Is President Trump Freaking or Creaking?

Trump and his father
Donald Trump and his father survey the seen in New York

Trump must change directions on so many things.  Can he do it?

By Jeffrey Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

WASHINGTON DC, 5 January 2019: President Donald Trump and I are a similar age and both New York boys with the usual moxie.  I see a few things brewing this past week that lead me to choose a diagnosis for the President seesawing between his fright and age.

Often fear and seniority can compliment each other with age taming fear.   Yet the two may also penetrate the other with a combined power that may lead to rage or panic, unclear thought, and even illness.

There is much weighing on this president’s judgment this first week of 2019.

His serendipitous efforts toward successfully bring North Korea toward a more respected member of the family of nations, now peculiarly seems to require more oiling. It is unclear what Mr. Kim is looking for.  Perhaps this quarter will find another rendezvous for the two men to re-examine their seeming misconception of one another’s needs.

President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jung IL

Whatever the case, several additional burdens are far closer to home for Mr. Trump this weekend, including his over-promised wall which presently pushes him to declare that aliens attempting the cross the southern border now cause “a national emergency”.  This would empower him to order up his $5 Billion, more or less, and to begin brick, mortar, and Steel construction of a device and a set of methods that will at least frustrate people from South and Central America seeking to escape from cruel governments and institutions from looking for normally provided American help.  Also, thousands of Mexican laborers and their families, who are inured to working for decent pay in the vegetable fields, fruit orchards, or factories in these United States will perhaps be denied that opportunity.

us fired tear gas into mexico on border
US ICE shoot tear gas over the Mexican border to stop people from jumping the fence – for asylum or not

The tirades coming from the House of Representatives are a result of the pushback on The Wall from half the population because they do not see this, at all, as an American concept – especially for immigrant families seeking asylum with good reasons.  Having consulted and lived for long stretches in most Central American countries, I can assure you that conditions for workers in these nations have become cruel and fearful.

guatemalan families are not illegals they are fleeing for their children
This family would not be breaking the law – They are fleeing, not attacking us

One need only to look at the wealthy, over the past decade, leaving El Salvador and Guatemala to realize that even well entrenched industrial and political leaders in Central America are also fearful of what could happen to them again. They are now moving to the United States and Europe where they can gain entrance, long-term visas, green cards and more, in the blink of an eye.

Mexico is also not a fiesta any longer and has taken brutal hits on its large tourist economy due to investment and trade problems, yes – And further worries ripping citizen faith in the government of Mexico as gangs of drug exporters are satisfying growing demand from American and Canadian populations.  Americans now are not seeking marijuana which also hurts the Mexican pot growers.  On top of this, corruption typically found in areas where breaking the law is more than a hobby but an industry.

drug searches on the USA border
Dogs and paramilitary looking for drug gangs along the Mexico USA border

The latest machinations on Wall Street which no respected expert seems to be able to explain adequately is making the White House and the Congress, who are not sure they believe that only super-trading by computers – not people – is the cause. Even worse the daily silly excuses for major ups and downs in the three most important averages such as the DOW are ludicrous and copied by almost all commentators.  For instance when a true reason for an 800 some odd points drop in the Dow – almost everyone including the unholy alliance between PBS NewsHour was just another blame the China trade situation instead of examining other more important problems – like a general concern from the average citizen trader to higher-echelon academics who seem to worry about whether the financial reports we hear from the Administration and Congress are true?

Fed Reserve Bank should comment on very nigh rateson credit cards - cimrinal rates
Why is the federal reserve ignoring 20% + APRates on credit cards for people who have good credit scores?

The Federal Reserve Bank, also a pro-player in our finance mix are already arguing with President Trump about rate hikes aimed at credit markets. The “Fed” seem to realize that something is very wrong with an $85,000 pickup truck and the 1.5 million dollar price of a house located in not what one would call desirable California neighborhoods. This, while Local and State governments continue to raise property and other taxes, fees and fines, to unheard of highs because mayors and governors are getting less federal money than in prior decades – Far less. The smaller governments are far worse off today than in the 80s and 1990s.

california sky high taxes have working families running away
Sky High taxes at all levels force working families to move to other states

At the same time, all levels of government are fighting to meet astounding shortfalls in public pension liabilities already pushing some cities and counties into a kind of bankruptcy – the burden only felt by millions of working families.

Added to this are the numerous corporate pensions that are in great jeopardy as 40 to 65 year old’s, looking forward to healthy support for the rest of their lives are already panicking.

pension undfunded list
Here is a simple chart of a state by state pensions now unfunded

Added to President Trump’s potential miseries are the veiled threats and insults to the United States coming not only from potential or genuine adversarial nations but also from centuries-old nation-partners including some powerful ones in western Europe.

It appears to me that Americans are now being attacked more than praised by the rest of the world and that only our supremacy in war machines and soldiers, described as unbeatable by politicians who never served in a war nor know much about military strategy or much else for that matter  and  never tell the American people that we are presently bombing nine countries around the world.

So where are our bombers off to next another two or three nations?

The President must also be dreading Democrat gains in the House which now leave the Republicans with just the Senate and the White House.

In essence, this means that nothing can be accomplished unless a miracle occurs and the Congress begins to hold love-ins at Camp David complete with opium other kind-on-the-mind=soothing  pharmaceuticals. or worse.

Other matters, only lately discussed in the open, include major, uncontrollable misdirection in the computer industry which have left us all open to a variety of  hacking and internet scams that are taking billions – even trillions out of national economies around the world while “moderators” in Asia and India are erasing much of our own thoughts and photographs of tragedy undone.  This while thieves and punkers hack into auto computers and create havoc – now only a few under times each day – or is it more?

who will hack your automobile or SUV this year

While citizens appear to be worried about their secrets being revealed or their ATM accounts raped with small “withdrawals”- we must focus even more on criminally arranged power outages, massive mal and misfeasance in the Banking industry (a quick look at Wells Fargo might convince you of two things – Corporate executives never go to prison for mass theft from their own customers) and; Second, our governments have little or no expertise or money to halt these crimes – no matter what those great Netflix movies tell you can be done.

oh no i cannot watch the super bowl those damn russian hackers
Whenever any nation or fun-seeker seeks to ruin your day, they can do it with “HACKouts”

President Trump is the nation’s top dog. Only he, today, can stop the Congress from allowing government pensions, social security, and healthcare go down the drain for nothing more than attaining unknowable power shared between them and large businesses and elected officials at all levels.

When you hear someone say that business and or political corruption can be cured by giving more power to local, regional, and state governments – think again – the corruption is worse in the burbs and counties than in Washington, DC.

So,  the President and American voters must think about all of this – intensely – Mr. Trump must start spending time on the golf course allowing others to play-through while he wrestles with the facts that some very crazy and unfeeling “mavens” have included him in a farce indeed, and moved this nation back at least 85 years in terms of Joe and Janet families who find themselves – right now – about to live on the sidewalks and in forests while the government is shut down or cuts the ridiculously low social security and pension checks raise their ugly heads.

no wher to flee again
New York City residents sleeping on the streets = no funds, nowhere to flee

President Trump, listening far too much from a galaxy of outliers and just plain liars could leave the United States almost in ruins in a short time. It’s been less than two years since he took the helm and America is not Great Again – She is in pain.

It’s now time for the President to live up to his promises to all citizens not simply corporate ones.

Remember this President Trump, Mr. Mueller, the nation’s special prosecutor, served up a most frightful entre’ to you and yours this week. He has gained approval from the court(s) to keep his impaneled Grand Jury around for six more months.


judge howell gives mueller grans jury for 6 more months
Judge Beryl A. Howell, the chief judge of the Federal District Court in Washington, approved Prosecutor Mueller’s Grand Jury until June ahead of the scheduled expiration of the grand jury’s term.


If I was the President, I would be asking myself, and especially my own lawyers – Why?



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