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No Real Surprises From the
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Yet will our proven-genius President use the latest silly sex story to fire Jeff Sessions?


BY:  Jeff Koopersmith, Editor Emeritus

WASHINGTON DC 23 JANUARY 2018: It seems that CNN has now become something akin to a cheap neocon talk radio station.  There new less frantic set where people on the left look for morning and evening news now simply repeats one boring story after another every twenty minutes or so between what seems like dozens of advertisements between.

I can’t blame them because they too must be bored to death talking about shutdowns that everyone knows won’t last – it’s the 20th isn’t it?  The presidential pre-white-house sex life,  whether the FBI has lost its reputation for good? (not hardly), or the supposed Flu spreading dangerously in North Dakota – or somewhere.  (I warn all you oldsters like me – do not leave the house until the flu season is over. Take advantage of Amazon or Zabar’s fool delivery service. Find a nurse who can give you a flu shot at home (she wearing a surgical mask). And whatever you do – Do not fly in a plane or snore in a train. until summer.

All and all the past holiday season has been a big bore save for the elite who scarfed up a huge tax decrease because they all want, badly, to raise salaries and donate more to the poorest Americans as well as hire even more employees than they need.

This past few weeks featured the normal SHUTDOWN excitement which only happened over a weekend when few federal workers impacted would suffer.

We also have an almost undiscussed order to go after M13 and M18 gangsters from El Salvador which has stalled a bit under holiday drinking priorities.

The hot news was some suspicion that Donald Trump paid some huge-chested woman a $130,000 bribe not to reveal their “affair” or discuss it. The beautiful-for-her age woman and Mr. Trump are alleged to have set up phony corporations (which proved to be real) to transfer the funds from attorney to attorney thereby sanitizing the transaction,.  It seems not to have worked that way – and now this transaction is the basis for a lawsuit from Common Cause – who appeared out of nowhere again – and alleges that the $130 grand was hush money.  I might suggest it was “Tush money” – besides no one is much bothered by the sex lives of anyone there days – except for doctors who sexually assault gymnasts who never knew they were really being assaulted until later one when they left their teens.

The Common Cause suit is both an amusing and interesting happening save for the humiliating Democrat loss for their Dreamer citizens some of whom are already being deported.  The Democrats did get their push on CHIPS – the child health protection for the poor and got a 6-year extension of the program reportedly going to be crushed under Trump wishes.  Trump seems to have obtained at least 20 Billion for Great Wall of America on the Mexican border.

Laughably the Democrats trust the Senate majority leader “Goober” McConnell’s promise that he will take up the Dreamers problem which will impact millions and result in the deaths “at home nations” of many.

So really, today there is no compelling or interesting news at all – With most of the past news already well-anticipated no matter how Mr. Cuomo and  CNN sidekicks tried to shock you that it was a surprise, a shocking surprise.  The SHUTDOWN didn’t last past Monday. January 22nd – and most likely impacted nothing at all.  The news approaching is that McConnell will break his promise and the whole Shutdown Circus will happen again in three weeks or so.

Back to Common Cause v. Two People Having Sex and then Trying to Cover it up. Here, in short, is the story.

First Common Cause – despite reports has not sued the Trump Campaign – they have asked the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to “investigate” the $130  thousand transfer to the instant beautiful “film star”. Common Cause has also asked the Attorney General’s Justice Department for another investigation.

the FEC could find the contribution “unreported” and fine the campaign or someone.

The Justice Department may be forced to investigate the allegations. Then someone could be charged with a crime. – But it is doubtful that the President himself would be charged.  His idiot lawyers did the transfer.  Trump probably did not order them to do it through a couple of sorta-phony corporations.

My first question might be – Why $130,000 – was that our ladyfriend’s charge for her specialties as allegedly performed niceties on President – which he and she deny?

Did the Trump campaign buy a condo from her?  Or did she earn her $130 thousand by refusing to report all the other Republicans that she might have provided a service, including Mr. Trump?

I am one of the millions, maybe billions of human beings tired of all this peeking and clucking about citizens sex lives. We never did this before Clinton and John Edwards – but Edwards attempting to cover for his preggers gal-pal with illegal campaign funds to keep her mouth shut.

So far the FEC is doing Zero about the urgings of Common Cause.

Does the President appoint the members of this Commission?

Does the President appoint the Attorney General Jeff Sessions?

Isn’t Jeff Sessions self-recused from working on anything that impacts the President?

Aha – will that be the reason that President Trump fires Sessions – for NOT investigating his alleged “play-pen payoffs?”

That, my friend appears to be my most-likely choice.

Good Day to you to all!




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