All Thoughts on Trump vs. Democrats

By Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

WASHINGTON DC Monday 14 January 2019 – Every expert on Washington policy knows the FBI and CIA begin taking a look at any presidential candidate almost as soon as they announce “I’m running!”  And – When Trump began stalking Hillary like a ghoul in a debate – all the intel agencies and the press began bigger investigations – including many abroad that next day!

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So, I think the media, including the best of them, might want to step back on this one until they know more.  I’ve known about the Trump investigation for over two years now.  First, make sure you take the New York seriously. The Times did not say that the ongoing investigations – anywhere – have found no wrong-doing.  The Times said exactly this:

“No evidence has emerged publicly that Mr. Trump was secretly in contact with or took direction from Russian government officials. An F.B.I. spokeswoman and a spokesman for the special counsel’s office both declined to comment.” – The New York Times

Thus, there is no PUBLIC evidence of Trump in bed with the Russians but is there evidence that the FBI has such evidence, or perhaps another police agency?

No one is talking to the press, except off record.  Lots are talking with the press off the record and with a small number of politicians and authors of books about everything Trump.

That’s how Washington works and why almost everything leaks.

I can telephone under six people in and out of government that do know the truth or think they do.  To this date everyone is saying, on both side of the aisle, and to me only something like this “Wait, it won’t be much longer” – not in those exact words but that is the message from people I learned to trust over 45 years close in, business and living in the District. What “won’t be too long”?

You will never know what all the investigations – now in the hundreds – discern or don’t know.  The figure is hundreds because anyone who knows anyone either in the USA or larger Foreign government police and intel agencies are talking to insiders and wannabee insiders as often as possible; porters, gabbers, elected officials, highly placed campaign managers on all sides, the biggest newspapers, teenage high school reporters, investigative reporters, and even me.

There are many sides to every story like this.

There has never been a president under such intense and technically superior microscopes – and this includes everyone around the president as you have already seen just from arrests and prosecutions. Yet, fewer than I might expect because of Mr. Trump’s life-long gregariousness-attention to press coverage at every stage since he left school in upstate New York.  People with means and bigger than usual mouths are always on the radar of intel and news sources.

There is one ingredient I truly know based on facts we already know.  Americans will be shocked about what happens AND what does not happen, no matter what’s uncovered already and in the future.

A nation-state cannot merely arrest, indict, or continue to investigate anyone of Trump’s government status as the number one goal is to maintain the perception that the United States is just a strong, just as rich, and just as well-armed as we all thought back in the day.

Ergo, stories about women, cheating at cards, shoplifting, or any nonsense matter will not get the approval needed, from anyone, to make the United States of America look bad.  The polls show that only half the people think Trump is an indigently minded, a super criminal or a secret agent for Russia, China, the Saudis, or any other suspect you might think of.

Trump’s problems exist almost totally because he a specific type of businessman.

His business reputation is pockmarked by one deal after another that breathed a bit nasty from his desk or another’s on the opposite side of any deal.

It is obvious that Trump – eager as he is to grow wealthier – always has kept the business possibilities in mind before anything else.  I am sure he loves this country.  Most people do who have even two or three million in the bank.  I am also convinced that he was shocked that he won the presidency as he says – yet I might put it a different way:

He was shocked that he got away with it because no one knows better than him that he has a more than interesting or checkered past.

Whoever did plan his campaign didn’t think he would win either – but he or she did think he might very well”pull it off”- mostly because choices were so poor on the GOP side, for dozens of reasons – and sadly, that Hillary Clinton’s team let her down, not seeing what was clear – that someone was not only herding all the Americans with a chip on their shoulders toward the Trump corral but making Hillary look like a weakened old woman who could not deal with insanity on the campaign trail or anywhere else.

The proof of that was when Trump, like some Frankenstein Monster, pursued her openly and far too closely – actually pushing her ahead of him, not with his hands but with only his funny robotic walk which said to all watching agape  – “She’s afraid, she is the robot, she cannot beat him, so I will vote for him.  Added to that – “why not, I am already living in a hell that I made for myself and maybe Trump is right – he can undo that.” (see the above video once more)

In fact, there is hardly any political campaign at even the lowest drawer that does not have at least a bit of “hijinx” which police and district attornies might call crimes.

Back to the true campaign guru(s).  No one knew how it could be, that what appeared to be an outrageously daft man, could win such an important election.  What someone did know – and it had to be someone surrounded with research about how a campaign running a nutty guy like The Donald could win.  The questions asked on the polls that were done for and about Trump – and there were thousands we will never see because they were poorly done – there were at least several dozens that showed a clear path get so close to a fifty-fifty situation that Trump could, even with the odds against him, win the White House – and at least twice.

First.  Trump could win the popular vote by more than 5 million votes, but so could Hillary – and more.

Second. With a little tomfoolery aimed at the least educated, insane, hate-filled, greedy and similar types – the types that loved the Barnum & Bailey Circus even when they knew the animals were tortured and worse, and that the stars of the circus were frightfully underpaid.

Third: How do you recognize the least educated, insane, hate-filled, greed filled, racists, just riding along, or even sorta content with eking out a life.

Added, he salad voter made up of those with more than one of the characteristics I offer here.

Fourth: Where does the money come from to pay a requisitely large number of people to carry the plans of the strategists.  If comes from offers by the candidate – plain offers explained in details later that could be altered, which many were.  However when it comes to money for the hottest game – it is the wealthiest men and women in the world who bet in that game – not only here in America – but living anywhere and having a stake in policy that could impact each of them or their families.

In a nation where the rich or so rich there is always great danger for the wealthy and powerful.  Today that danger has grown so large that we find at least 65% or more of American voters quite willing to engage in fisticuffs with the other side. It is not a mistake that President George W. Bush pushed tens of thousands closer around major cities. Cheney knew the risks. and that action was 15 years ago or more.

This is where the real danger lies.  Could you think of anything Donald Trump could do that would assure this?  I cannot. nor would I try to think openly about that here. Yet I am sure that you, the reader, might be able to think of things that could happen that would push that Liberal against the NeoCon, and the NeoCon against the Liberal, with more than just words.

The President is pushing the two rivals toward some kind of confrontation almost weekly.  Right now the confrontation is with words and writing, but just a little more and some will actually punch openly at someone else with injuries to follow.   And, if we proceed with sweetening the wealthy with more goodies this could begin sooner as more and more of the life-giving middle-class disappears into a kind of broken frustration at losing the little heavens they worked so hard for.

Of course, this is not what I think the President is doing purposely – but someone with great knowledge of human interaction is guiding him, I believe – and more than one someone.  Think about what suckers we all are for a good tale will you?  How about taking 5 or ten billion to build a wall – and take it from other populations far weaker and earmarked for their security, not the security of a two-term president.

That appears this be the next stage, but then again, it might be halted just in time to  think of something better and not as obvious.

Or are our fellow Americans tired and afraid and no longer paying attention closely?

Already the Democrats have made a huge mistake – They should have settled on $10 billion for Hadrian’s Wall, in exchange for DACA blessings.

Maybe they will wake up?


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