Fox News Inaugurates the Big Lie for 2020

The Fox News White House

Cable for idiots says “Democrats are now Socialists.”


By Jeffrey Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus


Roger Aisles


Most mornings I flip between primary early news sources but usually after seeing what the majors are doing I move to check back and forth between Fox News and CNN simply because each generally presents a 180-degree carom between some truth and no truth at all if possible.

This Christmas week Fox seemed to be testing a new form of Hitlerian reality by using the word Socialist in place of Democrat to label Democrats, but with no change in the Republican label which in fact is definitely neo-nazi not only in approach but also in character.  In the morning, and for decades now, Fox begins the day with a gaggle of ordinary fools on a cheap white sofa who its producers’ dub – Fox & Friends and which liberals call Fox and Fiends featuring three long-lasting Fox fiends who are sorta normal people – Ainsley Earhardt, Steve Doocy & Brian Kilmeade.  Usually, the three talk about nonpolitical news that involves positive police kissing, tragedy as fun, and sometimes light politics, but today something new spewed from the group – using the noun Socialist instead of Democrat a far more targeted signal that The Fox News Team is attempting to re-label Democrats and progressives as Socialists.

I can tell you this -socialists in the United States and sitting in government are far and few between.  Yet Fox will surely mix the label Communist on the Democrats sometime before the 2020 election year featuring the entire Congress, House, and Senate – and what is seen as a rational knock down drag out race that will either re-elect President Trump or some other “Socialist” assuming Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence are still in the White House two in 2020.

Let me remind you that Democrats are not, in fact, Socialists or Communists anymore than Republicans are wealthy and loathe the poor.  Democrats are society or socially far more conscience than are Republicans, and today Republicans seem to focus on two objectives – War and Unheard of Wealth while ignoring or destroying socially conscious Democrats, Greens, and at least one avowed Socialist – Bernie Sanders – a man “before his time” to be fair.  There are other monikers for people that back a balance between power and wealth as well as between the overfed and the starving regarding widened splits in educational opportunities, food, healthcare and necessary satisfaction or happiness as defined by America and the majority of Americans.

The added nicknames for Republicans in the United States are far grimmer. , Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, War Mongers, Trumpists, Antisemites, Racists, and The Rich, etc. The GOP is seen as power, war, and riches oriented even though there are far more wealthy individual Americans who self-identify as Democrats or its synonym – Progressives.

It might be best if part major political parties in the United States changed their names – The Democrats adopting “Progressives” and the Republicans adopting “Regressives” since no one really understands what Republican suggests today and thinks Democrats stand for people being allowed to vote equally and freely.

Yet it is certainly true that Republicans are far more regressive today than any time in the past 125 years, and that Democrats at least seem to be more socially conscious.

The OED  defines Socialism as a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.” Since Stalinist Russia, where Socialiism  truly became the way to pretend to govern was supposed to be the transition to Communism – (which also never happened).

What is odd is that Republicans who normally think with their guts are way- over-hopefull pocketbooks believe that Hitler was a socialist. He wasn’t – he was a Tyrannical Despot who British end-loser Lord Chamberlain thought would make a good ally and cost him his power to Churchill.

However, Republicans strategists who are more like target shooters – love to call Democrats Nazis because the German word for Socialism was included in the definition of Nazi – ala he and his kind were members of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party which made the Nazi Thrust a bald-faced lie forever.  Workers were not the essence of Nazism – hate for everything, not Hitler was, either from fear or from the uneducated masses. This is where the term “The Masses are Asses” stand up or originates in one quote after another in modern history.  John Locke is said to have first used the sentence, but others did and have as well – Including me.

So, this is how the period from 1 January 2019 to election day 2020.  It is in this way that hopeless Republicans can try to redefine people who care deeply about justice and some balance in the economy into Socialists, none of whom – to my knowledge wants to own everything for the benefit of the people as did Marx and more important Stalin neither of whom did so.  Yet the dumber the Republican the more you will hear him or her call Nancy Pelosi, a very wealthy woman, a Socialist. And as result, Democrats will call Republicans Nazis even though Republicans at most pretend to like Jews in public but truly love Israel as a base for American power and American ideals -that is way off base at this time.

Thank you, Fox and Fiends, for alerting the majority of Americans who track your nonsense to see your pitch for such a hateful period in American politics and policy.

By the way, when are the Murdochs going to cut off this dreary but alluring to every nut in town source for news?  It is humiliating the family Rupert and his sons seem not to be able to toss the slime out and become an honest and true news station.

Let me add in closing that CNN has become much the same as FoxNews – although their accusations are far easier to believe and trust in some fashion even CNN stoops even lower in the public eye by the months because, of course, the masses are truly lovable asses and don’t understand the true failure of social conscious- and that is overdoing it as some David and Goliath when neither Fox or CNN have earned these aliases.

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