By Jeffrey Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

WASHINGTON DC – Five Days From Christmas:  “Screw the warmongers I once spoke”, and today –  I am appalled at Democrats, progressives, neocons, neonazis, the media, my so-called left-minded colleagues and confreres, whining and over-reacting to President Trump’s move to extract our troops from Syria. For what – to keep a monster like Assad in power as a pawn of Russia?


We can beat Isis and the rest without killing our own – period.

I do not pretend here or anywhere to be a general supporter of the president and many of his secretaries, but for whatever reason – I like this decision even if was made for some nefarious purpose, that I hope is not the truth.

If only he would pull them out of the Middle East altogether!  Why are we there? What are we protecting?

Know this:  We fight wars today not to defend us from enemy nations – we fight them with tiny nations, mostly poor and ignorant who insult us to keep their own power bases – some of them even claiming they are not our enemies.  We fight wars to provide jobs, to find money for research technology that often supplies our fighters with better weapons or on-site defensive strategies and tools. Take a look around you Westerners – the magical things you see nearby were most often invented not for your homes but for winning battles.


Middle East war is not fought by us for any true idealistic reason in almost all cases – it is fought for hegemonic and determined power.  Throughout my life and Trump’s, we have seen almost 100 Thousand brave American soldiers die or go missing on several well-known and unexplained battlefields.  President Obama knew this – but he lightly went along at times, he went along with New York City banks as well as investors, inventors, industry, the Pentagon, and history.

One hundred thousand kids or more gone just from Korea and Vietnam – wars fought for what purpose? – to defend the United States from small Asian nations who had no ability or wherewithal to attack us?  Oh, we had our so-called Leader’s excuse’s of course – the moronic Cold War for one.


There is no Cold War – all war is very hot – especially if you or your son or daughter are fighting it; war is remarkably bloody and raw on one remote and irrelevant battle-canvas after another.

The Cold War was almost a made-up thing.  The Winners wanted the world to understand we won and respect us forever for “rebuilding” their nations – even the ones still run by “the Commies” or the same or worse dictatorial and prototypical asses as before.

Look, we have no idea yet why President Trump is pulling our children’s bodies out of Syria and leaving them in Afghanistan, or lining them up against “wicked Central Americans in the South.

Yet that makes little difference does it – those men and women and the American civilian aides who help them through war are coming home – not dying, not losing their arms and legs in some rotten desert without a single loved one near to calm them in the night.  No wonder so many troops came from Korea to Syria psychologically smashed, living in parking lots so many of them, or putting guns to their temples as far too many do these days.

YES, Let’s take are people and our machinery home.  Our European allies – if we keep them – can fight these wars so far from us and not threatening us directly. We can help them pay for these wars and defend against them – but there is no longer an excuse to spend trillions on killing mostly the innocent, the moronic, the hateful while our own issue – our sons and daughters die alongside.  What kind of nonsense and wickedness is this?

Does Boeing make passenger planes to take us around the world’s still beautiful places, or do they do this to provide other aircraft and machines that kill?  They do both, but they are no different than the elected, appointed, or hired officials who protect and lead us – sometimes so poorly.


Did Einstein, come to America to help us murder millions in Japanese innocents using a single airplane and a bulbous A-Bomb, not once, but twice, when we had already won our defensive war against Japan? Did another German, Wener VonBraun, come to America to take us into the lead in Space travel – or to invent new rockets to carry missiles with dozens of nuclear or not warheads impossible to drop only on enemy soldiers but on schoolchildren and nuns or Imams?  Nope – in the 21stcentury Einstein would not and neither would Von Braun be prepared to do this. Both came for Money and power and to leave the devastation of Europe at the time.

I personally loathe men like Richard Cheney and John Bolton – the bell-ringers of tragedy at the beginning of what could be the finest century in history.  Yes, I was there, watching the World Trade crumple killing thousands of innocents and highly important and lesser important for no reason at all; even our beloved firefighters and so many police. Did the Arabs who flew those four planes that day do it for religion?  It makes no difference. They did it we are told, although people could have done it.

The proper defensive move for the United States would have been to drop bombs on large skyscrapers in cities that are home to the people who funded that maniacal group of terrorists regardless.

We did not do this. Instead, we made up a children’s story about getting even with Arabs who were misreading the bible of most Arabians – the Koran, just after we made sure the Bin Laden family, many of whom lived in America, were swiftly off to safer places because we were not “sure” their absurd son had planned 9-11; Or was that the reason?


Then psychotics who could challenge even Hitler’s audacity planned what was to become a two-decade horror that has killed or maimed millions in the East and tens of thousands of our American children now grown into young fighters – making forts on Arabian sand for vengeance against what seems itinerant targets who didn’t hate Americans but did hate their unstopping poverty and humiliation by their own leaders much as some of our leaders humiliated African Americans, American Indians  the poor, the Jews, the Irish, The Italian, the Hispanic, and the Japanese, et alia.

Soldiers do not decide who to go to war against and who to kill – Our leaders make those decisions – and during the most avid demonstrations against war during the Vietnam era only the unhinged verbally attacked men and women and uniform – We knew who the culprits were – and they were not the men pledged to follow orders and defend the Constitution.  Our leaders are often users – have you noticed?  And they use soldiers bodies and their families to carry out imaginary victories which are in general only for “power” of the worst kind and of course money.

So, don’t criticize me for saying “bring our men and women home”  I am so impressed with soldiers who give their all for each other and for, sometimes, no proper reason at all.  My own father lost his left leg in WWII – a war that should have been fought and won.  Yet wars like that come very seldom, can you think of another that was not a world war? Good versus Evil?  Perhaps our own civil war was a war against evil in our midst but I am not certain – because so little was gained by so many deaths for the reasons given to battle each other as we did – over money again – slaves were money, remember that.

Again, I remind you, we have all the technology needed to deal with evil from home let alone ten-thousand miles away in some God-forsaken piece of land or nation so terrible that even it’s citizens are leaving.

Many know I left the nation once Richard Cheney convinced George W.  Bush to attack Iraq and then move on with several more “little” wars that have cost us so much grief and treasure.  Our internal protection agencies and the police have done a fine job keeping us from harm’s way at home. Should we need to help our allies then we should, but not with men and women’ss lives away from home?  We have drones, we have invisible fighter planes and bombers and other weapons you couldn’t dream up. None or very few of them need feet on the ground to use them.

If Cheney wanted to rid Iraq of Saddam he should have suggested he be killed by other of his enemies or even us. We needn’t risk lives to do this – and we do it every day – but against people you and I will never hear of. he lied and betrayed over and again. He convinced and in fact “duped” others to lie to get his Middle East wars started. He’s a fraud – a billionaire who made his money working for the military companies he rewarded later.


Let’s not be suckered – both the ultra-right and ultra-left can agree that we need not risk other people’s lives to save our own.  It is enough that the military women and men risk their lives – and many by choice, but too many by circumstance.

That’s all. I am angry.

Can you tell

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