s food at previously operating food banks for the needy. Many of the federal employees are receiving no paychecks although some will be repaid sometime after the shutdown ends. Others, who work for federal contractors may not be paid at all – even though many are working. This cannot stand.

The Pentagon has arranged some support for military families with food and borrowing predicaments they are suffering now that the shutdown has last for almost a full month – the longest in history among others that lasted days or a week. Europeans are laughing and also shocked at the Americans, the wealthiest people on earth, for this idiotic move by President Trump suggested by – who knows – at the White House.

The situation with Wall Funding appears not to be fully solved unless the President mentions signing the waiting budget and allocation bills that he refused to endorse until he got this Wall on the Mexican Border which he believes puts the national security of the United States in jeopardy so fully that he had to shut the government’s doors until he could have his wall built under a surrender by Democrats and for which he campaigned for heavily during the 2016 election period.

This writer believes that the Republicans, the President, and the Democrats have made a major transgression with what many believe is a ridiculous battle over a Wall, what it will be made of and why it’s needed at all since other shorter walls and increased ICE security including military aid have stifled much of the already dropping illegal immigration from Central America and Mexico.

The President, last week, ordered Air Force planes grounded as Speaker Pelosi was about to mount a bus that would take her, a congressional delegation and colleagues to the Middle East to visit the troops. This was nothing more than a spanking from Daddy. The President is rumored to believe that this pushed the Democrats toward adding some new and expensive funding to Wall related hardware and salaries for 5,000 judges that would be hired to deal with the disgraceful immigration backlog which has separated so many thousands from their children many of whom have disappeared in the dustbin of history.

I believe it will be tough to believe that the White House and the Houses of Representatives will finally agree on this crude settlement because the President must believe that the extra billion dollars should go to construction of what is soon to be know as America’s Iron Curtain although other changes have been made to process immigration seeking asylum from fear to be processed in their home countries rather than moving by the thousands to the Southern border to await the now almost magic possibility of living and working in the United States and becoming citizens sometime thereafter.

Both the Republicans and the Democrats have lost almost all face over this mayhem. Childlike is not the only adjective to describe it as so many have. It is tragic.

The President shoulders more of the liability with the total citizenship because he shut down the federal government while in a sort of tantrum which he has yet to control.

The Democrats also suffer here because in a nation with a $25 Trillion GDP the five billion dollars the President asked for is not anywhere near an impossible amount although I believe that the American Dream has suffered even more damage this month than our threats to leave NATO, our leaving the Global Warming treaty, and more.

The full Congress (House and Senate) which work for an estimated three days per week should be ashamed to have allowed the near-catastrophic shutdown to punish Democrats also worried about the extensive credibility drain that is now internationally well known and remarked upon by most news sources here and abroad.

The Wall Battle must cease this week – and the Congress must address all the funds lost by captive and contract workers who suffered under this ShutDown.

Enough is enough – using the public as a back and forth whipping post between both major parties. Democrats must learn that the President’s other troubles upon troubles should not give them carte blanche to attack him personally via silly and sometimes vicious moves against the Administration that gain nothing but grief for all the American people. Democrat leadership should not allow a lowering of whatever their standards should be to the level of tyrants.

Certainly, these tweets and insults for political purposes will go on and on as they have been since the 1700s. Yet Democrats and Republicans have now begun fighting with policies, perverting realities as weapons that impact everyone in the United States chiefly in the negative, not to mention many around the world also suffering and dying from shrinking workers who keep the world’s poorest from dying or hunger, disease and torture. This is what America once stood for. Where has it gone?

Governments from cities to Washington DC have become far more damaging to their people than the Hispanic gangs the President frets about.

Argue for votes – Okay – but we the people won’t continue to approve this maniacal circus much longer from either political party or party leaders.


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