Amazing What the Mainstream Media Covers for No Good Reason (and what it does not)

Our election antics have told the world that it better nuke-up
Our election antics have told the world that it is better nuke-up

Any American interested in the primaries, delegate bribing, and who- punched-who at which stump speech can’t helped becoming bored senseless watching CNN, Fox News, or any politically captivated news source including mine.





By Jeff Koopersmith

Somehow I feel I must follow the 24 cycle in re “Politics” when I know instead I should be following recordings of CEOs in their offices while plotting how they can launder stockholder-owned cash to bribe the Congress and State Houses to get their way. What no one seems to realize is this:

We are making the world despise us because of our arrogance, foolishness, flag waving and threatening.

I laugh at myself here – but in my heart and mind I know that we won’t have to wait too long before some nation – perhaps an ally – thinks we are dangerous enough.

It further makes me chuckle when supposed intellects like Senator Ted Cruz whine that Donald Trump gave money to Democrats – yet he “is supposed to be a Conservative Republican.”

Here is a secret, that if you searched this site through the past 30 years, you might find I have repeated dozens of times. The secret is clear to most of the world now – and thanks in part to Mr.Trump – who has taught us that he gave money to every political campaign he could – including those who had two qualities – First – that they could halt, or make more costly, one of his projects, and second that they “owed him a courtesy” – Democrat, Republican, Communist, or Atheist – businesspeople and lobbyists could care less which party a member or “winning” candidate belong to – because national parties have almost no impact on real politics at all.

The exception? The old rules that keep men like Reince Priebus in power even though he only works hard two of three times a cycle. The Chairs of the parties have very little money because the only big contributors they have, if any, are wasting funds that could buy votes instead. However, all lobbyists make sure to provide at least a little grease to the party coffers because one thing the Party can do is introduce key players to anyone on the Hill or in State Capitols in need of a little “talkin’ to”. Although it is not legal – although I cannot keep up with FEC rule changes – much money donated to PARTies are quickly expressed to candidates – they are earmarked so that individuals can take care of The Party and the Target member or candidate simultaneously – or donate more money than allowed because he or she is “maxed out” under FEC Law – if there is anything left of it.
In essence the Party ‘launders’ this money for the donor and the receiver. I wonder if the FBI knows this and tries to do something about it.

This month we have found that the National Parties can also change rules whenever it feels like it – especially in primary seasons. Naturally Mr. Priebus denies he has presided over such foolishness – but somehow the RULES seem really not to exist because no matter how difficult it may seem to an outside – it take very little effort to change them. This can be done with several phone calls without even meeting.

Poor Reince. First he has a first name that no one appears to be able to pronounce. Second he is stuck with Ted Cruz and Donald Trump – two candidates he is rumored to despise. Ergo, he must choose the best of the worst and he appears to have knighted Ted Cruz who, to my mind, is a bigger monster than good all Donald. The reason that Washington picked up “Lyin’ Ted” so quickly was not because Trump once long ago called Cruz a liar; It was because Ted Cruz is the most proven liar in the Senate and would be the biggest in congress if Darrell Issa somehow left the House.

As an aside, of course, the Congress and the White House believe that it’s okay to lie as long as you’re not caught so, to be honest, who knows which lies the most – and who cares. The Human race has settled on lying as the best policy thousands of years ago – and that won’t change.

I can tell you as frankly as possible that Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat nominee – either because she is the most truthful or the biggest liar. While I love the truths I often hear from Bernard Sanders – he is unelectable because he made the unwise choice to call himself a socialist for three decades. He also lies a little – but not as destructively as others. If he did get the nod – it would be because he believes in a dream world – this brings him close to the heart of good people and the young who have not yet become soured on reality.

On the Republican side I have no answers. I can’t believe that it will not be Cruz or Trump although either is bound to lose unless the chosen Democrat loses their mind or dies just at the wrong date.

If Ted Cruz somehow squeaks out a win for the White House I, and several people I know, will simply move to Europe as I did when the Bush Cheney team invaded Iraq. We all know they would kill millions – but we never anticipated that this would continue for 25 years and make much of the earth our enemies – allowing ISIS and others to set up training academies where JIhadists are schooled in terrorizing everyone who isn’t Muslim.

Trump, on the other hand, talks, like Cruz, of using Nukes to deal with Isis et al.
That’s a lot of bull – similar to the remarks that fart out of North Korea now and then – but talk somehow seems to morph into action at times. Until will stop our own weapon production at an alarming rate we are simply laughed at when we and our “chosen” relatively few allies do have nuclear weapons, because we let them have them, sell them to them, or because everyone is getting smart enough to build these weapons, or buy them from Pakistan, and worse.

There is no way to stop any nation with the money from gaining a nuclear presence. As anyone should know – nothing can be hidden any longer and not for a long time. For this reason we remember Ronald Reagan and his plan to spend more on defense than offense. We have done that so perhaps the three or four generations now alive in “THE WEST” can breathe easily for a lifetime.

And that’s all. I regret this more than any mistake we, as the Human Race have made in known history.

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