My Imagination – Or is President Trump Getting Just a Little Boring?

kim jong un trump
President Trump Meet meets with Kim Jong [or Jung] Un
TUESDAY 11 MARCH 2018 – WASHINGTON DC – I have to admit that President Trump did not let me down altogether.

I am so looking forward to the US Military Parade on St. Patrick’s Day this year, but am miffed that no tanks will be rolling down 5th Avenue next week.  The cleat chunks from the the tank treads would make a great excuse to re-pave the famed Avenue which will not be a “famed shopping street” any longer if Amazon has its way.

Lucky though – because it’s really been Madison Avenue and the Village(s) that have become the shopping Meccas of the World now that Paris is no longer chic since Steve Bannon yelled at the French Right to make certain they BLASTED the fact that they are racists, and war mongers, et al.

Yet Donald Trump is getting bogged down.

President Trump fires people too much, or pretends to when they, in fact, quit.

He is still fighting a battle publicly with some porn star who wants to pay him!  Take the money and run Donald!

Now poor Secretary Rex Tillerson is gone from the State Department.  i can’t help but wonder;  Is Rex, who was a high-powered CEO before becoming a more peace-loving and placid Condi Rice finding himself to be a mirror of my favorite actor, Rex Harrison?  I mean he truly looks a lot like Harrison – so just asking.



Rex tillerson, Rex Harrison
Separated at Birth – or father and son? Rex Tillerson and Rex Harrison- Clones?

I guessed, last year, that President Trump was going to choose the Head of the CIA to replace Rex – then he can close the CIA down and make it part of the State Department similar to what Russian President for Life Vlad Putin has done with the old KGB.

Mr. Trump must change his act to keep the voters glued to Fox News or CNN to watch his 2 hour long “rally speeches”.  The one he did for Rep. Saccone was last week was fabulous in structure and intonation and Trump didn’t even seem to care if Saccone is re-elected to a non-district that the DemoPublican “Lamb the Sham” will win later, since the entire state of Pennsylvania was finally caught using the state District maps as  third-grade jigsaw puzzles to give the ‘Publicans an easy edge in a Democrat state.

I wish I could offer some advice – but without Steve Bannon, now in exile on Elba I think the White House is plum out of hilarious and scary things the President could try on us.

Then again the Education Secretary who looks like my Great Grandmother in a Wax Museum is someone to chuckle at – Secretary DeVos – a true old-fashioned secretary.

There really isn’t anything coming up that will tickle the Trump fancy until July Fourth when  he just might be cajoled by New Yorkers to make fireworks on both rivers actual missiles with warheads that just Tase the population that votes DEM, thereby getting rid of New Jersey and Connecticut in one fell swoop – then closer to Voting Day in November.

Then there is Mr. Mueller – the only guy left still working on whatever happened to Hillary and all the connected items like Russians poisoning their own fired spies with Nerve Gel, or just why the Trump Organization is building 43 new hotels in the former SSRs of the now very old and somehow quaint Soviet Union financed by the Tsars.

Things seem okay with President Shee (sp?) of China as he has helped us drag Kim Jong Un to a meeting sometime, some place.

We are also, this week making love again to our 300 year old nemesis – England – and our “special relationship” (called double -revenge) but without berating Russia for poisoning its old retired spies and their children in London.

What can I say?  Without some down and dirty Trumpism soon I know I will stop watching the news and turn to Sponge Bob or watch more murders on the Nat Geo Wild channel – Maybe they will show fortune-hunting scalawags slicing out the tusks of living huge bull elephants this month to show our children “all about” animal life.




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