Thoughts on the New Year 2019 Tell us more about Africa President Trump?

Tell us more about Africa President Trump?

WASHINGTON DC: 17 December 2018

By Jeff Koopersmith

In 2017 American Troops were ambushed in Niger. Africa. Four American troops are murdered in that ambush. One of them was 29-year-old Staff Sargent Dustin Wright of Georgia. I saw this picture then on an NPR site – it made me wonder what we were doing in Niger and why. Is that the only location on the African Continent where our men and Women are?

soldier home from nigeria

While it is no secret, the Pentagon does not talk a lot about the hows and whys of America’s years of military presence there, and their purposes are not clear.

We have soldiers in Northeast Africa stretched in a North to South swash that links three nations; Libya, Niger, Nigeria, the “three N’s”, with access to two possible Naval positions on the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean covers about 2,300 miles of land between Libya and Nigeria with Niger between them containing an area of more than 920 thousand square.miles. (Map thanks to NPR online)

usa military in Africa.What are we up to

We have a drone base in Libya and unknown total troop sizes in the three nations. In Nigeria, we are assisting Nigerian and other troops searching for Boko Haram extremists and terrorists.

I have no information on what we are doing in Niger except as a land route providing the link between Libya and Nigeria along with a bridge from the Med to the Atlantic ocean.

In landlocked and closer to the eastern of Africa is Uganda, where we were searching for the madman, Joeseph Kony since 2011 and who remains alive as far as we know. Although the U.S. shut its operations after thinning his troops from almost 3,000 to less than 100 men, Koney is said to be quite ill, but where he is not known at this time, and his army remains dangerous.

koney still alive

In Djibouti on the middle east coast of Africa and in Somalia, just south, also on the sea American troops are yet there with a permanent base in Djibouti. In Somalia, several hundred troops and carries out drone strikes periodically. In Somalia, the U.S. also helps the military in its fight against al-Shabab militants.

I asked someone I think is an expert and do not know as yet just how troops and other Americans are in Africa doing general business, I will update when I have an answer I think we can rely on.

All and all, the US has been spending far too little time and money in Africa that not only needs help in structuring its goals, health care, administration and instructional systems but also could use some dynamic  reassurance from us against the socially demented who are always around to make trouble when they inhale the stench of  sitting politicians and dictators appearing terribly weakened. 

We could be their strength in many ways including drone warfare without risking bodily injury to masses of innocents in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It is also possible that American Africans may welcome a better use of their taxes than spending that money on walls and silly efforts which do nothing for anyone.

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