What! Cohen Took Orders From Trump & Other “proof” exists?

Wow! Either BuzzFeed is about to be deported or something is shaking!

See Page bottom: A short in the Buzzfeed?:

By Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

WASHINGTON DC, FRIDAY, 18 JANUARY 2019: It was amusing to watch the giggling on CNN this morning with a packed-in group of commentators from who knows where talking about “this is it” – Trump is now indictable, and then backpedaling with “Well, just what is the corroborative evidence that President Trump, in fact, ordered Lawyer and Professional Liar Cohen to tell lies to the Congress about “a Trump building in Moscow” or was it just “in Russia” I have already told our readers that there is already a Trump project built (sorta) in Samara, Russia – the usual, now boring, design, but a bit cumbersome, compact, and tawdry copy of the dozens of other “Sailing” buildings now strewn across the Arab Emirates and the world. ( I am sad to say.)

About 22 minutes ago – President Trump sent a tweet to Fox News:  Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 23m23 minutes ago
Kevin Corke, @FoxNews “Don’t forget, Michael Cohen has already been convicted of perjury and fraud, and as recently as this week, the Wall Street Journal has suggested that he may have stolen tens of thousands of dollars….” Lying to reduce his jail time! Watch father-in-law!


This is all, as far as I know that Trump has mentioned about Cohen today. Therefore we will have to wait sometimes to see who the collaborators to Cohen’s supposed statements on this issue of lying to Congress about Trump-Russia invesitgation –

MORE: 10:50 AM Et

Jerry Nadler Democrat, House

BuzzFeed added that Ivanka Trump her husband were briefed on the Russian developments.

House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff of California said that this was “the most serious to date” and Senator Chris Murphy urged Special Prosecutor Mueller to reveal some information such as this leak from BuzzFeed before it becomes too late to act on it.

It is clear that more will come from House and perhaps Senate Democrats before the weekend is over . . . > DEVELOPING

A Short in the Buzzer?

Seems like Attorney Mueller managed to short the buzz at BuzzFeed despite two fine journalists work. In “short” Mueller in his first public statement regarding the Russian investigation seemed to say that BuzzFeed somehow screwed up announcing that President Trump ordered Attorney and Fixer Cohen to lie to the Congress about this or that. Mueller used the word “inaccurate” which seemed to indicated that everything in the story was somewhat muddled, misleading, or – Well you guess? Anyway, all the mainstream media who picked up the Buzz shut the Jabber down speedily and hardly mentioned that their delight that the crime had been established and linking it to anything related that made little sense in the first instance. Be Careful CNN – do your homework before agreeing with what Trump calls “Fake News” – Was it?

JMK Saturday, 19 January 2019 6:30 a.m.

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