Anyone having lunch and viewing the news couldn’t miss Ted Cruz long -filled with lies – diatribe about all the fellow Republicans lying about him.

By Jeff Koopersmith

WASHINGTON DC – 17 JANUARY 2016 – One has to shake ones head on almost anything Ted Cruz says.

For months Sen. Cruz has been pretending to run a totally open and honest campaign, but I must point out that he did and continue to do the opposite.

Today, most likely after checking his sagging poll numbers and reading a cease and desist letter from Mr. Trump, Cruz went ballistic – as much as he has the ability to do so, and trapped reporters into a press conference so ludicrous on its face that I could not finish my lunch.

He began with a multi-minute run-on diatribe about Marco Rubio and Donald Trump (and millions of Americans) lying about him by calling him a liar.

The truth is however, is that Senator Cruz is not only a prevaricator of the worst kind, but he tops my list of poseurs and near psychopaths running for the presidency of the United States on the most ridiculous issues based on the phony concept of “Originalism” which is fancy way of saying “rote learning” re the U.S. Constitution.  For centuries now, the Supreme Court has been interpreting the Constitution not only on its letter-by-letter reading, but reading those words with the wisdom that 17th and 18th Century ideals cannot always apply to modern day needs or realities.  Here are the for-instances that Cruz relies on:

  1.  The Second Amendment

The Second Amendment of the Constitution allows Americans the right to bear arms. It does not allow us to own nuclear weapons, automatic virus sprays, and known deadly poisons that have no remedy.

In most states the Second Amendment does not allow citizens to own semi-automatic assault rifles.  This is so because this rifles are, in essence the same as machine guns, and can be, and have been, used in mowing down not only men, women and police, but also little children in schools across the nation and the world.

The Supreme Court in the past has dis-allowed this weapon, hand grenades, bombs and other weapons kept at home or office which are so impossibly dangerous that a teenager could destroy a building or hundreds of people in just a few minutes – even moments in time.

Ergo, Ted Cruz – and anyone who thinks a normal citizen should have access and ability to use such weaponry is simply A NUTCASE. Period.

My family owns weapons, a pistol, a rifle, a shotgun for hunting – but mostly for target practice and defense in case of a home invasion – so popular among criminals these days or kidnap.

The First Amendment: Freedom of Speech.  This is Ted Cruz most vicious slant on the Constitution. He actually believes that people cannot lie about him – for what reason I a not certain. People do lie about people.  I do it for comedic purpose, satire, or a laugh but not in seriousness, although I have every right to do so. Yet Cruz who claims to believe the same freedom exists tells us today that people are not allowed to lie about him.

Is he some kind of god?  Has he lied about others.  Oh yes – his associates will tell you, as well as friends at school and college et al.  In fact Ted Cruz – knowing well that Ben Carson did not ever tell anyone he was dropping out of the race for the GOP nomination – said he not only was going to – but had.

Worse, Cruz put together a longish letter to voters in Iowa telling anyone except a perusing lawyer, that there turn-out ratings were bad and being watched not only by some unknown government department – but by their neighbors – and by name!  Another terrible lie designed to bring out Cruz voters, but keep the voters away as well as parenthetically destroying people’s view that their vote was secret and not able to be pinned to them or their families.

Cruz lied, I am sure, claiming he knew nothing about this mailing – yet he publicly nor privately fired any staff for either of these actions – one of which – the latter here – is in fact a crime on Iowa election laws. Look it up at Google.

Cruz also said today, and many times before that “people” were attempting to destroy freedom of religion – when in fact practicing religion has never been taken during the past century -or been denied. Just the opposite is true, much to the chagrin of atheists who think religion is out of control in certain areas and attempting to govern.

Cruz also pretends that women who choose to end their pregnancies are committing murder.  Whether you believe this or not is not the point – nor will ever be the rule of law  until congress in fact passes and some president signs a law that makes ending pregnancy murder in the first  degree or not.  Personally I believe that women and men should think about having their unwanted or unprepared-for baby adopted – but I cannot deny them the strict defense of their own body or mind – for this is what Cruz is pretending.

Set aside the fact that Cruz sees himself as a religious fanatic and a sort of political televangelist – that is his right – but he hides that – the same a a lie.

The fact he has privileges not granted to most is not because of his office- but because his wife is a high-level employee of a very rich investment bank willing to lend Cruz money enough to run for the presidency. That is not a crime, but Ted Cruz not mentioning  – and it fact not reporting it until he was caught – is a VERY big lie – and not just a clerical error as her pretends.

Cruz is know to have spoken before the right-loaded Supreme Court – yet he has never done this for any reason other than to relegate himself to high rank even though his arguments are to my mind unfounded and to most silly at best.

Ted Cruz like many before him, might be a great pol to have a beer with or pick up girls with, or drive fast with – but he is not to be trusted. He is one of the worse examples, I believe, of politicians that should be tossed out of office by voters – not rewarded for narrow minded and inauthentic views.

In a word he is a guttersnipe in senator’s clothes and a disgrace to Texas and the United States.

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