President Trump’s Christmas

There must be some soul searching, rethinking, and sadness at the White House this Christmas.

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By Jeffrey Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

WASHINGTON DC – Thursday 13 December 2018:  It becomes tougher each day to decide how the President must feel.  Depending on where you get your news on radio or television there is absolutely no clear indication of the man himself, after almost two years, we should be more than simply conversant about him.  We should know who he is.

I wrote, back in 2016, a long piece on Trump that was fair and honest – an appraisal of any man that is a New Yorker from birth.  So am I, and I can tell you that only New Yorkers from the boroughs and the rest of  Long  Island can, in any way or depth, understand his weaknesses, his goals, his need for a spotlight, and his urge to communicate while not truly communicating at all.  The people at CNN have one thing right – he is a character like P.T. Barnum.

I must admit that I seem to be the only one in the web-based press that believes that the President, in fact, actually does not write his Twitter tweets.  The spelling mistakes mistakes seem rehearsed.  The outlandish lines seem “trumpish” with a small T.  I think the ones he may write are few and far between as I here tritely suggest.  The rumors surrounding the children and grandchildren are not believable either.  Yet the working and especially investigative press seem to know, for sure that. the tweets, and family tales are true.

Donald Trump;’s Best “I gotcha don’t I?” look

The more we see President Trump – and that’s trillions times more than any president, living or gone. has ever been seen, the less we seem to know him.

There are his apparently cruel moves, like the suggestion that the poorest of the poor in Central American are hiding the worst criminals within their midst knowingly. You might be surprised how many White, Christian, and upstanding people are not only hiding these types for real – but using them to do the dirty work.  Trump has to know this because he was raised in a tight and over-crowded society that thought using people was part of the “Game” whatever the result or terror exuding. He was average with that play.


When I think about Trump, I often look back to the Canadian “clown” mayor of Toronto – Rob Ford – who died a thousand deaths using drugs and closeness, feigned or not, at only forty-six years old.

Sure, he wasn’t the finest mayor of a large city one would point to as a role model for politicians, but he was a human being – and the insults and laughter aimed at him by the press and his political enemies was more than foul – they were despicable.  I think, the press is far more powerful than we would like to admit – I think we can kill people with words and I think Ford was killed by words and a general lack of giving a damn about his troubled and sometimes dangerous life.  He lived life, and forgot to worry.

But in May 2013, Ford became fodder for headlines around the world, after reports emerged of a video showing the politician inhaling from a crack pipe. Ford initially denied the allegations but backtracked when the recording was located by the Toronto police months later. More such “sins” came along.

“Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine,” he told reporters. “But, no, do I? Am I an addict? No. Have I tried it? Probably in one of my drunken stupors, probably approximately about a year ago.”

Tom Ford was beloved by many in Toronto, and all along the last years of his life he was suffering from a terrible cancer. Maybe he had smoked crack to ease the physical and mental anguish of that disease. I can tell you that because I too had cancer and beat it only because my cousin Arnold was one of the most beloved and loved surgeon in the state of New York.  I too almost died from the fear of a young death.

The more sophisticated press and publishers go far easier on the President than I thought they might.  Today, however, due to their over-excitement of coming charges from the dedicated and ingenious Special Council Mueller, they are becoming meaner.

Now Trump seems to be a man who can take it with a smile because he believes with his entire being that no news about a V.I.P – good or bad – is not worth getting.  Of course he is correct, but many fall apart when that news begins to hurt.  The media knows that more dread and fear  is coming for Trump and some of them know exactly what that will be.

I know this because After 40 years in the District, I have “know-it-all” friends.

If this is true why not let the congressional and Justice Department investigations play out without the  harshness?

Donald Trump is an old man.  He is not going to live forever.  Secretly, I wish he could simply resign because of illness.  I think Tom Ford saw that as an opportunity as well and for a short time he took it.

Ford took that chance.  Well sort of.  He left in the midst of his run for a second mayor’s term because the chemotherapy was not seductive.  But Rob Ford did not quit Toronto, instead he ran for his old City council seat in that same year – and won – planning to run for Mayor of Toronto again this year had he been able.

Rob Ford passed away in late March of 2016.

I write this tale because I try not to take advantage of Trump’s weaknesses. However I, far too often, do little joke or say something snide because I know he is not suitable for the Presidency of a nation as large and complex as ours and I also know he is afraid to show his empathy for those Americans who are loathed by certain factions of the Republican Party who support the President – no matter what.

You all know who  you are, and the voters know as well. Yet this is the only “base” that offered Trump any chance to win the White House – a million to one shot he said.  What he did not know was how extremely poorly Hillary Clinton’s team ran her campaign, her own illnesses from age, and my own sureness that Clinton would lose because she would lose votes to Bernie Sanders – which turned out to be true – True enough to allow the Trump team of rascals and worse to win that round by a hair.  Remember, Americans are known to love a joke – that too played well when Trump defeated almost 20 well-reputed and prepared snooty and under-educated Republicans who could have never beat Clinton. And, to boot, Americans love an underdog, and Trump knew that, and knows it today.

I have no idea what will happen next or in the short term. As of today I think today he will continue in office because of other even more complex reasons that can be discussed here.  In 2019 he will either be so damaged and aged that he will not run for re-election.  He has lost the reason that Democrats would want him impeached – and he has the Senate on his side thus far so that is unlikely.  He may be indicted – but this Supreme Court will most likely disallow that.

I hope his Presidency will prove, beyond a doubt that our America is not only about making more dough, it is about extending  our hand to people in need, and the rule of law which also needs repair quite badly.  Trump will go on to see that he brought the nation back to its senses without trying to do so.  That could be his legacy – progress without advertising it.

The United States despite it’s slave-holding “fathers” and worship of gold, still leads our now unstoppable charge to Social Morality – not Socialism as the moronic ultra-right claims even as many of them accept their portion $800 billion in farm bill cash.

I hope, even more, that the President will, as soon as possible withdraw from soldiered war and be pleased with “changing mind of the evil” with new weapons that do not murder millions unless by mistake.

No longer do our boys and girls, men and women, have to risk death and maiming in order to stop evil.

I have seen more than 100,000 Americans die and millions dead and maimed  all over the earth for little or nothing during my seven decades – AFTER World War II that was the war to end war. Let us work and pray together that no nations are not tired and hopeless when it comes to sending their children and grandchildren into unimportant wars to control other nations or to make more money.  Those small wars can he done by the same heroes who stay at home and fight with technical superiority and fine examples which are omnipresent today in the Pentagon

Remember this – Power and Money are both fictions and fleeting. Each is not important in any way for happiness and pride.

Think about this in the New year, and tell me off, or what you think?







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