Is John Bolton helping the White House Settle the President?

By Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

John Bolton – Has he morphed into settling down the White House or is that a dream?

This past week seemed a good one for national security adviser John Bolton – his first, for me since he schemed in the lies told to Congress and everyone on earth about the false rationale regarding our coming attacks on Iraq under President George W. Bush earlier last decade and Bolton’s old buddy Dick Cheney another White House liar whose recent horror movie “CHENEY” gave Dick Cheney’s daughter just another chance to condemn Christian Bale who compared her father Dick to the devil, saying . . .

“Thank you, Satan,” Bale said, speaking in his natural British accent, which also caught many by surprise. He also joked, to the audience’s amusement, that he’ll be “cornering the market” on playing “charisma-free” public figures. “What do you think, Mitch McConnell next? That could be good.

bale hodling golden globe for playing Satan Cheney

Was it Lindsey Graham that sided with Bolton and General Mattis?

I must take this slap as well inasmuch as I agreed with President Trump that we should pull all troops out almost a dozen smallish wars, most using air attacks that we are now involved in around the world. My lament, the same as it has been for 45 years, is that American leadership should prepare defensive wars and put the brakes down more quickly on other invasions to change install Democracies around the world and are of little import to us. Until we re-adopt the rescue of all tyrant-controlled non-Democratic nations by serving up the bodies of American men and women now preparing for battle in the offense – not our style really.

I was against the Vietnam War where Americans now frolic by visiting Vietnam with great interest and apology while not apologizing to the families of those gunned down in Vietnam, Cambodia, and elsewhere in southeast Asia. The idea that the Russians and its Soviet “Iron Curtain” was a Cold War against the United States was, since the mid 1960s a lavishly rotten excuse based on half-truth that killed 58,000 American men and women and millions of Vietnamese from intense non-thinking on the part of at least four presidents who almost bragged about unneeded deaths in the region.

I also supported Trump on the quick pullout from Syria because that removal slaps those that see Mr. Assad re-emerging as a ruthless killer of his own people because he has what must be killed – a vicious mind. We should not support only the end of Isis in Syria, but also the removal of Assad at all cost, which seems will never happen as it should this year.

To this day I still support the President’s original position – and not because I worship or adore him – but because I know about death in war and peace and what it does to families, friends, and our world reputation – not in good order these days.

The last thing the United States should be doing is messing with the devil on a battlefield we have no right to. Mr. Assad did not plead with us to come to his defense and, to my knowledge has been a bit player in aiding the US or our allies for other reasons.

I want our young people home. I am willing to take the place of any of them rather than see even one come home in a bag.  Stop destroying lives for personal victory – and that goes for all of us.

3 thoughts on “Is John Bolton helping the White House Settle the President?

  1. Never thought I’d see the day when Mr. Bolton would be considered a moderating force in policy discussions. That says a lot about our current state of affairs.

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